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  2. Apple Card is just ‘another credit card with a few innovative features,’
  3. Sexist and biased? How credit firms make decisions
  4. Houston racks up spot among worst cities for credit card debt
  5. Thank you, cashnocredit! Crystal clear! However, when I myself think back to more than 20 financial accounts and other sensitive personal accounts, it's hard to remember. Encapsulating all accounts to remember is a daunting task, and the importance of password security is critical. Seriously, I even forgot a CB login password. For security reasons, I may need to thoroughly check all accounts or create a password manager to operate.
  6. FINTECH offering free cash advance loans of up to $100... do they sell receivables to third parties that hope some people default thereby creating an asset? do enough myfuco types pay the $1 a month membership fee to cover losses and expenses? is the free advance merely a potential loss leader to front a marketing campaign?
  7. It means that, properly negotiated, you COULD give then the vehicle back, pay enough to zero the note out AND have no negative reporting that would usually be associated with a voluntary surrender. If you were REALLY lucky, you are not upside down and could just give them the car and have them close the account out without reporting the surrender. And, as hege aptly notes...NEVER co-sign for anyone ever again.
  8. That isn't the instance here...at least with the Firefox attempt to access it...wasn't logged in when pulling on Chrome, but the reality is that it was not available while logged in. It is not at all uncommon with some documents to be viewable (beyond just this forum) on a desktop by the person sending or uploading, but they HAVE the permissions on their side. However, it is not able to be opened elsewhere, even when sent by email, if the viewer lacked the necessary permissions.
  9. even if you sell the house that has equity you're no where near paying off your credit card debt. put all liabilities on one side of a ledger, assets on the other... without a real income you are BK already. and the this rate of "save about $1k a month to use towards settlements later" will take years for you to accumulate enough to settle the debts. BK protects you from creditors in a very specific way regarding the unsecured debts. For the secured liabilities, talk to a BK atty from your state. Do you really want to keep these three properties? if so, why?
  10. Another major tell is always the email address from which it originated...when one is on a desktop, it is also easy enough to 'hover' over the embedded links and they will ALSO show up as non-AXP (or other bank) addresses. For someone who was overseas, the use of 'enquiries' might not have been a giveaway, but is definitely one in the States...
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  12. I will take that suggestion and contact an attorney to see what my options are. What do you mean by "things such as reporting CAN be negotiated"?
  13. Yes she is over 18 and she no longer lives with me.
  14. All passwords used on any email accounts, financial accounts, or any other place that also has personal info like DOB, SS#, etc., should be unique and strong. "Passwords" for cards used at ATMs and such don't need to be strong but should be easy to remember. Just use numbers for those since letters are all turned into numbers from 0-9 anyway. The risk there is that a hidden camera captures it when you use the card at an ATM. Good to cover they entry keys when entering the code.
  15. I just went through the McDonalds drive-through for a $1 McChicken sandwich. The guy in the ratty pickup in front of me paid for my lunch. 🤷‍♂️
  16. Thank you, cashnocredit! Sorry, I didn't get that, do you mean to create a strong bank card account password or an email address password?
  17. You should assume your email address is widely available. It's pretty much a given. Passwords are what need to be closely guarded and especially very different in each financial account. I get a couple of these every week but then my email is so old it's actually just my initials and last name. The major tell isn't just the grammatical errors but that they are addressed to "customer" rather than your full name or at least your first name. I've gotten a small number of them with reasonable grammar but I've never seen one that included my actual name. These mass phishing attempts are designed to pull in people that are scared and illiterate enough to be easy pickings. They are produced in huge quantities and are about as common as cell phone offers to lower CC interest rates. Most of the low hanging fruit has been picked but I suppose there's always a new crop.
  18. This email allegedly from Amex looks a bit grammatical. Therefore, it was quickly identified as a scam. It is not normal to receive 2 phishing scams with 2 independent card issuers within two hours. What are the odds of my email address has been compromised?
  19. Could you elaborate on what protections would make sense for me in my circumstances? I'm having a hard time seeing the advantages compared to other avenues. Thank you! My thought is absolute worse case scenario, if I can keep my properties and get the settlement I can still settle my debts in full if I can just wait it out for a couple years or if even that doesn't pan out I can BK later too. I talked with an estate attorney today and they said even with a judgement lien, creditors don't really force foreclosure in this state at least.
  20. Usually that error code comes up when you try to access our forums and you are not logged into our system and you try and download an available file.
  21. "family reasons" is not a reason. you have too much house and too much debt. and please don't touch your retirement accounts to deal with overspending. have you checked out the money management forum? there are a lot of threads on how to cut spending.
  22. Here’s the No. 1 reason why military veterans are denied a VA mortgage
  23. you have to remember that 99% of the aspirational buyers who think such a bag is real have never left their backward county in arkansas
  24. for those reading this thread... I wouldn't even co-sign for myself. AS A GENERAL RULE: NEVER CO-SIGN!!! EVER!!!!
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