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  1. I think your loan with NFCU has reached its limit. The cumulative CL total for other members is typical $80,000. What's your DTI?
  2. Hey, PotO Sorry for my "encapsulation" of that short passage above. Plethora-> “too many or an overabundance.” SCM-> former member BK, or Charged-off $2 to $3 million from a plethora of creditors. "Now, WTF does SCM have to do with OPs issue?" The OP has not surpassed (maxed out) all creditors, and he has sufficient resources to move forward.
  3. I unequivocally determined that he did not extract $2 to $3 million from plethora issuers like SCM. Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. But, a tough call! Tough call!
  4. Aimlessly around to build credit is like a ship without a compass. To clearly articulate the real strategy, don't try to apply for a credit card, develop a strategy, and establish a higher credit line with the major issuer. Now, your previous creditors have all of your account information data stored internally, and being able to regain access with your previous creditors does not mean that they will trust you in a long-term relationship, and you will no longer be able to get a high credit, ignoring the exception on how well you're doing of your credit situation. To position yourself, therefore, you will need to view other banks or CUs that have not been burned by you before. If you are good enough to build your own profile, a restrictive combination strategy will be developed. Pay in full, don't be tempted by risky behavior, and reserve funds for unexpected emergencies on rainy days. Good luck! MP$80
  5. Once again, I ask, someone who asked you before: Why are you focusing on adding accounts with places you burned? Moreover besides- Focus and pay attention to what Shifter said.
  6. The $242 I paid was reflected in Hedge, Pot description. Perhaps these updates to your account are associated with each individual credit line, over $10,000, or may not be, or just millions of cardholders' overwhelming payment methods associated with Goldman Sachs' random handling at the time. Of course, it is just a speculative description.
  7. Only stupid people will lie to everything. It won't cut! Not trying to sell snake oil in here folks. there is a video camera surrounding you at every second (figurative) no exaggeration, instant Kama brothers. You will wait and see.
  8. No PIN. Then, there is no password! My epiphany was that I didn't see the cash advance fee on the agreement, and I noticed that the Apple Card does not have this feature. However, if there is no option to access it, why Goldman Sachs will even raise this topic as to concern to what?
  9. This is not a big Kahuna, we only need some collaboration. But, if you are like the truth you said, why recalcitrant, why the reticent from the other people?
  10. Huh? I don't see any questions about choosing a PIN on my account. Do you claim that Goldman Sachs gave you this option after the app was approved? Please elaborate on this issue. By the way - no one, I mean no one is here or in Reddit or anywhere mentioning any PIN associated with an Apple card.
  11. I didn't see anything similar to the spectacle you depicted. These days, people are quick and witty. No one wants to clog up at the checkout terminal. If you do then you will become a nitwit.

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