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So somebody got ahold of my Citi CC number and successfully charged $753 and change on some pool website. I saw the charge and called the company and they said the order looked fraudulent and they had canceled it and refunded my card. 
So I contacted Citi to get a new card number and disputed the charge. Well, first the refund from the merchant never posted. Now 3 weeks later I call Citi to see what's taking so long with posting my credit from the dispute. 
They say that it's still under investigation and they will not post the credit until they finish the investigation and determine it is fraudulent. Until then I have to pay it off when my bill comes due. 
Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Every dispute I've ever filed they credit my account instantly. That's the whole point of having a CC - they are liable for fraud, not me. 
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Hi WhyChat,
I happened to bounce onto this forum whilst skimming through medical bills and need your assistance.
In a bit of situation for which I am not sure what approach I am to take 
(1) Wife had to undergo some medical procedures in 2018 and that resulting in some medical bills
(2) I had missed a month of payment after negotiating a payment plan with the hospital unfortunately and it had gone through to debt collections
(3) Reached out to the Financial Recoveries (debt collectors) and negotiatied another payment plan unknowingly to me that inspite of doing so that they would report it on my wife's credit report
(4) Checked my wife's credit report this month and I see the collections records listed in her profile
(5) Called Financial Recoveries and they were not helpful with my request to remove the records off my wife's credit report upon payment. They say that once its settled, it would be marked as closed and it would eventually 'fall' off
(5) Called the hospital and asked them if they could claw back the debt so that I could pay it off with them and they could have Financial Recoveries pull it off my credit report. They had mentioned that I could pay the debt to either the hospital or the debt collectors but they have no control over the credit report issue.
I am at loss right now as to what approach I should take to remove those derogatory remarks from her report and would appreciate any advise. I read that goodwill letter 'might' work after complete payment but there is no certainty of that.
One thought that ran through is that if i were to pay the complete amount to the hospital they technically Financial Recoveries would have nothing to claim and they maybe 'bound' to remove those remarks? 
Any advice is highly appreciated!
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Hey, my (older) mother was at Macy's, using her store branded Macy's card (DSNB) she has had for 28 years, when one of the tellers said that they "had" to switch her Macys card over to "the new one" and asked her to put in the last 4 of her social security #. She did it, and only realized a few weeks later when get got a new Amex Macy's card in the mail that the cashier had signed her up for a new Amex Macy's card. She was livid and refuses to activate the card, but we all know that the card is already open and reporting on her credit report as a new separate card. She wants to close the account and have all records of it removed from her credit reports and wants to report the incident as well. What are the proper steps to take to get this done with minimal headache? This happened a few months ago but I am just getting around to helping her out with it now. Thanks.
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Received some akimbo prepaid card.
Never heard of them.
Identity theft I suspect.
Funny it came to me in c/o of me.
Filed a complaint with CFBP and will call these people on Monday and tell them to remove my name and address from their database.
Has anyone dealt with them.
I am holding onto the card just incase I have to get a lawyer involved.
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After many years with AT&T I decided to go with Verizon with the condition of no hard inquiry. The dealer agreed along with the manager.  Knowing  this did not mean much I had a paper agreeing to this  agreement signed by the manager. Of course a hard was on EQ.  
I contacted the EO of Verizon and the manager admitted to this at which the EO agreed to remove the inquiry and was sent the following e-mail with a follow up call. :
Thank you for bringing your concerns to the attention of xxxxx xxxxxxxxx, SVP-Consumer Customer Service . We are committed to providing you with a stellar customer experience everyday. We value and appreciate your feedback when we may fall short of that commitment.

I am glad that we were able to resolve your concerns by submitting a suppression request to the applicable credit bureau.  This credit suppression should occur within 60 days.

Thank you for your patience in the resolution of this matter and your continued loyalty to Verizon.

Sincerely, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
2 months later the inquiry is still on EQ and it claims no contact from Verizon. The case is now closed and I can't get in touch with the signee of the e-mail and phone call. All I get is the EQ refuses to remove it as we can't do anything to force EQ to remove it. BS I told another Verizon  EO official and ended the convo.
What should be my next step? Thx for any advice.  
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I joined this board in 2010 and it took years and hard work to get all the baddies off my report (Thanks CB). Then out of the blue I get a baddie on my Exp report from a CO named Williams & Rivera Litigation. They are trying to collect on a old Fingerhut account that is no longer reporting. I attempted a old WhyChat kitchen sink type dispute letter that has worked for me many many times in the past but it came back today as "Verified". My question is, what is the best approach from here? Its a $400 CO with a collection agency, the OC is not reporting anymore, I disputed them off years ago. 
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Does anyone here have experience settling a debt with Bank of America? I have a credit card debt of $7,358. I am currently involved in a lawsuit with them here in Texas, which is being handled through Scott & Associates (a collection law firm). Recently, they decided to move forward with a trial next month. I do have a lawyer, but I did also want to seek out any additional advice people on here can provide. The account is within the 4 year SOL here in Texas. I would ideally like to settle the account and possible negotiate a pay for delete, but there is no way I can pay the entire account balance. My lawyer thinks it is possible to beat them in court, but she also says settling for $2,500 might be possible. Does anyone have any experience with this type of situation? Would the arbitration method be possible after they have filed this lawsuit? Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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Oct 14 was listed as the first day to set up a new, online Capital One account for Walmart cards. So I went to their setup site: capitalone.com/Walmart.
Simple let us find your account form. Enter Last name, SS#, and Date of Birth.
What could go wrong?
When I got to the date of birth it showed a drop down menu with Jan-Dec listed. I selected the month, as well as the day and year in the adjacent pull downs.
ILLEGAL Month, Please enter the correct month.
Tried again. Same result.
I did the obvious thing and switched from the Windows 10 default browser (Edge)  to Chrome.
Worked fine.
Should be SOP to check your websites against at least the top 5 browsers. Hope this isn't some indication of their coding security. Good chance this will be fixed pronto.
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Previously married, divorced, made child support payments voluntarily for a long time. After I discovered I was paying extra for daycare for about a year without her saying anything when she finally provided receipts, I had paid about $2k too much, so told her we need to reduce payments over the next year to cover the differences. She agreed. As we came to the end of that time, she filed with the state to enforce the child support order, and the state deemed my prior overpayment a 'gift', and decided I was behind on my obligation by the amount I had underpaid by agreement, despite me showing the emails, the payments, etc.
State set up withholding, put it on my credit opening with a 90 day late in Aug of 2016, took the money (again, heh), and then began reporting a positive payment history ever since. Credit Karma lists the type as 'child support', and the remarks are that it is a paid collection.
Sadly - and I truly mean that - my ex wife took her own life a couple months ago, so while I'm super thankful to have my daughter with me, I'd never have wanted it at that cost. Even so, the state has closed out the child support account and Experian alerted me that the account is 'potentially negative'.
I have 36 on time payments on there, and 1 90 day late. As I work on the various issues with my credit, I'm not sure what to do with this one. Do I just try to get the entire thing removed? What is a 'child support' type tradeline? Is this like a credit card where the number of on time payments is helping me? Do I want to try and get rid of the 90 day late or the entire thing?
Thanks for taking the time, folks.
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Cautionary Tale.
My wife has a Cap One card and so she got the 2 years free monitoring offer from the CRA hack. I've long been encouraging her to monitor her credit. Her response has been usually "what's that?" and why should I?.
I get it. I was like that once too.
So she finally got her letter out and signed up for the two year deal.
All her accounts were current but one was newly opened and she had no idea what it was. Had a $700 balance opened in Sept. and not yet due or reported late.
She called the number on the account: It was from Wayfair furniture which goes through Fortiva. She has never done business with Wayfair let alone opened an account.
Account closed and fraud investigation initiated.
Pure luck she didn't find out from getting dunning notices or places closing her accounts. I've been telling her forever that she should be monitoring her credit. Now she's a believer.
Update: the CSR and Fraud Dept. of Fortiva (the company that finances Wayfair)  was quite professional. Always good to deal with competent peeps. Sending out a fraud affidavit and closed the account. Exactly what they should do.
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So I'll ask the question first and then fill in the background info.  Has anyone heard of a credit card account be closed and then 3 years later that same account, same account number suddenly has 30 day late, then 90 days, 120 days, etc.  Then that same account goes to Charge Off? 
So here's the background.  I got into trouble in 2012 with a USAA CC, I can't remember exactly what happened but I did call them and have a record of paying them $3191.74 which is the amount they told me.  The limit of the card was 3K.  According to my credit report the account was closed in Oct of 2012 and it reported as closed all the way until Feb of 2015 when it started reporting as a late pay.  I have no statements from them, didn't even live at the same address.  5 months or so after the account was charged off for about 6 dollars.  I have disputed this at least twice with the results always coming back as verified.  This time though I really have time to dig into this though and called USAA directly.  Who I talked to said it didn't make a bunch of sense and told me they would investigate and to call back in 9 days.  Today was day 9 and I called.  Spoke to the same lady who was very nice and remembered me.  Bottom line she said her research dept had verified again but had no answers to my questions.  Why did the account go from closed to charged off after 3 years and what was the balance of the card the day before I made that last payment.  I explained that it made no sense for me to short a final payment by $6.00, and its not about me paying the money.  Its about me  resurrecting a zombie account that would be brand new and stay on my report for 7 years.  
I believe the $6.00 is from interest and if that's the case it should have been reported in 2012 and falling off the account last month or maybe this month but not stay on my report until 2022 based on the 3 year gap when it started  reporting as a charge off.  The problem is USAA hasn't even been able to tell me where this 6 dollar balance is coming from. Am I crazy? 
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So I received an e-mail from my bank offering me a $1,200/12 month/12% APY unsecured personal loan, what's kinda crazy is that I only have a $200 secured credit card through them (as well as direct deposit into checking and savings as well)
It's stated that there is NO credit check, and NO early payoff penalty (I verified this as well)
I don't need the money, but I'd like to get a good account on my credit. The $1,200 posted to my checking account today, my thought is to immediately pay off $1,100 and make equal monthly payments on the remaining $100 (although I just made those numbers up, but ultimately pay very little in interest)
Any thoughts?
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What is going on here? Can I get this removed because the DOFD is before the date opened? Or does it mean something else?
Thank you for looking.
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Theoretical question...  Lets say you have charged off accounts with a bank (Citi JPM BOA.....).  At the same time you have checking accounts with the same bank.  Is it possible that some large deposits in the checking account could trigger collection activity on the credit card debt?  In other words does anyone know if banks, utilizing some algorithm or process, have triggering events around such things?  I know that when you apply for a mortgage or a loan it seems to trigger some activity with collections - possibly a subscription or something that the CRAs offer?  Look they need credit...lets get em kind of thing.  It made me wonder if banks review or watch bank accounts of customers that have outstanding debts and if they see a large deposit they spin things up.  Thoughts?  TIA
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looking at two medical collection agency entries on a report, both are from July 2014. I was reading something by WhyChat that mentioned these dates could be six months late if its being reported by the collection agency.
The state is Maine which I believe would be an SOL of 6 years. What are the odds of getting any information from the previous insurance company? We have no other records of what this was and the insurance company was changed a few months after that date. If we DV the CA, should we expect them to provide a l date for when the service was provided?
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We are looking for volunteers to help with leading some of our forums. If youre interested in helping CB become the best that it can be by welcoming the newbies, making sure the rules are followed, paying forward the knowledge you've gained and keeping topics of conversation moving, please complete the application.
Please indicate in the description which forum you are interested in moderating.
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We are currently accepting applications for Global Moderators for Creditboards.  If you are interested in helping new members feel welcome, paying forward the knowledge that you've gained here, and making sure that CB stays a welcoming, safe place, please complete the application.
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I've taken out a large portion of my available credit in the last month and I know some of them are going to reduce my limits or close my accounts. Originally I wanted to take everything out but I've decided to keep some on the cards and take more out later if I need to. From experience I know BOA, Chase and Amex balance chase when your usage goes up. But is there a list of all the banks that do that? Other than those 3 banks I have PNC, Citi, and US Bank. 
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Hello everyone, I'd like to premise by saying that I am not that financially literate, which is the root cause of my misunderstandings. However, I am trying to learn more by researching. I am a college senior. My father added me as an authorized user to a credit card in 2016, and had been making payments on my behalf. According to Chase Credit Score, my score is in the high 700s. My question is, I want to be independent from my father, so I do not want a card "linked" to him. Is it possible to "unlink" this card and have it only be my card? If so, does this have an effect on my standalone card? I can't have my only credit card be one that has me as an authorized user forever. If this is possible, but has negative consequences, please feel free to mention those as well. Basically does removing myself as an authorized user of a credit card, negatively affect me for my future cards? I just want my own standalone card, that is my main goal, but I do not want to do a great deal of damage to my credit score. Please offer some insight. Thank you in advance.
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A week ago, I ordered the EWS and ChexSystems reports.
Chex does not have an account report and does not have a routing number or account number. As long as you don't have any check fraud, check kiting, ISF, bad account, or overdrawn in collection reporting. If there is no negative reporting, it is classified as “none” under each topic heading. Any bank inquiries will be kept for 3 years in your report.
EWS- This file disclosure contains the information in your file that has been furnished to Early Warning by its participating financial institutions, and which is maintained by Early Warning in its databases. This Consumer Information Disclosure will report on each deposit deposited, on each bank transaction you have had made during the seven-year period, comprehensive report balance information, in addition to the length of the checking account's opening date.
If you have not done so already, it is important to order an EWS report. Remember, if you have Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo, Capital One, etc., please be cautious about returned checks.
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I currently have the following:
611 Experian FICO
620 Tansunion Vantage score
630 Equifax Vantage score
Current positive tradelines:
Open Sky - $0 balance - $1,000 Credit Limit
Discover it - $35 balance - $2,500 Credit Limit - hopefully graduating to unsecured this month.
"Self" Secured CD $0 balance - was $91/m - Just matured after 12 months and is now paid in full and the balance is being repaid back to me after a full year of agreed upon payments. 
I'm now down to just 2 secured cards reporting to the CRA's as my Self secured CD is now closed as it was a one year deal.  I review credit frequently for applications to rent in my building and our algorithm is a little on the tight side however you must have less than 20% of your total reporting TL's be negative/past due etc or it's an automatic declination.
I'm incredibly overwhelmed with all the information on here(thank you everyone!)but will start addressing the baddies shortly when I get a better grasp on my first steps as a CRO just put me in jam and on top of that blew my SOL for my big baddie with just months remaining on it!
Back to the topic at hand. 
How can I increase the diversity of my TL's with more than just secured credit cards.  What options are out there besides credit cards and the "Self" secured CD for people with borderline low/fair credit?  Is my only option a third credit card? 
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Equifax used 'admin' as username and password for sensitive data: lawsuit
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So Mr. loch Ness "Nessie" has arrived at my mailbox, haha...  
A 12 by 9 envelope presorted first-class US postage at the price of $001.38 cost of delivery. The envelope contains many pages of important personal and public information. I want to share the details of the LexisNexis user profile and the content of this report.
These are the highlights of each individual topic...
Professional License Records
Short-Term Credit Offer Request Records
SSN Records
Watercraft Records
Inquiry Records
Consumer Reported Statement
Consumer Reported Alerts
Consumer Reported Disputes
Education Records
Lawsuits, Civil Filings, Judgments, and Lien Records
Online Marketing Records
Phone Records
Sexual Offender Registry Records
Aircraft Records
Assessor Records
Bankruptcy Records
Business Association Records
Criminal Records
Deed Records
Identification Records
Address Characteristics Records
FAA Certification Records
Hunting/Fishing License Records
Property Records
Concealed Weapon Records
Email Address Records
Marriage & Divorce Records
Pilot Records
Federal Firearms & Explosives Records
C.L.U.E.- Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange
C.L.U.E. Report - Auto
C.L.U.E. Report - Property
Current Carrier Reports
Traffic Violation Search
So, there you have it, an extremely details of everything pertain referred to as you. 
For me, there's nothing there that is negative to describe me, the matter of fact this is good for my creditors to make further verification regarding my personal info, there is no need for me to freeze it.  
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Hi, I'm a college student funding my own education through loans and have been looking around the forum for some time with my Dad's account and he suggested I get my own account to ask about where to start with this problem.
Shortly after dropping out a sorority they sent me a bill for $2418.00 for what they described as fees for not showing up for events during a weekend last year. I was attending a family funeral out of town and had notified the President of that before leaving.   I disputed the fees in writing, but instead of answering my letters a CA is now calling. The CA has not sent anything in writing and refuses to give me their address.
What is my next step if any?
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First off, this is in Florida.
Got a letter today from a random attorney wanting to represent me in a case against Midland Financial. Not being served anything, I decided to dig a little, and found the info on the county's clerk of courts site.... Apparently the advertisement got to me before the service has!
Anyway, so Midland is suing me for $1672.86. According to what I am reading, it is in the category of Small Claims.
They have previous bills, a Bill of Sale for the debt, account info... etc etc...
There is a "Pre-Trial Conference" scheduled for next month.  I'm trying to figure out what I am going to do with this, and any help would be appreciated!  My only option I can see is to try to work something out with them, even though I am fundamentally against JDB's....   With my current bills and such, there isn't much available to pay them with.  I have about $1000 in my savings... If I offer them $500 to buy out of it....  But it looks like I need to pull the money out of that account soon.
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