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  2. When you say the “judgment is showing on the property report” you probably need to investigate further. It sounds like whoever created this report has done so in error. If the “property report” qualifies as a consumer credit report under the FCRA, you may have a lawsuit (present or after some disputing). If the judgment on your report doesn't exist, someone crewed up and someone needs to pay.
  3. Why did you believe there wouldn’t be a hard pull when you applied for credit?
  4. Looks like your CRS is getting worse. (Can't Remember DooDoo) What are you planning to do with your new found $400 wealth? You could always make a payment towards the $2000 you own me.
  5. So, it seems that Wings introduced a 3% bt fee in February of this year. Time for me to close those accounts
  6. After many months of having glossed over the presence of emails from Wings Financial in my inbox (likely assuming they were spam), I actually took time to read one. I apparently had totally forgotten that I had applied approx 18 mo ago, been approved, and funded a savings account with $300 and a checking with $100. WTF!? I'm unclear what prompted this course of action and now am looking for evidence of other schizoid behavior in which I may have engaged. I reasoned that maybe I came across a membership narrative that was so fabulous that the rest followed out of knee jerk impulse. But, after extensive review, I'm clueless what benefit membership held out for me. Frankly, this feels a little like becoming aware that I purchased a time share with no recollection of having done so! I grasp that I haven't entirely held myself together through Bev's illnesses and our straddling ownership of two homes for over 3 years (very pleased we're clear of the latter with a to-die-for outcome). But this is the very first time I recall asking, "Did I really do that?" where alcohol wasn't an immediate factor (I think?)
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  8. Got approved for my first card in about two years as I have been working hard on my credit scores. Not much, but I got a Home Depot card for $1,000. The plan is to buy a new dishwasher, pay it off in two months and let that sit there for an emergency and improve my credit usage.
  9. Here we go, summary of this year's shenanigans: I went AZEO a couple months ago to try to position myself best for some CLIs on my various cards, most of which were actually opened last year so this would be the first one for four of them. I was specifically targeting Discover and Citi, so I came as close as I could to maxing those for a couple months leading up to going AZEO. Citi Diamond Preferred was $500 opened 7/29/23 denied 2/27/24 "Serious Delinquency" denied 3/28/24 "your account hasn't been open long enough to be considered for an increase." Macy's AmEx (actually a Citi card) was $2000 opened 9/22/23 approved for $5k 3/24/24 Discover It was $2000 opened 7/29/23 denied 11/3/23 (I know that was early but I did see reports of someone getting approved at 4.5 months so I figured no harm in trying) "INSUFFICIENT EXPERIENCE WITH CURRENT DISCOVER CARD CREDIT LIMIT" approved for $5000 2/15/24 Capital One Quicksilver was $10k opened 7/12/23 approved for $14,500 2/21/04 Chase Freedom Unlimited was $18,400 opened 7/25/07 approved for $22k 3/4/24 (this one I also got an auto-CLI about a year ago, after I paid off a 0%BT with them which zeroed out my total utilization. It was also a Slate prior to then, they PCd me to a CFU without my asking.) Bank Of America Customized Cash Rewards $32,600 opened 4/30/12 left this one alone (this one I also got an auto-CLI last year about the same time as the CFU) The first Citi denial I'm certain was because of some late payments starting January 2018. What happened was a charge hit my old Citi card that I didn't see (I was dealing with a lot of stuff at the time, not the least my ex having brain surgery and also some legal troubles, not that that's an excuse) and I made payments, but Citi had made the minimum payment higher than the payments I had set up, and they actually closed the card before I even noticed there was an issue. I'm going to keep working on them though since they sort-of let me back in I'm going to try to rehab my status with them. I just pulled my reports again and there are no HPs since the initial ones when I opened the cards above; no HPs for any CLIs even though I requested all of them. HPs when I opened the cards were all on Experian (Cap1, Citi (twice), Discover) except for Capital One which pulled all three - so right now I have four HPs on Experian and one on TU and Equifax. I think I requested $15k from Capital One and they countered with $14,500. The others I just open ended requested a CLI and the amounts I got are what they offered. One thing I noticed was that Citi is a bit behind on what they think my credit score is. I figured out on which date they pull it, but when I requested a CLI they referenced in the rejection letter a score from over a month prior. It appears that it takes ~10 days after the pull for your score to appear on their web site, and whatever is showing on the web site is the score that they look at when they evaluate you for a CLI. This was dramatic because I'd been maxing out both my Citi and Discover cards before going AZEO. Just something to keep in mind if you are angling for a CLI on a Citi card. At this point I'm going to keep trying with Citi but other than that I guess I'm done for another 6 mos. or so. I probably won't bother going through the exercise of going AZEO again but then again other than Citi I can't actually max any cards anymore on organic spend unless it's a one time large purchase. I'm still using the Discover as my DD because even though this quarter's categories don't work for me, I am still in a promo period where they'll supposedly double my cash back after a year - so my util on that card will be a little high until I can get the limit up higher on it. Any advice on anything I should be doing at this point would be appreciated. I *may* be looking to buy a vehicle within the next year; the original plan was a house but interest rates have put that on hold so I've been saving aggressively instead. I have thought about trying to PC my Quicksilver to a Savor One, but that doesn't seem to be offered (I have a standing offer to PC to Venture One, but I really don't have much use for a travel card.) I'm not prequalified for anything good with Cap1 anymore; only the "for good credit" versions and I don't feel like taking a 3 bureau HP hit for no SUB. And now, as John Leguizamo would say, we return you to your regularly scheduled program...
  10. Wishing you the best centex. Sounds like your over the hump and on the home stretch. 🏇
  11. And I bet based on just about every other other company Apple bought, the Apple Lawn Mower will only mow virtual grass.
  12. Motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Look on line, there should be some samples you can copy from.
  13. Sorry, but all kinds of crap can show up on a title report. The first mortgage we applied for surfaced a filing for delinquent child support payments against me. (Raised eyebrows from Bev.) The mortgage broker we were working with did blink at UT and e c planned that Philly simply attaches such claims to the first property with a matching name. We just had to complete an affidavit that the liability was a sn't mine and the lender was satisfied. It would seem likely to me that a statement from the county clerk that there are no outstanding judgements against you might be sufficient to resolve this for your lender.
  14. I was thinking about you the other day. I'm glad you're still causing trouble and I hope you're able to recover as speedy as time allows.
  15. I'm still around...staying busy, still haven't gotten back to Vegas yet...bloodwork is in good shape. Still waiting to get the colon reattachment surgery, but some of that is my delay as I try to build time on the books- I get credit for all of my previous years, but I want to make sure I have a full month JUST IN CASE its the worst case scenario. Going off books screws with money for a good six weeks while they sort things out. The neuropathy is still a pain in hands and feet, but low-dose oxy helps with that during the day.
  16. Last week
  17. On the official court records the case is showing as closed. The last entry shows that the Magistrate stayed the proceedings pending outcome of arbitration which was not contested so the Judge upheld the decision. The county shows no record of a judgment or lien. The judgement only shows up on the title report. What would I need to file with the court to have the final decision of 'stayed' to be officially closed?
  18. The account is not showing with any of the CRAs. No reference to the original debt or any of the 3 companies who have had ownership.
  19. Thank you all for the input! I have contacted a lawyer and sent them everything that I have including copies of the filing and finding with the court as well as the information from JAMS. Just waiting for them to review and get back to me with the next steps.
  20. Credit Cards: Amex Gold & BB+ MR 516,084 Amex Delta SkyMiles 211,119 FNBO Amtrak Guest Rewards World MC 156,559 Chase CSP / CFU / CFF UR 183,515 Chase IHG Premier World Elite MC 68,201 Chase Hyatt Visa Signature 61,439 BofA Customized Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $6.20 Citi Premier / Double Cash / Custom Cash TYP 63,353 Choice Privileges World Elite MC 217,378 WF Active Cash Signature Visa (2% CB) $91.22 BILT Rewards MC 29,951 Shopping Portals & Apps / Stacking Opportunities: Rakuten (Amex MR Earning). Pays out quarterly. Points Pending: 2541 American Airlines 76,493 United Airlines 115 Miles DOSH (CB) Fetch Rewards (GC) Upside (CB) Shell Fuel Rewards (Earning AA Miles 2miles/gal.) Starbucks / Delta SkyMiles (Earn 1 SkyMile for every $1 spent at Starbucks) Airline / Hotel Dining and Shopping Portals Chase Shopping Portal (UR Earning)
  21. Yes you can do it yourself IF you wish, however since they are already garnishing your wages you were obviously not notified by your payroll department when they received the initial notification of garnishment. If you had received the required notice you would have had time to stop the actual exercise of the order. As it is I am not confident that you can handle this yourself as your employer may have not followed proper procedures and notification requirements. If you are able to see exactly what was filed and what notifications were sent to your old address you may be in a better position to decide what to do. There are free legal services that may be available and IF there are violations that can be documented a lawyer would be able to take the case on a contingency basis. https://www.consumeradvocates.org/findanattorney/
  22. Thanks for info whychat, is this something that I can work on myself as opposed to paying a lawyer? I looked into links provided here on how to get the judgment vacated since I don’t recall being served with a summons.
  23. Get a copy of the "wage garnishment" from your payroll department. Check to see if it refers to any judgment OF RECORD ie book & page and name of the Court. If you have that information you can check the records on line. Get a lawyer to file an appropriate motion and answer and countersue for damages if Portfolio does not have a recorded assignment of the judgment from the original creditor.
  24. Judgments are public record. If one was issued against you in 2010, the record should be at the court in the county where you living at that time. Were you living in the same county at that time? From njcourts.gov ”Judgments in New Jersey remain in effect for 20 years and may be renewed for an additional 20 years…”
  25. I do NOT suggest you contact the dentist or the CA in any manner that would suggest that you are willing to pay anything. That would be an open invitation to file suit against you for the entire amount plus legal fees. The language in the letter that you copied to this post is ABSOLUTELY necessary as the CA would have to submit not only complete account records but an assignment from the dentist of the account that INCLUDES YOUR SIGNED HIPAA RELEASE. Without a COMPLETE assignment the CA has NO right to collect on a medical debt, Make sure you have a copy of your insurance company's EOMB and a copy of their denial of the claim because of their failure to file in a timely manner.
  26. Hi everyone, I found out through my payroll department that a wage garnishment was received from Portfolio Recovery and I don’t recall where it’s from. I’m so distraught cause all I can see it’s from a judgement from 2010, I can’t trace debt since I have no judgements or collections on my CR. The debt is so old that they have my address from 15 years ago on the form, and I don’t recall being served. In this climate money is tight and they’re taking $400 a month from my pay. Sorry if this sounds a bit jumbled up, I’m so shocked and angry since I’ve worked so hard to clean up my credit years ago (FICO currently 764). How was PRA able to do this? I live in NJ and I wast served, nor was this even listed on my report (I’ve paid and settled everything years ago). I contacted the courthouse and they said that I had to submit a records request since they didn’t have additional detail from PRA. What else should I be going? I was told to also file a motion and answer.
  27. Thank you whychat I have emails to the dental office giving them exact details of how to submit the claim that I received from delta dental . I also have a voicemail from the dentist stating they are going to submit the claim. The insurance didn’t pay because the dental office submitted the claim outside timely filing.it and was filed almost two years after service. During all of this the insurance company suggested I file a grievance through them. everytime I think this is over it pops up again. It was taken out of collections over a year ago and here we are again. Do you think I should call the dentist and offer to pay what would have been out of pocket should they have submitted on time ? also do I use this letter you are referring to ? Is this the first step ? There is nothing on my credit report as of today . I only received the CA letter yesterday This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed. Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), I have the right to request validation of the debt you say I owe you. I am requesting proof that I am indeed the party you are asking to pay this debt,the date of the alleged medical service, the name of the patient and that there is some contractual obligation which is binding on me to pay this debt.
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