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    • hmmm..okay. its such a small amount too...just weirdness.    
    • I just made another small (< $40) Zelle transfer from WF to B of A.   Same 3-day message from B of A, and the money is already gone from my WF account (as expected).   This service is useless to me if it's degenerating to the tortoise-like speed of ACHs between these two large banks.   I'm not going to place my next call to B of A to ask about this until tomorrow.  I'm hoping to get an invitation for a satisfaction survey for the witch that took my call earlier today, and often they only reference the date of the phone call in the survey invitation.  If the next agent is helpful I don't want negative feedback stuck to him/her.  
    • 3 MR points per dollar at Amazon.
    • Hello!    I just spent half an hour on the phone with a Chex first-line rep (with a supervisor guiding him behind his shoulder)... just wanting to know what a specific term on a Chex reason list meant. (It's 2O "Insufficient debit history" plus the meaning of "debit" in their list... I just wanted to find out whether it meant "checking account.") They tried starting a case, asking for identity documents, etc., since I used to use my nickname but now use my legal name. sigh.   Does anyone know what this reason refers to, plus the use of the word "debit"? My rep at the bank didn't know. I already have a personal and a business checking with them, plus a couple of credit products... been a customer for about four years and know everyone in the branch. I was opening a second account for a separate business.

      I ordered my Chex report last year... my checking life has been boring, so I'm wondering what they mean. Thanks!
    • There are too many unknowns here to make such pronouncements.  Without knowing what jurisdiction the OP is in, there are indeed some transactions that could have reset the litigation clock.  Hence the reason OP needs to know as much as possible before doing ANYTHING else.  OP has the potential for more than just a reporting issue to be contending with.  And while the litigation claims are likely third-party bluster, OP cannot afford to take that risk without being properly prepared...

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