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  2. Years ago I clicked for a credit increase on my Amex Everyday Card, entered $25K and was immediately approved, About a year later they cut it in half ($12.5K) because I wasn't utilizing it. No biggie. I'm not sure how the pay over time limit on their Gold/Green/Platinum cards corresponds to the absolute maximum you can charge on those cards. They say there's no pre-set spending limit, but don't expect them to approve the purchase of a brand new Lamborghini, if your only income is from working the drive-up at Taco Bell. That isn't going to happen. 😕
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  4. I apologize, but I cannot help with this question. I am totally unfamiliar with NFCU other than what our search engine might reveal.
  5. With American Express, if the option appears, you can request a credit line increase after the card is opened for 90 days, so on day 91, and then every 90 days. It has been recommended you ask for three times your limit each request. If Amex is not willing to go to this amount, they will counter will what they are willing to extend. My BCP started at $4,000 and is now at $21,500.
  6. Is it true that navy federal doesn’t have an option to pay for the principal of loan as an option? They said once you get an auto loan through navy federal that it won’t let you just pay the principal when you put extra money towards it but that the extra payment will go towards the interest,
  7. A nice Toyota Camry and a lot of cash left in savings. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I would reply, but I just got off a 30 day ban over there.
  9. https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/more-people-are-delaying-paying-up-front My issue with the article is there is no specific reference to a fly by night financial institution offering BNPL for grocery. I’m not aware of any grocery stores in my area offering BNPL, outside of Harris Teeter and Kroger offering a traditional credit card. I used my Amex Gold at the grocery store yesterday, then an hour later logged into my bank and pushed a PIF payment to cover it. However my idea of BNPL later is probably not the same as the BNPL the article is talking about.
  10. I mean, if the genius financed $45k of a car that cost about $125k I assume they had an $80k down payment. How much of a car could you get for $80k out the door?
  11. What Do This Weekend’s Bank Failures Mean for Credit Unions?
  12. Some of the pros and cons: Pros: Can help build credit score. No responsibility for payments. Potential access to rewards. Cons: Risk of misuse. Limited credit-building potential. Limited control over the account.
  13. Read the JAMS rules; all of my cases were AAA.
  14. I was wondering the same thing when I just posted my last topic, where is BobWang. I wasn't on from 2012 until last year, and I remember BobWang and how I so desired to have one of those Platinum Amex's like he did. Ah, the good ole days. I used to drive my ex crazy for spending hours and hours pouring over this site posting, and commenting.
  15. Hello Everyone, Just a quick little question. In December I went on Amex's website and did the preapproval process for the Blue Cash Everyday card because of the 3% cash back on gas. I was denied, so I tried for the Green card and was approved and accepted. I've used this card daily since then and have a Pay Over Time Limit of $10,000. Sunday, I decided to try the preapproval process for the Blue Cash Everyday card again, and was approved. I went through the process and was approved and given $1,000 limit. I was talking to both of my best friends who have this card and they both were only given $1,000 limits and one has had this card going on two years and they will give him no love even though he pushes money through it. My credit file isn't thin however my AoA of accounts is lower because I've bought several new cars and refinanced them. My score when Amex pulled it was a 721, and I have one late from September 2019. Besides my Amex Green, I have an open car loan, an open motorcycle loan and a X1 credit card with a $14,500 limit. How is Amex with credit line increases, and how and when should I go for one? I just find it funny that my Pay Over Time Limit is $10,000 and my CL is $1,000. Thoughts? Thanks!
  16. LOL. I just came here to post this. Holy crap that interest rate! I so want to reply with something sarcastic but they’d probably throw me out. In myfako tradition, ConGRaTuLaTIons! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  18. Home Prices Fell in February for First Time in 11 Years (soft paywall)
  19. Amazon layoffs will shut down camera review site DPReview.com after 25 years
  20. The individual may work as a consultant but certainly not in money management. Paying 25k in interest on 45k is not wise but there are some who want the product so bad it doesn’t matter to those individuals.
  21. I don't get why someone with these reported parameters needs 6 years to pay off this loan... and at 15% APR?????? I wonder wtf is going on to produce that 611 score. APPROVING BANK: AMERICA FINANCIAL BUREAU PULLED: EQUIFAX CREDIT SCORE: 611 SOFT PULL/HARD PULL: HARD PULL CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: CA NEW/USED: NEW YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2023 MAKE: BMW MODEL: X5 M50I MILEAGE: 23 FINANCE/LEASE: FINANCE PURCHASE PRICE: $124,929 AMOUNT OF LOAN: $45,049 TERM CONTRACTED: 72 MONS APR/LEASE RATE: 15.04% APR MONTHLY PAYMENT: $964.92 ANNUAL INCOME: $220,000 DEBT TO INCOME RATIO: 10% MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: I work a consultant and make good money,
  22. Credit Cards: Amex Gold & BBP MR 476,917 Amex Delta SkyMiles 205,815 Citi MileUp World Elite MC American Airlines 70,200 FNBO Amtrak Guest Rewards World MC 142,307 Chase CSP / CFU Signature Visa UR 108,156 Chase IHG Premier World Elite MC 66,310 Chase Hyatt Visa Signature 2000 BofA Customized Cash Rewards Visa (3% Travel) $5.97 Citi Double Cash World Elite MC (2% CB / TYP) 21,679 Citi Premier World Elite MC Thank You Points 36,932 Choice Privileges Visa Signature 356,139 WF Active Cash Signature Visa (2% CB) $89.29 Shopping Portals and Apps / Stacking Opportunities: DOSH (CB) $2.34 Rakuten Amex MR Earning. Pays out quarterly. Points Pending: 2243 Fetch Rewards (GC) 35,072 Points Ibotta (CB or GC) $0.25 Upside (CB or GC) $4.99 CoinOut (CB or GC) $18.14 Payce (CB) $7.55 Receipt Hog (CB or GC) 4306 Coins Receipt Jar (GC) 4109 Points Receipt Pal (GC) 9270 Points Shell Fuel Rewards (Earning AA Miles 2miles/gal.) Starbucks / Delta SkyMiles (Earn 1 SkyMile for every $1 spent at Starbucks) AA Simply Miles Airline / Hotel Dining and Shopping Portals
  23. So sorry to hear Tigz, hopefully you will beat it very soon and remain cancer free forever... Stay strong and prayers your way...
  24. Well said old friend. I got here in 2006 and took 2 years to clean up and never looked back since then. Most of all, I have no desire to apply for any cards and have 450K lines and only 6% of it used at any time. Last I applied for a card was pre-covid and only inquiries on my report are for mortgage refi. It's an effort to get here, but I watch my credit reports like a hawk and pay them automatically to avoid any pit falls.
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