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  2. They must have the same suppliers as the Diners Club folks.
  3. Types of Checks: Cashier's check: This is a check guaranteed by the bank that issues it, not the account holder. Banks issue cashier's checks in exchange for cash or a withdrawal from the account holder's account. Certified check: This is a personal check that the bank has verified sufficient funds exist to cover the amount. The bank stamps the check "certified" and deducts the amount from the account holder's balance. Teller's check: This is similar to a cashier's check but is issued by a bank teller for a smaller amount. Official check: This term can be ambiguous without context. It could be a check issued by a government agency, a business, or even an organization like a university. Without further details, it's difficult to determine what type of check it is. Bank check: This term is also unclear without additional information. It could refer to a check drawn on the bank itself, a cashier's check, or another type of check issued by the bank. Association check: Similar to "official check," this term needs further context to understand its meaning. It could be a check issued by a professional association, a trade union, or other type of membership organization.
  4. Understanding the Different Terms Drawn On vs. Payable At: Drawn on: This refers to the bank where the account holder has their funds. The check instructs this bank to deduct the amount from the account holder's balance and transfer it to the recipient. Payable at: This refers to the bank where the check can be presented for payment. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same bank the account is drawn on. Some banks allow checks drawn on other banks to be cashed at their branches, but they may charge a fee for this service.
  5. Cleaning house, I found an account agreement from Coast Federal Bank from around 1996. I had a checking account there, see, and I would've happily been one of those real-life customers in the TV commercials rhapsodizing about what a swell place it was to do your banking at. It got eaten by Home Savings, then Washington Mutual, so now Chase etc... but anyway I was digging the account agreement (to be charmed by the historic "fees") and found this: The following checks will be available on the first business day after the day of your deposit: If your deposit is made in person to an employee of Coast Federal Bank; Checks made payable to you which are checks drawn on or payable at Coast Federal Bank; checks drawn on a Federal Reserve Bank or Federal Home Loan Bank; U.S. Postal Money Orders; California state and local government checks; cashier's, certified, teller's, association, official or bank checks; U.S. Treasury checks. Questions: 1) How could there be a difference between "drawn on" Coast Federal Bank and "payable at" Coast Federal Bank? How could a check be "payable at Coast Federal Bank" if it wasn't drawn on them? 2) Who the heck draws checks on a Federal Reserve Bank? I thought the FRB's roles were kinda to provide banking services for the banks; not for folks 3) OK, I know what cashier's checks, certified checks, and teller's checks are; not sure what kind of power the word "official" has without more specifics (I believe there are children in possession of "official" Jack Armstrong Decoder Rings, for instance), also not sure how the phrase "bank check" gets anything done, and am completely at sea with regard to what an "association check" could possibly be. (Yes I know this is all from 1996 and therefore the terms might have no relevance today; but that's exactly why I'm asking. I'm charmed by the history of it. (In fact I opened my account at their branch in an historic yes HISTORIC building on Montgomery Street in San Francisco; even thought the one at Jackson and Polk was closer.*)) *You heard me,
  6. Any general advice on how to do a recon? Part of my "strategy" for winning a recon from PNC was to call them on Friday, figuring people would just be in better spirits because Friday except work was insanely busy for me on Friday so I didn't even get a chance to call them. The advice I've read says, unsurprisingly, to not be combative (duh) and be ready with reasons why you think approval is actually warranted. In my case, PNC rejected me for one reason only: "Number of revolving accounts." Not delinquencies (1 30-day late from five years ago), not utilization (I've been denied decades ago because "excessive [or 'sufficient'] utilization of revolving credit"), not excessive inquiries, not number of accounts opened in the past 24 months; just "Number of accounts." I feel like I can address specific concerns they might have about the most recent accounts by pointing out that I've never owed $200 on my Verizon Visa, having opened it solely because having that card lowers my phone bill every month. Meaning to me it's not a plastic pass to go nuts at Best Buy; it proves me instead as someone who does all he can to optimize his cash flow. (Same is true of the BMO card, also showing a zero-to-low balance, because I use it to get 5% back on streaming, 3% on gasoline. Cash back; not "spending power.") I furthermore wonder if I could dress up those explanations by segue-ing from "This shows I optimize my finances" into "I was looking forward to PNC being a part of that!! {4% back on gasoline means they defeat BMO, 3% at restaurants vies with Sapphire Preferrred. (I am tugging at PNC's heartstrings, see.))
  7. Unfortunately, there were only a few ordinary regular people around, and those old-timers just lurked and barely reacted at all. Most are gone never to come back! A few days ago, TampaDude stopped by here briefly after being missing for a long time and then left again. First, CV was the most productive poster left and now even Hegemony is having a hard time sticking around.
  8. Goldman Sachs is a great lender to keep with you. I've had the Apple Card since the product launched. A full year ago I added the GM Card as my second credit card with Goldman, totaling $29,000. The Apple Card is primarily used to pay monthly bills, while the GM Card is used occasionally, for small purchases every few months. So far, credit lines have not declined or been reduced, but utilization has barely improved above 1%. I doubt the Apple Card portfolio would be as accommodating if it were managed by someone other than Goldman Sachs, aside from significantly lowering the credit limit, and I hope a generous bank like Bank of America, or a similar magnate takes over the Apple Card portfolio rather than the obtuse Synchrony. Bank of America is the second oldest banking financial institution that I do business within my memory after my Wells Fargo mortgage payment. I trust Bank of America more than any other financial company I do business with. Bank of America offers you generous promotional offers as long as you have a good payment history. Like the deal here, consider a direct deposit of $50,000 or more for 12 months if needed. There is a 3% transfer fee, but I don’t need to use it yet.
  9. I doubt Golden Sachs will just forget about the billions they're owed, bad debts or not. Chase was just a tiny issuer in Canada. The five big banks there (TD. RBC, CIBC, BMO, Scotiabank) hog most all the market.
  10. Yesterday
  11. I wonder how their due diligence goes with checking GS card member database with their own to see what % would end up as a closed account due to internal blacklists and how they will handle joint accounts. I don't see Apple guaranteeing the accounts so I am guessing many cards might be closed or CLD to a manageable level. I started out with 7500 then after a year it went 15k then to 20 then on the 3 year they did 40k and every time after that is a you don't spend your current line.
  12. I was just remembering when Chase of all people forgave every card they issued in Canada when they exited the market. https://thepointsguy.com/news/chase-eliminates-debt-canadian-credit-cards/
  13. Holiday shoppers warned of disturbing gift card scam likely padding Chinese bank accounts
  14. I don't think that will work with a brokerage account. 🤔 I could easily login and do an ACH transfer, but I still want a new debit card but have to wait. 😞
  15. Have a little fun with them. File a CFPB complaint, stating that you can't easily access your money. I'm sure the CFPB would love to hear their excuse of supply chain issues.
  16. I had a student loan that I assumed was discharged way back in 1991 ina BK filing (student loans stopped being automatically dischargeable in 1998), the program never challened the discharge, and I heard nothing more from this until the following started to appear on my Experian CR (not the other two). It says that the loan was opened in 1987, which is a good 7 years AFTER I actually originated mine, that the status is "open" with an original balance of around 16K, now with interest it has ballooned to over 240K. My question is, why is this appearing now, when I have had zero communication from any student loan servicing center in over 30 years. Could this be mistakenly reported, and if so should I try to clear it, or just lay low. I have not received any bills or statement requesting any kind of monthly payment. The CR also states that 0% has been paid off, and that there is a "zero" monthly payment.
  17. Last week
  18. I may regret writing this, but my reaction is, "paltry settlement for (largely) paltry minds that permit themselves to be led by the nose ring by CK, as if CK had established itself (by any means) as some type of lending authority. It's clear that CK was little more than a lending shill, from the "get go""
  19. I noticed my Interactive Brokers debit card expired last month but I didn't get a renewal. I called and they said that because of "supply chain" issues they can't issue new debit cards. They said check back in 30 to 60 days to see if their supply chain has been solved. I heard a lot about the supply chain during the pandemic, but not anything recently until now. Target and Walmart has crap piled sky high in their stores. Not much of a supply chain problem there. I'm unsure what is unique about their card so to not being able to resupply. No biggie. I'll call back next month to check again. It's another debit card I applied for because it looks good. The IBKR Lite account has no fees. I've been using it once in a while to keep it active, but not for anything else. https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/accounts/debit-mastercard.php
  20. New to this forum. I am trying to reach member status so I can start repairing my credit.
  21. Credit Cards: Amex Gold & BB+ MR 509,915 Amex Delta SkyMiles 209,820 Citi MileUp World Elite MC American Airlines 73,228 FNBO Amtrak Guest Rewards World MC 153,149 Chase CSP / CFU / CFF World Elite MC Signature Visa UR 156,836 Chase IHG Premier World Elite MC 67,866 Chase Hyatt Visa Signature 56,152 BofA Customized Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $6.20 Citi Premier / Double Cash World Elite MC TYP 62,302 Choice Privileges World Elite MC 307,484 WF Active Cash Signature Visa (2% CB) $89.94 BILT Rewards MC 16,147 Shopping Portals & Apps / Stacking Opportunities: DOSH (CB) $19.17 Rakuten Amex MR Earning. Pays out quarterly. Points Pending: 1513 Fetch Rewards (GC) 19,303 Points Upside (CB or GC) $6.12 CoinOut (CB) 11,980 Points Receipt Hog (CB or GC) 36 Coins Receipt Jar (GC) 604 Points Receipt Pal (GC) 5450 Points Shell Fuel Rewards (Earning AA Miles 2miles/gal.) Starbucks / Delta SkyMiles (Earn 1 SkyMile for every $1 spent at Starbucks) United Airlines 115 Miles Airline / Hotel Dining and Shopping Portals
  22. The author JA Jackson sure feels like a ChatGPT clickbait robot. Try readin “Deode Your Destiny: An Ex-FBI Agent Reveals the Hidden Power Play in Every Room.”
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