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  1. same here, after being a yo-yo for a long while, the past 4 months have been strangely consistent. makes me wonder if DCU changed versions or FICO changed something with their scoring. 784 (-4)
  2. No idea. I never bother to check the backdoor.
  3. have been trying regularly for a soft CLI on my Citi DC card, but it always has given me the hard pull line. tried today and it offered me a soft, so I took it. $1500 increase to $10.7k
  4. EQ FICO 9 from NFCU just randomly jumped from 759 to 801 this month. a slight util decrease, but nothing really changed other than time, so I must have hit some new AAoA or oldest account bucket.
  5. 788 (+16) like a yo-yo as I just let my credit cards report different balances each month.
  6. Tried another CLI request on Disco today after another 2+ months, no go.
  7. finally bothered to go back to C1 and try another CLI request. this time got an instant 3k approval $3500 -> $6500.
  8. They wouldn't reopen my Macy's account and I even went up to the office of the president.
  9. shifter


    As CV said... The other thing is that you need to set realistic goals for yourself. What are you trying to accomplish? Do you have white whales that are keeping you up at night? That's silly. They're credit cards. They only matter so much and it's not very much. Keep plugging away, but you have to perspective. In the grand scheme of things none of this stuff really matters much.
  10. All right then your best bet is to validate the debt in writing to the collection company and see what they send you back in terms of some type of bill. Based on the score it seems like the first collection company deleted the account when it was pulled from them and the new collection company hasn't started reporting yet.
  11. What does "not mine" mean? Do you know whose debt it is? Do you have any unpaid debt? 30 points drop for a new CA means you must have other derogs reporting. However, you don't actually have your credit score. You have a CK skore which is meaningless. And never dispute through CK or any other online means. Only dispute in writing.
  12. shifter


    util might be concerning them or prior history or other derogs on your credit report. they obviously are spooked for some reason, so you just have to keep plodding along and trying again every 30-90 days. it may take a while, but eventually, they will start to raise it. it took me a year to get a decent CLI on Disco, I tried every month. and C1 keeps giving me the run around about too many inquiries and not enough history. but I keep trying every month and eventually they will crack.
  13. the MyFICO report display graphs are not the same as the actual FICO score calculator. I highly doubt there's a bug in the scoring algorithm that would include incorrect util.
  14. The main success I've had (NFCU and Citi) are because my EQ is close to 800. I wouldn't recommend trying any of these things until you can get at least one report completely clean.
  15. It won't matter if you get some removed but not all. Even one 90DL will tank your scores. There is zero chance they will do anything for you. Yes you got bad advice but unless you can find a lawyer willing to take your case to sue them for some statute they broke you are best moving on to something else.

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