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  1. That's how they handled my student loan during my BK. Reported ND for every month until it was discharged and then went back to reporting as usual.
  2. Sadly many CUs are known for this type of poisoning. They continue reporting every month rather than give it up and let the account age. It serves to depress your score for the full 7 years until it falls off. You'll need to try to find something misreporting on the account and use that as a basis for dispute.
  3. FICO would be the "other conventional models"...
  4. it's an NDC code. here's details about how Vantage Score codes it and anecdotal information about how FICO probably scores it.
  5. Back in those days you could actually live on minimum wage. Normal families could live on one moderate income.
  6. I maxed out a lot of cards in my day and never saw any AA. It's really a crap shoot. I do think 69% and below would likely raise no red flags anywhere.
  7. so you have no open credit accounts? just a paid off car loan and apartment building? there's a good chance neither of those are on your report, hence, it's blank.
  8. how does him having no record of it help you get it removed? unless you disputed with the CRA and they were unable to verify, sounds like you got nowhere.
  9. buying options is nearly always a losing proposition long term. selling puts right now is at a great value because people are paying through the roof for the insurance.
  10. I bought MGM at $18 thinking I got a steal... and sold at $12 before it fell to $6. Dangerous game these days.
  11. Dangerous to catch a falling knife. I'm not so sure that V has bottomed even though I look like a genius right now. It was a long play on a quality company. In general better to wait for the knife to hit the ground before you try to pick it up. I'm almost entirely in cash right now.
  12. Unlikely, unless you're not already at their lowest rate. Who cares about APR anyway?
  13. Or could just be cleanup of unused credit to reduce exposure and be able to offer more credit to people who are actually going to be using it.
  14. Used to be able to direct them to EQ by freezing EX.

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