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  1. Is that in fact fortunate? Pampa has an NRHP-listed post office.
  2. Buffoons. Don't insult the musical instrument that Mozard, von Weber, and Vivaldi all wrote fine concerti for.
  3. is something I have recently learned. Far less recently - as in more than a decade ago - I learned that Idaho has a town called "Nampa." And we are all of course aware that Florida has a major city called "Tampa." (That is all.)
  4. As Phyllis Diller put it, "I want my children to have all the things I could never afford. Then i want to move in with them."
  5. I have two (2) hp EliteBook 6930's see. Being EliteBook 6930's, they both have FireWire ports, and FireWire is not yet on my List of Connectivity Technologies I Have Employed Between Portable Electronic Devices, so I bought a FireWire cable on Amazon but that's when I found out that I know bubkes about FireWire because the connectors were way wrong; like twice as wide as the ports on the laptop. So, in order that you all may bask in the glory of having FireWire on y'all's Lists of Connectivity Technologies Sidewinder Has Employed Between Portable Electronic Devices, can any of you recommend exactly which FireWire cable I should buy to link my two hp laptops and watch the files fly at whatever impressive speeds FireWire accomplishes? (also is there a spec for encapsulating TCP/IP in FireWire? It might be cool to have another method of telnetting in...)
  6. I read that the horse behaved very well. They still allow dogs on board for whoever plays the "emotional support" card, and there's never a guarantee that those creatures will be well-behaved, but I don't see posts complaining that the practice is allowed - let alone that it's commonplace.
  7. See, I'm trying to see if I can access a rinky-dink website, hosted on my laptop "Maynard" (Windows 7, IIS) from a rinky-dink little Android tablet. On Maynard I set up an ad-hoc WiFi network, called, say, Smoib (I would've won a Words With Friends game if "smoib" were an acceptable word to them). My iPhone can see Smoib but for some reason is "Unable to join" (I've checked the WPA2 password & everything...) my tablet can't even see Smoib, not after I manually re-scan for available nets. However, Maynard and the tablet have achieved Bluetooth pairing. I believe my rinkydink website is working; when I type http://localhost/Smoibhomepage.html into my Chrome bar it displays just as I've "coded" it (heh). (Ideally of course the tablet would've connected to Smoib over wifi, and while I don't have DNS set up, I statically configured as Smoib's IP address; hoping that would've gotten me somewhere. With the tablet for whatever reason not even seeing Smoib, that is currently a dead end.) What I'm asking, if anything, is - can I set things up so that Tablet can view my Maynard-hosted webpage via the Bluetooth connection? Bluetooth as I understand it (which I don't (nice going)) only operates in the bottom two layers of OSI, honestly I don't even know if there's a spec for routing IP packets over it. On an ultra-lark, I tried putting "http://MAYNARD/Smoibhomepage.html" in my tablet's browser bar. It can't see the WiFi guy's IP address, but it's got the Bluetooth device name, so I thought give it a shot. I was not surprised to see it not work. : /
  8. See, how many people saw the text "The Philadelphia Inquirer" in proper Olde-Englische-y, Gothic-like, newspaper-y blackletter? I used Unicode (see). It rendered properly on my work PC (running Chrome) but not on my olde iPhone 6s Plus (running Safari). : /
  9. See, when you find yourself in the Puzzles section of a bookstore (going back to when bookstores existed : / ), you would see spiral-bound collections of Sunday crosswords from The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune. And The Wall Street Journal también. So evidently all of those newspapers originate yes ORIGINATE a Sunday (i.e., 21x21) crossword. It seems that not every newspaper, not even every major metromapolitan newspaper, does this. The Sunday Minneapolis Star-Tribune, for instance, publishes The New York Times' Sunday puzzle and the Universal weekend crossword. There seems not to be a "Star-Tribune crossword." Well Minneapolis is one (silly) thing, but what about Philadelphia? Philadelphia is one of our nation's proudest, oldest, most importantest cities, and its newspaper has won a bunch of Pulitzers, see. I don't think I've ever seen a book for sale of The Philadelphia Inquirer's Sunday crosswords. Or maybe they do originate Sunday puzzles, and they publish compendia of them, but only locally? I haven't been in a Philadelphia bookstore in a lllllllong time. Also with The Washington Post and The Boston Globe publishing original Sunday puzzles, that makes me wonder if they publish original dailies as well. When I lived out west, the San Francisco Chronicle published the Los Angeles Times crossword daily on their comics page, and the San Jose Mercury News published one from "Tribune Media Services" which I believe is the Chicago Tribune's daily crossword; that's what I believe. (You heard me.)
  10. CVS is closed too now; they close at 10pm. Good thing I got there on time tonight to use my 4 ExtraBucks that were fixin to expire today.
  11. See, I finally saw Rocky. (Somehow I had never seen Rocky.) Between the number of times Philly's el trains appear on screen and the number of times trains appear in the title sequence of NYPD Blue (which was one of my fave shows ever and is now airing on H&I ) I am starting to think that movie and TV directors have a THING about trains. I do too, and I glanced at Wikipedia's entry about SEPTA (Philly's transit system, see), an article which makes the claim that SEPTA is one of only two, deux, dos transit systems in North America that operate "all five major types of terrestrial transit vehicles: regional (commuter) rail trains, "heavy" rapid transit (subway/elevated) trains, light rail vehicles (trolleys), trolleybuses, and motorbuses...The other is Boston's Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority." However, among the MBTA's three heavy rail lines is the Blue Line, which is a dual-mode line: It's powered by a third rail in the underground stations and by overhead catenary northeast of Airport station, where the tracks are outdoors and totally near the ocean, where a third rail would be subject to severe and frequent corrosion. So SEPTA is indeed impressive for operating five modes o' transit, but it really needs to be noted that since there is no dual mode heavy rail in Philly, the MBTA is closer to operating six. Six, see, is more than five. Hence the result of Superbowl LII is vacated, and the championship is assigned to the Patriots. (The matter is now adjourned.)

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