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    • My guess is your now-ex screwed up the filing and failed to list you in the creditor's matrix.  I went through this with my ex (not a relationship recognized at the time by the State) and where we had multiple vehicles we had jointly purchased.     The BK they filed wreaked havoc with the note and the reporting.  It actually got to the point where I had to deal with a repo since the ex surrendered their half-interest but had an attorney that did not note that there was a co-borrower.     I ultimately got the vehicle back and owned it for several more years (before someone else rolled the vehicle at 75MPH after borrowing it for a trip).     If the stagecoach is anything like BofA, you will need to call and speak to whoever in their lending department handles BK cases.  Expect them to route you around the phone banks because the front-line personnel will be worried about the conversation breaking the prohibitions related to the BK.  
    • I travel full time and hate paper mail with a passion, because I have to pay to have it forwarded.  I don't see enough benefit for me to ever opt back in.
    • He has already screwed up at least one lease.  If you co-sign, that means you are on the hook if/when he screwed THIS one up.  Signing on a lease where you have no actual tenancy is rarely a wise decision...
    • I'm getting the info straight from Equinox and Transunion credit reports from each agency's site.  Wells Fargo has not reported on the account since April.  No balance is listed.  No past due amount.  
    • Unless landlord reports to credit for some reason , you do a change of address or start receiving mail there it prob won't show up. Have you tried being a guarantor instead of lease? Maybe a small landlord would be willing to lease to him with extra security deposit. I would rather lend someone some money to use as additional deposit and know my downside then be responsible for unknown/ unlimited liability .

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