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  1. I'm not gay, but have been asked by cashiers if the Citi DC card I handed them was some sort of gay pride card.
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-09-09/america-s-first-gay-credit-union-gets-green-light-from-michigan
  3. http://dailywire.com/news/51578/americas-first-ever-gay-bank-approved-michigan-james-barrett?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=uschronicle
  4. Walmart sells pee. Buck Baits Red Fox Urine 4 oz. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Buck-Baits-Red-Fox-Urine-4-oz/55331571
  5. One could really create one heck of a deer pee card portfolio with all the cards available.
  6. While not always an easy decision. I'm thankful I can discern the difference between a human being and a animal. Had a vet once try an convince me I needed to drop $3k in treatments with no reasonable guarantee of a positive outcome. With my emotional DW in the room, I explained that if we were talking about my wife, I would suck richard in a sketchy hotel next to the airport to make sure she gets the treatment she would need. But since we are talking about a cat, be thankful I'm paying you $50 to put it to sleep, because back home in Iowa on the farm, a .22 would be a lot cheaper. Left the vet office, drove over to the county ran animal concentration camp, and told the DW to go pick out a new lap friend. Left there empty handed, only to find a stray hanging out in a parking lot two hours later. He's been with us two years so far. Good cat.
  7. I shouldn't ask, but I will. What were you and TAD doing in a Fleet Farm? Or were the activities illegal in that particular locale and you can't discuss it? Gerbil feed?
  8. Apparently I'm not up on the latest trends. Being a gentleman and opening the car door for my DW is considered a form of toxic masculinity. A complete stranger out of nowhere calls me out and asks if my DW is not allowed to open the door for herself. DW handled the feminist wretch pretty well. Told her she'd take me being a alpha male over her limp richard soy boy any day. I should have snapped a pic of the man bun the soy boy had. He clearly worked overtime on it.
  9. Email from Synchrony telling me I should add my Car Care One account number to my favorite parking app and toll road transponder. Sync should just go ahead and issue the damn cards with a Discover logo on it. That's who Sync is piggy backing on. That's also why you can get fuel from somewhere other than Exxon Mobil these days. I wish I still had the email from almost two years ago that mentioned Discover in the fine print.
  10. I have no idea what their points are worth. They told me to FOAD about two years ago. Too many inquiries was the excuse on paper.
  11. I'm patiently waiting to see what the AF will be, and if fuel will be 4x. If the math is right, I will be turning in the fuel card for my company vehicle and going back to submitting receipts on my expense report for using my own card for fuel. I drive about 30k miles a year on the low end.
  12. Econo Lodge Myrtle Beach. Ocean front for the next 4 nights. Choice Privileges Visa. Its quiet here. Tourist season is over for the most part as of last weekend. Was supposed to pay about $250 for 4 nights. At check in, Patel told me the elevator was out until tomorrow, and knocked the total down to $125 for 4 nights with no effort on my part. No damage from Dorian here. A lot of people had knee jerk reactions and canceled. Patel was grateful for the business.
  13. JTV. Spend $50, get $25 back. And I thought the Chucky Cheese offer was sub prime.
  14. I have a BBT Spectrum Rewards Visa in the SD.

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