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  2. I have one of those, and just love it!!
  3. Leaked Document Shows How Big Companies Buy Credit Card Data on Millions of Americans
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  5. Thats a good idea.. Never heard of that type of title transfer. I do have an attorney so I'll shoot him an email and see what his thoughts are on that, thanks.
  6. I think you have to reach member status before you can download.
  7. Who is reporting these accounts? The Local Company or a CA? If a CA is reporting, than a PFD has potential. If the company itself is reporting negatively, PFD is unlikely to be accepted. Some people say to DV even inside SOL, but my experience says that's more likely to get you sued than do any good.
  8. Can’t open the spreadsheet. Says no permission:/ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Try contacting an Independent insurance agent in your area who belongs to either or both of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America and the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. They can best analyze your existing coverage and recommend IF you should change to another qualified carrier. Also check with your local property tax office to see if there has been any notice of increase in your property taxes.
  10. If you take advantage of the offer the collection agency is making to you, I highly doubt they will report the account just as a paid collection account. My experience in reading credit reports is that a collection agency will normally mark the account with a 0 balance with the annotation that "account was settled for less than the full amount". Personally I have never tried for a pay for delete. I've always had my doubt about the efficacy of this tactic. I'd rather dispute the tradeline bit by bit and tear it apart. Others may have different views than me.
  11. cv91915


    Congratulations on finding your new direction, and welcome home. Maybe you can help is find Cappy back.
  12. Make sure you get 2-ply! *runs away*
  13. Get your EOMBs. Send the dispute letter to TU. If the account is deleted then you need not do anything further UNLESS you want to pay the OC with the HIPAA letter because you feel it is the right thing to do. If the account is NOT deleted then, of course pay the OC with the HIPAA letter and be prepared to follow up if the account changes to a paid collection.
  14. Only things that have changed is B* died a couple years ago, and more creditors are blacklisting when a debtor causes financial losses due to settlement or BK
  15. People at the top make millions and accused of stiffing vendors, those at the bottom are saddled with debt after empty promises
  16. nolanryan


    I am sure there are many new faces and some old as well. A few years ago, I was a relatively active member as I rebuilt my credit and chased larger limits, sign up bonuses, etc. I've been busy the past few years thus haven't contributed as much as I would like. I went back to school and grabbed a degree, I quit a good paying job that I loathed and switch industries, started a small business to help in the interim, and plotted out a path to a dream job in aviation that I landed this past October. With things settling down, I finally found myself with more time to do the things I love. In my hiatus, I have become rusty and will have to learn this hobby again as I have forgotten much and what hasn't been forgotten has probably changed. I look forward to becoming familiar with this place again and connecting where I can. Chris
  17. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/intuit-eyes-credit-karma-in-what-would-be-its-biggest-ever-acquisition-2020-02-23?mod=home-page
  18. I graduated with $48k in my savings and $0 debt. Most of the money was from what Marv paid in taxes.
  19. Figure out the cause. It may be out if your hands if it’s due to local taxes. And as for insurance it’s coverage and the companies willingness to pay that matters.
  20. I have no idea. I cleaned up my credit several years ago thanks to Creditboards.com!
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