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  1. and I am ready for the thunderstorms to arrive.
  2. See, that's what they do in those quarters when restaurants are the 5% cash back category.
  3. I know, right? Money's actually been a tad tight and the payment's due on the 19th but not even funded till I got paid this morning. :-/ I'm flying to Boston next week so there will likely be new additions and likely some of them NRHP-listed!!
  4. However, I just made my car payment online. Boo.
  5. Are they? I have their Platinum Visa and the CL is $15,000.
  6. Wrong yes WRONG I was about my Express card from Comenity; it has raised numbers, however they are smaller and at the lower edge of the card, not big, centered, traditional credit-card-y raised numbers. Update your records accordingly.
  7. Bank of America has only recently joined the List of Credit Card Issuers Who've Issued Me Cards Without Raised Numbers, see. My CapitalOne Quicksilver was the first to not have raised numbers; I remember being really disoriented when I first saw the card and not even being able to say at first what was weird about it. Except what's additionally weird is that I had two other CapitalOne cards at the time that both had raised numbers. I've combined them into one card now and that card also has the raised numbers. So, the non-raised numbers cards are: CapitalOne Quicksilver MasterCard Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Citi Executive World Elite MasterCard BankAmericard Platinum Plus Visa Raised: CapitalOne Platinum MasterCard Merrick Bank (getting closer to getting OK with closing this card finally) State Farm Bank Good Neighbor Visa U.S. Bank Platinum Visa American Express SkyMiles Platinum American Express Blue Cash Everyday Express (except my Eddie Bauer card is of course also Comenity and has raised numbers ) Sunoco Goodyear Cenex Sinclair JCPenney Nordstrom Eddie Bauer J Crew - whereabouts unknown but I think raised Bloomingdale's Is it weird that American Express is still sticking with raised? When was the last time you saw one of those old-time credit card machines where they make a paper imprint of the card? I used those when I worked at a drugstore in high school in 1990.
  8. There is no uglier credit card than those issued by Key Bank.
  9. Gun to your head, you HAVE to do this, and your reason has to be ridiculous. Nothing like "I'd get ______ because it generally has high limits, good for util." Bah. Me, I think I would get the Alon yes ALON gas card. I had never heard of this gasoline brand until I drove to Santa Fe, and whenever I learn of a "new" gasoline I get temporarily excited about whether they have a private-label credit card or not. At this point, having driven round trip from Minneapolis to Santa Fe twice; and three times from MSP to Boston, I don't expect I'll encounter any "new" American labels, but I was over the moon when I learned that Alon had a credit card. They don't have stations outside of Texas or New Mexico, so I'd have to travel to either of those states once every 18 months or so if I had that card. Fortunately I don't have that card, but for a while I was problematically consumed with the desire for it. It's an exotic, region-specific gasoline brand. It's a completely ridiculous card to get. (And that's the point.) So what would your next ridiculous, poorly considered, "exotic" card be?
  10. The thing that infuriates me is that none of the hardcopy credit card agreements, the ones mailed to you in the same envelope as the new card, contain the name of the card. Or of the creditor. Seriously - check any agreements you have in your file folder. It doesn't say "Citibank" or "Capital One." It says "we or us." Maddening.
  11. I'll take back the city for me.

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