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  1. I need to stress that the obligation of a provider to accept reimbursement at an insurer's scheduled rates depends upon their contractural relationship with the insurer. I'll broad brush the possibilities, but ultimately you need to review the literature provided by your insurer to determine what details specifically apply to your coverage ... Under the insurance with the most strict reimbursement guidelines, service is only covered by a patient's insurer when they use see a member of their provider network (typically, we're talking a standard HMO here). Reimbursement is pretty m
  2. I happened upon an earlier post from @DPB who relays advice from others that you shouldn't downgrade within 12 mo of an upgrade bonus, unless you want the bonus clawed back. Even if this advice doesn't strictly apply to BCP (though I'm not sure why it wouldn't), it seems prudent to adhere to it anyway.
  3. Before you can devise a strategy by which to deal with this, you need to know your liability with confidence. Your post suggests that your provider has a contractual relationship with your insurer to accept the insurer's "reasonable and customary" reimbursement schedule as payment in full for any procedures that are rendered. If so, the provider is bound to accept that amount, no matter whether you or your insurer is on hook for the charges. So, this area of grayness needs to be cleared up with your insurer and the provider. It should be a straightforward matter to
  4. Forgive the generalized wording (guess I was striving for some type of "catch all"). What I'm alluding to is any action that wasn't permissible under your lease agreement, or any action on their part that involved excessive fees or ran counter to any verbal promise. (e.g. Did they say anything explicitly upon return of the car that led you to believe that you would be off the hook financially? Of course, even if they did, it would be hard to duck any charges that are explicitly set out in your lease agreement for an early return, unless you were told that those fees wouldn't be
  5. Can't speak to @StarkRaven$ 's purchase, but I present a quote from Costco to my dealership for my Michelins and they match it on the spot (something like 30%-40% savings). Pretty impressive since I didn't purchase the vehicle there (we moved).
  6. @cv91915 ... hasn't US Bank sought your input directly into their "Customer Perspectives" survey panel?? I figure you could blow it up within the first 3 minutes of participation!!
  7. Pre-approved PenFed loan offer. Nice, since pre-approved from them is a rarity for me. However ... 12.99%?? ("Goodbye High Interest Debt" ???) I just prepaid $7k on a 6.15% loan with 1 year of payments remaining. Sure, I'm just itchin' to jump back in at twice the APR. < recycle bin >
  8. I'd suggest that there are better pickin's than Barclays for you. Now that Barclays appears to have stripped their offering of anything other than almost exclusively Travel partner cards, generally Barclays isn't prime for you. There is one modestly notable exception: Barclays just picked up the AARP card (formerly Chase) and are accepting applications. There's a Travel Rewards version (bonus cb on air, hotel, car rental spend), and a Essential Rewards version (bonus cb on gas, drugs, medical spend). $100 SUB on 90-day $500 spend. 0% bt, 15-mo, 3% fee avail at open. (I'm not
  9. I just tried again and both embedded links to the contest are now working. Damn ... that's one intelligent filter!
  10. I'm with @centex . The burden of proof is on you to document that the assessed charges were inappropriate. If not, has there been anything that transpired since the vehicle was returned in 2017 and the lessor initiated adverse credit reporting that serves as a mitigating factor? (e.g. any inappropriate or possibly impermissible behavior on their part?)
  11. Unfortunately, it's Bev's card (whose scores are mostly lower than mine by a few points). Consequently, there's no avoiding the hit on a joint app (rate based on lower middle score between the two of us). btw, I'd run this "challenge" on Bev's score instead, but I'm the one with cheap EQ ScoreWatch product sub, giving more complete access to report updates/score. Because of the age and single incident, gonna try a "hail mary" GW run at BA (not known to be forgiving).
  12. Click on the URL link, not the "Enter Now" link. Obviously some type of sophisticated filter. (We'll call it, "They done f'd up".)
  13. As noted, I welcome any questions necessary to make a reasonably informed guess. (I'll note that I'm more than a little fixated on the discrepancy between my mortgage scores and FICO 8 scores.) Here's the underlying explanation of score factors for my FICO 5 756: Supporting Details: Dates of Revolving Accounts opened in the past 12 months: (3) 4/2020, 4/2020, 1/j2021 11 Reported Revolving Balances against 44 open revolving accounts 30 day late (AU), 10/2017 16 Reporting Balances (in total) against 51 open accounts (11 Rev, 2 In
  14. I had intended to welcome any questions (with reason) that would assist in making an informed guess; in a follow-up post, I'll provide some added FICO 5 detail. Consistent with the FICO 8 850, my revolving utilization is approx 0.5%. (Rounded to 1% in the FICO summary.)
  15. So, over the next few weeks I'm going to make a stab at "AZEO", with an aim of boosting my EQ mortgage score (currently 756, as of today). < Since AZEO isn't translated via the CB lexicon popup as of yet (*mod hint*), I'll explain for those puzzled that it stands for "all zero (balance) except one", in reference to revolving credit accounts > So, the 756 EQ FICO 5 was with 11 revolvers reporting a balance (out of 44 open revolving accounts). My standard EQ FICO 8 (non-industry) is 850 (again, as of today). So post a guess as to my "AZEO" FICO 5 along with a b
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