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    • My son in college, playing baseball was injured and sent for an MRI. They used my insurance information. I never received a bill. I was expecting the school to cover the bill since the baseball coach and AD sent him for the MRI. Anyway, we recently pulled his credit file and its showing as a collection on his reports. I disputed as "not mine" but it came back as confirmed.
      How do I proceed????  contact the school 1st? Why Chat do I just follow your procedure?
      • 6 replies
    • Here's where I am.  My goal is to get my credit score to 650 for a mortgage and I currently have a 620 (after initial disputes).
      Opt Out Done Dispute Addresses Done Initial Dispute Done I did not dispute any medical accounts (i don't have the money to pay them offc  
      The initial dispute went fairly positive I would say 50% of all accounts that I have were deleted. I guess where I'm stuck is what do to next for thr accounts that were validated.  They where things like utilities and credit cards.  I'm far outside my initial 30 days and some accounts are within their SOL.
      • 14 replies
    • I got a letter back in June of 2015 from Weltman, Weinberg & Reis out of Ohio  saying they were trying to collect a debt for Progressive insurance in the amount of $2700. This was related to a motor vehicle accident that I wasn't even involved in. Someone was using my license plate on a motorcycle that I sold him without my permission and he had no insurance or registration. It was a pretty standard debt collection notice but I hadn't yet started writing my own letters so I hired a local attorney to send them a request for validation. They never responded to his letter but they did try and collect a couple months later. The attorney called them and advised them they were way outside the 30 days and were in violation of the FDCPA. 4 years go by and I get a certified letter saying I'm being sued by the same debt collector except now they have tacked on another $3000 making it $5700. The original incident took place in October of 2013 so we are only a couple months away from the 6 year statue of limitations. If they are trying to scare me its working and I am more than pissed off that this is coming back around again. I am going to talk to a new attorney on Wednesday but this seems to me like a clear cut violation. Then I realized the debt collectors address is now Philadelphia and that is where I have been getting dozens of calls from over the last couple months, also violations of the FDCPA. I'm also considering contacting the FTC and the BBB but I wanted to talk to the lawyer first. I kept all the correspondence from 2015 also. Does anyone have any input or advice for me?
      • 31 replies
    • I wanted to file chapter 13 to get out from under credit card debt. I defaulted on all the accounts a couple years ago. I’m married and my husband and I have separate accounts. His bills are current and mine aren’t. The problem I’m having is they’re making me include his income for the means test but they won’t let me include his debts. So there’s no way I can afford what they say I have to pay. Is there anyway around this?
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      • 11 replies
    • I filed for Chapter 13 back in 2002. It was discharged about two years ago. It has fallen off two credit reports and I'm sure you can guess the one that it has not. My question what paper work should I keep if any in relation to my BK? By the way after it fell off my scores are in the high 700's.
      • 5 replies
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    • His mom must have really been proud of the signature he created, and what he has become.
    • After about six weeks of getting the "low toner" warning, our printer eventually refused to print and demanded a new toner cartridge.   While trying to troubleshoot problems getting the damn thing to print with the new cartridge, I learned that the "replace toner" message is based on page count, and NOT the amount of toner remaining.   So I fished the old toner cartridge out of the trash, put it back into the printer, and then followed the Byzantine reset process.  It's printing normally again.   I'll use the old cartridge until the print quality makes the output unusable.      
    • For the basic membership account, their representative said they are also looking for a FICO in the 600's. I'm sure they review each applicant on a case by case basis. I've had individuals report they were approved with a 570. No Chex or EWS.
    • I'm just now recovering from a seizure after looking at that signature.  PTSD.
    • He might be able to get those cards now, but he's 80 days until Ruby and 354 days from a Garden Goal.   

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