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  2. Can you pass a FAA class I physical? At 39, it is given annually, but upon reaching 40, you have to undergo and pass it every 6 months. Do you have a private rating now? Multi-engine? What is the total cost of ATP training? Getting financing on an annual salary of $111,000 means effectively nothing when you have to pay it back with only $55,000 a year. Do you have guaranteed health insurance for the rest of your life from your employment or your spouse's employment? A solar install at $36k? What's the interest, the term, and the total amount paid after it is paid off? I suspect ATP will cost close to $100k. That amount is roughly the same as public law school. Unless a future employer is willing to pay you close to what you are making now, you are likely to be living a lower middle class life in order to pay that debt load of just the student loan. The solar install is just going to add more debt and you haven't factored in rate increases, where you live [the solar index is great if you live in Phoenix and not so good if you live in Portland], or service/repair costs [one hail storm can devastate it]. If you have kids, I'd forget it; they need security and guaranteed funding - not the promise of a dream job that may or may not pan out. A Federal student loan generally requires no co-signer, a Plus loan does and these are based on your credit score.
  3. I'm not sure why having a smorgasbord of card offers would be considered "too many". I interpret the array as saying they consider you a valued client and eligible for a new card, recommending a number of their offerings (but not suggesting that you apply for all of them). I'm jealous, because I see a similar array when I look; however, none of them indicate "already approved". I presume that's because I exceed the "5/24" guideline. (One might wonder why they provide an abbreviated app for each card (submit income/phone) given my 24-mo account openings, but I suppose they allow for possible CRA updates or card closures since their last pull.)
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  5. This morning while Mrs Vig and I were at work, maintenance man at apartment complex came by to replace our garbage disposal. The new unit works great. I sent an email to apartment management thanking them for a job well done on the disposal. Then asking if they are gonna call the police or should I? I sent them a video clip of said maintenance worker abusing our cat. Squeezing his paws till he screams, picking him up by the tail and swinging him around. We had the cat locked up in our bedroom, since we knew maintenance was coming by. I guess the maintenance man heard the cat and decided to let him out for some cruel fun. All of it caught on 4k video with audio. Yep. People are assholes. That idiot has got to be scratching his head right now, wondering where all those hidden cameras were at.
  6. Offense report will reflect that V had only the first initial of the suspect...seems the conduct was believed to be committed by one K. Eurig. Suspect is described as being sort of short and squatty...glassy appearance.
  7. Filed by Chase or one that names Chase as a Defendant? Yeah, it matters.
  8. When you assert that they debt is from 2010 or so, do you mean that is when you took out the note it was attached to or do you mean that is when you defaulted? Only one of those is relevant to the discussion, but is STILL a clarification that needs to be made.
  9. Can you please advise how you got rid of the AT&T baddie with CREDENCE RESOURCE MANA? Was it DV?
  10. I haven't traveled out of the country in a while, thanks to COVID-19, but the last time I did the readers were able to read a magnetic strip. Another type of card that still has no chip are those prepaid Visa and MasterCards you can buy at grocery stores. It wouldn't be wise to travel out of the country with one of those cards as your only means of payment.
  11. To expand on the excellent post above: In states other than WI and MS, debt collectors may attempt to collect debts past the SOL, as long as they make it clear they won't sue over the debt. The wording of the letter is crucial to whether YOU have a claim against THEM. Here is one possible plan of attack: 1. You could send a DV letter, to make absolutely sure this debt is past SOL. If they show a date > 4 years, it is past SOL. If they show inaccurate or incorrect information in their reply, you may have grounds for a suit against them. 2. This next step depends on how good you are at getting companies to violate the FDCPA or Rosenthal Act. Be warned that collection agencies are MUCH better about following the letter of the law than in the past. If you think there is a way to bait them into a violation, do so. Otherwise, just send a FOAD letter. The FOAD letter may be as simple as "I refuse to pay this alleged debt." Or "Go away and don't bother me anymore." 3. You may want to post a redacted version of the letter they sent you. Our legal beagle (not quite the same as a lawyer dog) may know if this violates the FDCPA. Or, you could take the letter to a real lawyer to see if it violates the FDCPA or Rosenthal Act, once you have verified that the debt is past SOL. Or, you could just ignore them. Your choice.
  12. This brings up two interesting points: First: The time when you have negotiating power is when you owe them money they want. That is when you can negotiate a PFD (pay for delete). Once you have paid, you have lost all your negotiating power. Second: Many organizations have certain policies, which are written in stone for as long as they last. Many of these places have a PFD policy. For example, PRA used to have a policy forbidding PFD until they changed their policy to one encouraging PFD. No rhyme nor reason, just the policy. I have done consulting work for several banks. A bank employee can get into trouble for violating the company policy, and will likely not have any repercussions for following the company policy. I have had numerous people at banks tell me a certain policy is terrible, but they have to follow it, because it's the policy. So, when you ask for a deletion of a credit line, some random AmEx employee sees that this would violate the AmEx policy, and s/he could get reprimanded or fired for violating the policy. Or, the employee could simply choose to keep in the good graces of his/her employer and reject your request. In other words, you aren't going to get them to delete your trade line. You have no leverage, and the people you communicate with have a strong incentive NOT to accommodate you.
  13. I am assuming you followed ALL the initial steps in the guides? https://whychat.me/GUIDEBOOK.html https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html If so and you sent the CRA-- (only on Eq.?) the initial dispute letter; https://whychat.me/hipaadisp.html then yes the next step is to send the CA the medical DV for accounts reporting as paid; https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#PAID and then send Eq the follow up dispute https://whychat.me/ltrcavalhipaa.html#DISPUTE
  14. I never wanted a smart tv for privacy reasons either
  15. Inquiries appear when you apply for credit, whether or not you are approved. Great news is that inquiries don't matter. Side note: there are a handful of useless cards that you can get with a soft inquiry. This is a terrible reason to choose a credit card.
  16. Hello, If I apply for a credit card from a creditor and it is approved, will this transaction create a hard inquiry on my credit report? Thank you
  17. Sometimes I have the opportunity to remind people of what their role is at their place of employment. For instance at the coffee shop. The difference between your opinion and coffee, is that I asked for coffee.
  18. Seems you are in CA from other posts; written contracts for auto loans in CA have a 4 year SOL. Depending on what the collection letter says, you could have an FDCPA / Rosenthal Act violation. http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/sen/sb_0201-0250/sb_233_bill_20130702_enrolled.pdf
  19. I wanted to give this useful post a healthy bump so others may continue to benefit from the information in this thread. After months of research, calling, complaining, pulling my hair out and researching some more, there are a few observations (and facts) that I have collected. As with all things in the jilted world of credit, YMMV. When opting out with L/N, I would strongly urge you to do it by mail, and make sure to stress that you want your C.L.U.E report froze due to information being found on black market sites, the Equifax breach (add other bureau breaches if you are involved) and to remove all addresses NOT associated with where you live out of fear of identity theft. They may claim some information can still be accessed by those with a relationship with you and potential collectors; you want your entire file AND your C.L.U.E report froze. L/N is fed by data miners and consumers like you. Keep this in mind when disputing as giving them your SS card gives them the ammo to update their files with the SSN they shouldn't have in the first place because, well, courts do not furnish that information. Verify your identity using the BARE MINIMUM. Freeze Microbilt (formerly CL Verify), Chex and every other second and third-tier CB you can think of. Perform address corrects with them, too. Not that they factors into your PR removal efforts, yet you want to CYA, in other words. Microbilt is mainly for payday loans and other junk BS that people apply for. Know in advance you CANNOT freeze EWS. Save the effort. Somehow they are able to skate under the FCRA when it comes to consumer freezes. If you need some case precedence or just want some extra information to add to your arsenal, the Experian Public Records Settlement website has their settlement agreement posted which contains case laws that may apply to you. That information is here: http://experianpublicrecordsettlement.com/documents/Experian - Settlement Agreement.pdf The following paragraph MAY or MAY NOT help you in your MOV letters; the jury is still out as to whether it helped me or not (drop the quotes): "Pursuant to Rule 1005 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, all documents filed with the court are to contain only the last four digits of the individual’s social security number or tax identification number (TIN). Under the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, a debtor’s full social security number is filed with the original petition, and filed under seal. Meaning the only information released to third parties who are not involved directly with a bankruptcy petition is (1) Your Full Name, (2) The Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number, and (3) Your Address." Follow the rest of the steps and advice in this thread, and be persistent.
  20. I wonder how long it will be, before someone reports, they are rebuilding because their Keurig stole their identity. "The police laughed at me when I wanted to file a report against my coffee maker."
  21. AMEX, based on what I've seen, won't remove a PIF collections account that was not previously agreed to and they don't agree to many.
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