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  1. Alternate headline: "Monthly climb in outstanding revolving consumer debt 2nd lowest seen in the past 30 months" ...
  2. I can only suggest the you pull your 3 CRA mortgage scores now so that you have a clue what the starting block looks like and where you stand relative to a basic goal of a middle score 720+ target. If sufficient cash materializes for the purchase, it may be that you don't need the derogatory to drop to achieve the score hurdle. Further, your score reports will identify those factors having the greatest adverse impact on your scores. While the derogatory will no doubt be listed high, the report may illuminate what else would give you the most bang for the buck in targeting your score enhancement efforts now.
  3. "inquiring mind", and all ... I started to worry and am wondering if I need to FB "friend" my favorite peeps here.
  4. Ok, you may have a hard lesson to learn here: FICO 2/4/5 have a poor correlation to FICO 8 scores. If your goal is to improve your mortgage scores to the extent possible, you NEED to know your starting point. Pay up the $59.85 (minus any discount code you can google) for a myFICO.com one-time 3-bureau credit report to see your current FICO 2/3/5 scores. (Score model numbering explanation: These models, from something like 2004, were numbered individually by CRA against which they are calculated: 2 = Experian, 4 = TransUnion, 5 = Equifax) myFICO pushes their subscription products; these are overkill and excessively costly as a guide by which to improve your mortgage scores. Your first 3-bureau report will cite the score factors against which you might have the greatest leeway for improvement of your FICO 2/4/5, with the application of a little common sense. From this, formulate your plan of attack. Once you have this, you might purchase a single CRA update every 6 weeks, updating a different CRA each time, to assess your progress, while keeping your report costs modest. It's critical to remember that mortgages price off your middle CRA score. Thus can be a serious factor that focuses your specific efforts. Reducing utilization is generally where one gets the most "bang for the buck" in score improvement. Reducing number/% of accounts reporting a balance is another. Successfully clearing adverse entries is a "biggie", but far less predictable on how successful your effort will end up being. Factors related to age (of accounts/delinquencies) are almost entire a matter of time and patience. However, you generally want to restrict new account applications to only the most valuable credit opportunities during the 12-mo in advance of your c redit application (kill those apps for one-time 10% retail discount on modest purchases!) A "760" middle score is a nice target. However, it's more critical to ensure you cover the 720 hurdle. In any case, I found most of my prospective lenders used 740 as their best pricing threshold.
  5. Any credit history for a paid installment loan that was closed in good standing (final status not default or collection) will continue to report as follows: Any individual delinquencies noted on the reporting will be removed 7 years after that delinquency month. All other positive monthly statuses will drop month by month when 10 years has elapsed. The tradeline itself will be removed 10 years after the last date of reported activity. Because it's feasible that the tradeline will continue reporting as a "positive" account for years after the last delinquency drops, in the big picture it can be very beneficial to be patient and not try to rush removal of the tradeline.
  6. Again, I suggest you put your diving rod away where it comes to VS3. Not only does no creditor use it for serious credit decisions, but it's a score model designed by amateurs to do nothing more than mimic FICO 4. (VS4 targets FICO 8 in similar fashion.) VS isn't a credit risk score so much as a reverse-engineered FICO score (with huge misses). As far as FICO 8, as @shifter discussed, so long as your overall utilization is < 10%, and no individual credit line is heavily used, adding credit capacity through CLI's won't move the needle on FICO 8 at all appreciably.
  7. Er ... Wow (?) Bordering too close on real life in this world to be amused ...OK, maybe "cigs" isn't on the nose, but when I hear of the isolated story of a child that is largely discarded by its parents, the bottom drips out of my soul.
  8. I'll accept the correction, but I'll venture a guess that this is manufactured by a licensee of their brand name
  9. Have you ever noticed that Catepillar has never entered the home lawn mower market?
  10. I realize this may be said "tongue-in-cheek", but I'll stress that "app sprees" are a piss-poor strategy by which to build / re-build credit. You want to build solid accounts, not merely arbitrarily add accounts. My recommendations is to successfully apply and be approved for two accounts having long-term utility and then use the crap out of them for no less than 3 mo before repeating this strategy with 2 more accounts. Showing active use will more likely that strong CLI's will be granted
  11. Just to avoid ambiguity: HUCA = "Hang Up; Call Again"
  12. I'll take that at face value and reply earnestly: The next step called for isn't to post a "Whadda ya think?" to CB. Seriously. You persist and get the answer you need. They know why they claim they weren't able to access funds and issued the suspension. You have reasonable evidence that this wasn't the case. This discrepancy needs to be resolved to ensure that you're not at risk of adverse action of the type that you invited speculation about here. (Again: Seriously.) When initial attempts don't succeed, "HUCA" and "escalation" are time-tested remedies.
  13. Please expand on that. The call ended without an explanation? HUCA?
  14. I suspect the ship has sailed on the effectiveness of corporal punishment with these kids. (Speaking for myself, at age 14 I began to signal I was ready to take whatever my foster patents felt they needed to dish out. And I stopped putting up a defensive posture when they were pissed off. I was spared the strap thereon.) What needs to be implemented is an effective police "Scared S**tless" program ..
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