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  1. I’m right there with you. I paid off some stuff and I have to wait a while for it all to report and for AmEx to update their systems. I am hoping to get a CLI and a new card out of them.
  2. I bet none of y'all can explain why Levi's was offering me a 25% discount to sign up for Afterpay when I checked out in the store. Granted, they weren't having a sale in the store on the day I went. I just needed some jeans that fit after losing some weight (28 pounds lost since June of this year). If I had to guess, this works by Afterpay paying Levi's a smaller amount of money for the purchase price upfront. Afterpay then pockets the difference as well as any interest or late fees. This is obviously a highly automated process, so they are basically making money off these smaller transactions
  3. Yeah, this is basically the next iteration of store cards, IMO. Easy to obtain, high interest, and used to buy overpriced stuff. The "soft power" of this kind of credit is that it convinces people to shop at certain stores and pay more because they think it is the only way they can "afford" to buy a certain product. It's targeted to poorly informed impulse buyers.
  4. Here are a few recent approvals: AmEx Business Prime - $3k Capital On Tap - $9.5k Dillard’s - $1k Upgrade Card - $15k Delta Gold upgrade to Delta Platinum (still no CLI!)
  5. I think I could make the Gold card annual fee work. They have the $10 monthly Uber credit, which you can use on Uber Eats to pick up food from a restaurant. I don't pay for food delivery, so this make sense to me, because the cost to pick it up is the same as if I ordered it from them otherwise. That's $120. I might be able to use the dining credit as well, but I am unsure how viable MR points will be in the long run. I would use the SUB for a trip this year, but I honestly do prefer cash back over baking travel points for future trips. I definitely prefer wealth accumulation over experience a
  6. Did y’all see that some fool on that forum that shall not be named got a $5k approval on a Credit One AmEx?
  7. There must be good money to be made with these services. At Sephora, they have stopped posting prices in the store and they have ads for a BNPL service everywhere. I also went to buy some Levi’s recently and they were offering a 25% discount if I signed up for Afterpay. It is being pushed super hard. As a credit card user, there’s not much incentive for me to use such services. I guess it’s a way for them to sell overpriced goods to younger buyers with no credit.
  8. They might give you a decent limit. I saw one guy on the forum that shall not be named who had a $68,000 limit. Not bad. Personally, mine has grown from $1,250 to $9k in less than a year, so I'm pretty happy with them. The one thing I don't like is that they will only give you 1% when using the physical card. I am able to use Apple Pay a lot of places, so it's not a huge deal, but it necessitates me using another card for my non-category spend. But I do get use out of the 3% on Uber, Walgreens, T-Mobile, Apple products, and Panera.
  9. Oh Apple Card likes to gather as much data as they can. They pull Chexsystems and Innovis as well. But centex is correct, this data is showing up on all TU reports. It's always on mine. Mine is similar to yours in that most of the values are 0. I don't deal with any cash advance places anymore, so there's not much data out there about me in those databases.
  10. That's the issue. I am concerned that it is affecting my utilization. But you're right, it will still show as settled/derogatory anyway. That's why I don't think it's worth paying them much money. Especially on Experian, where I have had ZERO luck getting any settled accounts deleted. I should probably just wait and ask for early exclusion in August of 2023.
  11. Hey y'all! It's been a while since I have posted on here. My credit rebuild journey is continuing. At this point, I have settled all of my delinquent debts, except for one, which is US Bank/Elan Financial. This account charged off in 2017 with a balance of about $23k. It has passed the 4 year SOL here in Texas, so I am safe from being sued by them. They are currently reporting on my Experian credit file and sometimes on my Equifax file. Equifax will delete the account, then Elan will report it again a couple of months later. I think I am on round 3 of this happening with them. Anyway, I really
  12. Well I am always an advocate for double checking stuff. T-Mobile tried to pull some crap on me the other day. I switched the card I was using for my autopay. I get a $15 a month discount for using autopay and I switched the card to my AmEx for the $5 monthly bill credit for cell phones. Anyway, out of nowhere I get a text saying my T-Mobile account is past due. I go on their website, and autopay is still turned on. They just decided not to charge my card for this month because I changed the card. Why wouldn't they make the payment if autopay was still turned on? To me, it seems lik
  13. Yeah, I've been on the fence on getting into the points game. I am interested in the AmEx Gold card for the basically uncapped 4X on dining and groceries. But, point devaluation worries me and I would really like to have the travel benefits of the Platinum if I am going to pay an annual fee like that. And there's no way in hell that I will be paying for the Gold card and Platinum card annual fees at the same time. Also, if I went the Platinum route, it would essentially be a sockdrawered card, except for airfare and traveling. Most of my spend would go on other cards, so it is a bit of a conun
  14. Oh, do you spend a lotta time polishing your plastic? I have my wallet, a credit card binder in my desk, and I keep one extra card with a small limit in the car. My husband forgets his wallet sometimes, so keeping an emergency one in the car is important.
  15. You should always wait for the bureau to complete their investigation before sending a new letter. They will ignore another dispute or they will add 15 more days to their time to investigate, which may harm your chances of getting something deleted. Personally, I haven't had much luck at all with Experian, even when I provided them proof of inaccuracies, so you must be doing something right! I was able to get my TransUnion and Equifax reports clean. For one thing, you can keep disputing the accounts. You just have to look for different reasons. What information doesn't match or loo
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