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  1. After 13 1/2 years of CB, I've seen a lot. This is still the best place to go for people in-the-know. And the benefit to my finances and credit has been priceless.
  2. I wasn't looking to have a "case" against anyone. It just seemed completely against common sense to send me a hard denial on the front of a letter, with the reason that they could not verify my identity, and then give personal details about my credit history on the back. Now if the front of the letter had said, "we would like additional details in order to further process your application" - OR - if the back of the letter contained no details about my credit report, I wouldn't have raised an eyebrow at either scenario. This is similar to seeing a credit report when my score is 800+ and then underneath it lists "reasons" why my score isn't higher, and none of them apply. It's just sloppy. So I did submit everything they wanted, and they approved the card. But it still was a weird experience.
  3. Some good responses, but also a lot of wrong assumptions (Centex/Mr. Mean) and then attacks based on those. To set the record straight: #1 This was a denial letter. They sent me a letter with my correct credit score and told me they couldn't verify my identity and denied me. I subsequently called them, and the agent told me they'd consider my application if I provided the additional information. However, that was not invited in the letter which was a hard denial with no options. #2 This was not Synchrony. #3 I was subsequently asked for information that had nothing to do with their CIP process, yet the denial was supposedly based on not being able to verify my identity. #4 I used my house address that I've had for 20 years, and my landline that I've had just as long. I came here for help and I appreciate the advice. But the assumptions and attacks were unwarranted.
  4. Thanks folks. Yes, my address is the same. My concern is if they're saying they can't verify my identity; so why do they think it is OK for them to send my credit score in the denial letter?
  5. Good Day, I recently applied for a credit card and received a rejection notice with the reason: Unable to verify your identity on the front; and on the back it listed: Your credit Score: 790 Source: Experian Date: 09/28/2019 I called the bank and asked them why if they felt they could not verify my identity, they thought it was OK to send some "unverified" person my credit score. They told me it was the law that they had to. Additionally they told me that I could continue my application if I sent them my driver's license, a recent utility bill and proof of income. I asked them if they always mixed up their CIP process with determining credit worthiness (since asking for the POI seemed odd at this point) and they said they could do whatever they wanted, and any P&P documenting this as normal was internal to the bank and could not be shared with me. Could you please tell me if there are any FCRA violations here and/or what you think I should do? Have a Nice Day, Swingline
  6. I might get an Amazon card for $500 - $1000 also. I'll see how I'm doing as I get close to the 90 days. The thing about paying a little extra on my mortgage is that it's 3.5% APR, so if I pay ahead a little, that offsets the "cost" of the fee, and it's a nice quick way to finish it up if I'm running short of spending near the end. But what it really does for me is make me not have to stress about the whole thing since I know I can score the bonus with no problem. Buy the visa gift card, turn it into a money order, and then pay your mortgage was my point. Get a Chase Ink business and then buy Amazon gift cards at staples if that's your goal. You'll get 5% instead of 1.5%. That is a good point! I just saw that Walmart has (up to) $1000 gift cards with no fee too, so that's an option, since I spend a lot there anyway. I don't really need to pay my mortgage that way, but when Zobelle suggested it, I was thinking it was a low stress way to finish off the $4500. I'll probably be at $3500 - $4000 with regular spending anyway, so a giftcard or 2 might cover it. I just can't say how excited I am to have a 3 month vacation of not have to mess with remembering which cards had the 5% bonus categories, and the others like the Amazon and Sallie Mae, etc. that have normal 2%-5% categories. It wasn't until I started to think about it, that I realized how annoying it has become to have to switch cards based on what I'm doing in order to maximize the bonuses. These are some great suggestions, I really appreciate it!
  7. I might get an Amazon card for $500 - $1000 also. I'll see how I'm doing as I get close to the 90 days. The thing about paying a little extra on my mortgage is that it's 3.5% APR, so if I pay ahead a little, that offsets the "cost" of the fee, and it's a nice quick way to finish it up if I'm running short of spending near the end. But what it really does for me is make me not have to stress about the whole thing since I know I can score the bonus with no problem.
  8. Zobelle, I just checked out Chargesmart and it is awesome! I'll see how I'm doing in month 3 and then I can charge whatever is left to my mortgage. The whole $4500 would only be $109, but by then I'm sure I'll be pretty close. That takes a load off my mind!
  9. I didn't get the 2% offer, mine was like scorekards and it was for 1.5%. But that half percent is only a $22 difference while spending the $4500 so that's $567.50 on $4500 which is a 12.6% reward. I really wasn't going to do it, but ya'll convinced me. Only got a $10,000 limit, but that'll be fine for purposes of this deal. So what are some ideas besides Amazon gift cards if I start to fall short of spending?
  10. I had a Target card with a $3k limit and they dropped it to $100 because I hadn't used it in more than a year. When I called to see if I could get it increased, they told me they wouldn't, but if I used it, they might in the future. And that if I didnt use it, they'd be closing it the next month. I've used it a few times since then and it hasn't increased on its own. But I do shop Target from time to time, even though Walmart has cheaper prices and more selection, I sometimes get tired of how ghetto it is at Walmart and need a break from it.
  11. I got this offer from Crapital One for a business card (I know they did that since those cards have none of the consumer protections on them) where if I spend $4500 in 3 months, I'd get $500 back. Plus it's 1.5% on purchases too. I'm torn for a few reasons. My experience with Craptial One has always been that they offer a promotion and then after I've applied, they've told me that I'm not qualified (for the offer they "pre-qualified" me for) but they have some god-awful $300 limit card with no benefits for me instead. My spending the last few months has been $1200 - $2000 a month, but I had some major stuff I had to do, and this month, and the next few months, I'm hoping my spending will be closer to $1000 - $1200, which would mean I'd have to do something like prepay some bills or get Amazon cards to make the $4500. And finally, even though my FICO is 810, it's just now recovering from getting Sallie Mae and Amazon, and I'd hate to jepardize the score and then miss out on something else coming along that'd be more of a sure thing. But $500 on $4500 is 11% + the 1.5% is pretty tempting. And I would absolutely LOVE to have 3 months of not having to carry 5 cards with me and figure out which one to use for the best promotion each time I want to buy something. Would you please help convince me to pass on this offer?
  12. A new card hurts your scores and keeps you more captive to them.
  13. Used to be as long as you were paying something, most medical places wouldn't send you to collections, but they could. These days medical collectors are much more likely to be predatory and sometimes they'll take payments AND send you to collections. New laws are coming down the pike in about 6 months due to some reform that they won't be able to destroy your credit if you pay off the debt in under 6 months, even if they report it. But the new rules won't be starting until next year.
  14. ISC: The only choices for online payment defaults are "choose at checkout" or "Paypal credit" they purposely don't let you choose CC. I would fall short of reporting it as "fraud" -- because it's clear what they're doing. But it's a nuisance that they're so deceptive with constantly changing the funding choice back to a bank payment. I have a Craptal One account linked to it that I keep empty, because Paypal has been known to empty people's linked accounts. And Crapital One doesn't charge overdraft fees on that account. But it's just a nuisance to have to always fight Paypal to change the funding source back to my CC. What I really should do is see if I can make another Paypal account that doesn't have a bank account linked to it, and just use that one for any transaction where I'm not selling anything. This latest incident that has me going, is that I printed a shipping label, changed the funding source to my Discover card and then before the thing printed they changed it back to my bank account. I voided the label and then made a new one and billed my Discover, but they still hit my Crapital One account 3 times over a week to try to collect money for the voided label. The last time they did it, Crapital One sent me a note saying that if it keeps happening, they'll close the account.
  15. Is anyone else getting sick of Paypal constantly changing the funding source back to a bank account to try to mess up how you'd like to pay? I have my credit card linked so I get 1% off purchases and I get that Paypal doesn't make as much money on that as they do it they bill a bank account. I understand that's why they constantly default to a bank account to try to trick people into paying that way. But what really gets me is when I change it, and then on the next page they change it back again to try to force a payment through via a bank account. And they are constantly changing the confirmation page in a series of tricks to get permission to change funding source. One day it's "Are you sure you want to pay with a credit card?" Then next day it's "Change your payment method to bank account?" Then back again. And then they try THREE TIMES to bill the bank account, even if you immediately cancel the payment seconds afterwards and pay via credit card.. I don't route for class action suits as it's just the lawyers that get rich, but in this case, I'd just enjoy seeing Paypal suffer some pain about their crooked business practices.

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