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  2. Thanks for the quick reply WC (have I mentioned you're a saint?)..! Just two quick questions (for now) given that they replied to the initial dispute by sending me a packet of paperwork without my name listed anywhere (as above, my wife is listed as the guarantor): 1. Assuming they provide me the same set of documents without my name anywhere, what's next? i.e. what's the lever to get them to actually follow the law..? 2. Is there any thoughtful thing I can do to prevent this from getting re-entered on my wife's CR (as she's the listed guarantor)..? You really are salt of the earth WC - thanks!!
  3. 100% correct. When I had a bankruptcy on my report I still managed a 730 Fico which isn’t terrible yet I was still denied for some long forgotten store card. No need to explain the reason for the turndown.
  4. 1) not all matters appear on a report, and those that do on fresh amounts usually do not until the bill has been stiffed beyond a notice or three 2) not all accounts get sold when they are this fresh- MANY recent delinquencies just get farmed out as contingency paper 3) CALL your former carrier and speak to a rep and see what they tell you...they may well be able to take the payment over the phone 4) if that option is no longer available, then pay whoever has the paper now and the issue is effectively a done deal 5) calendar your current policy so you avoid this issue if you policy hop again.
  5. @legaleagle2012 - I think I'm ready to get on the arb train! In my (albeit limited thus far) research, I've a few questions: 1. It seems like the two main arbitration companies are AAA and JAMS - is there any particular value in choosing one over the other? 2. In terms of actually filing for arbitration, it appears I file directly with the selected arbitration group (JAMS or AAA) and they contact the other party (i.e. I'm not sending the arbitration request to the CA via mail or even directly myself) - correct? 3. I'm inclined to get this ball rolling sooner rather than later. Any reason to not file as expeditiously as possible? I'll be off to educate myself as much as possible regarding arbitration over the next couple weeks (I'm not solely relying on posters here on CB but I'm also happy to avail myself of the knowledge of those who are more familiar with the process) so are there any useful "Guides to Arbitration (for consumers)" out there..?
  6. Send the letter WITHOUT the sentence as the response you received is patently incorrect and therefore invalid.
  7. We agree that co-signing is not the best choice and that closing an account does not help establish history... We are also discussing how things work, so with that in mind, and once again agreeing with you all that this "should not be done" - can we still talk about how things work, for informational purposes? If kid is on winter break, they are able to work full time, not just part-time. I was saying, if school is out and the kid goes back to their old job - can they on Day 1 submit an app, accurately claiming they are now employed full-time and with my co-signing get a card... As for the second part of your valid point about closing accounts: Well, the ENTIRE purpose of this entire discussion is for the kid to GET their own card with no one else on it. Getting a cash back card and a 5% off on all Target purchases until they do, for some, may be better than a student card.. The price we would pay is having to close that joint account and starting their own again only a year or two later..
  8. You were fortunate. You played Russian Roulette and found a chamber without the bullet. For the sake of OTHERS who come along, don't answer to a text. ALWAYS call the number of the lender after confirming it by looking at a card or statement. This becomes even MORE of a truism with a sucky debit card.
  9. overspending...because clearly the good times were always going to continue
  10. So I'm down to my last baddie on my last report, two medical collections on my EQ. I followed @Why Chat's HIPAA letter program and, upon my initial dispute with the CRAs, EX and TU removed immediately. With EQ they verified and I received a reply from the CA (Pacific Credit Services). Before getting into the CA's response, for context, while all my prior credit issues are certainly of my own doing, these two items are almost certainly the result of terrible billing practices by our local medical cartel. I live in a smallish town (by California standards) and we have one large physicians group that has cornered the health care market here for decades. They're the GPs, who refer specialists who are also partners and send you to labs also owned by them and so on. Also, they're notable for having massive turnover in their office staff - many folks in town have had nightmare issues with billing and, in my case, both my wife and I have tremendous insurance and we never pay more than $20 out of pocket for just about anything - and we always make our $20 copay in office - any amounts beyond our copay are picked up by either her or my insurance. Back to their response, in reviewing the information sent by the CA, the following items jumped out to me: The both print summaries in their mailing clearly lists my wife as the guarantor (on both services for one of our children) and not me although the item is on my credit report not hers! My child who was seen was seen in mid-2019 but it appears the insurer flagged the physician's group for overbilling and there's a mid-2020 letter included indicating that the claim had been overpaid and that the physicians' group now owed the insurer monies. This, apparently, was being passed on to us (again my wife was listed as the guarantor) nearly a year after treatment. It's a fair bit of treatment information on the printouts they sent to me and, while my son was 17 at the time, he's now over 18 and I did not believe they could/should be sending me another adult's medical records...? In any event, I want to be clear about next steps. WhyChat's site indicates given my situation (CRA and CA both responded and the entry remains) that I should send the Medical Dispute Validation Letter - except the first sentence of that letter reads: I'm not particularly savvy as regards medical collections but is it not an "invalid response" to entries on my credit report to send me documents that indicate my wife as the guarantor of the services in question? If so, what's the appropriate next course of action? Finally, the sum of these two collections is ~$400 so I can pay it and/but - 1. I'd only PFD; 2. I legitimately should not have had any obligation for any of these amounts beyond my $20 office copay and I'm less than keen to make the cartel whole for their shoddy billing practices. TIA for any advice good folks of CB! Cheers!
  11. I guess an intern got moved into the office that housed all the antique AMC files...
  12. The 580, in that scenario, isn't what produced the denial...it was the REASONS that gave rise TO that 580 which result in a denial.
  13. I switched my auto back in May and failed to pay them $52.00 Forgot, and today I logged in to pay it, and its been referred to collections. Extremely disappointed as I have a 756 score, and nearly perfect payment history for 7 years. Logged into my Discover credit card that offers a free FICO, I'm not showing anything on there. No late payment, no charge off. Score has stayed in the 750s despite this being referred to collections on July 5th. My FICO shows nothing new, reported on 7.20.22 Has it simply not yet hit my reports? Will likely show up in August? What is my best course of action on this? I have worked so hard to get my credit to be good, and we're trying to buy a house in a couple years.... so disappointed and I want for this to go away. I am good about reading my mail, I have not received notification from any creditors that the debt has been sold. thanks in advance, love this community!
  14. In one buys the theories about credit mix, then a couple of store cards ARE good for the mix. What you DO NOT want is a bunch of low-limit turds, no matter WHAT the store benefits might be. Low limits beget low limits just as high limits beget additional high limits.
  15. Simple email with the following as the sole element...
  16. So what was everyone doing with their money while times were good?
  17. The Fatal Flaw in Your Retirement Plan’s Target Date Funds
  18. Dodge’s first electrified vehicle will be a new crossover called the Whoorenet
  19. More Americans are relying on credit cards. That could be very costly
  20. Haha.... Yep, respect is earned and afraid it DOES work that way. Respect vs admiration? Admiration comes with respect see the Oxford Dictionary: "regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval." Thanks for the luck. The rest of the world that doesn't gaf is doing so because 1) their sleeping, 2) there in denial, 3) they never had to realize they should ga-"major-F.
  21. Like pizza, even though it's bad it's still good. So cheap or rich, all BJ's are still good. Good to know Tier 1 or toy cards are all the same on a profile.
  22. Yes you can. That's one of the good things about arb. FILE before they sue. Altho with Midland, you won't have to worry about any arb taking place. They will refuse as usual; they will be starting out about 4,000 in the red if they arbitrate. Would you do that? After they refuse, you can make lots of trouble for them.
  23. Well the new card arrived in the mail today. It was Ally who called.
  24. They may still have those memories in their internal files and hold them against you.
  25. I seriously doubt he will be able to honestly state an acceptable income with being a student and only working a very part-time job during school break. Co-signing helps if the person is already employed, but the disadvantages far, far outweigh any advantages. First, there are literally millions of horror stories where one of the joint owners screws up and leaves the other one royally screwed. Everybody says "It can't happen to me!", but it does. In my case, should I add my kids as joint owners and they do something really stupid, I don't care. They could rack up bills for millions of $$, I have my finances structured so that nobody could collet a dime from me. And to me personally they can do absolutely nothing because I will already be in prison for executing any of the kids so fooking stupid enough to do anything crazy. Also, on a related note, opening a joint account that in the future you will only close is not very wise. The idea is to open accounts and keep them for a long period of time to establish a history. You do not establish a history by opening and closing accounts.
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