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  1. (I'm not even sure what I mean to be asking here, but this seems to be a needed brain-rinsing ritual of mine.) I was getting ready to app a BMO Harris card because I have a few residual non-0% balances on three or four cards that I wanted to consolidate into one 0% dealy. BMO Harris was on deck for a few reasons, the primary one being that they are an Underwriter and one whom I haven't gotten in with yet (I have a bit of an obsession about notching new-to-me underwriters on my credit bedpost ( : / )). Now I have an unexpected BT offer from Chase so I have no need fo
  2. Chase just emailed me that I now have a 0% BT offer on my Freedom Flex card. (Obviously this frees me from fretting over which other card(s) out there I might get approved for. BMO & AAA will wait another 9-12 months I suppose. But what the heck caused Chase, who loved me (and my Sapphire account) enough to grant me a $17K line to deny yes DENY me a BT offer, if this is now how they feel about me, all of two months later? : / )
  3. I'm going to take this opportunity to point out that I've always known how to spell "various." Was having a bit of a anxiety attack when I created this thread on account of centex was carrying out a nationwide cyber attack. (Nice going btw.)
  4. Equifax just fell to 724. What the hell is the reasoning behind designing the algorithm so that you get a 20-30 point *penalty* for having paid off a 6-year loan exactly as agreed? (I've seen similar-sized impacts from new collections for petesake.) I know it's because the "credit mix" component has been hit, but really; what made them determine that credit mix is that humongously important?
  5. My TU score (FICO 08) went from 760 to 735 when they reported my personal finance accounts (car loan) going from $212 to bubkes. Prior to this revoltin' development, I'd been putting off apping the BMO Harris cash back mastercard until after my Discover statement closes (on the 18th) and reports the $1,700 dent (bringing bal down to $3K, against a $7K limit). I'm also still waiting for the $5K increase from BOA to show up on TU and EQ (756); it added 8 points to EX (788). HOWEVER - I suspect that the big Disco payment & 5K BOA increase, even taken together, won't b
  6. I've already gotten the US Bank Platinum visa with its 20-month BT, several years ago. Also already have BOA Platinum Plus with its 18-mo. Which Citi card does 21 months? Diamond Preferred used to offer that but no more.
  7. Used to be I'd get mail 2x a week from Chase offering 12mos 0% APR on bt's to my Sapphire card, as well as frequent offers from US Bank at 2.99%. Now, I do not see such offers. : / However, BofA and Discover are still reliably offering the same deals that Chase was. I opened new cards over the summer in part to stop paying interest on my other cards, but now I'm wondering what my options will be next summer, when it will be time for my still-notable balances (sigh...) to move to new 0%APR hosts. Is it likely (or at least possible) that FNBO will make such
  8. For reasons I shan't understand, the people of Waconia, Minnesota are OK with having a post office that looks like this (I think I mailed my CenterPoint Energy payment from there but... you know... mega-meh):
  9. Swarthmore Phoenix: Where did they go wrong? 'Cause I mean, they did run a headline that basically reads "Where did a bank that famously committed more than three and a half million standalone instances of bank fraud go wrong?" and boy is that a thinker.
  10. It was tough for me to keep reading after the article said Wells has been in business for "almost a century." Weird way to describe the quantity of time that has elapsed since 1852.
  11. Just one tiny additional note - you really don't want the name "One Main Financial" showing up on your credit reports.
  12. Aha!! Experian has gone up to 788!! (You heard me.)
  13. Get signed up with an ID theft monitoring service pronto, if you aren't already. What to expect as an outcome? Well we don't know any better than you do; that's why you've got to take steps to protect yourself. Which CA was it? Some of the members here may be able to tell you of their specific experiences with them. (Being that it's a CA, don't expect the stories to be positive ones. : / ) Now tell us about the alleged debt, who the OC is and what the CA is claiming about it, so that we can all get the whole schmeggegge moved toward resolution.
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