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  1. Thank you, cashnocredit! Crystal clear! However, when I myself think back to more than 20 financial accounts and other sensitive personal accounts, it's hard to remember. Encapsulating all accounts to remember is a daunting task, and the importance of password security is critical. Seriously, I even forgot a CB login password. For security reasons, I may need to thoroughly check all accounts or create a password manager to operate.
  2. Thank you, cashnocredit! Sorry, I didn't get that, do you mean to create a strong bank card account password or an email address password?
  3. This email allegedly from Amex looks a bit grammatical. Therefore, it was quickly identified as a scam. It is not normal to receive 2 phishing scams with 2 independent card issuers within two hours. What are the odds of my email address has been compromised?
  4. To be clear! I don't have any Barclaycard, I am not a member of TopHatter.
  5. I like the design and innovation of the Apple Card. Except for the iPhone and iCloud services, I have not purchased any products from Apple. So to say (allegedly) that artificial intelligence is considered to a decision on the feasibility of consumer purchases ( will get approved high credit ) sounds beyond a deep or complicated and obscure stratagem. As I said I didn't buy anything, they approved me for $15,000.
  6. Talk about stereo electronics some nitwit masquerade being the founder of "Pacific Stereo", in the 90s, what a piece of garbage verbiage, how junk is rubbish. I recalled going to Pacific Stereo to buy Hi-Fi and Sony tape cassette recorder in the 70s. If you had lived in the Bay Area of SF you know where is Market Street is located. Pacific Stereo had the best Stereo Receiver brand inventory, Stereo Receiver like Maranz, Sansui, Kenwood. At the time Pioneer brand, not even well-known yet. It has long been considered that any Sony electronics product is the best brand to purchase special recording equipment such as the Tape Deck and the Sony Tape Recorder 110 model with a built-in microphone. I really like this recorder because it looks fascinating. Look here, what do you think?
  7. Goldman Sachs has now released a statement in denial of these allegations. "In its statement, Goldman Sachs says that Apple Card credit decisions are made on an individual basis and the credit line is individual to each applicant. They say that each application is evaluated independently and factors like personal credit scores, income level, and debt levels are used to make a decision. The statement reads “Based on these factors, it is possible for two family members to receive significantly different credit decisions. In all cases, we have not and will not make decisions based on factors like gender”. https://9to5mac.com/2019/11/11/goldman-sachs-releases-statement-in-response-to-sexist-apple-card-allegations/
  8. Persons who entrust or neglect them should be held liable for criminal negligence. Concur in favor.
  9. Haha. I'm betting doing things in closed doors and not opened publicly. But that's human not an automaton. Back on topic... Assuming your FICO is 850, you are also experiencing a ChexSystems error or a land transaction dispute with a Title Company in the Credco File, her husband doesn't know that.
  10. Now, tell me how a machine differentiates in terms of gender discrimination. Entities with six or more choices can be combined into an algorithm to approve or reject. If Corelogic sees additional information in her files, Goldman Sachs will definitely apply it to this risk. The machine is not capable of partisan or bias.
  11. I don’t want Amazon to own everything. I would never trust Amazon to ship me a TV. Some things you just have to see it believe it, something Amazon can never ever replicate. But its something even beyond that, Best Buy has an IT geek squad save your money and Total Tech Support is the one thing Amazon doesn't have.
  12. Kudos to Best Buy and is highly regarded. Every retail giant is gobbled up by Amazon. Best Buy seems to have the perseverance to adapt.

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