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  1. The lynchpin on the $110k loan offer is obviously what interest in appreciation they want.
  2. DCU for auto and home lending. Forgettable credit card options though.
  3. Have you called to ask what the situation is that prompted the court date? Do they consider you in default of the settlement agreement or what?
  4. An alternate card option for Costco purchases is BA Cash Rewards: 2% on groceries/wholesale clubs w/ $2500 quarterly purchase cap. Card also has a 3% “name your category”; we select “online purchase.
  5. I'm puzzled why your first step in investigating this wasn't to review your mailed or online statements. A reported delinquency isn't just a missed payment, but a payment received 30 days or more after your due date. It would stand out like a red flag. Attempting a goodwill request to remove this black mark isn't "wasted" time, success or fail.
  6. When they're ready to expand, I hear the Blispay payment network is up for grabs ...
  7. I would never suggest your saving habits were anything but exemplary. Just merely observing that the yield on mortgage prepayment is rather subpar. As far as the mortgage vehicle you opt for, if there’s a very strong likelihood that you’ll pay it off within 5 years (which appears well within your intent), then your strategy is sound (at least in terms of interest rate risk). But, so long as equity returns of 8%+ appear strongly viable over the mid-term, I choose not to lock up extra h/o equity yielding only 3%. Still, if you pare the fixed income portion of your investment portfolio to the bone, and essentially substitute your added equity in it’s place (analytically), you pretty much arrive at the same result.
  8. Cv, I applaud your efforts simply because they’ve brought great satisfaction for you. But I’m scratching my head just a tad as to why you didn’t suck it up at the get-go and take a low fixed rate 15 yr mortgage. I get the 30 yr (I presume) variable bought you quite a bit of flexibility. But my gut sense is your nature is such that except under extraordinarily exceptional circumstances, you were unlikely to tap that flexibility. After we sold our Philly house, we refi’d our 30 yr into a 15 fixed at 2.875%, 0 pts. We have 8 yrs on it and I’m in no rush to accelerate. Despite the risk, I’m confident I can do much better investing excess cash flow in a well-diversified portfolio. As far as flexibility, we have a low rate HELOC as backup.
  9. Seems to me the lack of verbal discussion is at the root of all the troubles here. There are more employees than just the collections mgr; find one to talk to.
  10. Was just doing that (a little slow on the uptake this am). I made the assumption that we were talking about the universe of those who took a car loan. Assume that's not clear from the actual statement though.
  11. Well, I’m a huge proponent of buying new. A car that’s not well-cared for in it’s first 30k mi (on-schedule oil changes most important, driven with care second) isn’t going to go the distance I’m looking for. Even if you can find a gem, I’d ideally prefer to order to spec with a factory order. But yeah, if you expect to have a “well lived in” vehicle, I can see the appeal of reaping the value of something “broken in”

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