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  3. I've never taken Spirit, although there is usually one of their urine-colored planes parked at a gate that's in plain sight from the Airspace Lounge in San Diego. I took Frontier exactly ONCE when I had to go from here to Denver and none of the United non-stops were convenient. There won't be a second time. If Spirit is even worse, I'd rather drive. Or get fired for not showing up for a critical meeting I was supposed to run.
  4. Guess there's a distinct downside to the online advice I read re Spirit: Buy up to a "Big Front Seat" and bring earplugs to be oblivious to the Greyhound drama in the back ... btw, are those seats no longer "Comfy"?? Why the downgrade to "Front"? (It's been awhile since I last resorted to Spirit ... Frontier is heads and shoulders superior when in need of a discounter. I spent over an hour trying to work out January travel for Bev to ACY the night before a free junket to LV. Unfortunately, Spirit, with a cx in FLL, is the best I came up with. Hope I'm not kicking myself later for not considering PHL with train or shuttle to AC ... I'm sometimes far too frugal for our own good!
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  6. Burgerwars

    Capitalone360 Checking

    Agree. Being approved doesn't mean they won't shut down an account a few days later. It does happen. (: If your Capital One account sticks, one benefit is when you use a Capital One debit or credit card at a Capital One Cafe, drinks are half price. I've got a few $2 frappacino type drinks at their cafes in Los Angeles and Boston.
  7. Glad you picked up that I "head to" PVR Sunday, not "headed" So, I gotta share (on a loosely related note to the subject) ... received an email from WalletHub this afternoon propclaiming: Hey Harry, great news! We’ve identified a way to increase your credit score by 40 points. So I click on the link (merely out of curiosity ... who gives a "f" about VantageScore). The system pauses to "update" my credit and then returns with essentially an "Oops ... never mind" message. Wow, guess I screwed that pooch .... I intend to email a suggested slogan to WalletHub: "WalletHub ... for shits and giggles!"
  8. I have a lot of chaps.
  9. I wasn't blessed with restraint like you were. 😛 Have fun, and make sure to take plenty of powder!!
  10. 71 points, but close enough!!
  11. cv91915

    Which is More Exciting? An Amex Gold Poll

    I reported in another thread (which I can't find) that I believe that Amex is manually posting the 20% dining credits for new card holders, and I showed an example. Here is Exhibit B. The $5 is from a "spend $20/get $5" offer on the card, so that one is legit. The other one? Good lord.
  12. > 10 GB of data in a month is a luxury. The $75/month you're paying for Internet service is 75% of your current monthly payment shortfall all by itself. I would recommend an honest assessment of needs vs. wants. It sounds like there's room in the budget to solve most of your immediate-term problem (read books from the library for entertainment instead of whatever you're doing with all that data). I'd be surprised if there isn't another $25 somewhere that isn't going toward absolute necessities. You also said, "we." Who is the rest of "we"? Is there another adult or older kid in the family that can take a part-time job to help? A loan isn't going to help your problem long-term, because taking on debt to repay debt results in ... the same amount of debt as you had before.
  13. MarvBear

    How will a Garnishment affect getting a Mortgage

    Not all garnishments get reported to credit bureaus. But when you have to prove your income, an analyst will always find out, because there will be a deduction on your paycheck stub. It in the past has been a common stipulation when I had to prove income for a customer's auto loan that I present a proof of income free from garnishment or levy.
  14. At least it's the Amex version.
  15. KimShea

    The Master obsolete delete time frame thread

    No luck with student loan on EQ. Anyone have any luck with EQ lately? Timeframes for early obsolete?
  16. leedspaddy

    The Balance Transfer and loan

    Thanks everyone for the advice.
  17. tjsegraves

    How will a Garnishment affect getting a Mortgage

    It will probably still be in effect when I'm ready to purchase. It is not appearing on any of my credit reports.
  18. Had an occasion to book a Spirit Air flight for Bev in January, where other carrier options didn't meet her schedule constraints. I thought it was a good opportunity to burn some CSR points. Found out that Expedia doesn't book discounters (apparently it was possible before the booking partner switch).
  19. IvyMgmt

    iUpdate - DUNS

    So I went on DUNS today to be sure my store name was added.. and decided to check the payment experiences. There are two one a cash payment that had to come from the business debt card then another that's a telecommunication. I have not opened any accounts in my business name, I am just getting around to that. So I had to dispute because its showing up as a slow pay. anyway I called about three times and two of those persons tried to convince me that its not saying slow pay although I am looking right at it! Anyway the last one of course thought she had a way in going to sell me something for $800 a year and change so she can add my cash paying / PO experiences for me.. Umm no ma'am I am trying to get this store open I dont have any money for that! My question is can I add these experiences on my own? Do I have to have them do it and if so how can I? A few business in NYC gave me POs to save me tax because I am a business... and I paid cash...
  20. Bankers are more concerned about the principal being paid back, not necessarily the interest rate. Paying $75 for 5 megs - you must live out in the boonies.
  21. hdporter

    Question About Student Loan Negative Item

    To get the best advice (some of which may not relate to the student loan), order the 3-bureau score report from myFICO.com that was suggested earlier in this thread. Citing from mendelssohn's excellent post, the mortgage scores that you're interested in are: It's important, up front, to know where your mortgage scores stand (and the degree to which the delinquency is hurting you). btw, is this the only adverse information reported on your report? Ok ... so the hard truth is that the Dept of Ed is uninterested in updating accurate reporting, no matter the underlying circumstances. Since you don't intend to raise a fraud claim, I don't expect any efforts to remove the adverse data to be fruitful. Hindsight being 20/20, "Ed" has an excellent rehabilitation program through which delinquencies can be brought current and adverse information removed, but the window closed on that when the loan was transferred to another lender. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the age of the adverse information is sufficient to keep your scores in the 600's (and there's a decent chance of that, provided there aren't more recent derogatories of any type). In that case, you won't be eligible for the best rates, but certainly can be approved at rates that are quite acceptable. When the adverse info ages off in 2020, you can consider whether there are sufficient savings to refinancing to warrant it.
  22. Compared to you, cv, I'll always be a "newbie" (where it comes to post count). Been here 12 years and still don't measure up Don't keep me in suspense! I headed to PVR with Bev Sunday am for a week's vacation. If I browse back here, it'll be with a tequila-muddled sun-baked brain!
  23. hdporter

    The Balance Transfer and loan

    So, first, a gentle suggestion to anyone posting for advice: always include all relevant details re your credit profile -- it allows for far more directed advice I believe Citi will reallocate CL, but generally a hard pull is required. I don't see that as an impediment given your credit standing. They have some internal guidelines that may cap how much you can transfer. The prospect of other lenders reacting adversely to appearance of a sudden large balance is relatively nil. Sustained high utilization of an account (> 70%) is a more typical trigger, and even then, only in conjunction with other adverse reporting. Since it sounds like your outside repayment window is 3 years max, and you credit standing is strong, I see no reason not to bt the full outstanding loan balance to a low cost credit card offer. You can fully expect to refinance the balance at comparable rates should it not be repaid by the end of the first promotional term. (You won't be able to bt to another Citi product, however.) One exception where you may wish to carry some balance on the loan for now: if you aren't able to secure sufficient credit line on the Citi card to keep utilization under 50%, you can always retain some of the loan balance for now ... transferring the residual balance at a later date when a good opportunity presents itself. Centex offers a valuable reminder that most card terms will assess finance charges on all purchases from when made if you revolve any balance, even a bt. Barclays is the only exception to this I've encountered: They will continue to grant a grace period on new purchases provided they're paid in full on the next statement and a minimum payment against the bt is also satisfied (they actually tell you on each statement how much you must pay in total to avoid finance charges). I've taken advantage of this on my Aviator card and LOVE them for this!
  24. centex

    The Balance Transfer and loan

    Remember ALSO that using the BT will effectively preclude the use of the card for any other purchases given how the interest will hit you. So use of the card for routine purchases will very likely see you incurring interest for the length of the BT with none of the payments actually touching the purchase pay-down. This is something that a lot of people tend to overlook, which makes that BT promo FAR more costly...you could find yourself paying well over the 3.5% difference between the installment APR and the BT fee...
  25. leedspaddy

    The Balance Transfer and loan

    My scores currently are around 760 with an overall utilization of 1% with credit limits at 226K total......I am also very aware of the utilization of the card so I was never going to put more than 50% on the account. Anyway before even considering taking this move I will be looking to increase my limit on the card as soon as I am eligible with Citi which apparently only allows a soft pull increase every six months, which as it happens occurs tomorrow. I have two citi cards, one has a limit of $9K and the other has a limit of $25K but of course the BT offer is on the $9K card. So if they won't give me an increase then I'll see if they will move 15k of credit line from the other card and then after all this I will then make a decision to either use the BT or stick with the loan. If I am sticking with the loan it is my intention to have it paid off in 2 years by throwing everything at it to get it paid off and of course I can say the same thing if I do the BT but that maybe be a tiny bit more challenging having only about 17 months to pay off the balance. I guess that was in part why I asked if I should at least keep some of the debt on the loan instead of piling it on the BT. But aside all this, my biggest fear is how my other creditors will react......here I am having zero balances on all my cards except one for the last 2 years and then suddenly a 9 or 10K amount appears on another credit card account. I understand about taking a hit on the credit score but what I don't want to happen is for the other creditors to react by lowering my limits on my other cards thus snowballing my score down even further than it should be.
  26. Chris58

    M$ speed bumps

    Your bank manager may not even know what he/she's talking about, (the bank's compliance department handles this sort of thing). You'll NEVER hear from FinCen about anything. They're not a law enforcement agency, (merely a regulatory unit of the US Treasury department that maintains a database and reports to various law enforcement agencies). You may never hear from any law enforcement agency over this, (but if you do it will probably have a significant time lag involved). The most likely contact you'd have is with the IRS, (and if the examination is triggered by MS* I'd expect it to be 2 or 3 years AFTER the triggering activity, and probably include more than one years returns). A rock-solid paper trail is only prudent if you're doing this at $10k+ per week.
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