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  3. Amex Platinum SUB: 100k MR for $5k spend in six months AND 10 MR per $ spent on groceries and gas on up to $15k spend in the first six months. I couldn’t resist 250K MR for $15k spend.
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  5. I busk at the corner of Lurker Avenue and Infrequent Poster Boulevard.
  6. Fact: Quote from article " “It gets so cold at night, so all I could think about is, ‘Am I going to get charged now with animal cruelty because my dog is going to be outside somewhere?’” It's not a generous assumption that the average single parent, fast food worker facing eviction who couldn't find the right court house on the first try is going to have much insight on animal cruelty law. That's not a knock on intelligence or class, it's taking people where you find them and we find this woman in quite the pickle.
  7. We were thinking that we would have no issue getting a loan to improve the home since home values (generally speaking) have been rising throughout the country. So for the appraised value to only be 3,000 more than it was 3 years ago AND being 10,000 less than assessed makes absolutely no sense. At the very least, we expected it to be more than our assessed just because home values have increased. We figured that if the bank isn't going to give us consideration for the home, that we may as well reduce our tax base and provide them with the appraisal that we received.
  8. Much varies by jurisdiction, but there are SOME places where a higher assessment for loan reasons CAN result in the corresponding increase to taxable value, after which you are screwed on the protest since you agreed to the valuation in consideration on the loan. There are ALSO some places where current market valuation is LESS than the taxable appraised valuation, which then gives rise to the basis upon which a protest is made. Some areas simply see the market marching in lockstep with taxable valuations...remember also that some taxable valuations are lower than market because of exemptions, but because the County believed it to be magically worth less than the home could be sold for in current market conditions...
  9. trying goodwill letter(s) with PNC is worth a shot. I understand not wanting charges against a relative but he needs to know how serious the situation is (hopefully to learn a lesson and not try to commit fraud against a relative (or anyone else for that matter)). You might just need to find the right contact at the bank's exec. office. good luck. FWIW, if one of my split personalities used on of my cards without permission I'd file a police report on myself.
  10. You need to read your emails. The bank sent you an electronic statement because there was activity in your account. Most banks don't send a statement if there is no activity.
  11. Just venting a little, but I wish discussions such as this could be placed into a "Train Wreck" folder. Look, I understand thinking that an account doesn't need active review because you're not using it. Unfortunately, that's the type of problem that gives rise to situations such this. If you engage in that thinking, you should expect to live with any consequence. So, yeah, I open every banking letter and email. It takes 3 seconds to open, scan, and recycle any letter of no significance. What I read into the OP's discussion is that he paid the charges, essentially accepting them as legitimate and his responsibility. From this point, there's only one appropriate action: seek a goodwill clear of the reported delinquency (citing the circumstances involved, and admitting a failure to review the monthly statement because of an assumption that there was no activity on the account). The CRA is merely reporting what the bank reported to them, which is accurate based upon the established account activity. A dispute won't accomplish anything. edit: Ynocaus ... in your most recent post, are you suggesting that the bank removed the charge as "fraudulent" instead of being paid by you? That casts a different complexion on this problem: If PNC has accepted that the charge is fraudulent and removed the charge, then they can't report you delinquent for a charge that's not yours. However, there's a huge caveat here: If, instead, they've removed the charge because it's been disputed by you, and the charge is subsequently reinstated as having been made by your nephew and you've agreed to pay it, then I see room for the original delinquency status to remain in place. In that case, a request for a good will clear is your best bet for removal.
  12. PNC bank. Im not sure, Ill have to look it up. LOL I hope they wouldnt want to over a late fee! Ill check their website because I dont have any literature at my residence.
  13. Right, that purchase doesn't have anything to do with the 30 day late tradeline, but the 30 day late tradeline is reporting the dollar value which from the purchase made last week, not the purchase my nephew made 30 days ago, if that makes sense. The charge was used with the chip, I remember the bank lady telling me this, so he used in the store physically. Here is what I found: Statement date 9/30/20 - purchase made Statement date 10/31/20 - past due Statement date 11/30/20 - payment removed Actual dates: 9/10/20 - purchase made 11/1/20 - late fee added 11/2/20 - late fee removed 11/2/20 - purchase removed
  14. the cost is a lot higher than a few dollars... do you want to live with 7 years of a late payment for his criminal behavior?
  15. No, he is not an AU. Probably a stupid question, but if I file a police report, would my nephew get in trouble? I don't want to press charges or anything, it was a small amount of money. I just don't know if this could be done without getting an investigation and all of that stuff on him
  16. local rules vary a lot but in most there is a timeframe during which you can appeal the assessed value but generally the appeal is based on how other, comparable, properties in your area are assessed and has nothing to do with the appraised market value (but of course check into your particular rules). On what basis do you think your assessed value should be lower? from your original post it was unclear to me whether your main goal is to get a loan to improve the home and thus potentially increase its market value or take steps to lower your assessed value. it will be difficult to accomplish both simultaneously.
  17. This is one of many signs of dementia/Alzheimer's. I don't think my father was ever diagnosed, but he sure was losing it from about five or six years before his death. He did some odd things with his finances in that time. One was he hid his 1099's he got in the mail for his savings accounts before having his tax person do his taxes. This was when savings CDs paid decent interest. If he hid them, he felt the income didn't count. After his death my mother got notices from the IRS for unreported income. She paid the amount due plus a late penalty. Fortunately this didn't result in an audit.
  18. I've only known market values to be higher than municpal assessed values. When we bought the home, our assessed value was 21k less than the appraised value.
  19. are you conflating a market appraisal with the assessed value for tax purposes? how do you expect to have the home valued more on the market yet lower the assessed valued for taxes?
  20. My wife and I were looking to apply for a home equity loan. The appraisal came back and the value is only 3K more than what it appraised at 3 years ago. To give you some numbers: When we purchased our home 2017, the appraised value was 3,100 above what we bought for Now in 2020, the appraised value is only 3,000 more than it was in 2017. We are considering using the appraisal to lower our tax base with the city since we don't intend on selling...but our preferred goal is to get a better market value. The report also mentions that none of the comparables sold in the last 12 months. Since the market rates are leading people to keep their homes, how can those who are interested in refinancing receive reasonable market value prices if they are only incorporating well aged sales and not seemingly considering current demand?
  21. Calendar entries and reminders are what saves my behind. If the day comes where I forget to enter the data to be reminded I'll be toast.
  22. The useful part is that now we know the timeframe. Depending on education level, people have between 2.5 and 7 years between credit lapses and dementia diagnosis. That gives people time to investigate their health well in advance, and if necessary, put their finances in order.
  23. I had to look up NC's medical leave protections. I was skeptical of the part in the story where she lost her job due to a serious car accident. Apparently the state law has teeth only after being employed for a certain amount of time.
  24. A collection will remain on your credit report not more than 7 years and a couple months. Let's just say 7 years. Judgments are ten years I believe.
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