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  1. Food Share <<<< a new name for food banks. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind feeding people, especially children, but damn.
  2. I've passed this video along to the higher ups at work to see if we can make this an approved mask to wear at work.
  3. My apartment complex sure knows how to pour salt on already festering financial wounds. Effective immediately. All payments made online by electronic check will now have a $1.95 convenience fee added to the payment.
  4. Is it to much to ask people living in the first world to shower at least once a day? And can we make it a felony to have a neck beard? Same goes for those that can't grow a reasonable amount of facial hair to begin with. You know the type......they have about 300 unruly hairs scattered around their face.
  5. Pile of statements. All showing $0 balance.
  6. I wish Lending Tree would bring back Stanley. But this time show how Stanley learned his lesson 10+ years ago. Im sure the hate mail would go through the roof at Lending Tree.
  7. Like others here, my mailbox is no longer getting flooded with BT offers. However some of my issuers have offered 0% on purchases for 6 to 12 months. Just can't BT into them. I have no need for BT offers.
  8. Lamb shanks and rice from the halal place down the street. On a side note: A steakhouse I used to go to, had it plastered all over their menus......WE DO NOT COOK STEAKS BEYOND MEDIUM. NO EXCEPTIONS. Sadly the business died, when the owner died. Old age.
  9. I was recently kicked out of a credit related FB group. I stumbled into a conversation. Typical salamander discussion......banks are evil, they have no compassion, etc. I posted a pic of the big guy flipping over some tables. He tried to warn you over 2000 years ago to PIF every month. Slow learners.
  10. Econo Lodge Research Triangle Park Durham NC 2 nights Basic Stay 1650 2K Rate Plan Promo 4000 Your Extras Bonus 400 Summer Stay Twice Promo 5000 Diamond Bonus 825 11,875 Points YTD Points: 238,461 Had the Mexican beer virus not have happened, I'd well north of 300k Choice points by now.

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