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  1. I was only kidding. But yeah the fakes are notorious over there. I'm not a Hermes expert on spotting fakes. LV on the other hand, I can I.D. if I have the item in front of me. In other news, I saw a new level of ghetto when I was in Philly a few weeks ago......... Fake Michael Kors handbags.
  2. Since the Real Real partners with Affirm, I feel like I can really up my gilded game with some Birkin bags.
  3. Choice Privileges Diamond membership card. I've been Diamond since March. Lol. Because excess nights rollover now, I'll be Diamond for all of 2020. Status used to reset January 1st every year. It only takes 40 nights to reach Diamond. I'm at 88 nights right now. Will end up with 105 nights by December 31st.
  4. I just don't have much empathy or compassion when a random stranger takes a swing at me. Mental illness or not.
  5. Average transaction value is $150. Sounds like third world micro lending to me.
  6. The chocolate fountain is fondue for white trash and hood rats.
  7. Tomorrow checking into a Sleep Inn in Richmond VA for a couple of nights. Paying with Choice Privileges Visa.
  8. Yeah, about the time Sears was winding down the catalog, some geek in a Seattle garage was getting the jump on the interwebs by selling books. Fook'n miracle Barnes and Noble has stuck around. Anyone remember Walden Books? They were a staple in many malls. They bit the dust early on. Sears management with a lack of forward thinking vision is what killed them. They had the warehouses and distribution. Just too stupid to get the right people to make the big paper catalog a digital juggernaut. Now they are more useless than a taxi medallion.
  9. Replacement Citi DC for one that is expiring. Amex Green offer 35k MR for $2k spend. BJ's Wholesale coupon book. Williams Sonoma catalog.
  10. Pho for lunch. Only drawback is the place is located next to a CiCi's pizza. Hopefully nobody recognizes my car and gets the idea I'm eating pizza.
  11. Toothaches piss me off at the moment. At least my dental insurance is better then most.

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