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  1. Ironically, I still use personal checks with some frequency. But I am always writing them to myself, LOL. When you have a few bank accounts, for whatever reason, it is sometimes easier to just write a check to yourself and deposit it into your account at the other bank. This way, I am not sitting around waiting 3-5 arbitrary business days for an ACH transfer to go through. The other advantage of this method is that the funds are usually available right away (at least with credit unions, don't expect any immediate availability from a big bank).
  2. I was sued by this law firm in Texas during 2019. They were collecting on behalf of a debt buyer called JHPortfolio for a CitiBank credit card that JHPortfolio had purchased. There are some soft pulls from them on my TransUnion credit report, so maybe check and see if you see any there. They may or may not be deciding whether or not you are worth suing with this information. As always, YMMV. I was successful at beating them in court. My attorney filed an answer and they basically gave up. For a $1,200 debt, I would just settle it. It's not that much money, but ultimately, it is your choice. It could turn into a lawsuit with these people, which would put you in the position of scrambling to come up with most of the money, if not all of it, in a short span of time. Since PRA still own it, I would contact them directly and settle it with them, if settling is what you want to do. They are known to delete the collection from credit reports 30 days after payment or settlement. It could be worth it to you to settle just for the deletion, but hey, if you don't want to spend the money, then I get it. I had a couple of debts I did not settle during my financial disaster in 2017, which I am waiting out for the SOL to be up. I am less than a year away and have not been sued over either of those debts, and they are both upwards of $10k.
  3. Has anyone been following those Synchrony account closure posts on MyFAKO? Clearly, there are some very "special" people over there. 2 people have had all of their Synchrony accounts closed. Apparently, one of them had $95,000 (the other was $75k) in Synchrony cards and was wondering why they decided to close them all. I believe this person said their income was around $110,000. $95k in available credit on store credit cards is not normal in any situation, let alone when they are near the amount of your annual income. Synchrony likes to issue $300 limit cards to people at the Gap or JCPenney, then make thousands in interest in fees off of people who do not understand how to use credit cards. Low risk and high profit. They aren't interested in lending anyone $95,000 LOL.
  4. This place regularly sends out mailers to people is serious debt after doing soft pulls from the pre-screen list. They trick people into calling them with this loan offer, then they have you apply, tell you that you don't qualify (because your credit sucks from being in debt), then they offer to help you settle your delinquent balances. This is just a fly by night debt settlement organization. They aren't loaning anyone anything, IMO. I would avoid at all costs.
  5. It's funny you say that about Experian, because TransUnion is usually the one that gives me trouble. The freeze and unfreeze works perfectly fine for my husband via TU's online website, but the minute I try to do either thing online, they say they are experiencing technical difficulties ands that I need to call in. I then call in and try to do it via the automated system, which then directs me to their India-based call center and takes a lot longer than necessary. Freezing your credit should not only be free, but should also be convenient, especially in the era of data breaches that are the fault of the CRAs.
  6. I was recently approved for Alliant Credit Union and Regions Bank, which both pull TU for me in Texas. Regions has a prequalification checker as well that will tell you your APR and credit limit. I chose the Alliant Platinum Rewards Visa because it offers a flat 2% cash back on everything and it can be used at Costco. I took the Regions Cash Back Visa Signature for a $100 signup bonus and the CL offer of $6k, which will help me during my rebuild over the next few years and help me get out of toy card limit hell. It also does a flat 1.5% back, which ain't bad either.
  7. Target is one of the most oddball lenders out there in terms of who and when they decided to give someone a CLI or upgrade the card to a Mastercard. For example, my husband has a card that was opened in 2016. When we had some serious financial issues in 2017, Target gave him a CLI of $400 right in the middle of it all! Meanwhile, I have had my card since 2014 and have gotten only one CLI of $300. This year, I am making it my mission to get a CLI on my Target card, although it feels like a fool's errand.
  8. I have Prime, but I don't use it that much. I like the Prime Video streaming service. I only order a couple things per month from Amazon. I am terrible at planning my grocery shopping, so I end up just going to my local grocery store for most of that stuff. But certain things are much cheaper on Amazon, like my dog's food. It's nearly $10 cheaper than my Petsmart.
  9. The problem I have is that my EQ and EX reports still are much worse than my TU. My TU only recently got cleaned up, which is why I applied for these cards (all TU pullers). I am currently in an FCRA lawsuit over an unpaid CO showing on those two reports, which should result in the account getting deleted. Until then, I probably won't get approved for anything that pulls those two reports. Really, the only other card I want is the AmEx Blue Cash Preferred. I was expecting a higher SL from Paypal Mastercard, which I picked up for the flat 2% cash back. Apparently, a low SL is common for Paypal MC. I applied for Alliant for the same reason, but I did not expect a $5k approval. I picked up the Regions after checking their pre-qualifier page. It has a $100 SUB and a $6k line, so not bad. The Merrick card I have had for 1 year (no annual fee), I am holding onto it for a couple more years until my remaining negatives all start falling off EX and EQ. Ollo has no annual fee and some 2% categories. I am unsure if I will keep Ollo past the end of 2020, but it's not costing me anything.
  10. Verizon was the most expensive cell provider I have ever had. I just recently got rid of AT&T, which was costing $221 a month for 2 cell phones. I went to TMobile prepaid, and now I pay $88 total a month for 2 fully unlimited iPhones. I. COULD. NOT. BE. ANY. HAPPIER.
  11. After cleaning up my TU report, I went on a mini app spree. I was approved for everything, except RBFCU. Alliant Rewards Platinum - $5k APPROVED Paypal Cash Back Mastercard - $300 APPROVED LOL Regions Cash Rewards Visa Signature - $6k APPROVED RBFCU Cash Back MC - DECLINED. Score cited was 697. I had 2 paid charge offs from 2017, and they said I was declined for past collection activity in my credit history. And to think, I've been sending my direct deposit to these bastards! Looks like my check will be going into Alliant from now on.
  12. +1 to what hegemony said. However, there are times when you would need to settle an account to prevent or stop a lawsuit. You'd know if they were planning to sue, because they would have hired a debt collection law firm that will send you letters or you have been served already. Anyway, there are two schools of thought on this topic: you could pay using a prepaid debit card or a money order, in order to keep your debit card number or checking account number safe. Other people suggest using a separate checking account somewhere besides your primary bank that you only use for debt settlement purposes, so they don't know where you really bank and your direct deposited funds are generally safe from abuse. You'd also want to turn off any overdraft feature on such an account. The advantage to using a second checking account is that you have records that you can access anytime about the transaction, whereas a prepaid debit card might not offer such a feature or you will need to keep multiple, physical copies of a money order and proof that it was sent. Let's say your house burns down, you might lost all your proof. Likely though, you will receive correspondence from the debt collector saying payment was received. A good idea to mitigate this risk is to just upload these documents into the cloud, so they will be somewhere safe.
  13. Hello all! I wanted to put this out here in the credit forum and see if anyone has any information about it. I disputed 2 different accounts with TransUnion in December. I sent one letter on 12/14 and one on 12/16. They were separate disputes for two different accounts. However, I received a letter yesterday (dated 12/22) saying, "We are in receipt of additional information regarding your current dispute(s). Due to this additional information, the time frame for completing the investigation has been extended. Your initial correspondence was received 12/17/2019 and your additional information was received 12/20/2019, which allows TransUnion fifteen additional days." I did not send any additional information, other than a separate dispute, which did not relate to the first dispute. The real question here is whether sending separate disputes can be deemed "sending additional information" under the FCRA. Thoughts, anyone? To me, it seems like they are abusing the statute to broadly interpret the meaning of "additional information." They got too many disputes over the holidays and want extra time.
  14. At least they didn't give you the card, then close and cancel it after 2 weeks. That's what happened to me last time I dealt with them (I think it was 2013).
  15. Don't do it! Does anyone remember the mass account terminations that ensued last time OCCU tried to get into the big leagues? 🙂

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