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  1. The correct answer was "MINXISH." : /
  2. See, now I've got I H N S M I [blank tile] Word Radar says I CAN land on a triple word score - that's going to take at least six letters, seven letters is possible. The last letter will form a digraph with "A" and it's a triple-letter so ideally M but the N or H will also work; and of course there's the blank. (let's see if Kat58 is the detective advertised...)
  3. On Monday, I, Sidewinder, mailed my Sunoco® credit card payment from the Prudential Center post office in... well, the Prudential Center, in Boston. See, it's one of those way-too-new, blue-formica countertopped, featureless, storefront post offices. In a shopping center. Earlier that day I bought a new charging cable for my phone so you can, if you wish, add "Boston Packards Corner" to your List of Target stores Sidewinder has patronized. (Monday was a boring day, especially considering I was out of state.)
  4. Well, they did it again. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/48897032 No other nation's chick soccer team has won four consecutive World Cups. (Which, is what I said basically.)
  5. where you mouth is. (That's what happens when you wake up in Vegas.) (See.)
  6. The overarching question I have is, did the writers of the story make any effort at all to contact the husbands and get their side of the story?
  7. It's because checking accounts are located counterclockwise from savings accounts.
  8. 19% of women and 25% of men (who make more money anyway, or so we're constantly told). Yawn.
  9. make sure you speak/type very carefully. You don't want you should end up with one of these: https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/04/world/rare-lava-lake-trnd/index.html
  10. "screw things up" means what? Do you have another home purchase or vehicle purchase coming up? You have a chance to quit paying interest on a large CC balance. The cost of doing so is an ugly util ratio for a while. Your portfolio won't be winning the CreditBoards beauty contest during that interval, but I have to trust that that's not important to you, compared to saving a buttload of $$ on interest and leaving your retirement nest egg unmolested in its incubator.
  11. OK.... it sounded like you were asking for someone's permission. It goes without saying that no interest is better than yes interest. I have to assume that the BT offer from Penfed limits you to 50% of available credit? Or is that the limit you've set for yourself, in order to enhance your util ratio for scoring purposes? If it's the latter, then since you've already closed on your refi, I don't see an advantage to gaming your score like that. I would transfer the whole balance if PenFed will let you. If your score goes down by five, ten, fifteen points, then meh. Those points wouldn't bring you as much advantage as would leaving a retirement account untouched. Another thought would be to shop for no-fee balance transfer offers, like Chase Slate or American Express Everyday. Not knowing your whole profile, it's not possible to hazard a guess about the likelihood of approval for a 5-digit line from those guys. The reason it's worth trying is the no-fee thing; even a 3% fee might be an impact when the balance is that high. That was my strategy - used my no-fee BT offer from Discover to move my highest balance to 0%APR. Obviously I had to pay a fee once I transferred to another card after the 12 months, but that was the plan: the fee was smaller because now it was a percentage of a smaller balance.

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