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  1. Good Lord! Mrs. Vig really saved by grace! You must deal with these issues quickly. You can't live around these savage cowboys and act fast!
  2. Oh, wow! Citi doesn't waste time recruiting for more new customers. I'm busy with Navy Fed and PenFed SUBs. If I take the offers, that means I'm 3/24.
  3. Does anyone ever possess this card? I know it's old, really old indeed. But, looks brand new. Perhaps, HD has an idea of what it's used for.
  4. Did I say the CHASE cards have a cash limit of 5% ratio to the entire credit limit? Sorry, it's a no-go card for me, not interested. Quoting Lt. Columbo: Just one more thing! Every time you open a credit card with CHASE, R.A.T. will track your credit report for several weeks. If R.A.T. sees a potential risk, they may close all your accounts.
  5. My Chase card does that. The statement cut-off date is the 3rd of the month. Now, if you decide to pay off the entire balance at any time, Chase would update the zero balance to the bureaus at such time.
  6. Now’s the perfect time to apply for a new home purchase or refinance. In addition to saving with a great low rate, you’ll also earn a $500 Closing Credit when you submit your application on or before July 7th. It’s just our way of celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happy homes. "This morning you received an email with an incorrect subject line that said: Light up the sky with a $500 gift card.""The correct offer is for a $500 closing credit and not a gift card. We apologize for the confusion."To learn more about this special offer, please visit https://www.penfed.or
  7. Hey, Moonpirate! Long Time no see... I'm skeptical of people explaining things to embellish the predicament they're positioning. In this case, recon goes from rejection to approval. I go back and analyze your original post, your 5 applications, 4 were approved 1 was rejected by PenFed, correct? People at length saying do not to join PenFed while your Equifax report is dirty! Besides, your excessive credit application doesn't help cogent to PenFed approval. As to Navy Fed apps, forget that, too. Stay in the garden at the moment would serve you bes
  8. Everybody should remember this action taken by CHASE. This 5% on cash advance policy started in the Covid-19 pandemic. Another word FOAD if you're unemployed.
  9. Sorry, Hege... I missed this post earlier to reply, or should I rebut to Chase bank draconian on cash advances? It used to be not like that. I recalled people applying for 8-9 credit accounts in a night. Without any balance chasing, account closure, and there is absolutely no adverse action taken by creditors whatsoever. Nothing happened, despite your FICO score in the mid 600. I've said this before on another topic. People apply for 4 Citibank Advantage Airline Cards and apply for 3 Amex accounts, with a Charge, a Revolver, and a Line. Add on an MBNA Line, plus a USB Line, all
  10. I received the Navy Fed credit card 1 week before my PenFed credit card. I pulled Equifax this morning was shocking to see PenFed is on the report. "Pentagon Bankcard" was the title as the name of the lender. No sign indicating of Navy Fed reporting. Just now, Alert by Experian that PenFed is reporting. I was cynical on credit union posting of payment due to many people experiences the duration needed of 5 days or more. But, in fact, the post-payment of both accounts also was quick, took 1 day. Wow, things are moving faster than I expected them to be.
  11. Amex will not pull a credit report (Experian) if being blackball internally on file.
  12. Sure. In a big city like San Francisco, you hire a realtor to collect apartment rentals for you. Nowadays, you can pay by credit card recur on file, just as you pay for a utility bill, likewise.
  13. Navy Fed lets you access approximately 30% of the cash limit to your entire credit limit, which is the norm. Since I am interested in casino entertainment, the PenFed PLOC on my credit card is sufficient to meet the available demand. PenFed is more difficult to get approved. But, not everyone can join Navy Fed. There you have it, the pros and cons.
  14. Dang. Both Navy and PenFed Statements closed after receiving the credit cards for just three days.
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