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  1. DW and I are eating way too much this weekend. Brunch will be a German buffet this morning.
  2. I get the same thing from my electric and gas provider. All they need to worry about is me paying the bill in full every month. Unless that changes, all they need to do, is keep throwing spotted owls in the furnaces to keep them going.
  3. The MLM hype, is right on par with time share hype. The pressure tactics are the same. The sales weasels from both those groups should be put in a room, and have a sales pitch contest. Might even make a great TV show. Or better yet just shoot them.
  4. I might add that she was picking up some of their shifts back in the day, when they really needed that friday night off. They were literally letting her steal the money and food right off their tables. Lol.
  5. My sister is a nurse without student loan debt. She worked during school, and when school was over, she picked up all the OT she wanted at the hospital, which included many holidays. And some of those holidays included even more extra pay on top of the OT. 10 years later, she's got coworkers who became nurses the same time she did, and they still have student loan debt, and cry about it all the time. Boneheads saw what my sister was doing, but trips to the beach, or turkey dinner was more important.
  6. Starbucks. Granted a few seconds prior to inserting my card, some Neanderthals hit a pole, and took out the interwebs. Gave me the coffee for free.
  7. American Airlines telling me about latest in store offers https://www.simplymiles.com/ DW needs some makeup. CVS. Spend $45+, get 1000 AA miles. On a side note. Imagine how many businesses would go BK if women all of a sudden felt good about their appearance.
  8. The price for a soda makes about as much sense as a payday loan.
  9. Tonight's dinner will be two Fred Flintstone size porterhouse steaks, and a giant slab of halibut.
  10. Williams Sonoma Visa statement Citi BT offer Karl Lagerfeld card wallet Amazon order Rite Aid order Sales ads
  11. Amex or store card? Either way congrats.
  12. Another cousin of mine ended up in financial ruin over MLM. She is now involved in this debacle in trying to help. Not sure of the latest happenings though. Amex Queen, Liberace, and myself have been unfriended and blocked.
  13. Some hotel rules are actually mandated by local law in some cases. I've been to a few places that were 21+. And no hotel rental to those living within in certain miles of the hotel.

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