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  1. I've had an SFB card for a long time, I had their renter's insurance and may have also had their auto insurance at the time. There was a 24-month intro APR of 2.9% which is why I accepted the offer. Have never received an auto CLI (never asked for one either); limit is still $3K. So I'd recommend it only if they're offering an attractive BT deal that you have use for.
  2. See, I've been having just an awful couple of months in my personal life. It was made more awful yet just a few seconds ago when I was about to type the word "personal" but the only word autocorrect suggested was "pregnancy." Anyway I have been receiving repeated instructions from BofA to apply for the Cash Rewards MasterCard and also to act before 2/24 and yesterday I was drunk and I applied. My scores are 722, 722, and 702 and my utilization is too high. Four years ago my scores were above 800 but buying out my car lease, a rental collection, and a higher housing payment and higher utilization have all taken their toll. (Autocorrect's first suggestion ahead of me saying "toll" was... "milk.") I submitted the app and a thin red circle spun around on the screen for a minute and then it said they were going to review stuff and then I would get a letter. That was early yesterday evening. Today yes TODAY I got a email from Bank of America saying my application has been approved. So... that's happening. (I don't want to rock the boat here but is it strange for an app to get the we'll-get-back-to-you screen and then come back approved-like, in so short a time?)
  3. One additional thing that makes no sense to me is that back when my scores were in the 800's, I'd get mail every day from U.S. Bank, BofA, Chase, Barclays, American Express... How come Wells Fargo doesn't solicit credit card business that way? If sales growth is so important to them, why not bother at all with this marketing channel that is both effective and - extra points - LEGAL ?
  4. LibreOffice, bub. LibreOffice forever. #fightthepower
  5. So that carrot spent its whole life never once worrying if it would find someone...
  6. ...with American Airlines, who created SABRE, I had it in me 'ead that BA used SABRE as their reservations system. They do not. They use Galileo.
  7. Ah was going to replah to this threa....
  8. And sugar, we're going down swingin.
  9. As with Chuck Berry's death; the most surprising part about this story was that Payless still existed.
  10. 'Cause... don't really know the New Haven area, see... Could use a little helpage...
  11. I don't know from New Haven, but I will be there for a coupla nights in February. Priceline says the neighborhoods to choose from are: 1 Amity New Haven; 2 Downtown New Haven; 3 East Haven -Branford; 4 Hamden North Haven 5 Meriden South - Wallingford 6 Milford East - Orange (mmmmmmmm, oranges...) 7 Stratford - Milford West 8 West Haven Any New-Haven-savvy folks here can tell me if any of those neighborhoods are nicer than the others? Any dangerous/gross ones to avoid? (Gross.)
  12. At some point, some years ago, I seemed to find it necessary to add a column to my spreadsheet to indicate if a transaction went through ApplePay or not. I still haven't titled this column but it found other uses, like noting the "entry method" for non-ApplePay transactions (CHip, SWipe, OnLine, TeLephone, WaVe) or other payment relays, like PayPal (gross) or, these days for me, Samsung Pay. In the interest of moving with the times, I tried that thing where you buy something "in-app" instead of at the retailer's website, and I'm not sure how or whether this needs denoting on the spreadsheet. If I bought something at the Vitamin World in Maplewood, the 'merchant' field on my spreadsheet would read "Vitamin World #1631" but if I bought something online from them, the field would, easily enough, read "vitaminworld.com." When I buy stuff at Target in Chaska, the sheet reads "Target Chaska" (or "Target #1352 when in green-screen view). When I bought something via their website, I felt just fine about putting "target.com" "Target.com" only has relevance within an http client, which ain't necessarily what a retailer's app is. Now I'm confused about whether "Target App" should be a whole new merchant entity in my Database o' Merchants, or whether "Target" should be the entity and an additional field be added to denote which flavor of online business (website vs. app) is being used. I don't know if I like adding new fields or not. I'm already not crazy about that entry-method field being there. It makes me feel almost like I'm weird or something. : /

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