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  3. Just curious, why push from account B instead of pulling from the WF website? Seems like fewer chances for errors or issues when pulling.
  4. Retail prices of used cars are up 40% since March of 2020, according to a citation in this NYT story (paywall, sorry). Wholesale prices are still setting new records.
  5. What score model does the apartment manager use, and what is the minimum score requirement for an apartment?
  6. I was mainly questioning the TransUnion and Equifax scores. Experian is a FICO 8, that's useful. Capital One is a good place to start! Glad you were able to pick that up. If the card has an AF and/or no rewards, you may be able to PC (product change) and take a step up after a year. In general, look for cards that you can keep over the long-term. One of the biggest assets to your credit is longevity of the history, so opening cards now that you have to close and replace later is a bit counterproductive (unless it's your only option, of course) because each new card hits your AAoA (average age of accounts). There are a couple of commonly-recommended secured cards, one from SDFCU and one from Bank of America. They both graduate to unsecured, and the Bank of America one even pays rewards. You could even PC this later. I'm not saying that secured cards are your only option, just one suggestion in the absence of knowing who was IIBd.
  7. I made some dubious choices early on, so the recommendation came from a position of experience. Happy to see your successes, and wish you many, many more to come!
  8. I got my scores from my Experian account - are those legit or should I get a fico subscription instead? Yes, this is the only card I have open. It's the first one I attempted. I was pleasantly surprised at the credit limit. I am considering opening a secured line of credit at my credit union and/or another card of some type. I would love some guidance on who to open and timing. I want to use whatever strategy will boost my credit rather than randomly open a bunch of cards that aren't really helpful. Any suggestions?? 🙂
  9. I upgraded two laptops and a workstation. But my main desktop doesn't have the trusted bios required. And the laptop I'm posting this on is still on Winddoze 7. So far they all work fine.
  10. Greatly appreciate the suggestion. In my haste to accept AmEx's offer, I accepted the first card on the list.
  11. Without knowing some specifics about why your credit is "not that good" targeted advice is impossible. In general mortgage lenders look for a low debt to income ratio, a decent credit score: the higher the score the better the interest rate, as well as income/source to name a few items. Charge offs, judgments, liens, late payments are all going to be issues that a lender is likely to have major issues with.
  12. I'm a lady in my 50s and I'm disabled and I am looking to buy a house with my daughter but my credit is not that good any suggestions before we start buying a house I'm working on my credit.
  13. I am certainly not a WF fanboy, but we have never had this problem.
  14. I'd suggest that we could use an NSFW forum (with advisory), but I fear the presence of such a beast would be such a detraction for @cv91915 that his employer would declare him AWOL! < btw, I'll let it slip that I reportedly was breast fed, with weening subject to very angry protest. Been orally fixated ever since ... >
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  16. This doesn't address "fees," per se, but it does discuss the interplay between points/lender credits and interest rates. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ask-cfpb/what-are-discount-points-and-lender-credits-and-how-do-they-work-en-136/ If you want to compare the cost of two mortgages, add up all of upfront the loan-related costs (deposits to escrow do not count, since you have to pay taxes and insurance no matter what, and estimating how much needs to be collected isn't easy when you apply because they don't know exactly when you are going to close). To the upfront costs, add the sum of interest you will pay over the timeframe you intend to keep the loan (30-years are retired in an average of ~7 because people sell or refi or otherwise payoff long before the term ends). A loan amortization calculator with cumulative interest is a handy tool for the calculation. Repeat this for each offer or points/lender credit scenario and you have a valid reference point for cost comparison. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't feel like you've won the lottery when you hear "No closing costs," because that often means they make up for it over and over and over in the form of a higher interest rate.
  17. You will need to find a specialty lender. Traditional banks tend to be...traditional. And when it comes to underwriting, things changed after the '08 meltdown when the liar loans, err Stated Income, State Asset underwriters were exposed.
  18. I’m a long-term Bitcoin investor looking to purchase a new primary residence. Since I have no demonstrable income, and don’t want to liquidate my holdings due to tax implications, I was planning on getting a Bitcoin-backed loan and paying cash for the house. Ideally, though, regardless of buying with cash or not, I’d like to finance the home through traditional methods — buying with a mortgage, paying cash and then mortgaging, paying cash and then getting a home equity loan, etc. My question is, do I stand a chance financing the house through a bank with no income? Would a bank allow my Bitcoin holdings to be counted as an asset for personal net worth purposes?
  19. I'm just glad none of my banks qualify for such lists. I abhor the mega-banks and even the super-regionals for my daily banking. Get more than a few branches and I am ready to look elsewhere. I actually enjoy getting to KNOW the staff...
  20. I suspect several around here COULD have some fun with it, but SOMEONE would get offended and then we ALL get in trouble...it's all fun and games until the cops show up.
  21. Concur with CV...I guarantee you I could find something in the Houston area that filled the 'modest 1BR' requirement for less than $1500 a month. Probably even less than a grand if I lower the standards about how much crime I will tolerate...a quick review of apartments dot com even shows some for under $500 a month if you include a studio apartment. And if I just needed a roof over my head, a studio would fit the bill if I HAVE to be cost conscious.
  22. See, I've had a checking account at BMO Harris for some years now. Three or four times a year, they offer a deal wherein if you use your debit card 10x in one month, you receive a $5 gift card (choose amonh Amamazon, B&N, Google Play, or Apple (gross)). They don't have to do that. I'm not paying anything for the account or to have the debit card. Seven months ago (see), they had a deal wherein if you open a Statement Savings account and add $200 to it each month, they will add, yes ADD FIVE DAMN DOLLARS to it, up to twelve months in a row. BMO Harris is a bank. Why aren't they doing more to piss customers off?
  23. Definitely not off about premium...I looked at a few things using the Las Vegas address I will be at in a few weeks, and I KNOW I can get them for less in a convenience store. Even less if I went to a real grocery store...
  24. Amex Gold (Grocery & Dining), Every Day MR 373,814 Delta SkyMiles. Amex Delta Gold and Blue 203,391 American Airlines. Citi MileUp MC 64,658 Amtrak Guest Rewards MC 83,129 IHG Traveler MC 61,263 BofA Customized Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $190.65 Citi Double Cash MC (2% CB Everything) $167.95 Citi Rewards+ MC Thank You Points (Gas & Grocery) 19,310 Choice Privileges Visa Signature 413,465 WF Active Cash Signature Visa (2% CB Everything) $54.67 Shopping Portals / Stacking Opportunities DOSH (CB) $110.42 Rakuten Amex MR Earning. Pays out quarterly. Points Pending: 5151 Fetch Rewards Points (Redeemable for GC) 36,532 Ibotta (Grocery CB) $26.05 GetUpside (CB) $45.41 CoinOut (CB) $5.93 Shell Fuel Rewards (Earning AA Miles 2miles/gal.) AA/DL Dining and Shopping Groupon / LivingSocial
  25. Gotta watch the words " according to" and then carefully note who's making the claim, because this statement is completely false. In 2021, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a worker needs to earn $20.40 per hour to be able to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the country. It doesn't take (($20.40 * 40 * 52)/12) = $3,536 a month to afford a $636 one-bedroom in Springfield, Missouri, or even $954 in Omaha... and rent is even less in thousands of smaller towns and cities across the U.S. These Cities Have the Cheapest Rent in the U.S. Also, the rents listed in the article linked above are likely median rents for each respective market, and not "modest" one bedrooms which is the reference point in the outlandish claim.
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