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  1. PenFed urged me to cash their check. At the same time, Discover sent a batch of unique paper checks to my mailbox. Well, you know, I was wondering all my creditors have sent me competitive balance transfer checks (including Capital One). The interesting thing is that Amex and Chase are not interested in this, or maybe it's just me that they don't send these competitive balance transfer checks knowingly there no debt to make a transfer to. And yet, Amex provides personal loan while Chase Bank provides loans from Chase Bank through your credit card line of credit. Banks have different ways of o
  2. "The good fortune of the scheme being described ended a few years ago." I think it is currently possible to purchase ordinary gift cards with credit cards, and these gift cards are not related to any VGC, MCGC, and AXGC... Occasionally I believe you still can or at least make a purchase like 10-25 dollars of VGC using a major credit card, but, not like it use to be on a grand scale purchasing, a volume of like say 1000-5000 dollars of VGC card at the same grocery store on a daily schedule.
  3. Sorry, I am not specific enough. I think your dynamic duo did not catch the point. The theme is M$, the game plan, the plot to maneuver is to make money and if you had a partner like your spouse will be included every day, then this will bring a considerable increase in net income, this is the scenario in which I was delineating to. The good fortune of the scheme being described ended a few years ago.
  4. I think using a credit card for gift card purchases may make M$ disappear forever. As of today, is there any place where you can buy gift cards with a credit card? I say this kind of catheter could not be more effective and very slim. Haha... If it works, you will see Kool & The Gang wandering around CB on this topic all day and all night.
  5. Haha... I'm guessing I was lurking too much time on Chase investment accounts.
  6. Yeah, a year and a half ago, I was getting an APR of 6.98%, which has a loan amount of up to $40K. For a long time, American Express, they have been stiff and burned by consumers, so that they are extremely alert to financial difficulties, and they will adjust according to the immediate consequences. Some people say that Amex & Chase are evil twins and they will destroy your credibility before you start defaulting. As of the most recent day. We witnessed the closure of 25 credit cards with a credit limit of $175K by Synchro, and there was nothing wrong with the cust
  7. The personal loan from American Express is back.
  8. This is the worst complaint I have ever heard of against Synchrony Bank... "I can't believe Synchrony bank. I had about 25 credit cards with them and everything has been closed as of yesterday. Have an 800 credit score, never been late, am employed as a doctor, and make over $425k per year, and just like that, everything closed. Unbelievable. All of my Synchrony store cards (Amazon, PayPal, Sam's, Care Credit, BP Amoco, etc.). Is Synchrony going out of business?" Golly, if you're a physician with an annual income of half a million, why do you want to suck up so m
  9. Yep, folks are anxious about credit accounts prematurely terminated without cause, and that eventually stinks up to high heaven. Since Walmart departed as a partner, Synchro has experienced a glorious time. Hehe... Isn't that an oxymoron!
  10. First of all, I don't have a Superman's vision, luckily it's you that has the intuitionism. 👍 A palindrome itself an equilibrium, it's Yin Yang, and the same is true for everything in the universe. long ago, people without science thought that unexplainable events were due to the interaction of gods. In the last few centuries, many empirical data have satisfied our curiosity, but they are still unexplainable energies around us. These are mystics, arcana, esotericism, dark and profound. Some are random and meaningless and while many come from unknown origins or plane l
  11. Haha... Did anything get to do with an apparition? Hmm... It is random, what is the probability that it is meaningless?
  12. Also, look out for this, too... When they are unable to successfully collect fees from your medical insurance account, I can assure you that they have made an inquiry into your credit report before sending an invoice to charge you for medical services. This kind of collecting procedure will happen to anyone. Sometimes, the receptionist inserts incorrect information to identify you when you enter the appointment, such as typing the wrong insurance card number, which will prevent you from charging the insurance company.
  13. Hehe... I just finished typing number 666 posts, and I still need 87,502 posts to catch up with your 88,168. 😜
  14. So, this new nerfed morphing policy is justified for paying a $550 annual fee? Each time you take a kid to the Centurion Lounge will be charged an extra 50 dollars. Your best chance of keeping the card is to go into the Amex retention department first before you closed the card. Do it every year before the card expire.
  15. Bank of America offers three traditional credit cards for me to choose from. If it is an Amtrak card, I would definitely like to apply.
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