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  1. This could be a case of good intentions going awry. I've related my experience that because of my loose organizational skills, I typically miss a due date on one or two credit payments each year (usually late by 5 days or less). Yet, I rarely pay any late fees because lenders typically are very willing to waive them, provided you have at least 6 mo (or so) clean history. Crack down on lenders' late fee policies and likely respond by eliminating any such leeway when a late fee is incurred. I look to comment as much to the CFPB when they open the topic for input.
  2. I wouldn't distinguish between the cards in terms of "prime"ness. The Cash rewards card is a VISA Sig, by default, which typically requires qualifying for a $5000 min credit line. Presumably, someone who didn't meet the income threshold, but otherwise is fully creditworthy, would be sidelined to the Points card. @Burnooger says he/she received an email confirming issuance of a Cash Siggy. I think it would be helpful to review the language in the email to better understand what may have happened here.
  3. Can only suggest you take your approving email, along with other correspondence, to a bank branch and ask a manager to assist you. They tend to be responsive and higher motivated. (I've banked with PNC since 1985.) I have the Cash card. The points card doesn't appeal to me because a point is estimated to be worth approx 0.22 cents. Even with the best PNC relationship bonus, and 4 points per $ spend, you're getting just 1.5% in cashback equivalent value. I maintain a relationship with PNC because I've been with them since 1985 and they're convenient locally for check cashing and other counter services. However, were I to choose a local bank today, I'd likely go with BA, who offers a much full complement of services and more attractive relationship bonuses. Maybe you can look at this frustrating experience as impetus to switch horses ...
  4. Not a chance (re USB Cash+) ... I adore getting 5% cb on my utility payments and select streaming excl from the BCP 6%.
  5. I'm inclined to differ (though this is a minor nit, in the scheme of things). Day trading and bit coining are reported as investment activities, with reporting from any one broker summarized on a single schedule, and only the summary total captured Gross casino machine gambling wins equal to or greater than $1200 get reported individually. It's not unusual for me to have 10-30 entries, each identifying win amount, casino, date and wager. With about 3 such entries fitting on a single page, I've had 4506-t transcripts where 2 pages covers all other reported income, with another 8 or more pages of reported w-2g winnings It's all a perceptual concern. All other things being equal, I prefer to avoid such bias exposure. Although when we moved to GA in 2011, our mortgage broker had an interesting slant on things, totally accepting the "advantage" player scenario and putting me at ease when I sweated that I had moved some "mattress money" to savings for the down payment a little too late to properly "season" it. (Bev moved ahead of me and so we bought prior to sale of our existing home). He asked me if I had winnings documentation and I noted recent w-2g activity, but commented that obviously reflected gross winnings, not the considerably smaller net that I took home. He said, no problem ... just need something that documents that the cash is from your own resources.
  6. For me, its the disclosure of as much as $100k+ in w-2g gross gambling winnings (obviously, largely offset by losses which are itemized separately). Aggressive "gambling" activity instills an impression of potentially reckless behavior. I'd prefer to avoid that taint, if possible. No doubt I'm over stressing the risk.
  7. A necessary hitching post on the way to Lake Tahoe. (We return to LT Wednesday, assuming Bev's up for the trip). After 3 mos., Bev's PT has really ramped up. She came home from a session at 3p yesterday, hit the sack, and slept solidly to 10:30p, when I forced some dinner on her.
  8. In layman's vernacular, it's CL F'd. (won't require further explanation)
  9. Late pick up here, but I largely agree with you: A decent continuous breeze can make a 20 degree temp boost bearable. It's only when I start to feel encased in sweat that I begin to panic. Here in suburban Atlanta, we're not talking about touching 100 with any frequency. But we're touching the mid-90's almost daily this month. Any activity in direct sun is a certain heatstroke (I had no idea what a few degrees of latitude meant in terms of angle of the sun until we moved from Philly to GA!). But toward 8p, temps dip back in the 80's. The fact that we live nearby a "mountain" peak means that we get a beautiful thermal convector most every evening, making it one of the best backyard experiences I've yet to encounter.
  10. I'll bite: First "celebrity" encounter: Shook Gerald Ford's hand in Jul 1975 at an appearance in Traverse City, MI (This was approx 2 monthly prior to the assassination attempt by "Squeaky" Fromme.) Most recent (July 2021): Sat behind Rachel Maddow and partner on a flight from PHX to RNO.
  11. I won't diminish your concern, but just point out that there are multiple significant risks posed the minute one steps out their front door. On a good day, I don't let such threats hinder me from venturing out, nor do I fret for my safety when I do go out. One can feel relatively safe and protected and yet be vigilant. That's the balance I strive for. The presence of risk, in itself, doesn't not call for taking undue/excessive measures to ward them off.
  12. Email from Citi hit my inbox about an hour ago. CLI approved. Looks like I took a hard. (This email referenced the 4 digits associated with my account.) Thanks for bearing with a rant
  13. Just got to share re my Macy's account, an account opened in 1986. One of my oldest accounts on record. Problem is, a few years ago, Macy's started CLD "dormant" accounts. 2nd problem is that as of about 8 years ago, I lost interest in shopping at Macy's (moved on to higher end products and also got tired of their every weekend is a new sale promotions). So, I've gone a few rounds where my limit is knocked down, I then find a few things I want, put a $200-$300 order in, and then start requesting CLI's to boost back up. Then I let it go dormant again (I'm talking 18-24 mo without a purchase). Most recently, they dropped me back to $600. So in Feb, I request a CLI to $1800. I think they did a hard pull (uncertain, at this moment). Then the system says they experienced a problem and gives me a number to call. Didn't bother. CLI ultimately came through without notice anyway. So, tonight, in an idle moment, I request an increase to $3200. Same problem notice, so I call (11:30p). Definitely speaking with the "C" shift. CSR relays info between me and an "account specialist" 3x over the course of 15 minutes. I ask if there's a specific problem, and he says he has no specific info. Finally, CSR comes back and says there seems to be a catch somewhere in the system that they can't figure out, but from what they see, the request should be approved. He suggests submitting the request in 7-10 business days and it should go through. One definite hiccup was apparent: When I called, the system couldn't ID me from my last 4 digits, and instead used my SSN. I received a notice generated by my online request that referenced a different 4-digit number set than my account number. The online system page correctly displayed the actual account number digits. I look back through my email notices from Macy's and see that since March, most have referenced the 4-digits as displayed in my most recent number. There's no notice been sent of an account number change, and I haven't received new cards. What a way to run a credit operation!
  14. I don't consider the CLD or closure of an inactive account to be "adverse" action that merits reporting under the request in this thread. That goes doubly so for C1 notices, which proactively invite you to take action to avoid such an event.
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