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  1. When I applied for the Venture Card, it was too late then I couldn't apply for a 2fer's back-to-back approval. My guess on Capital One’s credit line reduction theory may be that a new policy was adopted a few years ago, so the first CLD started. For many years, we have believed that Capital One is a reliable and decent credit card issuer, which ultimately comes to an end because prime borrowers with no blemish credit records in their credit files face shocking CLDs. Capital One seems to rely on and adopt the subprime loan prototype. The prime borrower's PIF did not lea
  2. Let me say It’s no big deal, it’s not a personal issue, it’s just business after all. I know that Capital One may be financially troubled and need reserves. OTOH, Bank of America doesn’t care if I use their credit card, which is the same as the 3 cards I have with American Express. Most importantly, Capital One is making credit line adjustments for those who have not fully utilized the credit line granted by Capital One.
  3. I think that current cardholders spend $100,000 or more per year, which is enough to tease American Express into inviting them to apply and get approval for the Centurion Card. Although this is a very loose basic approval policy compared to any crazy mandatory spending of $400,000 or more before, it is perfectly reasonable to generate revenue for the American Express Vault. So 20 years ago, I remembered that the annual fee for the gold card was $75, and the American Express Platinum Card was $395. American Express adopts the same revenue-generating strategy invites Gold Card membe
  4. You need to adjust the time interval between using your credit card and the statement deadline cut-off date. This is important for you to use AZEO’s $2 skill strategy.
  5. Capital One, the third-largest card issuer potentially trimming my credit lines in the coming month of November. Capital One banks see all that unused available credit out there as risk. I'd had survived the two purges of CLDs in the past, unfortunately, not this third time. On top of the heightened risk as millions of Americans face income and job losses, so they're slashing it, not just me but for millions of other people. I'M DISAPPOINTED IN CAPONE!!! Treating me like a king is finally over*. In addition, The move isn't going over with Capital One customers,
  6. In the past ten years, I have never paid the minimum repayment to AmEx, everything has been paid in full, and there is absolutely no interest. I can choose to pay a Green AmEx annual fee of $150, with a minimum payment of $40. The POT limit is $25,000. But I chose not to develop the habit of paying the lowest fees. Haha... AmEx has already made a subtraction toward the POT limit.
  7. If you have time, please search on the CFPB website. You will find a list of credit reporting agencies and other small financial reporting companies involved in consumer-related credit issues. This is a groundbreaking report on all relevant content topics. In this list, some CRAs may be frozen if you request them. Confirm that CoreLogic Credco freeze is enabled in the list. https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/cfpb_consumer-reporting-companies-list.pdf
  8. Another drooling... Guys, these are dried abalones and dried scallops, which are worth $200 per pound. Besides, who can recognize the name of this dish? Dish name same as above.
  9. The answer is yes to SageStream LLC and no awareness or familiarity with the other two. Personally, except for the Big Three, I will not freeze any of the others CRA (more than 35 of them). There is too much tracking and no time to engage in such a difficult task to monitor. A few years ago, our CB members had a serious debate on EWS's refusal to freeze consumers' EWS report files. So far, there is no clear answer. I believe you have the discretion of freezing SageStream LLC because it is part of the LexisNexis Risk Solution, and people can request to freeze
  10. This saliva-dropping food dish probably cost $400-$600 each. Mmmmm hungry... Hahaha... I can only speculate that only PotO knows the name of this dish.
  11. So I just pulled my TransUnion credit report and saw this at the SP section of the AR inquiries from NFCU. Nowadays, banks and financial institutions take the Goldman Sachs tactic as a model to do more research on each consumer applying for credit. Let revisit the procedure of inquiries: EWS, SageStream*, TransUnion, and CoreLogic Credco for credit card application, these CRA are empirical data according to both my apps with Navy Federal in June and Sept. We all know Navy Federal HP TransUnion each time you apply for a credit card, we/I don't kn
  12. If my decision ends up with 2 credit cards with Navy Federal to maximize the credit line to the risk exposure of $80K, then there is absolutely no HP involved in catapulting my credit line to reach that acme. Practically all SP from here on then. All I focus on is my clean Equifax report.
  13. Yeah. I recognized and was aware of the 1.75% rewards of checking direct deposit to Navy Federal. Hell, when I joined PenFed and Navy Federal, I opened both checking and saving accounts with them. I made a mistake opening a checking account with PenFed because it's not free of charge and made me park $500 there as if it's to secure my PenFed Gold visa Card. I'm ain't going to jettison it.
  14. The terminology you delineate Navy Federal is arcane and shocking! Good Lord!!! You indicate something from a specific angle or through a particular character’s eyes that made me think of your perspective of Navy Federal as subjective and not objective. My main thought exhibition of your subprime comment depiction of this credit union and my question to you: How bad were you screwed by Navy Federal? If any? Mortgage-related? How can an entity slogan promulgate "Our Members are the Mission" subject to your portraying category of subprime? Moreover, the Na
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