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  2. In March I asked Discover to give me an extra month. They did no adverse actions at that time. 1st cli in forever, from them last month. No remarks etc. On CR. Ymmv
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  4. Congratulations! we are very happy for you!
  5. The UnRefundables: Shoppers left out of pocket post-pandemic spotted dick warning
  6. Using a third party that isn't the dealer to check financing options is unnecessary, and I can only imagine that the way these "brokers" are compensated is in conflict with your goal of getting the best rate/terms. Generally speaking, it just takes some stabbing around the internet to check rates. Go in with an approval for the best rate you can find, and let the dealer try to find something better while you are in the finance office declining all of the ridiculous add-ons they'll try to sell you for your "peace of mind." Where are your FICO scores currently?
  7. Especially for the sheep that are going to be to stupid to realize that, if they carry a balance, they will pay 3% more in APR in order to get the crappy rewards.
  8. Right away NEVER means 'this instant.' It didn't mean it when you registered in 2013 and it definitely does not mean it in the 'rona era. It just doesn't. What would have been immediately updated was any internal block that would have interfered with obtaining service with Sprint. You got impatient and jumped the gun instead of allowing a process to potentially work its way through. Phone drones are notoriously unreliable, just as much today as seven years ago. And then, you compounded the problem with what still appears to have been an online dispute. You have made your task infinitely more difficult. Before you do ANYTHING else, I would HIGHLY recommend you spend a lot of time reading and then go back and read again...you HAVE to understand what you are doing and WHY you are doing it. You didn't screw your credit up overnight and it is not reasonable to expect it to be fixed overnight.
  9. centex said: ' grats Now you have about six weeks before the Alumni Association begins to assault your phone seeking donations (and they keep going more than 50 years later...it took them four years after Dad passed before they FINALLY removed him from the lists, but Mom still gets calls- they both graduated from the main campus). ---------- My alumni association hasn't called me recently. That might have to do with COVID-19, although student workers can do this job calling from home. I've done a lot of web programming for my employer, which is the main part of my job. My BA degree isn't even considered I.T., but I was noticed to have a knack for this stuff and ended up doing it. For this, I'm mostly self-taught myself, while taking some community college classes and various other training. I started futzing with ColdFusion. As that faded away I futzed with C#/ASP.NET. I have to admit I'm not the best person at this stuff (I'm not Google or Facebook material) but I get by. My feeling is, if I was going to pick between two people for an I.T. position, and the first one thinks he knows everything (he very may), but has a sort of an attitude, and the second person, who doesn't know it all but is easy to get along with, I'll pick the second person.
  10. On the first, yes...both can report. There are conditions on the data that can be reported, but it is absolutely permissible for two entities to report (the original creditor and the current holder of the paper). As to the second, it would appear you are relying upon online reports, not paper reports. However, in either event, there is NOTHING that requires an entity to report each and every month, only that when they DO report, it is accurate. A payment history need not be reported each month and if there is no statement, sometimes there will be no update. Further, there are some fields that were basically a new thing within the past few years. Some entities did not waste the time to re-configure their data to report useless information in a retroactive manner.
  11. I would send a letter informing them that I was going to exercise the arbitration clause in the Sprint contract to resolve this with their agent ERC as a co-respondent. Let's see if they want to shell out 6K in startup fees over a tradeline.
  12. I also suggest applying in person, although applying online without a social security number may be next to impossible. You mentioned your friend was incarcerated for a long time. I'm interpreting that for over a year. One bank to avoid is Chase. There are posts in the main credit forum of customers getting all their accounts closed with no warning when they found out they had a felony.
  13. How much do you report as annual revenues to get such high limits?
  14. I was going to do MR to Aeroplan for Lufthansa J to Europe. And a Delta One suite on the way back booked through VS.
  15. So far my accounts are still open, debit card was ordered and checks were ordered. They did pull Transunion credit report at account opening
  16. well I stupidly believed the lady when she said it would be removed "right away" and then when I paid, she said it was "already removed" 😕 Also, I read several people saying they disputed it with the CRA's right after paying and got it removed within hours or days. According to the CSR at Sprint I spoke with today, they don't remove them anyway, they just have ERC mark it paid and closed. I am hearing so many conflicting things. No clue what to do now.
  17. I went a couple years ago on Chase UR points transferred to United to book Lufthansa business class.
  18. I think it's been long enough to admit... another Friday special!
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  20. Discover is quirky, which is why most people who have other options don't bother with them. I would not lose any sleep over closing the account.
  21. I closed the account today. The verbiage below appeared today.
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