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  1. Because I am ever so desirous of an 18-month intro APR. (And yes, of course I don't know that that will still be the offer a year from now when I'll be better positioned to apply; I'm not applyin for new cards now since Chase pointed out that my high balances are a problem.) See above; I've got some gardening to do. And I've never had any nastier exchanges with Citibank than the two I've told CB about; not in a "tenuous" state at all. Never been a day late with the payments. My fear (and it's a minor one) of being blackballed is because I know that childish crap like that goes on the world. I cancel my card despite whatever retention deals they've offered; and their response is to update my record in their customer database with 'Oh yeah well you can't play at my house anymore.' And yes of course I know that would be a monumentally stupid reason for them to prevent themselves from ever again getting business from an > $80K earner with >700 scores. But they've already twice found monumentally stupid ways to fail me as an existing customer.
  2. Now that it's September, the annual fee is coming due shortly, and I must of course cancel the card (I got a letter from Citi regarding this crap last February which I ought to have told you guys about; I wasn't 100% satisfied with (maybe not even 80% satisfied either); I also got - I must, in all fairness, disclose - a $250 statement credit which I hadn't asked for, so they did do that; they also included the sentence, "We respectfully decline your request to refund the annual fee," despite me not having actually made that request). So I call and I say I want I should cancel the card, and... I half-trust they send me to a "retention specialist?" Who offers me all kinds of goodies if I stay? Anyone have any experience with trying to cancel a Citi credit card and then watching them tap-dance? What kind of retention goodies might I expect? (I'm a little bit torn here, on account of even if they do offer cool stuff, I don't want to be paying this ridiculous annual fee anymore. That would probably be true even if they hadn't boiled my blood back in February; and even in that case, the devil in me still sees this cancel-my-card call as an opportunity to make them nervous & watch the show ) Another question: Will they blackball me if I cancel? Are my chances for being approved for the Double Cash card a year or so from now going to be less, on account of I've hurt their feelings?
  3. Hey is there a deadline for this recon business? If not, then is there a phone #? I bought some vodka so I think I'll be ready to call, later this afternoon
  4. I will have you all know that I, stuey, saw a trumpeter swan yes TRUMPETER SWAN in flight over Highway 41 in Chaska on Saturday morning. That's what I saw. A trumpeter swan.
  5. So the "letter" explaining the rejection has been posted to my online Chase account (CSP (see)), and the only reason they give for the non-aproval is the amount of existing cc debt that I have. And I agree with them that it is a lot. However, I also think things are headed in the right direction. in January my debt totaled more than $34K, I now have it down to $27K. And yeah that's also too much, but looking at the fact that BofA approved me for Cash Rewards ($6,500, $5K of which they thefted from my Platinum Plus Visa) back in February, and that since then American Express upped my BCE limit from $5k to $10K in view of my "excellent history," and combining that with Chase's own note that I was pre-qualified for this one, the app seemed like a safe bet. I also have a five-year-old collection showing on EQ and TU (which is part of why AmEx likes me more ) but Chase didn't say anything about it; only citing my current debt burden. I had a little tap dance planned for if the recon line brings up the old collection; it's now obviously moot. As far as them saying "You have too much debt," I'm not sure what rejoinder I have ready for them. Especially since my own heart of hearts feels like responding with, "Yeah; you're right." : /
  6. I've never done this recon thing before. How do I do it? What sort of things should I say? What sort of things should I totally not say?
  7. @Rogue yeah but the "You're pre-qualified!" message was newly issued to me after the pandemic was well underway.
  8. Welp. I am astonished. I went ahead and applied, and: Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application. We will proved you more detailed information in 7-10 days that explains the reasons for this decision. Weird, from an I-was-pre-qualified standpoint...
  9. See, on the same February trip to New England I also utilized the Cohasset post office. Cohasset is an important town to me, I went to a beach party there when I was 16. Hotnessopolis. (Probably didn't envision that I wouldn't return to Cohasset for a couple of decades and then only to mail a check to Toyota Financial Services : / )
  10. Which, is what I said basically.
  11. a faster way to count.
  12. So these things have been going on: I tried Google Pay at Target in Minnetonka on Friday, selecting my AmEx SkyMiles Platinum and it said "UNSUPPORTED CARD." It did the same thing when I tried my BofA Mastercard. Then I tried my actual, physical AmEx card and it worked. Had the same problem at Byerly's in Edina, which did accept my Mastercard over Samsung pay. I tried using the "cardless ATM" feature at BofA, where the phone beeped and said "THIS FEATURE IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON SUPPORTED TRANSIT TERMINALS." WTF. Then I added my BofA debit/ATM card to Samsung Pay and it worked. This morning at Target I tried paying with AmEx via Google Pay and got the transit terminal message. I also added the AmEx to Samsung Pay and my Samsung Pay app says that's been done now but the card doesn't show up as an option when I tap "Pay." What in blazes is going on.

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