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  3. It might be a YMMV situation. I know for a fact that you can dispute with AmEx online and they will not hold you liable for the disputed amount until after they have finished their investigation. The amount still shows in your balance, but they have this rather annoying pop-up banner that reminds you of the amount in dispute and not to pay it.
  4. Who's making Jeanne Bice's Christmas Salad this year?
  5. I'm going to begin at 62, and I'm going to treat the monthly income as a car allowance.
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  7. How much extra have you paid toward your principal since you started this thread? Since you last posted I finished off our little project:
  8. APPROVING BANK: American Honda Financial BUREAU PULLED: Experian CREDIT SCORE: 806 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: Hard CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: Michigan NEW/USED: Used YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2014 MAKE: Honda MODEL: Odyssey MILEAGE: 54,165 FINANCE/LEASE: Finance PURCHASE PRICE: $23,053 (with tax, fees, gap coverage, etc.) AMOUNT OF LOAN: $23,053 TERM CONTRACTED: 72 APR/LEASE RATE: 3.99% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $356 ANNUAL INCOME: $70,000 DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: ~38% at least it is a Honda so it may last 6 years of the loan but WTH? 23k and you think you need 72 months to "afford" a 6-7 year old used car?
  9. CB is a short abbreviation for CreditBoards. If you are on a pc when you see acronyms we use you can simply position your mouse over the acronym in questions and the explanation for that acronym or abbreviation will appear for you.
  10. So disputing online (typed) is sufficient?
  11. debit cards are dangerous. we put 99.5% of our spending on credit cards for better protection.
  12. Private mortgage insurance protects the issuer in the event that you fail to make payments. There's no personal value to you; absolutely request the removal. A borrower is eligible to request private mortgage insurance (PMI) removal from their loan once the balance drops to 80% of the original appraised value. (increase in value since loan origination is ignored) Your lender is actually requirement to discontinue the insurance once the balance drops to 78% of the original appraisal. You'll see a decrease in your monthly payment when PMI premiums are discontinued.
  13. I got my equifax paper report back. I am going to delete all old addresses. I have a couple questions: 1. There are some other names that are not me on this report. Can I remove them in the same letter as deleting old addresses or should the address deletions and wrong names be sent separately? 2. When I send The letters to my closed accounts to update my new address should I write a letter and send to the address that equifax is reporting is theirs? Or will a phone call work?
  14. No we haven’t....but we use our debit cards for everything...so it’s traceable.
  15. We bought the car cash. And yes we could sell and buy somewhere less pricey. we lived in an apartment before we married. I would not want to live like again tho...
  16. I received a letter today saying I could request dropping my Mortgage Insurance policy. What is this? I didn’t even know I had it! is it wise to drop it?
  17. Sears used to sell cars: https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a23786730/sears-failed-selling-cars-twice/
  18. Hahaha my CK scores dropped 116 points.
  19. Interesting. Thank for that comment Hege. Well some files are different. Oldest account is 28yrs and AAOA is 4yrs.
  20. Just to repeat CashNoCredit; disputes must be in writing. (Fair Credit Billing Act) https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0219-disputing-credit-card-charges
  21. I'm a fan of filing asap. WAiting until 70 might mean you enjoy better cat food by forgoing travel, steak, and new dentures when you;'re 62.
  22. Just my take: You apply the day before Thanksgiving. They get back to you with a document request the following Wednesday pm, and as of yesterday (Saturday) you're impatient for a response. From your posts here, you're not "really happy" even when it's not a particularly "time sensitive" matter. In fact, my perception is that it's driving you just a little "batty". Take a chill pill. Do you really think they had a full staff the weekend post TG? It wouldn't surprise me in the least that your Wednesday afternoon app was set aside for the most pressing business until Monday (making a Wednesday response very reasonable). If you responded the same pm with the requested docs, yeah ... it would have been nice if they had gotten back to you Friday. But under no circumstance would I be in the least concerned until Monday had come and passed. Bottom line (for me): If you're going to do a loan app of any type on a holiday week, get it in first thing Monday (and then still be prepared for a delay in getting a response).
  23. He may have reset the SOL for collection, but if the accounts were already charged off, it was not reset for credit reporting.
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