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  2. Soreness in the arm is virtually gone. Mouth is dry, otherwise not so much as an annoyance -- beyond having no room ready to check into because I arrived so early. Random side note: Somehow I'm still Hilton Diamond from having that $450 AF card a couple of years ago. This isn't just a Covid-related status extension; somehow Diamond didn't fall off my profile when I canceled the card long before that.
  3. The pain has gone away. However, all jokes aside, mentally, I feel like I'm in a fog at times now.
  4. 3 20lb bags of cat litter. Thanks to Walmart+ Some sap had to lug those bags up to the doorstep of my 2nd floor domicile.
  5. Thanks so much HD for digging this up. Come to think of it, when I had upgraded almost two years ago from Everyday Card to Everyday Preferred I vaguely recall being told basically the same thing by Amex.
  6. DH had his second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Waited 1-1/2 hours after arriving on time for his appointment. Vaccination site is at a high school that just opened back up for in class instruction so it was a cluster. So far DH has experienced just some typical tiredness, slight elevated temperature and sore arm.
  7. Amex Green, Platinum, EveryDay MR 279,387 Delta SkyMiles. Amex Delta Gold and Blue 199,954 American Airlines. Citi Platinum Select MC and MileUp MC 64,017 Amtrak. Amtrak Guest Rewards MC 35,825 IHG MC 59,507 BofA Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $46.11 Citi Double Cash MC $64.15 Citi Rewards+ MC ThankYou Points 17,000 Choice Privileges Visa Signature / Points 345,888 US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature $2.45 DOSH $57.50 Rakuten Amex MR Earning. Pays out quarterly. See Amex MR balance above. Fetch Rewards Points 11,752 Regions Cash Rewards
  8. I've had no problems at a local grocery store (national chain) running both store-type gift cards as well as the V/MC/AXP gift cards and paying with American Express. Granted, i was not doing it for the purposes of M$ but it raised no red flags either with the cashier or with the issuer.
  9. Our local grocery store here allows purchasing gift cards with a credit card, at least for non VGCs (haven't tried a VGC). While grocery stores were the bonus category in Q1 I bought grocery GCs with my CSR to capitalize on the 3x points through April. I believe most stores are the same, but don't have the empirical evidence to prove it.
  10. I need to stress that the obligation of a provider to accept reimbursement at an insurer's scheduled rates depends upon their contractural relationship with the insurer. I'll broad brush the possibilities, but ultimately you need to review the literature provided by your insurer to determine what details specifically apply to your coverage ... Under the insurance with the most strict reimbursement guidelines, service is only covered by a patient's insurer when they use see a member of their provider network (typically, we're talking a standard HMO here). Reimbursement is pretty m
  11. Thank you for your response. I just wanted to clarify that in taking this approach...do I need to still do some type of DV disputing the amounts inside the 30 day window as well or do I somehow also reference a DV with the same correspondence to the Provider and the Attorney? They did state that what the insurer was saying was not right (in their opinion) and they didn't have to adhere to the mandated writeoff's the insurance said they did. I talked with the insurance multiple times on different days to make sure this was right. The Provider never said what the outcome of checking
  12. Yes we did. At first we had a discussion with them on the phone with a person who identified as the Office Manager who said she doesn't usually talk to anyone...but would not identify her name. We had an agreement for me to pay the amount that the insurance said we owed...but she also said they were going to check with their attorneys and the insurance as to whether we only have to pay the insurance amount minus what we paid at DOS or what they say we owed. I tried to pay the payment and get it in writing...but no one was available at the office when instructed to come by and by the next day
  13. Banks have no interest in payment plans (you already showed them what you think about making monthly payments) or waiting two years for you to save up money. They will just sue you and garnish 25% of your wages. "A couple of years" would put this within any state SOL.
  14. I had my second Pfizer shot on Wed. morning. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore arm. My arm is still sore today but only if I put pressure on it. All in all not to bad with no other reactions.
  15. I got my second Moderna dose about 21 hours ago. I woke up with a slightly sore arm (just enough discomfort to notice). My lower back is a bit achy, but I can't tell if it's vaccine side effects or just a mildly bad day for my sciatica, which has been a minor annoyance on and off for the past few weeks). I'm sitting on planes this morning, so let's see how I feel when I arrive in Sioux Falls in about four hours. On the agenda: lunch with an old friend today, then tomorrow I'm visiting my grandfather at his nursing home. I haven't seen him sinc
  16. I received an email from Plastiq yesterday announcing that they're accepting Amex for more types of transactions. Make sure you're aware of the fees, but even if you have to pay 2.85% on a portion of your $2,000 spend, it'll be worth it if it means the difference between getting the bonus or not. Well worth it (not even close!). https://support.plastiq.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039949394-Supported-Payments-by-Card-Brand
  17. There is no statute of limitations on grudges. For example, I will never again lend my brother money, due to the past negative experience on his previous accounts. Unfortunately I'm not able to put a negative trade line on his credit reports. Can you just finance the car in your name only?
  18. Thank you. I like hotels.com rewards for fill-in stays in markets where there isn't a Marriott or a Hilton property to use points. My spouse uses them for work stays, so every 10 paid nights we get one night (average nightly value of the paid stays) to use when we spend weekends in weird places. Sounds like you're familiar with the program, so most of that 👆 was for anyone else reading this post who may have an interest.
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