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  1. I got chastised once while waiting on a made to order bison burger at Whole Foods. How was I supposed to know that farm raised bison are endangered?
  2. I'm not sure if I've ever been this bored. https://ficoforums.myfico.com/t5/Credit-Card-Approvals/Comenity-IKEA-love/td-p/5684545
  3. Mrs. Vig has a massive collection bundt pans. She has a bundt pan for just about any theme. At least she uses them though, and makes some side money with them baking things for other people. Nordic Ware makes a lot of bundt pans for Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and Sur la Table. Limited edition stuff too. She has rented out a few of her specialty bundt and loaf pans to local bakeries doing custom orders for clients with deep pockets.
  4. Just might be a coincidence. In a rational world, my seven sync cards would be closed. I had no rationality last year when I cold app the Crate and Barrel card on the day applications went live after the takeover from Comenity. I need to take them out of the SD and get some pencils.
  5. The most Sync will let me have is $10k on any of my cards. Calling UW does nothing for me any more. Walmart MC Sam's Club MC Crate & Barrel MC Car Care One PayPal MC Lowe's Amazon All stuck at $10k. $70k exposure.
  6. Econo Lodge Garner NC 7/16/19 1 night Basic Stay 880 Diamond Bonus Points 440 2K rate plan promo 2000 3320 points Points Total: 113,085
  7. Choice Privileges Visa Sig 2469 points Points Total 109,765
  8. Not really any cards that interest me these days that fit within my goals. I started my rebuild in 2015. Went from $300 in credit lines to around $300k today. Only credit card struggles I have these days, is buying the occasional pencil to keep some of the cards active. Lol.
  9. Bed Bath Beyond 500 MR for $25 In-store and online
  10. Econo Lodge Garner NC 7/15/2019 1 night Basic Stay 880 Diamond Point Bonus 440 Your Extras Bonus Points 400 2k Rate Plan Promo 2000 Stay Twice Promo 6320 10,040 Points Points Total: 107,296
  11. Spectrum calls me at least three times a month trying to up sell me. With some of the stuff I've said and asked of them, its a miracle they haven't just cut my service off.

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