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  2. Woohoooo NFCU membership welcome email today. Opened savings account. Will look for balance txr card offer beginning of 2021.
  3. Under a certain amount no PG is required as per the cares act. Personal Vantage score needed is 570 and above. Indeed pay down your cards. The lates are not hurting your score as bad as the up to and above credit limits. It took me 2 months and 1 day to get my EIDL funded. That was the longest 2 months of my life.
  4. Well, part of the loan hasn't been forgiven perse....I paid all of the bills while we were together including the house payment. I supported both of us which is why his parents encouraged ME to keep the house over him. They didn't trust him to get himself straight. But I see what you mean. I can typically be naive when it comes to matters of the heart. But in your experience, is it easier to refinance? or is it just the same kind of thing?
  5. I have been dealing with this for almost a year. Enough is enough!!
  6. Junkie ex is on the deed, part of the "loan" has been forgiven, and I'm guessing that you didn't purchase the home for full market value. This is a potential hornet's nest for tax consequences and you need to get him off the deed.
  7. Yes, my signed doc says it's for 3/1 and 4/1. To pay 5/1 that it's been extended.
  8. Don't know. She has been in business for over 30 years in Tahoe and she simply mentioned she was having a hard time. I didn't pursue more conversation on this topic dreading it may venture off into politics.
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  10. Venturing a guess, the 99% would be for standard nail salon applications (solvent), not for sterilization purposes. The strong demand for 70% alcohol has likely diverted supplies that would otherwise go to production of the "pure" stuff.
  11. Why does she need 99% Isopropyl? The sterilizing property of alcohols is optimal at about 70% and 90% Iso is widely available.
  12. PS, I might add. I am in the car sales business so I know that Credit Karma is worthless....but it is a good gauge as to how my credit is progressing.
  13. I would consult an attorney and a tax advisor before doing anything. In the interim, get your mortgage scores. The Kreddit Karmahaha skores are worthless (and not just worthless for mortgages, I'm talking comprehensively worthless). The Experian score you cited is almost certainly also not a mortgage FICO (where did you get that one?).
  14. Yay, this is my first post here in a long time! I have been a long time member here. My credit situation has drastically changed. I am CreditKarma Equi 635 Trans 648 with an Exp 639 These numbers have gone up over the last couple of years with lots of hard work. My question is.....my ex boyfriends parents bought us a house 2 years ago and we signed mortgage papers to pay them instead of acquiring a conventional mortgage. We are both named on the deed with his mom as ETAL. My ex, unknown to me, was a drug addict. I sent him packing back up to NJ with his parents approval. They are allowing me to keep the house and continue to pay them until I am able to refinance. This is a godsend. Now, I am looking for some direction on what is the best way to proceed. What kind of mortgage should a single female with decent income consider? Is refinancing easier? Thanks in advance to everyone here
  15. I meant to add that I just sent in a copy of the settlement to add to my disputes. I don’t know if that will reopen them or not. Let me know if you have any luck!
  16. 718 +3 from last month. I have always been really low on this compared to my other FICOS. Navy and Penfed are using 9.0 and I'm at 809 on there. Stupid mortgage FICO. Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
  17. I applied for a loan for a 2017 Mazda6 with 17k miles at a Mazda dealership. The F&I manager said I was approved through the captive Mazda Cap/TMC with a 6500 down payment and payments of $320/72mo. I'm on the edge about the deal because the bank is far better to deal with than Credit Acceptance or Exeter, but the down payment is very large and payments are high. The total amount financed would be 12k. I received a text last night asking if I could put more down. It was 5000 initially, then I was asked to do 6000 then 6500 now 6550 What game are they playing? Did F&I call Mazda for a finance favor?
  18. I'm in the same situation. I had a charge off from 2016 that's due to fall off 2023. I've been disputing the Santander account every month, but this time I've been leaving a note in the explanation note about the lawsuit in the explanation box of the dispute. Hopefully it will be deleted.
  19. Yes Elan is still owned by U.S. Bank... However U.S. Bank did sell certain Elan assets that were NOT related to their credit card portfolio: U.S. Bancorp announced today that it has agreed to sell its third-party ATM and Debit Servicing business, which is part of the company’s Elan Financial Services unit, to Fiserv, Inc., for approximately $690 million.
  20. Hertz announced its bankruptcy filing on the evening of Friday, May 22. Shares opened lower on the news on May 26 at 41 cents, hitting a low of 40 cents. Since then, shares surged as much as 825% to a high of $3.70 on Friday. One investor who missed out on the massive rally is billionaire Carl Icahn, who has been invested in Hertz since 2014. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Icahn detailed why he sold his Hertz position at an average price of 72 cents, representing a loss of more than $1.8 billion.
  21. Rogue


    Navy Flagship still sailing strong at $80K
  22. I know the very elderly get cold very easily but are you able to open up windows to allow fresh outdoor air circulating throughout the room with your dad while giving him a blanket to stay comfortable? Since it's been recently reported that Covid-19 spread occurs more often in households as opposed to the outdoors this may be beneficial.
  23. I am also fighting PenFed right now. They have an account of mine that used to be Toby Hanna (then Valor, then PenFed). They have screwed up the reporting and the accounting so badly that they left me no choice. I had to sue after disputing and doing CFPB complaints for a year with zero results. Apparently, my lawyer got in touch with their general counsel this week. She has been described as "scatter brained" and as "pushing back hard." We are going to stack quite a few different statutes beyond the FCRA against them (and Experian, the only bureau that refuses to fix it). We started with a simple lawsuit, but now the stacking and amending begins. I am also bringing on an expert FCRA lawyer to help my lawyer. In the end, they will be writing me a nice check. As far as Equifax goes, I say just keep disputing. Your dispute receives so little time and attention that there really is no downside. I tried writing mine by hand on blue paper recently, and bam, every single account I was disputing (all for quite a while) was removed in the same month (5 charge offs). The only thing I changed was the stationary and started using handwriting. It really is that arbitrary, TBH. Just keep trying different dispute reasons. On an account like this, there are bound to be endless dispute possibilities. But I would keep copies every time it happens and continue to build you evidence. Too many FCRA cases are thrown out based on technicalities, so it's best to just stack up as much evidence as possible so that your case is irrefutable. Experian, on the other hand, doesn't like to even delete old a** addresses. They cling to any and all information as if their lives depend on it. They haven't even responded to my lawsuit after being served nearly 3 weeks ago. There is lawsuit "tolling" going on here, so they technically don't have to respond until July 15th. But I have continued to dispute while all this is going on the hopes they will comes to their senses. Unfortunately, Experian is calculating and stubborn wench.
  24. The point I was trying to make is that they *thought* they were doing everything right, and they were making a serious effort at it. All it takes is one little slip up to get exposed and infected. I live with this fear myself, as I am the primary caregiver for my 91 year old father with serious comorbidities including congestive heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. The lesson here is you have to be eternally vigilant, and even then you can make a mistake.
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