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    • Since my first store credit card in the summer of 1992 (JC Penney), Experian has used some form of subterfuge to decimate my credit rating with them.
      Their latest attempt to hornswoggle my credit report is actually frustrating me to the point of driving to their nearest corporate office (Schaumburg, IL).
      I have disputed items that are both obviously incorrect to the human eye and to the CRA. They verify the items and finish my dispute at 4:09AM.
      I request a reinvestigation. They verify it and finish the reinvestigation at 6:12AM.
      My report is in Special Handling, so I am confused as to why some pissed off Bangladeshi is completing my requests (as evidenced by the time of completion) instead of someone stateside.
      Nonetheless, I am overnighting 8 separate MOV letters to Experian requesting that they tell me who they spoke to at Montgomery Ward, and why an online catalog store told them I have an unsecured loan with them (when they do not offer such). Or how Gettington can tell me they cannot find anything they shipped to my non-existent address, yet can verify an account with Experian. (to name a few of my grievances).
      I am simultaneously sending each of the 8 companies a "Hey, can you tell me who you spoke with at Experian" letter. I fully expect all 8 to tell me "WTF are you talking about? Nobody from Experian contacted us."
      With paperwork in tow, I will find an FCRA attorney to hit them with 8 counts of FCRA malfeasance. I will look to settle with them for emotional damage, the violations, cost of preparing all notices (at $25 an hour) and whatever else is deemed just and proper.
      At this point, I'm not sure its about getting items removed anymore; it is painfully obvious that Experian (et al.) has a penchant for shoving the proverbial ham candle up the consumer's keister, sans lube, and intends to continue to do so with little (if any) oversight for all of eternity.
      I am still unsure if I can file action against LexisNexis for freezing my report in accordance with Georgia law (I am a Hoosier), and for referring to me as a female (my wife will verify my manparts if needed).
      Guess I am looking for input, and possibly some caveats, before firing these letters off.
      • 19 replies
    • - Credit "Mix" -
      Are Co-Branded cards classified as Retail or just another Revolving (CC) account?  My goal is to retain a "Retail or Store card" even though I loath store cards and thus I would choose a Co-Brand over the other if I had a choice.
      I've noticed that different reporting, scoring and evaluation models/methods categorize accounts differently such as Lines Of Credit (LOC) are sometimes labeled as Revolving, Other, or Loan.
      I have plenty of (Bank) Revolving CCs and LOCs however, some evaluation comments chastise me as I have no Retail (Store) accounts.  I figured, "OK.  Fine.  I'll get one".  Then I stepped into a pile of muck because of terminology and that's why I mentioned the above varying labels and need CB's member help. Please.
      In my quest, I saw Target and Macy's have relatively-highly regarded (Retail) Store Credit Cards and as well, they have Co-Branded cards by Master-Card (Target) and Am-Ex (Macy's).  I decided to go for the co-branded cards rather than the dreaded Retail card...  That's when that pile of ignorant muck grabbed my foot and ankle preventing me from moving forward and thoroughly froze my brain - solid.  I'm stuck.
      Are those co-branded cards classified Bank, Retail or Co-Brand Cards?
      And yes, Home Depot and Lowes as well as many others have Co-Branded, Retail(?) cards.
      Thanks in advance for the shared knowledge. 🖕
      • 13 replies
    • Hello,
      new to the forum (glad I found it) , I have a collection agency called Simon's agency which is trying to collect on an already paid debt , I have reported this to the CFPB but I need your advice on how to proceed further.
      Any help highly appreciated .
      • 5 replies
    • The car loan is through a credit union, and they started reporting my loan as "Included in bankruptcy". I thought the loan was an exemption so I could keep the car after discharge. I'm reading online that credit unions will sometimes refuse to reaffirm the loan. Is there a possibility I could lose my car when my bankruptcy is discharged?
      I know I shouldn't be stressing, but I like to know possible outcomes so there are no surprises.
      • 5 replies
    • hello everyone i would like to get some advise. I went bankrupt 4 years ago due too medical bills and started on a clean slate. me and my spouse brought a house, i have 25k in credit card debt due too fixing to house up everything was going smooth until covid19 hit us financially. i can not afford to keep paying credit card and mortgage payments either one or other. does anybody have any advise on what i should do? i went bk 4 years ago and  i dont know what the best option is thanks.
      • 17 replies
  • Posts

    • For the Chase accounts, I would highly recommend looking at all of the collection letters they are sending you. My spouse and I have both settled our Chase account for A LOT less than what we owed. The offers we both got were sent in letters, proactively from the collection agencies collecting on the debt. Chase still owned both of our accounts, but the collection agency was in charge of calling/writing us on their behalf.   I settled my original balance of $9500 for about $1,150. It was about 2 and a half years past due at the time, as was my husband's. My husband settled his original balance of $6950 for about $695. You can get good settlement deals with Chase, so if this seems like something you want to do, then I would start looking at those letters. If none of the letters offer something you can afford, then you might consider calling the collection agency to try and negotiate a deal. I would aim for about 20% and explain to them that you are unemployed and that a low amount paid in a lump sum is all you can afford to do. The Amazon card balance is smaller, so I would not expect too much of a savings on it, but the higher balance would be easier to get a good discount on. What if you could settle both of these for a total of $1,500? I am just saying, it is possible.   P.S. I just saw your post saying you are dealing with Nationwide Credit about the Chase account. Those are the folks I settled our Chase accounts with that got us an amazing deal. I would not hesitate to get them on the phone and negotiate. They hold onto the account for about 4-5 months, in my experience, and the letters they send progressively offer a better discount. If you call the and offer about 15%, they might just go for it, assuming you have the money.   As far as AmEx goes, I was in a similar payment plan with them a couple of years ago. The only way to make any changes on it is to call them up and speak to their Indian reps who specifically deal with folks on a payment plan. That's why you couldn't change your account online. Anyway, I would maybe just try and pay them in full. It's a small amount and they might offer you the opportunity to get into their Optima Oasis program, so you can rebuild a relationship with them in the future. My guess is you will need to google the AmEx collections department phone number, assuming they have not sold your debt to a debt buyer.
    • Ok, so just to clarify, I should be writing this UNDER the endorsement signature line.  “ for deposit only to the account of such and such” and sign my name next to that? . Sorry I have have little experience with money orders. 
    • Thanks  guys, I called but couldn’t reach someone. Just thought I’d ask.     The automated system just asked a series of verification questions in order to speak to someone.   After I verified the questions they said they will send me “something in the mail”   I don’t know what that something is.
    • https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/569679-lexis-nexis-freeze/&tab=comments#comment-5490793   IIRC L/N lets you freeze the risk report but not everything but it sounds like (in the above thread) others have gotten everything frozen.    
    • AMEX shows the name for each issued card (they all have unique numbers).   This is the only card that I have that does this.

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