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  1. Some beautiful woman named Julie messaged me on WhatsApp. She thinks I'm Kelvin and wants me to know that she brought the jade I wanted. Obviously my Spidey senses are tingling, and I'm not going to reply, but I can't figure "her" angle.
  2. St. Simons Island by any chance? We visited there a couple of years ago and I fell in love with that place.
  3. Why not get your Experian FICO from experian.com? IIRC, you need to sign up for a 1-month trial but you can cancel immediately. If your score changes they let you know by email. They will try to upsell you when you log in, but it is a simple click of the "Nope, not today" button and you are looking at your FICO8 score.
  4. One nice thing about the WF cash back is that you can use it to buy gift cards, and there are usually some for sale at 10% off. I recently purchased a $250 Lowe's gift card for $225. I've also purchased a $25 Dominos card for $22.50 and we gave a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond card as a Christmas gift to a niece and it cost us $45.
  5. In theory, yes. But almost all credit cards have different APRs for purchases vs. balance transfers. What is NFCU's BT rate? What is their BT fee? If you can get a BT for no fee and it is at the 7.99% APR, possibly (probably) a wise move.
  6. FICO vs. FAKO: My Vantage score shot up 28 points today, it is now at 728. Yesterday it was at 700. My FICO score has been at 780 for the past 3-4 weeks. Before that it was 777. Both are Experian scores, both are updated today. Today I have "only" a 52 point difference, yesterday it was an 80 point difference.
  7. Fewer leaves on trees, bushes, etc., to muffle the sound; and sound travels further and gets muffled less when traveling through cold air than when travelling through warm air. There is a train crossing about 2.5 miles from our house. Once in awhile when the weather is cold and the wind is right we hear it clearly.
  8. Just curious, why push from account B instead of pulling from the WF website? Seems like fewer chances for errors or issues when pulling.
  9. You can't get an Apple credit card, or any credit card for that matter, without a hard inquiry from at least one CRA.
  10. I always wait at least a year. Or longer. Win 11 was only released to the public last month and there are many bugs yet to be found. Dows 11 have anything you really want that 10 does not? If so, jump in. If not, why bother risking hiccups without advantages?
  11. It has always been my understanding that Average Age of Accounts is based on all credit, open and closed. That being said, paying off a mortgage should not reduce AAoA until ten years have passed because it is still on your credit report. If my statement above is correct, then I think cancelling these cards will have no effect right now, but when they drop off your report in ten years it will then lower your AAoA. Looking forward to hearing back in 30 or 60 days.
  12. By zip code of submission address of the PO Box, how else?
  13. You should leave them be, downloading and using them would be theft or fraud. And if they try to charge you for them again, it would be a rather easy dispute with your cc company. FWIW, Ticketmaster is evil. I purchased tickets in November of 2019 for a show that was scheduled for May of 2020. Well, Covid made those plans a moot point and the show was cancelled by the touring company. TM sent an email saying they would "determine whether or not to issue a refund" in 60 to 90 days and to please bear with them during these unusual circumstances. I disputed with my cc company and the charge was reversed.
  14. Wow - there's another person on the internet that takes pride in their spelling/grammar/punctuation, and knows the difference between it's and its. I imagine you also have opinions on the Oxford Comma, and whether one or two spaces after a period is correct.
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