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  1. Our member Zenith encountered a very rare CB palindrome. Congrats! saippuakivikauppias = 3,555,553 Good Lord! It must have taken 18 years for this digitals eidolon to appear.
  2. Hahaha... If you pay in full every month, no creditor can grab your sore feet to control you. In any case, I advocate the WGAF strategy and pay in full! This will free you from the burden of debt and indemnify you from any unfavorable actions by creditors.
  3. Hahaha... So it is not a palindrome category and classification, given its complete housing certificate (full house), I designated it as "Other" (Numerical Apparitions).
  4. Banks and telecommunications companies always cover up their policies (Hidden) to create a beautiful text (the fine print). Nowadays, credibility has become an important part of people's daily life (FICO score). In other words, when applying for a credit card or telephone line service, even if you need to enlarge the font 10 times, you must read everything to avoid predictable errors or subject to their hidden policies in small text.
  5. I think this VantageScore is more sensitive to credit use than other factors. Compared with FICO, VantageScore can develop in a positive or negative direction. The widening range of the gap may be surprisingly 15 to 60 points or more. Haha. The most interesting thing about Credit Karma Equifax VantageScore is that the reported balance on all accounts is absolutely zero. Now, this will be penalized based on the FICO score instead of VantageScore.
  6. Hehehe... I would rather go to Miss. Marlow Blow to apply for a subprime credit card account than ask for help from usurious loan sharks. You will be imprisoned to pay substantial interest without a foreseeable outcome.
  7. Not sure about taking over by Standard/Chevron, but you can definitely do a charge at a Gulf station with your Chevron card in the 90s. This is only one-third of the credit cards I used for gas refueling in the 1990s or earlier (Hehe. Nostalgic memory). The Gulf and Esso Petroleum are Canadian. The use of the Chevron gas card to make purchases via the franchisees of all these gas stations in the United States and Canada (Exxon, Esso, and Gulf oil petroleum co).
  8. FWIW- I confirmed your experience that TransUnion is always the last entity to report among the Big Three. Experian is often the first to update all credit accounts, hence, prefer to pull Experian more than the other two bureaus.
  9. In addition to Cash's analysis of your credit info, I don't want to be surreptitious about how to obtain an upper credit limit card from other banks. One thing for sure is your credit union cards will not catapult you to a degree to be approved for a $30K card from a bank without you in possession with a Chase, Citi, BofA, or Amex card with a minimum of $25K. I hate to say that, but Chase will not be the first to issue you such a high credit. So what does this mean? Well, credit unions or retail banks like Synchro or Comenity's cards are generally not seen as legit high limit cards.
  10. Hey ltg525, First of all, I am sorry for your misconception, the wrong impression of the meaning of the definition of the different debtor I was depicting. As long as you have a credit account (even occasionally using it), you are composed of debtors that's how I elucidate and paraphrase it. But, that's not important, what is important is the data info from Apple Card Goldman Sachs is currently as of today not a few months ago or 6 months ago. So, I don’t know which bank account you provided to Goldman Sachs to withdraw your payment from, or why was your credit limit to restore 3-day later, this alone may involve many factors (YMMV). When you apply, Goldman Sachs searches your credit history ubiquitously, not only the credit bureaus, sub-credit bureaus but also your checking account, who is that bank, and how long you have an account with that bank. So, I think Goldman Sachs has become the most difficult bank to apply for credit due to the inquisitorial aggressiveness nature of its inquiry behavior. FWIW- I do agree that their initial credit reporting was very slow and sloppy, this can be interpreted as a lack of credit card investment portfolio experience because Goldman Sachs has always been an investment bank, not a credit card issuer. As of now, Apple Card Goldman Sachs always cuts off the card statement on the last day of each month and updates the credit account with the credit agencies every month. ETA- Just to clarify Capital One, I like Capital One, they have always regarded me as a king, I have no negative tendency towards them, I just stand in the position of others to see what they do.
  11. I know that in the eyes of creditors, different debtors have different credit status. Apple Card Goldman Sachs is reporting the credit card accounts of its Apple Card customers to three major credit agencies (TU, EX, EQ). Many people credit their Apple Card account immediately after paying the balance in full. Therefore, I don't know why you got this treatment from Goldman Sachs.
  12. Wells Fargo Bank a road to perdition. A conglomerate co that discovered and established AmEx.
  13. insolent 1, I sympathize with your frustration. Why does Capital One want to start from scratch to disfigure their reputation? The second wave of credit reduction on the prime borrower’s account confirmed that Capital One might be too generous to issue credit card approvals through the maximum initial credit limit. On the surface, this can attract millions of people with subprime credit and/or current mediocre credit status who are interested in applying for Capital One Venture Card, instead of one application, but at least two or more times, if approved, The applicant’s net approval credit limit may be between $50K-$80K (2013 to 2015). Suppose that many people seeking credit, including me, benefit from Capital One’s unique policy, this is coming home to roost which has so far become a debacle that has caused the bank to suffer huge losses. Mr. Fairbanks said that the bank does not know who is working and who is unemployed. Therefore, the situation is not clear cut. So, Capital One is scrambling and competing for each customer account to determine the risks and rewards of these accounts, and to select millions of accounts to be chopped (not like Synch). This is just my guess. I have been spared the credit reduction of Capital One twice in three years, maybe not the third time. Haha. Is it making a difference that I am a transactor PIF instead of a revolver that constantly carrying a balance? who knows. As of now, my view of Capital One CLD is a bad rapped, it changed my sentimental perspectives regarding my reliability on them.

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