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  1. Yeah, not much getting. I'm receiving lousy offers from Amex these days.
  2. Yes! Hahaha! Sorry, but my mind wanders when strategizing about buying a car. Anyway, what changed his report was the combination of mortgage queries. Other than that, nothing else but what you described in his report.
  3. Auto dealers may have used several financial institutions and banks that only pulled out of Experian. Imagine there are tons of queries about his Experian report.
  4. I agree with Shifter! Citibank take the idea of a Chase policy and use it to provide flexible loans to cardholders. I got the same deal from JPMorgan a year and a half ago. I never use the Flex loan offers. ETA - Their credit card pre-approved offer with a show credit limit offer is back.
  5. Is this Ulta Card pinkish? Not visible on your signature area. I am amazed when you call it your beluga. But, I recall hard to get things always precious, correct?
  6. Data Points - EX - FICOs- 796, no inquiries on EX, and 3 accounts opened in 12 months. Soft pull on Experian, pre-approved with a credit limit displayed. Optional - take it (hard on Experian)or decline (soft inquiries). You can use the credit card account to fund the cryptocurrency account you like. The money is ready in your account. Go to the BlockFi website and apply now!
  7. Yep. Your card may have been issued in the late '80s or early '90s. The rectangular cards are just the right size to fit in the bottom pocket of your wallet. The bottom pocket is for fitting rectangular shape store cards. But, those cards are not MasterCard.
  8. My Sears card doesn't show any 4-digit code or Credit Central content. I assume that you have those old rectangular shape "Sear Roebuck and Co" credit cards. Now here is a version of the credit card issued by Sears in the 2000s. BTW - Blue Sears store cards closed in 2006 and reported 11 years at Experian until 2018.
  9. I've never heard of "Credit Central" before. In 2002, I had the Sears store card and Mastercard. Both cards were issued and maintained by Sears National Bank as a creditor. I recall the store card is dark blue the MC is gold color. Shortly, all the credit card was purchased and managed by Citibank. At the same time, Georgia's Monogram credit card, along with department store credit card co-branded cards and gas cards, were transferred to Citibank and issued by Citibank.
  10. I am not interested in Navy Federal CLOC or OOPS Emergency Checking Account Overdraft Protection. I think PenFed also has this OOPS option. The NFCU and PenFed checking accounts are my backup checking accounts. So I will now move on without the CLOC from the Navy Federal.
  11. I have held the Capital One Venture Card for 6 years and have been a PIF. Now, considering their monthly interest, which merely cost me less than 5 bucks a month, they offer weekly balance transfers, talking about inconsistencies. Never had such an offer before, Geez! The problem is there is no debt to transfer!
  12. Update... Well, I've been through a tumultuous period with my Capital One Venture Card. Last Thanksgiving I opted out of account review and made some modest purchases, in fact, I spent almost $3000 on a new laptop and an Apple 13 pro max with an air pod pro and some accessories. First, I made a $2K payment and I use the balance as AZEO credit utilization on the $600 installment balance, so I don't have to use the card. At the time I was maxing out the Navy Federal Platinum card. Capital One didn't CLD my line of credit, hope it stays the same lol...but, as some have come across, the policy continues.
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