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  1. I tried other states and it worked. But nothing for Florida. Maybe they don't pull?
  2. I just tried Verizon and Florida and still got this There were no results matching your criteria
  3. I just tried big red and got this There were no results matching your criteria
  4. So its called Big Red? Why would they use a name other than Verizon?
  5. Maybe I'm not doing it right but in the "credit pull" section I can't seem to find cell phone companies and who they pull from. I put Verizon etc and nothing. Maybe they are "soft" pulls?
  6. Congress has the final approval. So hasn't been set in stone yet
  7. I checked under credit pulls and it came back with no info found about cell phone credit pulls for Verizon in Florida. I cant believe that Verizon does not check ones credit if you live in Florida to get a cell phone. I put other states in there and it came up with pulls.
  8. They should've tied him to a car and dragged him when he was found guilty
  9. Kia pulled mine again 8 days after they approved me
  10. Why wouldn't it be a hard pull? Never believe what they may tell you.
  11. So say your kid needed braces, Would the dentist pull a report if you wanted to make payments for them? If so hard or soft?

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