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    • Wasn't sure where to post this, as it's kind of a unique situation:  
      - I am in the midst of rebuilding my credit. My (real) FICO is around 660.
      - I needed a new car, and on a whim, applied online for a lease.
      - Lease is through the car manufacturer. 
      - Was assigned a delivery date, went in and signed loan docs, made the payment for fees / taxes / registration, etc.... ($~3600) and took delivery of the car.
      - Got the car, and have been happy as a clam ever since.   

      Got home today to find a letter from the finance company (dated 10 days ago) saying that they "carefully assessed my application and concluded' they are 'unable to extend credit, or have offered you credit at less favorable terms than you requested."  
      Uhhhh. ....what?
      I have reviewed the loan documents carefully, and there is nothing in them about "contingent on final financing approval" or anything of the sort. 
      The letter I received doesn't make any mention of needing to return the car, or anything about modifying the terms of the contract. 
      - I've had the car for 3 weeks.
      - They have already cashed my check, and I've made the first month's payment...
      - In 2 weeks, the second payment is due. 
      Do I call them up and ask what's going on, or should I just assume it's a clerical error and continue to make payments? 
      • 17 replies
    • My first Shop Discover purchase failed to give me cash back credit: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=518247. So far I haven't had the strength to try to contact them about this and track down an amount less than three dollars. This should just work...
      Now I've taken the damn card out of the sock drawer one more time to get 5% for online shopping. YES, I registered for the 5% promotion.
      So far:
      Amazon.com gift card, purchased directly from Amazon - Qualified
      Chefs.com purchase - Does not qualfiy
      Soap.com purchase - Does not qualify
      Overstock.com purchase - Does not qualify
      Amazon Payments (for purchase made from Amazon.com) - Does not qualify.
      This card is a #@$^@%^$ joke.
      • 412 replies
    • From EXP
      EXP - 662
      EQ - 643
      TU - 649
      From EQ
      EXP - 587
      EQ - 621
      TU - 588
      From Credit Karma
      EXP - NA
      EQ - 639
      TU - 629
      Why is EQ so low? All the info is the same between them and the dates of the most recent pull is within a day or 2 of each other. 
      • 8 replies
    • I want to use a balance transfer promotion from Chase but it has a 5% balance transfer fee. Looking to get around that if I can so I thought I'd pay my spouse with paypal using the Chase credit cards which will cost 2.99% but then we'll get 1% of that back with rewards so it'll be 2% total. Would Paypal or Chase have a problem with a payment to an individual with the same address?
      • 24 replies
    • Hi Everyone,
      It's been a while since I've posted although I sometimes read from an app on my phone.  This site has been invaluable to helping me clean up my credit and stay that way.
      I just opened yesterday a collection letter from A.R.A.  They had called me last week and when I asked who they were as soon as they identified themselves, I lost cell service and the call was dropped.  
      I received this letter in the mail and I'm a bit freaked out they they gave me hardly any time to respond.   I need some help with a letter to respond to them.  I've done this before but it's been years.  I also just moved and a lot of my older stuff (hard drives, with letters on them) are packed away.  Can someone help me?
      • 28 replies
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    • I cant offer a lot on this, but I just recently bought a house and here is what I can say. They take a lot of money, I think everytime I got a phone call they wanted money. This was stressful but also kinda nice because by the time my closing came I had pretty much gave them all the money already (i had to bring $112.00 to the table) My credit was 740 average and I got 3.99% I was told by multiple banks I shopped with that this was a great rate so im not sure about 3.3-3.4 that seems a bit low. Anyhow congrats and just jump through the hoops, Underwriting was a bit ridiculous for me as I work a commission based job, but after getting the full reach around inspection from the bank I was good to go, just answer everything they want as truthful as possible and Im sure you will be fine.
    • I'll suggest, based upon past observation, that additional improvement is achieved by reducing all account balances to under 30% of their respective CL's.  (While it's a more modest score boost than achieved in bringing balances to under 50% of CL's, it's significant, nonetheless.)   In the past, I've suggested that (where feasible) targeting <30% utilization on each revolver, and <20% overall utilization will achieve most of the FICO score potential related to credit utilization.  This advice was based upon observed score effects for FICO 4 (the model still used for mortgage lending).  I believe FICO 8 loosely adheres to this as well but, generally speaking, I get the feel that FICO 8 cuts a considerable break for well aged, unblemished profiles.
    • Has anyone considered a dedicated forum for gems like this post?
    • Try Capital One auto navigator , it's a soft pull,  as a starting point and look I to CUs from there. Depends heavily on LTV if you can refinance. 
    • I wish I could still find the one over there with the guy claiming to talk Sync into giving him $55k on the Wally Card a year or so ago.  

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