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  2. Don't panic. I suggest you contact a consumer lawyer; https://www.illinoislegalaid.org/legal-information/dealing-hospital-bills In addition I don't think you need to worry about it getting on your credit reports; https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/2537 You can get further help here https://illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/consumers/healthcare.html Meanwhile make sure you are opted out and get your updated credit reports and look carefully at them to see if there are any errors or wrong SS#s ( My website appears to be temporarily down. Wait a few hours before trying to access it)
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  4. From Amex stating I'm preapproved for the Gold Card. No thank you.
  5. See, that's a Visa card; not a gas card. Also I would use an CITGO or Valero type card when I visit fambly back east. (See.)
  6. If you insist on apping a gas card you won't use, I'd go for the CBD Yes Rewards card https://www.cbd.ae/cbd-yes-rewards-credit-card
  7. Oil/gas cards are ridiculous. Furthermore, I shall add an oil/gas card to my portfolio. (You heard me). There are no CITGO or Valero stations in Minnesota. However I shall be in Richmond, Virginia in February, which according to my research has both. Which card ought I to apply for?
  8. Hey, Burger Thanks for the PC info data point! I actually prefer applying to the Wells Fargo Active Card, I have gotten the mailer 6 months ago, except I don't have the invite code as of now, and time is quintessential as the Wells Fargo Reflect Card mailer coming to expire in a week. I'd feel more confident with the pre-selected or pre-qualified invitation code at hand before I launch the app.
  9. As I understand from CB and other forum data points, Bank of America offers credit to individuals for about 50% of their annual income, that is, if your gross income is $200,000 for example, then your line of credit is $100K. Maybe @hegemony, @Big Bear, and @CTSoxFan may elaborate and chime into other data points on this topic, they also have a $99,900 personal card. Moreover, @hdporter and @cv91915 have obtained 3 or 4 BofA credit accounts that may be close to that threshold as well, and they may provide detailed additional information.
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  11. that was not an auto related and was on a public property, in any case too late for those
  12. Could I ask what income is required for a $99,900 credit line?
  13. Your logic makes perfect sense but there are those that just physiologically feel better out right owning a phone and not having any payments plus being tied to a particular carrier.
  14. I say generic letter because I can't seem to locate a copy of the letter on my computer, which is super weird. That was my thought as well, send another updated letter to the CA and basically reference the first letter as being sent, but being much more stern in the second letter. However, I'm at a bit of a loss on what content to put into the 2nd letter.
  15. "my" big three; not "the" big three (where "big" is descriptive of the number of open cards; nothing more). Only BA of value right now is "Customized Cash", which I have set to "online purchases". Online purchases tags any transaction that is conducted online, therefore, much more than just "shopping" for 3% cashback. (3% capped to $2500 in purchases each quarter)
  16. One thing that caught my interest is 90% of Walmart employees make less than $40,000 per year. So a full-time $40K worker is making $19.23 an hour. I look at that as a statistic that will discourage people from making a career at Walmart, because stastics show the odds are really against you ever making a very good income. Anyway, if a Walmart checking account does get offered, I might apply. I'm a sucker for stuff like this.
  17. Nah. Not even close to pet rocks. Bitcoin can: Be a great way to gamble. Probably >90% of the uses. A way to pay ransoms when you've been attacked by ransomware. A way to wash currency. A way to pay for child porno. It does have one thing in common with pet rocks. Zero liquidation value. That is, no net value other than what you can trade it for.
  18. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Calls Crypto Tokens ‘Pet Rocks’
  19. On Wells Fargo's website (Manage Cards -> Credit Card Service Center -> Switch Cards), you can switch certain cards to certain other cards. I have three cards and a while ago I switched one to the Active Cash card. I now have an Active Cash, Visa Signature and Visa Platinum card. I'm thinking of switching the Platinum card to the Visa Autograph card. Why? Just because the Platinum and Signature cards are a similar design but just a slightly different color, and the Autograph card is a totally different design. No other reason. The Reflect card doesn't show as a card I can convert to. I'll wait a few weeks to do this because I'll be out of town for a few days. I don't want the new card to sit in the mailbox, even though it is a locked mailbox.
  20. Walmart Checking and Apple Savings: Different Motivations, Similar Outcomes?
  21. BA is part of the big three? It is # 5 last I checked. Top 3 in outstanding: Chase, Amex, Citi. Top 3 in number of cards issued: Chase, Crap1, Citi. I'm curious what three BA cards you find value in. I have one (travel rewards) and other than the 99.9k limit it is one of the most lackluster cards in my sock drawer, right up there with citi premier. I've been thinking about closing both the BA and the Citi cards. Perhaps I'm missing something? Educate me before I do. TIA
  22. Have 4 open cards with each of my "big 3" (BA, Chase, Citi).
  23. Congrats on the approvitude. I'm eyeing this card myself for when the 0%APR runs out on my FNBO balance in about ten months. (Assuming they're still offering the 18-month intro...)
  24. I have three Chase cards (one I applied for and the others when Chase acquired the cards of another issuer and when Washington Mutual went belly-up). I see pre-approved offers when I login, but am not interested.
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