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  1. The FICO scoring thresholds for CrapOne well predate the Kung Flu...... Hey Rogue The term end of year refers to the conclusion of either a calendar year or a fiscal year. You are citing a person in a state of confusion that is as-is convoluted and obfuscating in "is it year-end or year-end". He/she should have called it a "Metric Year", in which the year ending date is the last day of a 12-month period then the reader can comprehend the time frame. Good Lord!, what a nitwit buffoon. Now, where are we, okay, I can assure you that even if there is no pandemic carnage, you will still have people who are struggling every day, what do you say about their score? Therefore, the pandemic is a moot point in the focus of the debate. People with high credit scores always encourage others to pay in full with a credit card every month to keep their credit healthy. I think you at least concur with me in here.
  2. I have seen the Chinese article a few days ago, and it is disturbing that the entire school system in various regions has been corrupted and its scale of magnitude is unbelievable. According to an unprecedented in-depth report by CCP officials (due to suppression of criticism), the people involved in this massive scheme include... the principals, the public security (police department), the judicial system, state government, city government officials, teachers, together with everyone is colluding inside this despicable scheme. The scandal eventually became a focal point of reporting by former students that have had taken the entry test 2 decades ago. Additionally, the local government attempted to entice grieving parents or former students into monetary compensation in exchange for their silence, but, bloggers, activists, and foreign media bringing attention to the allegations into the surface. This scandal is stench up onto high heaven and no leader or helmsman can be managed to suppress it. MP$80
  3. Thank you! Kat I guess you and HP won the DCU debate over the kerfuffle.
  4. Okay, RAB is very kind and friendly sharing the DCU info data with people here. I don’t know anything about DCU or their website nor I ever visited DCU, but according to your last post, which wrote the word "household", which makes sense of answering the debate around the topic.
  5. I think the keyword is per household, which makes it clearly visible.
  6. Yup. That's my REAL username. From an obsolescent alias "MP$60" a long time ago to evolve into a contemporary divergence.
  7. People are unemployed and urgently need money to spend on food and shelter. The money in their bank savings account has been depleted. Those who have a job pay for their salaries, once furlough or layoffs begin, the income for living support comes to an end, disappear. These factual misfortunes happen miserably day after day, When the support failed, tell those people what they should do except immersing themselves in their credit cards to survive. That's why these low score being surfaced.
  8. No. You didn't make any boo-boo. The word DUP has an open meaning to it and JOHN in this vantage point referred to the latrine, so conjecturing the two together would become of a restroom depiction.
  9. As of today, the quote is still the same as my last screenshot, but I paid off the balance before the deadline of July 9th. As with three months ago, the Promo APR was 3.99% instead of the currently offered 4.99%. Merely 1% increases. By comparing your quotation with my quotation, in fact, your offers from Discover is more favorable, better. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. I've gotten that, too. I gonna need some corroboration from you if you will, please confirm the offer is via your Amex charge card and not from your revolver.
  11. A puzzlement for me. Thank Kat! In this terminology, I can only conceptualize my imagination through the combination of DUP and JOHN using two mysterious words to construe the riddle perplexity. If there is a mistake, please correct me. Let see if this makes sense... Passengers need to isolate themselves from other flight passengers, walk towards the toilet, open the door, and squat down for a drink. This will ensure your safety from contracting the viruses.
  12. If you don’t know your financial situation, a credit card may be a hidden danger. I suggest that cardholders pay their bills in full every month to avoid debt defaults. This requires many years of experience because reading and seeing the bankruptcy of others involves many intricate complex issues, that is, the mentality of the self-related to personal behavior. control. So after incurring debt, you start to apply for more credit cards to reduce the debt burden, thereby reducing the utilization rate. Then, if you continue to use your credit card for shopping, your debt will grow larger and larger, and your debt will soon be out of control. This is why this difficulty must be foreseen before you use any credit card to avoid trouble. you must anticipate this dilemma before you carrying any balance on your credit cards to avoid future predicament. Just my 2 cents. MP$80
  13. Hey Kat! This proves that you can make full use of Barclays on the Flagship Ring Card. On this basis, you are a distinguished customer. Congrats! I hope Barclays will extend the olive branch to many old customers who owe money and welcome them to restore their good reputation. In some people's view, the blackballing trend of dissatisfaction will be similar to the treatment of credit unions. Unless your past debts have been paid off, there will be no exceptions, but wait, what if Barclays hire Mr. Fairbank as CEO then what?
  14. A question may be a profound vital important to you... Sooner or later you will get thirsty, by not taking off the face mask, how do you drink during prolonged flights without being exposed to other passengers? Do you have a strategy to ensure your safety?
  15. Oh Wow! Wow!... Wowzer! Who is so responsible for my urgent needs? Such an amenable! Answerable... Are you Hege? Kat? Or CV? Someone must have reported me to Grand Poobah. Golly! You guys should speed up your promotion to management positions, or at least "ModSquad", seriously! I first want to nominate you guys and gal for one that serves as an inspiration, model, or personal guide, on CreditBoards you're as a facade architecture Roman pedestal, indispensable. Now, let’s take a look at our journeyman ✈️(CV), our newsman 📺(Hege), and our detective 🔑(Kat) who are all proficient in credit card knowledge, all dexterous on credit subject, and indeed as experts, manifest as a connoisseur, cognoscente of our credit systems, etc... On the other hand, mom was the site owner I was referring to and God bless her for always being a "Peoples Person", intellectual, articulate, soft-handed, and the first person you would go to on difficult issues, again, God bless her! Finally. Marv, Pam, and Good Lord! Lol... Am I that desperate for a title that I scratch-off my face to show CreditBoards members that I am a desperate fool? True? Really? Haha... Yeah, that's exactly how it's portraying my stupidity and exposing myself second to "Mr. Mean" as a member for attention as a quick wit person that formulate a retort on the spot and is currently hibernating and soon to be back. Well, for me, this is a delightful whimsical sense of humor, a scallywag, vicissitude, being a caricature on a theatrical scene, big time! Thank you! To Marv, Pam and CB website owners, management department, ModSquad leader, yeah, I am chatting with you CV, Kat, Hege, Hahahha... This is my honor to CreditBoards. Thanks again!

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