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  1. 7 is a lot to ask. 1 or 2 is much more likely.
  2. Fluff piece misleading the reader until the last paragraph.
  3. What I did with my wife which prevented it from ever showing up on EX or EQ is file under a different mailing address that was not associated with her credit previously. TU found it anyway because they use PACER. Obviously you can't lie on your current living address, but they give you an option to enter a separate mailing address and that seemed to work.
  4. Meh I don't think PFD is an option. You're dealing with Total Card. If the negative account reporting is with Green Dot, not even a million dollars will get it deleted. You need to work with Green Dot to get the reporting deleted. Unless it's actually a collection reporting from Total Card.
  5. Correct. Rare if not unheard of.
  6. It says third party deposit but it's unknown if they really check.
  7. So if I have it correct, open checking, $5k per month DD, get $700 CB and Premier status so then you can app the Elite card?
  8. My wife had quite a few accounts in collections and several lawsuits over 4 years and not a single CA ever showed up on her reports. Not sure how common that is, but it does happen.
  9. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/619076-more-hege-inspired-success-hsbc/
  10. Last time they used the average of the past 2 years income unless last year was lower, then they used the lower amount. I was able to file my taxes with the local IRS office and get them stamped and provide that to the underwriter in order to close in the spring before transcripts would be available. That way I was able to use my higher income in the previous year to my advantage. If you filed now like that, I can't see why they wouldn't just look at 2018 and 2019 and average those. If 2018 is too low, you could just wait until 2021 to purchase. I planned my purchase a year in advance and didn't write off as many business expenses as I normally would in order to show higher income for the 2 years.
  11. if the DOFD was 2014, it won't fall off until 2021. SOL for litigation is different from the reporting SOL, which is 7.5 years everywhere.
  12. decided to re-app Citi today since it had been a few weeks since the auto-decline. got the 7-10 day message, so she called in. just had to verify some info and it went through. CL of $13.7k. I think it helped the CL a lot that the NFCU card had already reported so she had an active card. so it probably worked out for the better.

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