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  1. I hope somebody follows up on these grads 5 to 10 years from now. It will be interesting to see where they are at in life. Financially and otherwise. Awesome gesture on his part.
  2. I'm reminded, I need to go out and get my Sync cards some pencils.
  3. I would like to stop and take a moment and thank those 55% who help pay for my rewards.
  4. Choice Privileges Visa Sig statement cut. 9731 Points YTD Points: 177,809
  5. Econo Lodge Burlington NC 5/10/19 1 night Choice Privileges Basic Stay 720 Diamond Point Bonus 360 Your Extras Bonus Points 400 2K Rate Promotion 2000 3480 Points YTD Points: 168,078
  6. I use the app all the time. However this one particular shipment would not allow me to make any changes.
  7. In an hour from now, it will be all you can eat crab legs from one of the many hog trough buffets here in Myrtle Beach. Hopefully by going to dinner at 3pm, we will avoid most of the people with no manners when eating out. Last night was a wonderful Italian dinner at a mom n pop restaurant. What was sad was the Olive Garden a few miles away had people hanging out the door, waiting on a table. The Red Lobsta being packed here, makes no sense either. I guess some find the fries with clam gravy appetizing. puke.
  8. It would be nice if Amex could acquire Open Table too. However I don't see Booking Holdings parting with it.
  9. Amex Platinum card arrived Tuesday via UPS. When I was approved this past Saturday, I asked the CSR to have it sent regular snail mail, as I would be leaving Sunday for vacation and would not be home for UPS. She said no problem. Monday evening, around 10pm, I received a UPS shipment alert, that I had a package for delivery Tuesday. Not wanting to risk the card sitting on the doorstep for a week, or getting lost in UPS warehouse land, I drove home from Myrtle Beach at some unholy hour in the middle of the night. Waited at my doorstep for the card, then drove 3 hours back to Myrtle Beach with card in hand.
  10. Besides my own needs, your threads were partially instrumental in my decision. I simply spent my time patiently waiting for the right offer to come along. Sure I would have liked a 100k offer, but 75k was close enough. You know how it is. It's all about making the numbers work. Edit-- SUB spend will be met in the first month.
  11. Approved. Amex Platinum 75k MR for $5k spend. It went pending because they wanted to know if I was active military, which I am not. Yes, I'm keeping my Amex Gold. Sure that's a big chunk of AF's to deal with, but 85% of my spend is reimbursable travel expenses with my work. Plus my work related air travel is starting to increase.

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