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  1. UPDATE: I wanted to update this thread so that it may be useful to other people in this situation. After a couple of weeks, I finally got back in touch with my lawyer. She reached out to Scott & Associates/Bank of America with my settlement offer of $3k. They came back with an offer of $3,680 (about 50% of the balance). They required me to pay it within 4 months of signing the settlement agreement, or I could pay the settlement over 2 years if I agreed to an agreed judgment. I have the cash to settle this now, so I am settling the entire balance this month and avoidong the judgment situation entirely. I am pretty confident that I would not have gotten such a good settlement offer had I not hired an attorney.
  2. They are actually representing BofA in this case. I.E. the lawsuit is Bank of America, NA vs. RehabbingANDBlabbing. I am not in contact with them. My lawyer was saying that Scott & Associates often makes mistakes and that there is some chance we could prevail in court. But I do want to settle it just so I don't have to worry about it ever again. I have settled all of my other debts. I actually was calling Scott & Associates to settle the debt before they filed the lawsuit, but they did not return any of my numerous phone calls. The few times I spoke with them about settlement, I got a debt collection representative (not an attorney) and they kept quoting me $5,600 to settle it, which really wasn't feasible then or now. It looks like I'm just going to have to settle it based on a payment plan. I will update this thread after I talk with my attorney again and hear back from the other side.
  3. Does anyone here have experience settling a debt with Bank of America? I have a credit card debt of $7,358. I am currently involved in a lawsuit with them here in Texas, which is being handled through Scott & Associates (a collection law firm). Recently, they decided to move forward with a trial next month. I do have a lawyer, but I did also want to seek out any additional advice people on here can provide. The account is within the 4 year SOL here in Texas. I would ideally like to settle the account and possible negotiate a pay for delete, but there is no way I can pay the entire account balance. My lawyer thinks it is possible to beat them in court, but she also says settling for $2,500 might be possible. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Would the arbitration method be possible after they have filed this lawsuit? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
  4. I did find the legal entity associated with this collector, but none of the addresses associated with it accepted my letter. One of them was a residential address and another was a UPS store mail box. The entity exists, but it's probably not worth my time. They have since stopped calling anyway. There aren't any credit report entries, even on the weird subprime bureaus. On this one, I am pretty convinced it's some guy working from home who thinks he knows what he's doing, but he really doesn't. He did have my debt info, which he obtained somehow. The info I got from him was an email offering a settlement, which had letterhead for the entity and the UPS store address on it. I was actually ready to just settle it because it's a small debt, but the guy tried to screw me on the emailed settlement agreement. All he had to do was email me a document stating the correct amount of the settlement and that the account would be paid in full after payment was made. Nope. He tried to write down the full balance and have me agree to make a "payment toward the full balance." After that happened, I decided to do the debt validation process and ran into all those issues locating this "agency."
  5. I've been dealing with a real crappy collector about a payday loan from years ago. Sure, I recognize the debt, but I'm not settling with these people. I think it may just be one guy using several different names. They are using that same, illegal tactic. They were calling talking about being home to get papers, they called saying they were from the county clerk's office, yada yada yada. I sent 3 separate debt validation letters to all the addresses I could find online for the business name he gave me and every single one of them was returned. I may just locate the registered agent for this company and sue them for FDCPA violations.
  6. This is simply CareCredit for the home improvement consumer. It will be interesting to see if they could get acceptance at all major home improvement retailers using the Discover network. They could kick the Citi Home Depot card to the curb if they let you use this card at Home Depot. Synchrony would then have Lowe's, Home Depot, and many other smaller stores, with a rewards option to boot.
  7. DCU hates recent (any just about any) negative items on your credit report. I applied for a secured card with them and was denied. Certainly, my report had multiple charged-off accounts reporting from 3 years ago, and I also had a car loan from 2016 with DCU that was paid in full and closed, but they didn't care. The negative items outweighed any other factor. But I am fine, because my Discover secured graduated a few months later from $700 to a $2k credit line.
  8. Mine also graduated this month! I too opened it in March of 2018. I got a CLI from $700 to $2,000. My TU score at the time was 652, with two charge-offs and a collection reporting. I'm ready to get my cash back match in March though, because I have been using this card really heavily.
  9. I believe State Department FCU does. You might want to check the Credit Pulls database.
  10. Do you have any other negative items reporting? Inquiries are like 10%-ish of your credit score. So 640 to me seems really low for someone with no negatives and low utilization. Unless these are not FICO scores. If i had to reccommend a store card to anyone, I would say Target for sure. They have 5% off all the time, which actually saves you money if you PIF and shop there often. They are reasonably easy to get if you have NO NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS. Similarly, nearly any card from Synchrony has similar approval criteria. Both banks offer reasonable CLIs over time, but I wouldn't get a store card unless it is making you money. There is something to be said for skipping store cards if they aren't providing you any rewards or benefits. You don't need one to improve your score unless you are rebuilding. Even so, you already have 4 (probably better) cards.
  11. I saw this recently when I opened a bank account with Wells Fargo. I wasn't sure what it means or what I agreed to, but I really didn't like it. I thought this might have something to do with two-step authentication for signing in, but I think there's a much more terrible truth to be found. My guess is that they are trying to match the billing details of your wireless account with your credit information to verify your identity using a new method of data collection.
  12. I am going to wait and see what happens when Chase updates the account. They may give me some new dispute reasons that will allow me to get the account deleted with the update (i.e. balance still not right, late payments not reporting in the right months, incorrect status, incorrect date of first delinquency). After mulling it over, I definitely agree with cv91915 that I should be suspicious of sending in documents. It's not publicly known how much data EX, TU, and EQ retain when we send in our disputes. They do keep track of templates. Are they tracking how many times we have disputed, what the reasons were, and what documents we sent in each and every time? I don't think they could retain all of the data, but I know they are tracking a majority of it. For example, I can see my entire dispute history for an individual account on Innovis. They track the reasons, dates, outcomes, and even what has been deleted appears on your view of the report.
  13. If you all really want to be scared sh**less about data privacy, request your Early Warning Systems report. I got mine in the other day. Apparently, Wells Fargo and Bank of America are reporting details about individual transactions, my balance every month on the 1st, and I believe the average daily balance is in there as well. I understand that EWS is associated with the big banks and maybe there is a certain level of privacy associated with this CRA. BUT, I am also aware of how LexisNexis shares information with almost every other CRA, SageStream and Innovis basically are twin CRAS that share everything they get their hands on, and other countless examples of CRAs sharing information amongst each other. It would probably be very easy for Experian to bypass Ultra FICO and go straight for EWS for this data.
  14. I definitely understand that they will not update it overnight. But it would seem to me that the FCRA requires all data maintained by the CRAs to be accurate. I am talking about the law in theory, not in practice. Right? So if you follow that line of reasoning, it follows that even if a creditor may be in the process of reporting said data, if it is not yet corrected at the time of dispute, then that would mean they are technically in violation at that time. They could correct it during the dispute process, but it may just get deleted. I have gotten the TL deleted from tU, but I am still working to get it off of Innovis, EX, and EQ. For now, I think I am just going to see what Chase does when the account gets updated. I don't want to send them any proof that this is my account, either.

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