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    • Hi! 
      I applied last week for a Citi Costco card.  My credit score at the time was 732 with Experian, which they use.  I was denied.  I had 2 inquiries.  One from refinancing my home and 1 from Samsung for a phone.   My debt ratio is 37%.  I have NO late payments in the last 7 years and have 11 open lines of credit.  I have a Citi Simplicity, Sears Shop your Way through Citi, Mobil and Shell both also through Citi.  None of my accounts are at the limit.  None have ever had a problem.
      I received my denial letter today.  It says that I am being denied because of a past BK where Citi was involved.  Yes.  1992.  It says that my current accounts have many missed and late payments and that my account is now restricted.  WTH?  
      Totally untrue! I checked my Experian report and there is no problem there.   Is it the BK in 1992?  That is NOT on my credit report! 
      I cannot find a way to get through to Citi, dispute this and ask for reconsideration.  Help!!  Does anyone know of a way that I can actually speak to someone?  Also, what is the best way to ask for reconsideration?
      Thanks for your help.
      Pretty pissed in WA State!
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    • Am I correct that once sent to collections a medical debt can't show up on credit reports for 180 days? Is it also true that once PIF, medical collections have to be removed? long term, that's all I really care about. My reports have 0 collections and I plan on keeping it that way.
      Background: Had to go to ER with (still) unknown medical issue back in Nov. I've been working in extreme pain since then. I have a HDHP with HSA so I hit my deductible and yearly out of pocket in 1 shot. They billed $XX,XXX. Insurance negotiated billing knocked it down into the high 4 figures, then insurance payments knocked my out of pocket down around a few grand. My HSA has around 40% of the total available. It is contributed to on a weekly basis. I tried to negotiate paying over time with my HSA but was turned down and told to get a loan. If I made very slightly less I would be eligible for financial assistance (actually paying $0 out of pocket) and/or Medicaid. Instead I pay around 20% of my gross income for health benefits. Anyway, that's not particularly relevant - I just think it's dumb they wont accept payments over time, even if I contribute and pay the IRS maximums from my HSA on a prorated basis.
      So, it will soon be 120 days and they've threated with collections. I was scrambling thinking about sending them my entire HSA balance and putting the rest on credit cards, because I do not want my clean credit ruined for 7 years. But then I thought "Hmmmm. Weren't there some changes and extra protections when it comes to medical bills?" and I came across the info/assumptions in my 1st paragraph. I plan on paying it, I can pay it easily in 6 months, but paying in full by next week is going to be rough, especially since I still don't know what is wrong with me (have a followup with PCP next week, at least). 
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    • Hi All,
      There was a "guy" who came knocking on my door and wanted to leave some paperwork for me. My girlfriend said I was not home and asked him to leave, this guy threatened to come visit me at work etc. He came back a week later, and though our Ring camera I asked him to leave the paperwork underneath a mat - he did. The paperwork is a Summons to Answer.
      First - I'm not quite sure if this is legal and authentic as I figured I have to be served this type of paperwork. I did some research, and this CA (Professional Finance Company), has a Summons to Answer with the local court for about 3 people a day everyday. Mine is due mid-April.
      Story: Debt is 5 years old, the OC send me some invoices for 6 months and then I got one notice from Professional Finance Company that they are in possession of my debt, and that's when I last heard from them (and this showed as a collection with all three CRA).  The Summons to Answer is also requesting me to pay an interest charge Professional Finance Company has been charging on this debt as well (which I believe is not legal). The total with this interest charge is less that $1,000
      I started Why Chat's HIPAA dispute process, so far I've been able to OPT-OUT, get my credit reports, requested a new DL showing my new address for the address delete letters. I'm quite concerned that I might not have enough time to complete the whole process by my Summons to Answer due (I figured that if I was able to complete, my answer would have been a copy of the Certified Bank Order stating that this debt is not valid as it's been paid in full); not sure if my thinking is correct on this one. I'm quite concerned that what I do in terms on answering this Summons to Answer it will show as a judgment on my credit reports.  I'd like this to disappear when paid (I understand there is a process I can take when this will show as "Collection - Paid in Full" - I've been working really hard on trying to clean up my record and pay any debts that are valid.  
      Thank you for any help! 
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    • Hi!  My wife and I are refinancing our house to lock in the 2.35 rate.  She has 850 score and perfect credit and makes the Mula$$  Me, I make 1/2 that, did a personal BK in 2013 scores only about 680 and only $3K in debt with several cards and perfect history for the past 5 years.  We are both on the Deed.  Should I bother putting myself on the mortgage with her?  We are only doing a 15year and her income is sufficient to qualify so thats no worry.
      Would it really help the Fico score much being on it?  Our previous mortgage is a flawless payment history (which we are both on)
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    • Hi all,
      There is a collection on my EX and TU reports (OC is Sprint)...in early 2020 it was owned by Enhanced Recovery Assoc, but after sending a DV they removed it and apparently sold it to AFNI, who has been reporting since December 2020. Just when I was about to send a letter asking them who in the heck they thought they were to be reporting on my credit without contacting me first, I received a letter from them dated 2/26/21. Problem is, it's not addressed to the "right" person. Without giving my actual name, it's the equivalent of if my name were Jane Williams-Jones...and the letter is addressed to Jane Will-Jones.
      I have a DV letter all typed up, but my hesitancy in sending it lies in this...if they don't currently have my full legal name (but obviously have enough info to ding EX and TU) is there a way I can get them on that *without* disclosing to them my actual legal name?
      In addition, they have listed an "on record until" date of June 2025 on EX and Aug 2025 on TU (no DOFD listed on either CR), which means they're trying to collect on something that I guess went delinquent sometime in 2018, when I still lived in NC. I've lived in GA since August 2019, and have no clue how they got my current address, unless it was somehow furnished by ERA. I do have in my DV draft a request for the DOFD, but if I've moved, how does this affect SOL? Also, is SOL calculated from when whatever 2-year Sprint contract they're saying I signed began, OR when the account went delinquent?
      Thanks so much for your guidance.
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    • I need to stress that the obligation of a provider to accept reimbursement at an insurer's scheduled rates depends upon their contractural relationship with the insurer.  I'll broad brush the possibilities, but ultimately you need to review the literature provided by your insurer to determine what details specifically apply to your coverage ...   Under the insurance with the most strict reimbursement guidelines, service is only covered by a patient's insurer when they use see a member of their provider network (typically, we're talking a standard HMO here).  Reimbursement is pretty much cut and dried.  The provider accepts the reimbursement rates defined by the insurer, the insurer pays their portion under your coverage benefits, and the patient is obligated for any balance due under that reimbursement rate.   Traditional indemnity insurance permits you to use any provider of your choice.  There's no contractual relationship between providers and the insurer.  The insurer will typically provide reimbursement based on a set of "usual and customary" fees for procedures.  The provider is free to charge any fee they wish, and may choose to accept the insurer's reimbursement schedule but is not obligated to.  The patient is on the hook for any amounts ultimately billed that the insurer doesn't pay.   A hybrid of these two plans are "Preferred Provider Organizations" (PPO).   There is a set of preferred providers who participate and have agreed to a reimbursement schedule set with the insurer.  If a patient visits one of these providers, out of pocket expenses are typically nominal, subject to plan deductibles and co-pays.    Under a PPO, a patient may alternately opt to chose an "out of network" provider.  These aren't "participating providers".   For coverage to apply, it may be necessary to pre-certify care with the insurer prior to a visit (some plans require this, some don't).  Reimbursement for services is based upon the insurer's schedule of "usual and customary" charges.  Frequently, only a portion of those charges is charged (say 80%), with the balance due from the patient as "co-insurance liability".  Plan deductibles also apply.  In this case, the patient is again on the hook for any amounts billed that aren't reimbursed by the insurer.   ------------   The best tool you have to help determine your liability after the insurer has satisfied it's coverage obligation is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) in which the insurer has spelled out how it determined what it was liable to pay against the claim.  Typically an EOB will state if the provider has an agreement in place (i.e. is a plan participant) to accept the insurer's reimbursement schedule as payment in full.  If so, then your liability is equal to the insurer's scheduled reimbursement rate less what the insurer paid after applying deductibles, copays, and/or co-insurance.  Our PPO EOB's actually set out a specific amount of "What You Owe".   If there's no such language on the EOB, then it's may be reasonable to assume that any shortfall between the provider's charge and the insurer's reimbursement is payable by you.  This suggests there's no reimbursement agreement with the provider.   ------------   I apologize if I've managed to excessively draw out this discussion and have stated much you're already aware of.  I tend to err on the side of excess detail, preferring that over gaps.   I hope this is helpful.  I'm happy to respond to any additional questions.    
    • Thank you for your response. I just wanted to clarify that in taking this approach...do I need to still do some type of DV disputing the amounts inside the 30 day window as well or do I somehow also reference a DV with the same correspondence to the Provider and the Attorney?   They did state that what the insurer was saying was not right (in their opinion) and they didn't have to adhere to the mandated writeoff's the insurance said they did. I talked with the insurance multiple times on different days to make sure this was right. The Provider never said what the outcome of checking with their attorneys regarding which amount was the correct one. They just kept stating that I signed an agreement stating that I would pay what the insurance didn't in a timely manner and had they contacted me within the DOS and nearly 4 months later when I received the initial correspondence...I could have cleared the balance and we wouldn't be at this point. They are trying to make it look like I knew about it and just didn't want to pay and I do. 
    • Yes we did. At first we had a discussion with them on the phone with a person who identified as the Office Manager who said she doesn't usually talk to anyone...but would not identify her name. We had an agreement for me to pay the amount that the insurance said we owed...but she also said they were going to check with their attorneys and the insurance as to whether  we only have to pay the insurance amount minus what we paid at DOS or what they say we owed. I tried to pay the payment and get it in writing...but no one was available at the office when instructed to come by and by the next day available working day it all changed. This Provider has a reputation of not accepting even minimal payments. I know some people would send them $50 - $100 payments and they would send a letter and the check back saying they wouldn't take partial payments. As contentious as it got on the phone and with the Office Manager not wanting to really talk...I was afraid at that point that it would be a big scene if I went back again after our first attempt. The Provider did a good job and had good manner. I do owe a portion and I want to pay it...but now with it in Collections the amount has nearly doubled and I have to deal with the Collections people (who are also local) according to the letter. I have to do something in the next few days as my 30 day window to dispute is running out.
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