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  1. Marv, are we able to make sense of this without the context of that thread?
  2. Learned a new term today (my search was auto-corrected to "xeriscape") If you can capture a decent pic when the time comes, please post an image ... would LOVE to see it!! (Shades of the "Great Pumpkin" )
  3. I don't think so ... ("card to wrap up my app spree")
  4. Halloween was one of the first areas in which my inner ambition shined ... I didn't so much "trick or treat" as lay siege to the city . I remember being 11 and canvassing a 14x6 block section of our city (this was in a town w/ 20k pop.) And, yes, the ritzier section was a key target. I was the kid that would knock or ring your bell shortly before 10p because your porch light was still lit. My parents were a scarce factor in much of my life ... if the porches didn't go dark first, I imagine I'd have continued to midnight or one.
  5. In my 30 years of home ownership, I've made it a practice to ignore any appreciation in home value during our holding period. This has served me well in accumulating equity and qualifying for a housing upgrade when we move. I don't think my perspective would change where it comes to "instant" equity of the sort you describe. At most, I'd take comfort that I'm not overpaying for the home and have some cushion if (when) prices contract.
  6. Ok, I'll "bite" this time around ... you're saying that Chase approved you for the card, but withheld the intro 0% bt stated in the card offer? I'd say that's the screwiest thing I've heard out of Chase; yet given the fact that they suspended my 0% bt offers on my cards with them for about 6 mo (and apparently those of many others), I suppose this doesn't put the action totally out in left field. Still, I haven't heard of similar experience posted to the internet (to my knowledge). Re the BA AAA card: I joined AAA last year when I thought I might take advantage of the
  7. I'm sworn to lay off the Halloween stash until after the porch light goes off. But, then again, Bev usually anticipates that they'll bus kids into the neighborhood and hugely over stocks. I usually have a cache that keeps me going until I can refresh after Easter
  8. In my experience, Equifax isn't even a contender relative to the USPS fiasco of the last couple of years. The lastest insult: USPS Informed Delivery showed an IRS notice due for delivery yesterday. Of 12 mail pieces, it was the only one missing. I dread trying to recover a duplicate letter from the IRS, but you just don't mess around and hope they'll try again on their own (lest you fear for the added consequence when they do).
  9. At one time, financing a "jumbo" entailed an added degree of complexity: Often a 1/4% higher rate and added time to process an app. From what I observe, jumbo pricing is often on par with conventional (resulting in slightly smaller APR's given fixed fees on some charges), with near equivalent processing. Of course, lender options are more limited since you need a lender that can either inventory the loan or has the means to place the loan since security packaging isn't an option. In any case, I assume we're looking at an increase in limits of about 15% ... (but I may be discount
  10. I've related our travails that have deferred the intended sale of our GA home and move subsequent to MA, having purchased a MA home in Dec 2019. I wonder if there's been a better time in history to inadvertently be sitting on two homes. In June, I received a cold call from a realtor asking if we were interested in selling our home. Obviously, I suspected it was a "boiler room" call. But the fact is that she had an active client, retired couple, who were looking to "downsize" ... and our 4000 sf w/ pool fit the bill precisely. Supposedly they're content to sit tight until we're
  11. Flew a morning DFW-RNO segment on AA Thursday morning. It's been a long time since I've entirely turned up my nose to an AA FC meal. I'm almost always VERY satisfied with the domestic meal selections. This was an exception ... The first food selection was a salmon/egg protein breakfast (a modest salmon fillet w/ a hard boiled egg). In the context of a 3+ hr flight, I consider consuming something like this to be "rolling the dice". Even if fresh, I'm not confident that my stomach and gut are going to be entirely copacetic digesting these foods. Frankly, both are far too pungen
  12. Oh. Yeah, I guess that really nails it. Sorry, but I really want to know whether this survey of trailer/RV park residents was restricted to ALA and MISS, or if it's a really comprehensive survey that canvassed a few folks in Louisianna as well.
  13. An email was sent out to cardholders on Sept 20 providing closure notification, effective Sept 23. The related tradeline on your Experian report will soon likely be updated to "closed by grantor".
  14. We had an intruder to our screened porch Thursday. He entered by punching right through one of the screens, likely pursuing something running across the lawn ...) I tore the remainder of the screen out and gingerly encouraged him, trial and error, to find his way to the open window. That beak and those talons had me moving VERY CAUTIOUSLY. Out the next morning to return to one of my very favorite haunts for an extended weekend ...
  15. I'm browsing this thread for the first time, and was surprised to find this ... Having bought a home in Cohasset in Dec 2019 with plans to move from GA and then waylaid by Covid, Bev's office closing and her decision to rejoin me in GA, Bev subsequently getting Covid, my getting Covid 2-mo later (we seldom left home, and never without masks ... thank god neither of us suffered respiratory problems!), and then Bev suffering from an autoimmune disease this year (CIPD) that has caused a devastating loss of muscle tissue, with extended infusion therapy treatment now on the horizon, we
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