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  1. Which, is what I said basically. See, I have been in the habit, when installing any freely downloadable software, of picking the 32-bit version, though I know this PC is 64-bit. It just feels greedy to get the 64-bit one. On a bus from Montréal to Québec City one time there was dude next to me who fell asleep and tossed a little bit until he wound up totally crowding me. That's what I picture 64-bit software doing. I do a similar thing when it comes to lowering the thermostat in my place. I can't do it while the heater is actually running; feels like I would be rudely interrupting what it has to say.
  2. Maybe this is a more arcane-type tech question than the more consumery topics around here, but what the hey.See, I have MySQL installed on my PC; somehow it is installed both in the Program Files and the Program Files (x86) directory (this all happened months ago : / ). Since I want my VBA programs to connect to MySQL datamabases (because Access schmAccess), I also installed the MySQL ODBC Connector 8.0 - all of these installations were done months ago; the big ol' Excel-VBA-MySQL project languished because, uh... pick 'em - work, illness, weather, Emmys, flatus... Attempting the connection in VBA using a ADODB.Connection object, I got system error 126 - because the Connector stuff was in the Program Files directory and not the x86 one. So I moved it into the x86 one and did not encounter a 126; hooray. However, boo. Because I got system error 193. This evidently means that I have a 32-bit ODBC driver installed on my 64-bit machine. I went to MySQL and downloaded the 64-bit version of MySQL Connector ODBC 8.0; ran the installer - used the Advanced option so I could direct it to install in yon x86 directory (\Program Files\ is the default), and it said the installation successful was. But when I opened the "Connector ODBC 8.0" file in the blabla...files x86\MySQL\ directory, ALL of the files had a "Last modimafied" date from last September. November 22 would have given me more confidence.A) Why did the installer say it had done things that it had not done? The modified dates and the still-occurring 193 errors contradict this claim. 2) What are my prospects for officially and totally deinstalling the Connector file that's in that ProgramFilesx86 directory? I don't want to just drag the folder to the trash because there's probably some underlying binary/dll crappicus to deal with as well. I'd like to avoid doing a full deinstall/reinstall of MySQL if possible.(Installed currently are the x64, 8.0.19 versions of MySQL Server, MySQL Workbench, MySQL Shell, MySQL Router, and Connector/C++. (And the x86 8.0.19 versions of Notifier, For Excel, Connector/J, Connector/NET, plus Documamentation and Samples y Examples.) (See.)
  3. So Shell no longer has a private label card? That would be good news for me as it would be one more card to stop being frustrated about not having. Or was yours specifically converted due to non-use?
  4. I'm now in the Daytona Beach type area where I have noticed the existence of a generic gasoline & convenience store chain called RaceTrac. It does not - according to my research - have a private label credit card. : /
  5. Looks like I know who the Bob Seger fans are around here. : /
  6. I've grown curious whether legacy Gulf (Gulf Oil, pre-1984 takeover by Standard/Chevron) had a credit card. I also think I saw Getty stations somewhere when I was a kid. Getty stations. Furthermore, there was a "Clark" station on U.S. Highway 12 in Independence, Minnesota, which i think has become a Casey's General Store. Apparently Clark was once a real oil company but the current brand is but a simulacrum yes SIMULACRUM of what the company once was.
  7. ...seem no longer to be available. I hadn't even heard of ALON till I happened upon a station in Santa Fe, and I went online and was tickled to find they had their own CC. I was less tickled to learn it was a Comenity offering, and I probably would've stayed away no matter the issuer; since I had been active on CB for a bit and was learning my lessons. Marathon stations have gotten sparser in Minneapolis, so it was neat when i found one in Eden Prairie, right next to a Greek restaurant mmmmmm spanakopita. So I decided I like being a Marathon customer but noticed you can't apply for their credit card anymore. Even though both ALON and Marathon cards were Comenity crapfests, they were still gas cards and thus were tenable Badges of Motoristhood. I shall miss them. : /
  8. Thank you for the link, WhyChat. So that sentence I quoted above is just a crappily constructed sentence, is what i am dealing with? : /
  9. "...2000 years ago...a revolution began among some of the San communities in the northern part of present day Botswana - the acquisition of domestic stock - from the Bantu-speaking peoples who were moving into the region...they called themselves Khoikhoi... ....Those same Bantu-speakers encountered by the early pastoralists in northern Botswana were also establishing themselves within the borders of present day South Africa; and there is ample evidence of their occupation and the northern Transvaal as early as 1500 years ago, while recent discoveries indicate that they coexisted with the Khoikhoi in the Eastern Cape region as long ago as 1000 years. The way I read this, the "Bantu-speakers" refers to the Khoikhoi, and the "pastoralists" are the San people. Except it says those Bantu-speakers, according to recent discoveries, coexisted WITH the Khoikhoi in the Eastern Cape. Does anyone have a different take on this that could shed some light for me? 😕
  10. Out in the distance, always within reach There's a crossroad - where all the victims meet.
  11. Been proud of sticking to my stair-climbing regimen these past few months and sometimes pleased, sometimes puzzled/frustrated but what I see on the scale's readout at my wake-up weigh-in. Promised myself shnazzy new running shorts if I had three consecutive days of weighing 174.9℔ or less; but fluctuated from that weight from day to day. Super stoked to have reached 173.8 one day two weeks ago, but again with the fluctuating. Then the other day - still climbing 75 flights per day with 5℔ ankle weights on each leg, mind you - I was tickled to see I suddenly weighed 172.8℔ !!!Member? but forgot everything, can't log in... Frozen out??? Way too stoked by this, I had to check in again an hour or two later just after going #1. It showed 112. Then 74. Then 89. Then 130. Then 64, 72, 81, 98, 113... and it just kept bopping around all over the place. I installed fresh batteries but the exact same problem persists. I bought this scale at Target three or four years ago and it's served me well - it's a Taylor 7558, made by Taylor Precision Products of Las Cruces, New Mexico (but still made in China )
  12. It runs between us, and takes me far away.
  13. - a lonesome stretch of grey.
  14. Yeah. 1st Wok was listed. At least restaurants are 5% CB on Discover this quarter.

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