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  1. The whole signature on the card / see id / etc... used to be a pretty hot topic in the Visa/MC policy. I just got my latest (Sam's Club) MC card and it has no signature panel at all. The back of the card has my name, the card number, the exp date, and the cvv2 number and no place for a signature.
  2. AMEX shows the name for each issued card (they all have unique numbers). This is the only card that I have that does this.
  3. Bankruptcies do not remove liens (except in limited lien stripping aspects). The fact "nobody came after you" is not an indication of things being hunky dory, but the fact the lenders are COMPLYING WITH THE LAW. If your debt was discharged, they can't come after you. If they're not in first position on the property, attempting to foreclose on the lien may be ill-advised as well.
  4. I won't even show my driver's license to the TSA. I use my TWIC card for that. Since people started getting hinky about SSN's the DL# is the primarily authentication for online banking and I'm not showing it anybody but a cop.
  5. National Recovery (of Kennseaw GA). Some deadbeat listed my cellphone number as one of his contact numbers (work). Nothing I could do, including calling the police down there and calling the president of the company personally could get them to STOP calling me and asking for "Christian." Learned one thing in that episode. The law protects the deadbeats. The innocent bystanders have no protection.
  6. Damn straight. After people got hysterical about SSN being used as an ID, the state driver's license number became the new identity number. Try opening on online banking account without one... Nobody but the cops see my driver's license.
  7. I don't know why it is surprising. If they're stupid enough to require ID for one it's unlikely they understand that credit and debit are different other than their POS unit may make them select one.
  8. This really isn't the right section for this. You can try your lies, but it probably won't work. If you'd called up as soon as you got the first bill, they *MIGHT* have waived the fees. You let everything go into collections and you'll take a hit on your credit for this.
  9. Checkin the ID provides little to no protection. Checking ID exposes you to inordinate problems with identity theft. As soon as everybody got paranoid about SSNs (and some regulatory protections were put in place), guess what? Your DRIVERS LICENSE NUMBER is now the defacto magic number to identify you in the online banking industry. Don't believe me. Go to one of the online banks and try to create your account without one. I'm not showing my driver's license to anybody other than the cops. I don't trust Radio Snack clerks or TSA TDC's. Both have been shown to have no provisions to guarantee integrity.
  10. District Managers at Radio Snack are as corrupt as the counter staff. My son was an employee at Radio Snack who got ultimately screwed. The manager was stealing cell phones and then was caught setting fire to the storeroom to cover up the shortages. The district manager just came in and strong armed all the employees with access to the back room to admit they stole some number of the missing phones. I told my son not to give in and if they wanted to file a complaint with the police I had a whole family of laywers to rival Tandy's.
  11. Or buy the pizza and complain to your credit card. I've never seen one that wouldn't rebate the buck. Don't know if they beat up the merchant or just eat it.
  12. I'm not that desperate for ground horse meat that I need to frequent the local Aldi.
  13. My AMEX card has the WRONG first name on it. Nobody has *EVER* noticed even when they call me by the wrong name and I correct them. Amusingly, I also had a VISA card issued without my last name (just my first and middle names). The only thing that triggered was my credit monitor when it detected someone else using my SSN (Mr. Middle Name).
  14. Now that people got overly sensitive about SSNs (not that they were ever that secure to begin with) the new standard for identity in banking is a DL number. Try opening any online bank account without one. It will be difficult. As pointed out, the DL number is of GREATER VALUE to the identity thief than your credit card number *OR* your SSN.
  15. I've had unreasonable cards and I tell them I have the scissors in my hand and they can be reasoanble or we can close the account. Only got called on that once. Note, I no longer have a discover card.
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