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  1. Chicken noodle soup. From a can.
  2. Choice Privileges Visa 896 Points Choice Privileges Points Balance 66,759
  3. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round....
  4. While driving thru a less than desirable neighborhood today, I decided to hit the McDonald's drive thru for some McNuggets. While a coworker and myself were I enjoying our processed mystery meat, I see lady trying to earn a living. Pulled the car over to her, and asked how much for the both of us? And do you take PayPal? She broke out in laughter and told us to GTF out of here. Less than a minute down the road, I get a text from a cop friend....... Really Vig? PayPal? You made our day, It's been slow today with the rain and all. Lol. Oops.....
  5. Man, I haven't seen Old Gold on the shelves in years. Last time I recall seeing them, was the last time I visited family in Iowa.
  6. Yep. I would pay money to listen to that call.
  7. This morning.... Combos pepperoni pizza flavor 20oz Mt Dew Dunhill Cigarette Ice Breakers mints
  8. Applebee's Go ahead, judge me. Rakuten 5% Amex MR. Mrs. Vig says my dumpster diving for points, knows no bounds.
  9. CC statements Amazon order Rite Aid order
  10. Today I started taking the hatchet to some of my AF cards. Amex Gold downgraded to Green Chase IHG to no AF IHG June 2020 I will be getting rid of Amex Platinum. AA Platinum is on probation.

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