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  1. Those are terrible rates. You should have gone with DCU or the like as was already suggested.
  2. shifter

    shifter's Rebuilding Thread

    I guess with Disco, 12th times the charm. Finally got a CLI on my (un)secured it card. $500! Yay! 😐
  3. shifter

    My Score Up 79 points in 3 weeks

    Always good to learn something new. I don't think we've ever seen anyone with that kind of AAOA/oldest account age and 30DL. Without the lates you'd be pushing 850.
  4. shifter

    My Score Up 79 points in 3 weeks

    762 FICO with 2.5 year old 30DLs? Don't think that is possible. 730 is about the max you can do.
  5. shifter

    My Score Up 79 points in 3 weeks

    Clean means no derogs. High util dropped your score. That doesn't make it any less clean.
  6. shifter

    My Score Up 79 points in 3 weeks

    No, that's completely false. A total balance of $0 is bad. You want one card with a $2 balance and the rest $0 for ideal scoring. Is it going to kill you to have a couple of cards with small balances? No. But you will definitely lose points with a balance on every card.
  7. shifter

    My Score Up 79 points in 3 weeks

    congrats on the progress. why did you pay down the $8k and $9.5k balances to $300 instead of $0? if you want to maximize the util portion of your score, pay off all balances and only let $2 report on one card. short of that, the first step would be to get rid of those small $300-500 balances on several cards. more cards with balances hurts you even if they are each small.
  8. shifter

    Discover AU questions

    Disco AUs do not have unique card numbers AFAIK.
  9. shifter

    DCU July FICO is Up

    790 (+11)
  10. there is no such thing as a "FICO report". FICO is a score that is calculated from your current report with the CRAs. whenever the information changes, your FICO changes.
  11. shifter

    NFCU Fico

    Skip the elective surgery until you can afford it. But NFCU will probably approve with those scores.
  12. shifter

    Question about buying new home

    Send a PFD letter offering to PIF.
  13. They generally won't settle until you're 90 days behind. By then your credit is shot and your other cards have taken notice. Your best option is to contact the creditors now and try to work something out before you start to fall behind. Most won't but maybe some will.
  14. shifter

    NFCU Fico

    They say the score they provide is the same one they use for reviewing your account, but that doesn't mean it's the same score they use on new apps.
  15. shifter

    Missing Statements From Hack Lead To Lates

    Most creditors don't care if you didn't receive the statements. Especially when they offer e-statements and mobile banking and 100 ways to keep track of your balance. However C1 will adjust lates if you let them know you didn't receive the statements.

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