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  2. I’m sure it’s gonna be a double or triple puller. I got the Visa Signature version when Comenity took it over from Barclays. My $23k limit is still intact after the Cap1 takeover. I don’t use it much except for the free shipping perk, regardless of how little or how much I spend. When shopping in-store, I typically use another card that earns me CB or points. So why do you want the Williams Sonoma card?
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  4. A letter from Wells Fargo Bank informing me that the annual fee on my licensed Wells Fargo Propel World American Express is being discontinued effective April 2021.
  5. I wanted this card before it transitioned, but Community does not like me. They always fin some new denial reason (Sagestream frozen, inquires, new accounts, etc). It looks even better after the Cap1 rebrand. I'm not really willing to take 3 His for it right now. Has anyone applied? I am wondering if this is like some of their other store cards that may just pull one HP on TU.
  6. Firstly, I think it's excellent news that your Experian is clean. A LOT of people pull them now, so it will open quite a few doors for you. I would freeze Equifax and TransUnion until they are clean. If you are newer to credit, then there are a few different paths you can take. If you have positive history on Experian, other than your secured Discover card, then you might try the AmEx Prequalifed Offers page and see if they have any offers. They seem to be pretty friendly to people who are newer to credit, but have clean files otherwise. You could also try capital Ones pre-approval checker. Th
  7. +1 to this. I did have an OC reporting an account incorrectly. I had to sue them and Experian to get it fixed (after many, many disputes), and they didn't even want to do it after I sued them. After dealing with quite a few financial institutions, settling my own debt, disputing with all the credit bureaus, and suing quite a few organizations, I can honestly tell you that it will be next to impossible to ever get an OC to willingly delete something from your credit report. Debt buying organizations are another matter. Your best bet is to dispute any inaccurate information via certi
  8. This would be the perfect product for Barclays to issue. They enjoying randomly taking away credit limits, so it seems like a match made in heaven. I think the Aspiration Zero Card is a much better answer to this "concern." https://www.aspiration.com/zero
  9. I think it depends on what you are looking for in a credit card. If you are looking for a low APR credit card, I believe you can't beat a credit union.
  10. Sorry, but from my childcare days I recognize that as a clear precursor to a needed diaper change ...
  11. Man stole $500K of missing brother’s Social Security checks over decades — until facial recognition put authorities on his trail
  12. Totally agree with your sentiment here ("die a little ..."). I'll suggest that if the problem originates with a EXP credit freeze, neither Loan Depot nor Credco are likely to have much sway with Experian. I'll see if I can dig up the earlier thread I noted for some insight.
  13. I die a little inside when I read reports of incidents like this... where the person who has no chance of resolving this is tasked with herding cats anyway. Loan Depot needs to escalate this at Credco. You have no business relationship with Credco... Loan Depot chose them as their credit vendor.
  14. There are few things I worry about less than getting rid of inquiries. For example, I've noticed that the rubber grip on the main control knob on the washing machine I purchased in 2004 is turning into a gum-like substance. But I don't dwell on it.
  15. Well--- signing the letter gave the CA authorization to report and collect as you signed away your HIPAA privacy rights. All you can do is to try to get it off your reports using the HIPAA letter program but without the ability to file a HIPAA complaint against the CA. Send the CRAs the initial dispute letter AFTER opting out and deleting old addresses and let's see what their response is.
  16. You aren't going to get an OC to PFD or to change the reporting to be inaccurate. If the TLs are reporting incorrectly, that opens other possibilities.
  17. Sappy love songs. The Chairman of the Board and his Spawn did this back in the day but I liked the one on Better Call Saul better.
  18. Don't worry, generally they only lose the membership documents 5 or 6 times, before they are eventually processed incorrectly.
  19. UNFCU declined at the gas station... due to some idiot grabbing the expired card and not the newly reissued card.
  20. some good post office options in Beantown.
  21. just driving by to say the rule of 4% is designed to make the record keepers of the funds money. I say die with zero net worth.
  22. if you have open disputes you should ignore FICO scores until the disputes close. Sounds like a second secured card is a good option. Some folks like SDFCU's secured card. Why Navy? its banking products and cards are ho-hum at best.
  23. Bilt Mastercard announces new rewards structure: Simplifies earning on rent payment, adds dining and travel bonuses
  24. Bill Gross Offers Olive Branch in Yearlong Neighbor Feud
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