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  1. I am uncertain this endeavor will take off. Unless they streamline the UI and other banks copy this technology. Sure, it would potentially cut down on swipe fees for merchants. But I don’t seeing it destroying the credit card industry. If anything, it’s a tool for Chase to use to negotiate with Visa and Mastercard for a better deal. I could also see this being a reincarnation of debit cards, where it would be a card that runs on a network Chase builds and owns, similar to BankAmericard when it first started. They already tried Chase Pay a few years ago and that didn’t really take hold, so this would have to be different IMO.
  2. Some of their 5% categories are good. For example, they are doing 5% back on mobile wallet purchases next quarter. That’s an easy $75 on pretty much anything.
  3. I’m of two minds on this issue. Being a credit-ho, you need those old turd cards to boost your average age of accounts and score, to a certain extent. On the other hand, it really is tedious keeping up with using some of these cards with low limits or no tangible benefits. A couple of them right now, I’m considering dumping are the Delta Reserve AmEx, Dillard’s store card, and maybe my Truist Travel Visa. I really just don’t use these at all. And now that I have the Platinum Card, the Delta Reserve AmEx really only has two features I like, the guest passes for the Delta lounge and the free checked bags. They may give me a retention offer this year or I might downgrade it. Dillard’s I have been keeping to build my relationship with Wells Fargo, but I’m kinda iffy on pursuing that now. Truist is a low limit card ($2,500) and the points structure is lame. It does have a free TSA/Global Entry credit and no annual fee, so that’s something. But really, I’m just barely keeping these alive.
  4. Welp, today my DH had the same issue with his Ally debit card. Again, we have never used it, it has just sat in the sock drawer. They tried to charge $19.xx at some kind of online software service. I could t remember the name, but the URL ended in .pw. If you have an Ally debit card, I would strongly advise locking it, at a minimum. To their credit, they did catch these charges before they went through and they overnighted both replacement cards for free without me asking. But that’s not really the issue….
  5. I don’t think you need to remove her as an AU. It’s going to report anyway, so there’s no reason to do it now. What you might want to do is wait for that new Navy card of hers to report the $25k trade line, then see what happens with her score and apply for other products. The other poster is right: her credit is still subprime with that score and any charge offs showing. So Chase and Citibank are a hell no. But she maybe should try the prequalify tool at AmEx and Discover to see what they offer. I have an unpaid charge off and I have several AmEx and Discover cards. They aren’t insanely picky, and they also allow you to check without pulling an inquiry. But I think adding this new account to her report will help get approvals as opposed to just applying with not much on there now.
  6. Small CLI on my Nordstrom card. It went from $300 to $800. They really did make me wait the full 6 months too! I had been denied last month, but they never gave a reason. I shop at Nordstrom Rack frequently and sometimes at the real Nordstrom so it’s a trade line I plan on keeping an nurturing long term. Now if TD Bank could just give me a CLI on my $700 Target card that’s been open 6 years, that would be great.
  7. I joined HSBC bank as a Premier client recently. I’m wondering if I should apply for one of their cards, teehee. It looks like the Premier and Elite cards remain, but maybe it’s a fool’s errand if they decide to close out all remaining US cards.
  8. That’s one hell of a story! I’m glad you were able to recover some money and get a new account out of it! I have run into an issue with them and the Venmo Visa. They keep saying my TransUnion or my Sagestream report is frozen, when they are not. They are also doing this to my DH. We can’t make heads or tales of it. Like your situation, it just seems like BS. Maybe I need to contact said lawyer! I want that Venmo Visa for 3% back at Costco, which is why I have been so persistent in applying for it. I did recently get approved for the PayPal Mastercard instantly, so that was something. But the technical glitches at Synchrony and many other places are really getting out of hand. I had also been interested in the Gemini Mastercard. But a similar issue was happening. They kept saying my Experian report was frozen when it was not, so I was never really considered for the card, even though everything was unfrozen. Out of the blue, I tried again recently and was denied for real reasons (Experian FICO too low), but I still don’t know why they kept saying it was frozen.
  9. I completely agree. I keep accounts at Chase, Bank of America, US Bank, several CUs, and a couple of online banks as well. In the age of mostly free accounts, why not? I also enjoy chasing bank bonuses. To me, Chase is the most convenient to use overall due to their user experience, real time transfers to other banks, and just various other little stuff. It adds up! It’s also annoying/difficult to add a joint owner to new bank accounts. I sometimes worry that if something happens to me, my spouse will be completely lost with our finances because I do all of it. That’s another reason why I stay at Chase because my partner knows where it is and that it’s our main account. I want to use another bank as my primary one, but that requires a lot of work and putting trust into another place. I just can’t bring myself to use an online bank without branches. I was using DCU and Alliant CU for several years before Chase and they were both pretty good.
  10. I wish it was funny, but I find this behavior on the behalf of Wells Fargo to be disturbing. Sure, it's legal. But that doesn't make it the right thing to do to your customers. Wells Fargo is on m s*it sit at the moment after I recently opened a business account with them. I went to setup up Direct Pay to send ACH payments and they locked my account before I even sent anything. I just added one payee to the list. I then called and they said they needed 10 business days to review my account before they could unlock it. Now, it has been nearly 3 weeks. They never reached out and it is not fixed. I am going to call them again today and see what they say, but they have completely lost my trust. After them not fixing it for 7 days, I went ahead and withdrew almost all my money, closed my business account, and just moved my business to Chase for this particular account. Meanwhile, I have had absolutely no issues with my Chase business account. I have sent several ACH payments and I even used their credit card processing. All of it worked fine, as it should. I think the customer service issues continue to persist at Wells Fargo and I am not sure they are going to be able to fix the situation anytime soon. The ACH payments I tried to send over there were to myself, as an owner of the business. That ain't suspicious, darling. I may keep my remaining personal checking open over there, because I am about to get a bonus for it, but I don't think I want to do anything else with them. I had planned on getting a credit card from them in about a year once my credit is squeaky clean, but now, I don't think I need their drama in my life.
  11. I have the FNBO Getaway card from them. It gives 3x points on travel, and that category is extremely broad. Last time I looked at the T&Cs, I think it took up about half a page just listing everything that qualifies. Hopefully, your new Amtrak cards might work the same way. I use this one for travel expenses that are not hotels or airlines because it's pretty decent for a no-AF card.
  12. This is interesting to me. On one hand, they shouldn’t be lying about the probability of approval when they don’t know. However, I do know they work specifically with some lenders to offer genuine pre-approvals for certain cards. Ollo and Mercury are good examples, because Credit Karma and Experian only show the offer when people are really pre-approved. Maybe they should skip the guessing game and only show offers that are actually pre-approved, because they clearly do have the capability do it right. We got one of my relative’s the Wells Fargo Active Cash recently through an Experian pre-approval and I was really surprised she got it. But it was a real pre-approval, because I am fairly confident she would have been denied on a cold app.
  13. If she qualifies for Navy, I would go with them. They will open up the flood gates for her eventually. But she may get denied initially. Definitely worth a shot, IMO. If she gets denied, then do Discover. If Discover denies her, then go for Cap1.
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