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  1. The app used GPS constantly, even when the app wasn't being used.Killing battery. I would disable GPS for the app, then it would lock up the app. This was on Android. Not sure of things were better on Apple devices.
  2. I wish my neighbors would do a youtube unboxing of the used kitty litter they steal off my door step. One would think at this point its probably not a Amazon order on Vig's door step.
  3. I stopped using Trunow some months ago.
  4. TheVig

    Master 2019 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    Citi DC. $4500 to $10,000 via luv button. SP.
  5. I bet she didn’t haven’t the decency to put out either. I can picture this now.......spend money all day, then come home with a headache.
  6. TheVig

    The Dining and Food Thread

    Lunch today will be vietnamese. All you can eat buffet on Sunday's. Normally we dont do buffets, but this is one of our exceptions.
  7. DW wants to go to Philadelphia. Again. I'll probably just burn thru some of my IHG points. Airfare will be cash since CLT-PHL tickets are cheap. I jokingly suggested we stay at a hostel. She quickly said she wouldn't travel if she was reduced to crapflake lodging. Lol. My reimbursable business expenses are whatever makes sense at the time.
  8. TheVig

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    Checked the mailbox this morning. Apparently Amex wants me to have a green card and a platinum card to go along with my gold card. Green. 25k MR for $1k spend. AF waived first year. Platinum. 75k MR for $4k spend. AF not waived first year. I really don't need to have that many AF Amex cards. I'm sure Amex wouldn't mind though.
  9. TheVig

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    PayPal MC to replace the one in the SD expiring soon.
  10. I got an email a few days ago from NASA FCU, telling me Visa had some sort of sporadic issue. Reminded me to make my quarterly pencil purchase.
  11. It’s not fun for anyone in this situation who doesn’t know how to earn money thru alternative means.
  12. Let’s not turn this political. Anybody here effected by the government shutdown? Or know someone who is? A couple in my apartment complex posted a sign at the mailbox cluster trying to sell stuff.

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