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  1. I think Hege and CV passed 60% or higher. Centex, Hdporter, and Cashnocredit together account for 15%. Just guessing.
  2. HSBC conducts a soft promotion query on my Equifax credit report every other month. I was just invited to apply a few days ago. I am not saying that they will stay here, but common sense suggested that If you decide to eliminate yourself from the competition, why should you spend money to attract more customers, duh?
  3. FWIW, I always remember who lent me money and how much I owe them. In 2005, there were two major banks in Maryland, MBNA America Bank, and Chevy Chase Bank in Maryland. MBNA America Bank, N.A. is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, before being acquired by Bank of America in 2006. ChevyChase Bank, F.S.B. B. is the largest local banking company in the Washington metro area. It was acquired by Capital One in February 2009 and was renamed Capital One Bank in September 2010. You may not want to apply to a Bank of America related to credit cards or loans. On the other hand, Capital One Bank hardly blacklists anyone seeking credit from them.
  4. I think you and George are closely related in the number game. Despite the heated argument, he is more to the right than you, but your advantage plays a greater role in a cogent position. At 80,000, hehe... no one even comes close to that contributions. 👍
  5. Citigroup is skeptical about who is unemployed and who is working (as quoted in Capital One's CLD). Some people think they are lucky and have not lowered their credit limit.
  6. Congrats, Hege! I can visualize and speculate one person can attest to the task... Writing 1,000 posts in four months is a milestone, and I can only think that George may have approached this radical speed.
  7. The FICO Algos is biasing towards banks, its formulas is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or experience, it favors the banks and financial institutions. One of the advantages of VantageScore is that they will not adversely affect you by paying off your account. Experian sent an important message telling me that my FICO score has dropped by 28 points without losing any credit rating. Every revolving account reports a zero balance. I think the FICO score may change from a loss of 15-20 points to the current 28 points. Once the balance is found, FICO scores will be restored as before. Echoing from GEORGE again: "What does my credit report have to do with my driving record?"
  8. Well, I assume you having a false pretense of contracting covid which in itself is a dodging bullet, good for you, good for you testing negative on the virus. Many things in life are random and meaningless disregard who you are or who are you, everything is incidental or accidental everything is by chance, and what is the odd of encounter something that is truly deadly as this invisible enemy engulfs all around us, who knows. There is some speculation positive news related to the coronavirus progression or permutation of strain in evolutions, which is not as fatal as it was at the beginning. Meanwhile, there is no cure just a mitigating tactic for defense. One thing to remember is not to stay in one place for too long, and do not touch your face with your hands. Good luck!
  9. I see people have two or three credit card with a high annual fee associate with the same issuing bank (Chase, Citi, Amex). BTW mostly are eligible to qualify for airport lounge and TSA services. When I see the arrangement of these cards in member's signature myspace I wonder are they willingly paying high fees for a high limit card or what? Make no mistake this is pointing at big banks and not the credit union. As I said before, having two or three high annual fee cards is enough to serve you and your family in resorts, cruises, or vacations in Las Vegas. Nowadays, people get smarter to negotiate reciprocally when deciding to close an account, they will BARTER you like was for Sue Lowden's chicken swap to keep you paying the $500 annual fee. #Hello Retention!
  10. Hehehe... Hege, this is enviable concurrency than the contemptuous situation. I've already admitted I was flabbergasted by the perplexity and wonderment in my first paragraph. So I understand why intelligent consumers paying a high annual fee to apply for such a credit card. But, for many people who are very realistic about the issue of expenditure, what is unknown is that consumers are approved by obtaining a $400 annual fee credit card, and the credit card issuer will reward applicants who apply for a higher annual fee more, that said, a credit card with a much higher starting credit limit, this is far better than a credit card with no annual fee or a lower annual fee credit card in terms of credit limit issues. Haha... more like extortion. Things like they rarely CLD or close high annual fee cards. FWIW- In Charity and Kindness, let it be known to be benefactions the returned is huge. Generous donations, generous returns. Ripley's Believe It or Not!
  11. I'm just being bewildered by folks obtaining all sort of high annual fees credit card $400, let see, the prime list of these the highest part or point of excellence the meticulous superfine credit cards if you will... American Express Platform Amex Aspire Citi Prestige Citi Executives CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Chase United Club I would rather donate $3,000 a year to non-profit organizations or churches than to waste this money to improve self-esteem, provided that you have obtained all these super-prime cards from the main issuer. Another good gesture is to imitate Mr. Wig and drag boxes of bottled spring water to a homeless shelter to show humanity to people living in despair. FWIW-You only needs 2 to 3 cards at a time, not 6 or more of these $500 annual fee cards.
  12. Our member Zenith encountered a very rare CB palindrome. Congrats! saippuakivikauppias = 3,555,553 Good Lord! It must have taken 18 years for this digitals eidolon to appear.
  13. Hahaha... If you pay in full every month, no creditor can grab your sore feet to control you. In any case, I advocate the WGAF strategy and pay in full! This will free you from the burden of debt and indemnify you from any unfavorable actions by creditors.

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