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  1. As preface, much of what I'm going to write here is of the nature of "good to know for next time", but if of absolutely no use to you know (other than perhaps better understanding where you stand and why PNC may take the position that they have). I'd like to say that "it goes without saying" that one can never rely upon a verbal promise and, if you may rely on any statement down the road, insist on it being confirmed in writing. However, I need to look no further than myself to grasp that most everyone violates this as one time or another (repeatedl!). You get someone on the phon
  2. 759 +10. One pt shy of my goal for this FICO score.
  3. In my experience, Barclays is more generous with CLI's initially. However, in aggregate Barclays tends to have a lower HHI % threshold for total credit limits extended. IMO, moving a sizable credit limit from Chase to Barclays is a good strategy to increase overall Barclays credit exposure when you're otherwise maxed out there. And it's likely that Chase will be willing to make up for the reduced exposure with them via a CLI on another product. I don't think it's at all advantageous to move a sizable CL to Barclays if you haven't hit your maximum exposure with them.
  4. And, just to tackle this from another angle ... who denied your credit application because of the late marks? It may be that someone has constructive suggestions on what might smooth that difficulty over with that/these specific issuer(s).
  5. I no of know credit score advantage or distinction between a secured loan and unsecured. (A) Don't worry.
  6. @Namah , I very much grasp your frustration. There's no question that if an issuer wanted to confirm that it was me on the phone, they could do so very much to their satisfaction for most any purpose. So, I ask you to consider the possibility that instant availability of a PIN has to do with some other precaution than strictly identity. I'll suggest that if a scammer could induce a cardholder to obtain a pin with a single phone call, that this would quickly become one of the biggest sources of credit card fraud. An scam installer sells a homeowner on home service and tells him/h
  7. That's a feature that I've lost track of since I first applied for it, even though I've only had it 4 years now. That's a definite keeper. thx!
  8. First, congratulations on your first successful rebuild steps. The Discover and Cap One should serve you well. Re CreditOne, I'm personally a little jaundiced at some of their business practices, but it shouldn't hurt to have as a third place holder as you continue to rebuild. (sorry, but it's no more a "back door" than if you were to cut out a credit-card sized Amex logo and put that in your wallet ... of course, maybe I misread and your comment was "tongue in cheek" ) The advent of Chase Slate Edge is noteworthy (first I've heard of it). I'll suggest that it's for those who
  9. I appreciate the input ... as usual, it's insightful. I've placed 3 separate charges on my Arrival in the last 3 weeks totaling $5600 (against a $15k CL). I'll be repaying these at about $1000/mo on a 0% purchase rate. Perhaps this will show sufficient util that they'll grant a new CLI request around Sep 15. ------------ One of the charges was a $2900 repair to my 2006 Linc Zephyr. Car had started dripping a tablespoon of oil onto the garage floor daily with three separate spots. Diagnosed as oil pan leak and leak in the front engine cover. 90% of repai
  10. Do you really fear the "Closed by Credit Grantor" (CBCG) notation so much that you'd invest 5 minutes in a call with WF? With a seasoned credit history, very strong credit score, low util and nothing adverse recently reporting (there is a 4+ year old 30-day AU), I wouldn't sweat a CLOSED BY "THE COMMAND OF GOD" notation ... CBCG is a commonplace notation that, by itself, carries no significance.
  11. You know the expression, "You can't fight City Hall"? It might be best to think of the FICO algorithm that way ... Unless I'm mistaken, my guess is that your call to myFICO support didn't prompt them to specifically look at your report content in any substantive way to evaluate how these tradelines are impacting your score. At best, they gave you their best supposition, based upon what they generally hold to be true. My point is, you could talk yourself blue in the face without the slightest possibility that your score would be impacted whatsoever. Respectfully, it's
  12. An attempt to resolve a credit card dispute NEVER end with front-end employees. This is the most recent number for Chase Executive Customer Service that came up in a search: 888-622-7547 Explain clearly and concisely what has transpired and I hope you'll come away with either an earnest attempt to resolve your situation, or a clear explanation why you're liable for these charges. FWIW, I've never encountered a service situation in which my credit card number was required merely to quote services. On the surface, this seems very suspect alone. Also, if thi
  13. We'll have to compare notes as we venture forward!
  14. I have to fess up that in my quest to maximize purchase cashback, the PayPal wallet/5% cc cb category match have been a total blind spot. (Of course, I've also admitted to only acquiring a smart phone in the last month! ... my "form factor" requirement having been satisfied by the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.) Time for me to play catch up!
  15. Your Capital One statements "cut" as of the 3rd of each month (in other words, this is your "statement date"). This is the balance that Capital One will most likely report to the credit bureaus (credit reporting agencies) each month. Ideally, for stronger credit scores, this amount should be a small percentage of your credit line (say, no more than 10% to 20%). This can be achieved by a payment close to the statement date, with no further activity on the card until after the statement close date. Given your specifics, if you make that payment on the 27th, and refrain from using
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