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    • I thought that I would do a pre qual with GS Marcus for a personal loan for kicks. I have a GM Mastercard and GM business MC with them that I just got within the last 2 months. CLs are $13k and $5.5K, with $0 balances respectively. I wouldn't have accepted it even if I got approved. Interesting to know that these decisions are based on more than just credit score.
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    • My car was totaled in a minor collision and it was my only means of transportation. Now I'm really nervous about being able to finance a new vehicle with my current credit scores. Here is where I am at:
      - The car had one missed payment at the end and I was a cosigner on it. My insurance paid off the $840 dollars remaining on it, but it is still showing on my reports as a charge off with a balance of $840.
      - I also have a collection for $2800 with CAP1 that was settled last month for $1,100 and is being paid in three payments.
      - I have two other collections, both for an old apartment. One is for $2,900 and one for $750. These two hit the 7 year mark in July of this year.
      - My TU score on CK is at 561, EQ is 628.
      - My EX FICO 8 score shows as 686. This score doesn't show the charge off for the car or any collections.
      - After the car was totaled I have about $5k for a down payment and could probably push it to $6K if needed.
      I know this is far from the best place to be for purchasing a vehicle, but am I in a really tough spot, or am I overthinking it? I'm not expecting a great interest rate or anything, but I am nervous about actually being approved for anything. 
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    • Jen’s Index
      First of all, the idea for this post totally came from Sassy (thank you!) and her post here: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14797
      Since her post 2003, there has been a lot of great conversation and changes, so I thought I would update it with my own spin and my own links. Use whichever works best for you But, I also used a few links that are in her index. The classics never die.
      Nothing I could say here could totally cover every credit repair topic or situation out there. In fact, I’m not trying to. The purpose of this write-up is to provide an outline for beginners on where to go to gain the knowledge they will need for their credit repair journey. A "where do I start" primer.
      If you are simply looking for a place to get a sample letter to copy/paste (c/p) and send off, then close this thread now, this isn’t it. The most effective letters are ones you write yourself, tailored to your own situation, and written knowing why you wrote what you wrote.
      Here is a good read about the type of consumer CB can turn you into:
      I will only link CB threads in this index (outside the FDCPA/FCRA /govt links). I have found invaluable information also off CB, but to keep things simple, CB is the only place I will reference in this thread. On my own site, I have been working to expand this index to other sites, giving credit where credit is due.
      Lastly, there are so many awesome threads that I had book marked (computer crash) and no longer have, or I have missed over the years. If yours is one of those that deserved a mention here, but due to my oversight was missed, you have my deepest apologies.
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    • So after a extensive search on CB & Google, the below credit card sites are the only ones I could find that pull 'soft' inquiries to see if you qualify for their cards.
      note: deleted original links - they're dead. please use the links below.
      Courtesy of foeplay - update as of Sept 7 2010:
      Pre-approval links
      HSBC pre-qualifier (must bank with HSBC): https://www.hsbcapply.com/start/hsbccreditcard/
      HSBC/Household pre-qualifier: https://www.hsbcapply.com/start/householdbank
      HSBC/Orchard's pre-qualifier: https://www.hsbcapply.com/start/orchardbank
      HSBC/BestBuy's pre-qualifier: https://www.hsbcapply.com/start/rewardzonemastercard
      Capital One's pre-qualifier: https://cardfinder.capitalone.com/CapOne/fi...3ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
      Discover's pre-qualifier: https://www.discovercard.com/cardmembersvcs...ORE_pre_chk_btn
      Database checkers (not a pre-qualifier; checks to see if they have any currently standing offers for you in their database)
      Bank of America: https://preselected.bankofamerica.com/cc/SelfInquiry.aspx
      Citibank: https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/dirMail...o?screenID=4010
      American Express (Click on "NOT A CARDMEMBER YET"): https://www201.americanexpress.com/secure/m...atePerfectCards
      Chase checks for recently mailed offers https://creditcards.chase.com/RecentlyMailedOffers.aspx
      Sites that have been known to give pre-approvals when you shop there/go to check out there:
      Victoria's Secret http://www.victoriassecret.com
      Newport News http://www.newportnews.com (you can check to see if you're pre-approved here: https://www.newport-news.com/credit/preapprove.aspx )
      Spiegel http://www.spiegel.com (you can check to see if you're pre-approved here: https://www.spiegel.com/credit/eligcheck.aspx )
      Metrostyle http://www.metrostyle.com
      Chadwick's http://www.chadwicks.com
      Roamans http://www.roamans.com
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    • So I've frozen my accounts (again) and opted out for all 3 CRAs.
      I have two collection accounts that are holding me back on TransUnion and they are Medical Collections. I have read the WhyChat HIPAA guidelines and I am ready to submit my Handwritten Initial Dispute using WhyChat's form provided.
      HOWEVER, before I do this, I also need to note that these two collections have STARTED garnishing my wages about 2 months ago, and have about 1 month of garnishment left BEFORE being paid off. The balances have not been updated on my credit report, even though they are still "reporting" every month.
      Should I wait till the garnishment is over in a few weeks and then start my initial dispute, or should I take a different approach overall?
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