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  1. No go on Disco. Looks like your Experian®credit report is frozen. Unfreeze your credit report so you can get a decision.
  2. shifter

    Citi Visa

    You've been approved for a Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi with an initial credit limit of $12,000.
  3. shifter

    Citi Visa

    they can't pull EX when it's on ice. that's how I got the DC with EQ only. as far as the advantages, I agree with everyone it's a good card and definitely my best option, so I will app it later this week when my $2 trick finishes reporting.
  4. shifter

    Citi Visa

    I guess you're right. I looked at it again and 4% on gas and 3% on restaurants is better than I have anywhere else even without the 2% at Costco.
  5. shifter

    Citi Visa

    I IIB'd PenFed. Except most of their cards are MC only. I don't need another MC.
  6. shifter

    Citi Visa

    I'm still trying to acquire a Visa card for Costco. With my limited lenders available (must be EQ puller and must not have IIB'd them) , it's proven very difficult. Citi seems to be enamored with me for an unknown reason (I IIB'd them for 50k), but they seem to have shifted almost all their offerings to MC other than the Costco Visa. Does anyone know a good way to get one of their better cards in a Visa? I already have the DC MC.
  7. well it came back with Discover it Cash card. it has an Apply Now button. is that a pre-approval?
  8. tried a couple of CLI requests this year, but always declined. now it's been 6 months tried again: $6500 -> $9500
  9. I've tried every couple of months and still no go today. the one CLI to 5k after unsecuring and they have me capped. the message is always "insufficient experience at current limit".
  10. 6 month CLI request on Citi 10,700 -> 14,700
  11. same here, after being a yo-yo for a long while, the past 4 months have been strangely consistent. makes me wonder if DCU changed versions or FICO changed something with their scoring. 784 (-4)
  12. No idea. I never bother to check the backdoor.
  13. have been trying regularly for a soft CLI on my Citi DC card, but it always has given me the hard pull line. tried today and it offered me a soft, so I took it. $1500 increase to $10.7k
  14. EQ FICO 9 from NFCU just randomly jumped from 759 to 801 this month. a slight util decrease, but nothing really changed other than time, so I must have hit some new AAoA or oldest account bucket.
  15. 788 (+16) like a yo-yo as I just let my credit cards report different balances each month.

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