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  • Our picks

    • I'm just getting started on dealing with a medical bill that I was lied to about from the start and was told I wouldn't have to pay because it was a "preventive" procedure. Then I received a bill after the fact of $1,910. What happened was the doctor sent biopsies to an out-of-network lab without telling me, so that lab billed me. They lied and that's why I didn't pay for it. Now it's been turned over to a collection agency and just showed up on all 3 credit bureaus as an "open account" collection under the collection agency's name.   The collection agency is not an in-house collection department of the medical provider. My credit score is over 800, so I do pay all my bills on time and always have. But I refuse to pay this bill. I have good reason to believe the collection agency has violated several FDCPA laws. I could hardly understand the collection agent who called me a few weeks ago. She almost sounded drunk or like she was eating while talking to me. She definitely did not know what she was doing. As unprofessional as you can get. I told her I didn't know who she or her company was and I don't owe them any money. She couldn't even tell me who the original creditor was. I told her to call me back when she figured that out and hung up on her. Never heard back.  
      • 16 replies
    • So I know NFCU blacklists you if you BK them off or don't pay off a charge-off. It appears that I have an unofficial blacklist even after they have been made whole. 
      In Sept 2019 we ended up defaulting on a bunch of things. Specifically for NFCU they repoed a vehicle with $6k owed which they cross collateralized and got all their money at the time. I defaulted on an NFCU card for $24k. I kept two CLOC's for $15k a piece. They are still in good standing with a zero balance. 
      Recently I paid off the NFCU card in full in January as I wanted to get back in their good graces. 
      So to recap:
      Car Loan- repo, PIF
      CC- Chargeoff- PIF
      CLOC - $0 balance, good standing
      CLOC- $0 balance, good standing
      My current status is 621 score (Experian) through their credit score monitoring. My income is just shy of $500k, although I only run about $200k in direct deposit through NFCU. I have $30k in cash in different accounts at NFCU. $5k in savings. I tried the pre-approval page and it listed basically everything. But I wanted to play it safe and just use their secured card which graduates anyway and I'm not in a huge hurry. Insta denied. 
      I don't know what else I have to do, everything is paid off, and paid in full. I didn't BK. I don't owe them a single penny, and I have multiple accounts in good standing. 
      Any ideas? Should I call to get it reconned? 
      P.S.- On a side note, would BOA be a good second choice for a secured card? I did burn them for a $11k card, which they got every penny back through a garnishment. So they are paid in full. I run the other $300k of income through BOA, so I know we've got a pretty good status there. We probably have roughly $50k with them. 
      My credit report has a bunch I burned in 2019. I paid them all off in full in late 2022/2023. I still have 10 year old credit cards that I didn't burn Capital One, Discover and Barclays. Scores range from 610-621. 
      • 25 replies
    • Hello, its been a while since I've been on here but my boyfriend has never had any loans nor credit cards at 42.  And he finally went to finance his leased car and they gave him a 17% interest rate because he literally had no score. So I want to help build his credit using first the authorized user option and then a cc of his own. 
      Is there a pinned topic all about Authorized Users?  Pros and Cons etc??  I read that somewhere but I can't find it. 
      • 15 replies
    • I had an old Chase credit card with date of first default 11/2016. It shows it was charged off 4/2019 so I have 9 months before it falls off. 
      I'm currently with Chase with perfect payment history since I opened the card 10/2022 and use it everyday. 
      Can I request to have them remove this from my reports being that I have a current card with them? I had done a settlement with them. If I can request to remove this, how do I do this (call them, write them)?
      This is the last thing on my credit reports that is derogatory for the last 7 years. 
      • 35 replies
    • I bought a car from Carvana in 2019 and the entire buying experience was exactly what Carvana claims it is. It was a breeze and the best car buying experience I have ever had by a LOT.
      Fast forward to 2022……wow things have changed……
      I ended up trading in the original car and Carvana took possession of that vehicle in May 2022. I then spent the next five months living in Carvana hell where they literally screwed up EVERY step in the process. I spent countless hours on the phone screaming and yelling for EVERY step. The first two cars had problems and I gave them back. I finally kept the third car but the whole process was still a nightmare from beginning to end. While dealing with all of the chaos, I didn’t realize that Carvana never paid off my original loan. It just went unpaid until I realized the error in November 2022. After some more screaming on the phone it was finally paid in December 2022.
      Now I have six months of late payments for a loan that shouldn’t have been open. I disputed but it came back verified which is what I expected.
      How should I deal with this? Technically, from the car loan company perspective, those payments were late. Should I be asking Carvana to work this out with the car loan company?
      The thought of another six months on the phone with these people is making me nauseous.
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      • 4 replies
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