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  1. This is speculative feedback (at best): One thing that definitely worked against you: You're not profitable to USAA. Had you been, the bank might have some motivation to accommodate activity that otherwise is "flagged". (You do note the brokerage account; that may have been an offsetting factor, however, I suspect you don't generate much fee/commission revenue.) There's no question that the ACH activity was one of those flags (as others suggest here). It's very atypical and the split deposits obviously are made to circumvent their funds hold policy. You can file the regulatory complaints you suggest. However, I don't believe they will buy you anything personally.
  2. Thought it was already well established here that anything that might follow the words "According to CreditKarma" was garbage. Just saying ...
  3. hdporter

    Which is More Exciting? An Amex Gold Poll

    Did you get an enhanced SUB, or is there some notable benefit on the Gold that you aren't already privy to?? (Did you opt for the "rose gold"?)
  4. hdporter

    Barclay Love- So far

    Barclays has been very generous of my and DW cards; never stingy. They like to see use.
  5. hdporter

    paid off cards, when does interest stop

    Once you incur interest on a credit card statement, it takes two successive PIF statements to stop interest accruals.
  6. hdporter

    Synchrony - Walmart - Capital One

    I'm going to guess that we're not talking an actual conversion. That would lessen the value of the deal that Walmart cut with Cap 1. I suspect there are provisions in the existing contract that would contradict such a move. Instead, I read into the text that Synchrony looks to issue new accounts to its stronger Walmart cardholders.
  7. That's against 1040 income of approx $60k?? If so, impressive!
  8. And just to be clear, "FICO" doesn't warehouse credit data information. They simply license their scoring algorithms to others who use it in conjunction with data from a CRA. In other words, anytime you see a FICO score, it means someone has retrieved your credit history from a CRA and applied a FICO model.
  9. I'm half-way with you ... for flights with in-flight wi-fi, add a credit card app link (with free access) and push this along with the paper app. Better yet, offer a free month of gogo internet with an approved app.
  10. Hate to play "pile on", but you need to understand that any mortgage consultant who instructed you to try and qualify for a mortgage by disputing a tradeline is a total POC. Run ... do not walk ... away!It I wish you only success in securing your desired refinancing. There's been some "tough love" in this thread, and some non-constructive input as well. Glean that which is useful and disregard the rest, but make sure you don't toss aside advice merely because you find it disagreeable. It seems that your best hope may be to start from scratch. Starting a new thread in the Mortgage forum, provide thorough details on your situation, may elicit advice that will get you on the right path.
  11. hdporter

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    I've never had anything but great experience with Barclays (and predecessor Juniper Bank) ... especially when it comes to CLI's. This is why Bev's denial really surprised me.
  12. hdporter

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    DW just got <raspberries> from Barclays ... denied CLI on her Aviator for one reason only: "High credit available on other accounts". (FWIW, no other Barclays accounts) 783 credit score cited in letter $600K+ in revolving credit limits
  13. hdporter

    Very Stupid Question

    I'll suggest that having a recent clean credit history (at least 2 years is optimal) tops any consideration about who your other credit accounts are with. If you have recent adverse credit experience, I imagine a lot of things come under scrutiny. As far as whether to delete "non-prime" accounts after successfully getting rebuilding under way ... don't. No creditor will sweat past accounts, with any lender, so long as the history is positive. Delete such accounts, and you simply rob yourself of valuable account history/age.
  14. The headline may have the accounting basically correct ... credit card rewards expense is likely offset against revenue from charge fees in arriving at a "net revenue" value in financial statements (and segregated from other credit card related operating expenses).
  15. hdporter

    Credit Utilization and interest.

    If you HAVE clean reports, and a reasonably well established history (say 3 yrs average age), there's as good chance that you don't have to sweat modest utilization. I report something like $30k+ in carried revolving balances each month (about $20k+ on 0% bt offers, and about $8k of new charges that will be PIF next month). Thanks to roughly $700k in credit lines, my utilization ratio runs 4%-5% each month. That drops my FICO's into the low 800's Good enough for me.

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