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  4. 759 +10. One pt shy of my goal for this FICO score.
  5. I went for the Amex Blue Cash Preferred. I was going to go for Chase and was thinking of their 5/24 rule. I opened 4 CC's in the last 14 months but thinking,I really don't need anymore cards. Amex is cool for now and I just want to increase my existing limits.
  6. This guy resembles and reminds me of The Cuban Who Couldn't Cook (an ex).
  7. Congrats! Many of us know how something that means little to some can mean so much. It's not just the fact that AmEx approved you but that it validates your hard work and diligence. Enjoy
  8. I'm in a well paying career that has little to do with my degree (I'm in I.T. and my degree is not). A co-worker/friend of mine who I met at the same California State University has the same B.A. degree as me, but went on to also get an M.A. in the same field. It's a long story, but we have similar positions at the same employer. As far as college debt, none, as the California State University system at that time was quite cheap for in-state residents. I have no huge debt by going to Columbia University. A degree has never been a guaranteed ticket to a high-paying career. It's what you do
  9. I can't get enough of that Partridge Family.
  10. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
  11. Yeah he said AmEx; my question was which AmEx. They offer a lot of different cards.
  12. Looks like he got the Amex. The other reason I suggested Chase is because they look at the number of inquiries in a given time. Didn't know if he had other inquiries that would hinder him.
  13. 1) What date were you reported to Chexsystems for the second check? 2) Have you requested a copy of that report? Also, there are numerous banking options if your Chex report is negative. Reply with your city and state for possible options in your area?
  14. I do not have any Barclays credit cards, when my AARP transfers (oh I hope it keeps its age) that will be my first.
  15. I got the same one then got one from Commenity that my account would be close to to lack of activity.
  16. In my experience, Barclays is more generous with CLI's initially. However, in aggregate Barclays tends to have a lower HHI % threshold for total credit limits extended. IMO, moving a sizable credit limit from Chase to Barclays is a good strategy to increase overall Barclays credit exposure when you're otherwise maxed out there. And it's likely that Chase will be willing to make up for the reduced exposure with them via a CLI on another product. I don't think it's at all advantageous to move a sizable CL to Barclays if you haven't hit your maximum exposure with them.
  17. Congrats...what recent action(s) did you take for the big jump.. Sent from my SM-G991U using Tapatalk
  18. Sorry, I read your intention backwards. I still think that more people will have an easier time getting a decent consumer-initiated CLI from Barclays than from Chase.
  19. Two NASA-related pieces...one with a PIN and the other with BT checks. Still no card though. The BT is a gag-inducing 8.9% but with no fee. Good for life of transfer...obviously they expect the checks to be used by those who are NOT rocket scientists or otherwise good at the maths...
  20. I consider the AARP card the donor card, my hope was that by changing its limit back to $10K+ before it leaves Chase, then Barclays would see a decent limit, rather than toy limit, and be more likely to grant CLIs in the future. Conversely, I could argue with Chase that I used to have $12,000 total limit and they gave $10K of it to Barclays therefore they should give me a CLI to bring my remaining card back to the previous combined limits 🙂 Yea, this exercise is more academic than anything else. But I went from a great place creditwise to a terrible place creditwise and now I'
  21. Consumers did great job paying down credit card debt during pandemic. That may be ending.
  22. Chase is going to require you to leave $500 - $1,000 on the donor card, so in your case it probably won't make a lot of difference. I am enjoying your question from a purely academic point of view, however. My personal experiences with Barclays aside, I think more people will have more upward potential from consumer-initiated CLI requests with Barclays than with Chase.
  23. 803 (+4) I almost never break 800 on this model...
  24. My Chase AARP card is a beautifully aged sockdrawer card with a $1,200 limit. I have another Chase card with a $10,400 limit. Any ideas about, or advantages/disadvantages to, transferring a chunk of my big Chase's limit to Barclays before the big change? I've read that Barclays is one of the more difficult banks to get CLIs from. Any chance Chase will automatically adjust my remaining card's CL once AARP leaves?
  25. Last week
  26. I'd actually go first for whichever card the OP thinks is the longest reach; that way you're apping with fewer inq's showing. That's why I applied for (elusive) Barclay's Aviator last month before applying for less-Olympian FNBO. Got approved for both.
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