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  1. hdporter

    NEW CARD!! Mr. Cooper Home Rewards

    Must have a valid Mr. Cooper loan
  2. hdporter

    LOE for mortgage

    Bear in mind that a 30-day late means that you missed two due dates, with an intervening late notice. I think "overwhelmed by responsibilities" is a better cover than "I forgot <twice>". In any case, the request for a letter of explanation is routine. Curt explanations are best. Even better is a short statement that suggests you've taken action to reduce the likelihood of future activities. Assuming that you're clean for the last year, you might add, "we now maintain a monthly payment checklist to ensure we don't overlook a payment".
  3. Academic tuition at all schools has increased at about twice the rate of inflation in the rest of economy over the last 30+ years. Aid hasn't kept pace, and loans have sucked up the difference. So, yeah, students can compensate by going to cheaper schools (bypassing the more prestigious ones). A private school education is simply not the option it was when I studied 40 years ago. Still, I'm not going to suggest a qualified student pass up a top state school to go 2nd tier instead -- except in limited cases, there's a strong quality sacrifice as well. There's a lot of blame that can be laid at the feet of "millennials". But there's a real crisis when it comes to college affordability; don't make light of it.
  4. No question in my mind that the min payment due prior to the Nov stmt wasn't received in time, starting the interest treadmill all over again. Outside of that, typically, paying 2 consecutive statements in full by the due date each month is sufficient to stop trailing interest.
  5. hdporter

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    Short of actually having burned a merchant (by failing to remit funds due on credit sales), I wouldn't impugn their integrity. (But, yeah, their credibility as an on-going concern takes a hit.) My guess is that those merchants who've elected to finance purchases through Blispay will be quite willing to continue to do so, when back in operation. They might, however, keep Blispay on a bit of a short leash for the time being. As a Blispay cardholder, I have no qualms about charging on my card when it suits me. Yeah, maybe they're a bit "not ready for primetime". But no one else has come to the table with a 2% rebate, 6-mo 0% finance card.
  6. I've been eying this card over the weekend. SUB is nice, but the possibility that I'll have no other use for the card chafes my butt a bit. (I don't typically open credit ONLY for the SUB). Does Arrival at least occasionally come through with bt offers w/ 1% fee (like Aviator)? I could sink my teeth into that at least a little.
  7. hdporter

    Should I report my income to Chase?

    To expand on heg ... the CARD Act requires an issuer to consider "ability to pay" prior to a CLI. If they don't have a recent income update, they can't autonomously increase your limit any longer solely upon usage history. Up to the individual if they want to volunteer the update. In my experience, once CL's > $20k, I've seldom seen auto increases in any case. However, I do know I have one card with a large limit that was increased in this manner this year after responding to a request for an income update. (Details escape me at the minute ... I'll see if I can track them down.)
  8. hdporter

    Sync/Cap1= Walmart

    One might think so ... but the articles I've skimmed suggest that it's up for grabs. Don't ask me to make sense of this. On one hand, Synchrony would definitely be looking for compensation if it's outstanding card balance portfolio was to be transferred to Cap One ... and there's no indication that this is currently in the works. On the other hand, I doubt Walmart intends that millions of customers are going to have their current cards ripped out of the hands of their customers. What might be possible is that, at minimum, Capital One is authorized to issue new cards to current account holders, but any "legacy" balances remain with Synchrony (unless Cap One pays up for them ... but, again, I've seen no indication that such an agreement is in place).
  9. hdporter

    Sync/Cap1= Walmart

    Haven't seen info. I expect they'll sell it to Cap 1, if they can get a good price (it's a strong earner, so I think Cap 1 would be foolish to pass on it without a strong bid). If not, then count on receiving a Synchrony MC w/ 2% rewards -- at least that's what they did with the defunct Toys 'R Us portfolio.
  10. hdporter

    Wondering if I am still blacklisted by Amex

    I defaulted on an Amex, but paid up within a few months. That landed me on the black list. I discovered I was back in good graces when, exactly 10 years later, they mailed me a card application.
  11. hdporter

    Blispay Suspended New Funding Email

    Assuming the card has increasingly found a home with consumers, Blispay needs to raise funds to finance purchases. To date, it has issued $26 mil in debt securities. It sought a new offering earlier this year to raise $30 mil more. I can't find anything that discusses this newest offering, but I'm going to assume that they had difficulty finding subscribers. Not finding news of that, or of a problematic default rate.
  12. hdporter

    Nordstrom VISA Signature - Points Upgrading

    Wish my stock picking this year was this much "on the nose"
  13. Don't you just love "dodging the bullet" .... your scenario is where I stumble aboard, drop in my seat, and point every available air vent at myself!
  14. Guess there's a distinct downside to the online advice I read re Spirit: Buy up to a "Big Front Seat" and bring earplugs to be oblivious to the Greyhound drama in the back ... btw, are those seats no longer "Comfy"?? Why the downgrade to "Front"? (It's been awhile since I last resorted to Spirit ... Frontier is heads and shoulders superior when in need of a discounter. I spent over an hour trying to work out January travel for Bev to ACY the night before a free junket to LV. Unfortunately, Spirit, with a cx in FLL, is the best I came up with. Hope I'm not kicking myself later for not considering PHL with train or shuttle to AC ... I'm sometimes far too frugal for our own good!

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