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    • Send her back a copy of the obituary and death notice for the funeral you attended 
    • I just received our Innovis consumer files (mine and wife's) for the first time in years. I did this a few years ago (3+ I think) and I recall back then that the Innovis file was very sparse with probably less than half of our credit accounts on it. I recall also zero inquiries back then, meaning nobody used it.   Well that has all changed. Now our Innovis consumer files contain just about 90% of our credit cards and installment loans and mortgages. I really had to review the list to find the couple that were missing. So clearly a lot more creditors are now reporting regularly to Innovis.   I even have one old negative tradeline on Innovis. Since I didn't care about Innovis, I never bothered to cleanup Innovis in the past. Now I have something to do again. 🙂   Looking at the inquiry section, there are a few hard pulls. One from GM Financial where I recently got a car lease. GM Financial also pulled from the regular credit bureaus which were clean and 800+ FICO scores. So clearly my negative on Innovis did not hurt my auto financing.   However I do see a recent hard inquiry from NASA FCU, where I applied for a credit card last month during my recent app spree. I was denied by NASA FCU and I now suspect it was because of this Innovis report and the old negative reporting here. My other credit files are all perfect.   My notes on the adverse action letter from NASA FCU at the time were, "CC app denied (date deleted) too many inquiries, new accts, and sufficient revolving capacity".   Innovis is clearly growing into a real 4th credit bureau. They might not be part of the big 3 yet, but they are getting there. I will be checking in on them once per year and making sure this file stays clean. Just my opinion.
    • The flu that went around this past year was deadly, often becoming bacterial pneumonia. My brother had it it,went to a doc in the box, got misdiagnosed as "flu" and almost died. He was in the hospital for 5 days.    Doctors and hospitals do sell their receivables because they need the cash. Wait and see what they do next. don't want to get yourself sued.

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