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  1. Twice I have had to call and speak (yuck!) to a person at a toll agency. Both times I've run into kind, polite, and understanding people. IMHO, it would be worth a try to call, and in a super friendly way, see if someone with the toll agency can help you out. I realize calling is often against most guidance here at Credit Boards, but as Centex mentioned, this is not a normal collections issue.
  2. 6 x 9 = 42 You've got to help us help you Sidewinder. We have a list of envelopes going out, but you have neglected to let us know what Peanuts characters we can choose from, so that we can select wisely. This would also be a great opportunity/reason to apply for a Comenity Capital Bank Visa card. They issue the NFL: credit cards and you would — of course — want and need to use the Lucy stamp for sending that payment.
  3. Heard this at a seminar years ago and never forgot it: "If you owe the bank fifty thousand dollars and can't pay it back, you have a really big problem. If you owe the bank fifty million dollars and can't pay it back, the bank has a really big problem."
  4. There was something about this on another thread and I decided to take my new 815 FICO out for a spin. Wasn't planning on getting an Amex card because there is a Chase card I want and I'll be under 5/24 in March or so. Declined. Snail mail letter arrived today and told me the reason for decline was too many new bank card accounts. There have been only 2 in the past 12 months.
  5. I bought 5 Powerball lottery tickets last night and one of them was a $4.00 winner. That's a 40% ROI! Retirement is much closer than I thought it would be! Follow me for more financial advice.
  6. If I win the $1.9 Billion, I will be lazier; proudly the laziest person on earth as I take a private jet from one beach to another in my attempt to find my favorite beach in the world.
  7. Hey - Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday of the year. There's just something about it that is "purer" than any other holidiay. BUT - who decided Turkey should be the main course. We never eat it any other time of the year - maybe once in a while on a club sandwich - but for some reason this bird that doesn't taste good enough to make it to the dinner table any other day of the year becomes the have-to-cook item. I like the idea of pizza for turkey day!
  8. Some of them will have a page on their website where you can ask to be removed. I enjoy giving money to St. Jude, but feel bad that they spend so much money mailing me requests as I'm going to give anyways. So I went to their website, navigated to Contact Us, and one of the menu options was to remove myself from their snail mail. I've done the same for a couple of other charities.
  9. This actually increases your street cred with me 🙂 I like people who show empathy. Truer words were never spoken. My granddaughter was overseas in Ireland (I think) a few years back and broke her arm in a tumble down some stairs at her hotel. She was also unconscious so they feared she had a head injury. Ambulance, ER, all sorts of MRIs and the like, cast, bone setting, etc. - she got out two days later. The taxi fare back to the hotel was larger than her entire hospital bill.
  10. First thought - this sounds like it could be a scam. (Us Americans are jaded like that - sad but what can you do?) Second thought - call them from someone else's phone and when they text the number to your phone you can enter it. Third thought - I have a friend who refuses to use a Smart phone. He has an old flip phone and when we are together I end up with a case of flip phone envy. So even though I don't know you, and will probably never meet you, be aware that there is someone in this world who thinks you are pretty cool for not having a Smart phone :-)
  11. Slightly off topic, but related. I burned Citi for 5-6,000 back in 2014. But they are sending preapproval letters offering their credit card. Am I blackballed forever? Or is there a chance?
  12. I'm pretty sure only the balance - in this case $0 - is what would report. And only sort of related, but Ticketmaster is just evil.
  13. This. What MarvBear says. Also, used coffee grounds are great for gardens. We have a worm farm going in our vegetable garden and the worms love eggshells and coffee grounds. I drink too much coffee, so the worm's compost only gets half the grounds and the rest gets put on the soil where the tomatoes grow.
  14. A Credit Ed


    Go for the Apple CC. 0% interest for 24 months on Apple merch and 3% cash back from Apple store purchases.
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