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  1. NC AG has made it clear that the eviction moratoriums also apply to hotels and motels in NC Also eviction moratoriums here last until June 1st.
  2. A little bit of both. Mostly MyFakers reaping the benefits of balances and or always paying the minimum on zero interest promos.
  3. We're getting $2400. We'll just park it in the bank.
  4. AMEX so far has left my accounts alone. Along with all my other issuers. I've heard Sync is culling the herd.
  5. Fifth Turd Cash Rewards MC. Replaces card expiring soon.
  6. IME people that make comments like that are typically on the brink even when times are good.
  7. Capitalism is alive and well!!!!! I just had two kids, what I would guess to be 7 and 8 years old. Brother and sister. Asked if I had any trash that needed to be taken to the community dumpster on the property. $1 a bag. I obliged.
  8. Things I've seen today that tell me many don't have so much as $20 saved. 1. Saw a nice family today finally cleaning the inside of their car today. They were scraping it for change. Had a jar on the roof of car to place said change. 2. Neighbors discussing they are piss broke until a check comes to stimulate them. 3. Two neighbors approached me asking where would be a good spot within reasonable walking distance to hide their cars from the repo man. 4. Tenants having friends and family moving in. I guess splitting the rent 20 ways helps lower costs. I'm told apartment management is gonna start to fix this on Monday before it gets out of hand. Our leases have wording that deals with this. Moratoriums or not. I suspect, some obscure occupancy fire codes are gonna get used to send people packing. In other news, this social experiment we are all in right now has inspired me to prepare a nice eastern bloc meal for dinner.
  9. I got a Visa Signature from them almost 3 years ago thru their online pre qual.
  10. Any states have moratoriums on car repossessions? I ask, because a neighbors car was snatched last night. Buy here, pay here financing.
  11. Continued wave, after wave, after wave, after wave of COVID-19 emails.
  12. Sam's Club MC. Replaces existing card expiring soon.

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