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  1. Approved for GM Mastercard for $2k. Meh. It’s a card. I’ll use it for maintenance on my Caddy.
  2. I can confirm this because I received their email yesterday saying they were closing my account. I thought it’s just because I wasn’t using it, but apparently not. That’s ok though! I got maybe $500 out of them in signup bonuses….
  3. Personally, my beef with Synchrony has been a few things. I still have an Amazon store card for utilization padding purposes, but that is my only remaining Sync account. I really would prefer not to deal with them again if I can avoid it. 1. They closed my B&H Payboo card with an $18k limit because Synchrony didn’t transfer the accounts over to the new credit provider for B&H. Not sure whose fault this was, Synchrony or the store, but they should have at least offered me another card of some type so I could keep the history of the account. I just quit shopping at B&H because I don’t want to apply for another account. 2. I had a PayPal Mastercard for a couple of years. It was opened with a limit of $300. Even after heavy usage and PIF as well as improvements to my credit profile, they wouldn’t budge on increasing the limit. I ended up closing it and devoting my efforts to other cards with better rewards and CLIs, which ended being a great decision. 3. I am interested in the Venmo Visa for the 3% cash back category. I keep getting denied for it. They say my credit is frozen even when everything is thawed. There’s some kind of technical glitch, but I am just tired of wasting my time trying to get this card. They also have been super anointing on the business side of things as far as making it difficult to open an account with Lowe’s….
  4. How are you liking the Rakuten MR points situation? I look at it and I am tempted, but I just feel like the cash back is easier to manage. So do you get 2 MR points per dollar when they say it's 2% cash back? I can see that working out we'll because I do get good value from MR points. Or do they play with the ratio of MR points to cash back?
  5. To me, it seems like Synchrony is pivoting away from store cards. They lost the Walmart portfolio, then Old Navy/Gap, etc, and I think more are to come. When they launched the Walgreens credit card recently, it seemed just a little ridiculous and desperate, because it is such a niche product. But they have recently created the Verizon Visa, Venmo Visa, relaunched the PayPal Mastercard, and are sending out pre-approvals for these Synchrony branded cash back cards. I think they are using the data they have on previous account holders to target them for these products in an effort to maybe shift their business away from subprime store cards and to earn more profits by cutting out the stores from the process and to get more swipe fees and interest on general Visa/Mastercard spending. Synchrony is kind of an unusual entity, IMO, so this plan may or may not work out for them. Most people outside of CB/MyFico/Reddit don't know who Synchrony is, so why would they seek out a Synchrony branded credit card?
  6. I just can't believe that I went on vacation one time, and suddenly my spending has ramped up the credit card spending for all Americans.... I didn't plan on spending that much.
  7. Worst case scenario, you could direct deposit the money into an account that does not have your name on it, such as a spouse or trusted family member. If you don't make too much money, it probably won't cause any issues for them. The they could give you cash or a debit card for that account. But I am with centex, you haven't lost the case yet. You should file an answer. There are resources online that will show you how to do it and what your defenses are. I would also look closely at the papers they served you and the court records. Even if you know the debt is yours, they still have to prove they it is your debt, they own the debt, and that they have a right to collect it. If they can't prove any of those elements, it is worth fighting. Debt collectors are a**holes who profit off of peoples' pain and suffering. Why not make their lives just a little bit more difficult, rather than giving up?
  8. I just got back from Italy, Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands. I didn't even try to use my Discover. I was mainly using my AmEx Platinum, AmEx Gold, and FNBO Getaway Mastercard. I had enough trouble using my AmEx cards. I think a couple of the people I dealt with (especially taxi drivers) might have started spinning their heads like a possessed demon if I pulled out a Discover card. They even scoffed at my Mastercard on a couple of occasions...
  9. The BlockFi Visa may be done sooner than we thought. Who wants to earn rewards that are going down in value?
  10. Are these personal cards you are carrying the balances on? Meaning, are they reporting to your personal utilization? I think getting a BT offer from a big bank may be a bit of an issue with high utilization, but I think your scores are decent enough. Discover could be worth a try, maybe a credit union of some kind. FNBO has a 12 month BT offer on their Evergreen Visa for 12 months and they let you check your offer with a soft pull. Just pull FNBO.com and click credit cards, and then pre-qualify. They check Experian. The good thing about them is you can see your limit with the soft-pull check.
  11. That's why I am a big fan of the Hilton program. They have the boujee hotels in big cities, but they usually have a Hampton Inn or Garden Inn in most towns of like 50k plus people. You can stay upscale or on a budget and still get decent rewards on your stays and at least some kind of benefits from your status. I think their redemptions for points are OK. I just hit Diamond status with them this week, so I am excited to see the benefits of that on my next trip. I think I would probably stay at a Holiday Inn before a Choice hotel/motel....
  12. So the ones I have that are similar are all 1008! I am counting 3 with 1008, but there may be a fourth one. Authorized user cards seem to be less likely to have this problem.
  13. Ok, I have more than a few AmEx cards at this point. I enjoy all of them, but there is a minor annoyance I am having with them. They keep giving me the same last 4 digits on the card numbers! I think at least four of my cards now end with the same sequence of numbers, which is confusing me, especially on certain websites where I might use multiple different cards from them, like Delta. For example, my Delta Reserve and my Platinum card are both on that website because I use them both on there for different purposes. But they end in the same numbers, so it is really difficult to distinguish them at times. Some screens will show the nickname or the expiration date, but some do not. It’s a mess! I have ran into this on the Hilton website as well. I also keep my Hilton card and Platinum on there, but again, they end in the same sequence of numbers! This is a headache sometimes, especially when you are relying on the credits or benefits from one of these specific cards and you can’t tell them apart. Ok, rant over. I just find this to be a little odd. Has anyone else seen this happen with their AmEx cards?
  14. I can understand why the Apple Card doesn’t though. They want to encourage you to use Apple Pay, which is their version of contactless. I am surprised about the BlockFi one though. You’d expect a fintech to embrace all the tech features, but I think the card is issued by someone else at the end of the day. I like tap to pay because it speeds up the checkout process, whereas chips and Apply Pay make it slower. Like in the old days when we could swipe and be done. I’m about to go to Europe, and I am curious to see how well they have adopted tapping and Apple Pay over there. However, I think I’m gonna be going to a lot of mom-and-pop places, so it probably will be mostly chip.
  15. It is a bit amusing how these kinds of cards stand out, isn’t it? I have a prepaid card I use frequently (an organization sends me money using it) and it doesn’t have a chip or a contactless option. They just replaced the card too and still it does not. The other black sheep card I have is my Alliant Credit Union Visa. I have the platinum rewards one and my DH has the Signature one. Neither one has contactless! I think my Alliant debit card even has contactless, but their credit cards not having them seems a little odd. Literally every other card I have (credit or debit) has a chip and tap to pay.
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