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  2. Glacier

    Any Cap One 18 mo./ 0% apr / 2% fee offers?

    Just checked, mine is 18/0/3.
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  4. deanmartini

    VIDEO: TBI employee encounters credit card scammer

    She missed out on 0% financing! 😲
  5. One nice feature for the consumers they are targeting is family member AUs with adjustable CLs as well as the ability to enable/disable cards. There is a real need to help families educate their kids about responsible credit use and this might help. This is offered by a few others but really needs to be expanded. Otherwise the product looks pretty bad offering APRs (without being a rewards card) of "As Low as 29.99%"
  6. srloring13

    I Don't Know Where To Start...

    Do you have a current budget? If not, please prepare one and post how much you have available towards the reduction of debt and your emergency fund after taking into account all of your current expenses and minimum payments. Also list how much you currently have available towards a lump sum debt reduction. It would be helpful to know how much funds are available to reduce debt. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Blacknight

    Question about buying new home

    Yes only he CA is reporting. He debt is about 7 months old.
  8. Time spent hosing these crooks like this means less time for them to rip someone off. Love it!
  9. No rewards pffffffffffttttt
  10. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-07-scent-coffee-boost-math.html?utm_source=tabs&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=story-tabs
  11. key

    I Don't Know Where To Start...

    Ok here it goes .. Ally Financial 10.69% $36,149 current , late 2xs 30 days monthly payment $699 for 75 months World Omni Fin 2.63% $28,751 current, monthly payment $632 for 72 months World Omni Fin 14.63% 15,385 current, monthly payment $361 for 75 months (sons car) SC Telco CU 8.63% $10,999 current, late 2xs 30 days monthly payment $308 for 54 months (sons car) Conn's Credit 24% $7,573 current, no lates hit yet but no payments since accident, $261 for 38 months One Main 29.99% $3,764 current, monthly payment $172 for 36 months One Main 29.99% $18,444 current, monthly payment $711 for 42 months One Main 29.99% $16,454 current, monthly payment $535 for 36 months Jared's Galleria 26.99 % $5,146 unpaid 2 months, monthly payment $461 NFCU nRewards 17.49% 2013.25 current over balance $13.25 NFCU Plat 17.49% $4,612 current limit $4700 Regional Finance 25.64 % unpaid 2 months, monthly payment $284 Vivacity Finance 19% unpaid 30 days, monthly payment $200 Cap One 26.49% Variable current, $990.85 limit $1000 Cap One 26.49% Variable current $521 Credit One 21.40% past due $718.45 over limit $18.45 Credit One 21.40% past due $563.87 over limit $63.87 Credit One21.40% current $489.00 limit $500.00 Victoria Secret past due 30 days , 1129.37 balance, cl $1050 Thats pretty much the line up. There are a few other credit cards but they're in good standing and only have a 300 cl . So i'm not worried about them...yet .. I am ordering credit reports today for me and the hubby.
  12. cashnocredit

    Words, Phrases and Other Stuff that Annoys Me

    Canoodling and crikey. Maybe I just don't like "C" words.
  13. cashnocredit

    On my way - got a bunch of crap deleted

    Have some perspective. This post, especially the part I highlighted, is what produced backlash. Neither this board, nor the vast majority of posters advocate skipping out on your debts. We do advocate that creditors show debts are legit, and especially use all the legal tools at our disposal against junk debt buyers that buy debt for pennies on the dollar and very frequently use illegal means trying to collect. I learned a lot on this board and, as a result, paid some debts I didn't even know* about and also quickly improved my credit and scores to the point I no longer need more credit. Now or in the future. I have sufficient redundancy and CLs for even occasional splurges. But then I'm retired, and will never buy another large ticket item using a loan. Most others have greater potential needs and some find it fun to shoot for max FICO scores. It's a cool game for those that are into it. *Before this board, I had never seen my credit reports nor had any idea what was even in them and had made all sorts of wrong assumptions like they knew about savings accounts and such. Knowledge is the first step in getting back on the bus.
  14. Until I opened the story I was thinking that these two might be behind this.
  15. https://www.rd.com/advice/saving-money/8-bad-credit-card-offers/ - It doesn't even mention FP or Crudit1
  16. breeze

    On my way - got a bunch of crap deleted

    Yep, it's the internet all right. That's why we have controls built in to make your visits more pleasant. Ignore people who rub you the wrong way, follow people who help you, and take a lot of things with a grain of salt. BTW, you can give likes. The little heart in the bottom corner.
  17. rumaki

    On my way - got a bunch of crap deleted

    While not as bad as a few other places I won't name there is a fair amount of preening and a "hive-mind" mentality at times here. Newbies can get almost ridiculed for not doing things or living a certain way or striving for ever increasing total credit limits. It can and does increase the circle jerk around here. That being said, it's a good place with good people and info; it just needs to realize that some people don't care about getting $1M dollars in limits or maintaining an 850 score.
  18. No one can write anymore. The answer is simple: stores want more money in its pockets.
  19. Is this supposed to be news or an unknown secret?
  20. https://www.rd.com/advice/saving-money/why-many-retailers-dont-accept-american-express/
  21. nyquil556

    Should I have my wife skip getting a secured card?

    I completely agree with you. However, for ease of use and keeping it simple I recommend selflender.com Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  22. ubercat

    Ax credit limit decrease

    Income verification at 10k seems super-odd to me.
  23. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/07/136657-elevate-unveils-prime-credit-card-for-non-prime-consumers/
  24. Kat58

    New game for GF

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