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  1. Seek out the Master Blacklist thread for more info on who doesn't forgive.
  2. Creditors take into account inquiries for the full 2 years they are reporting. But most adverse messages citing inquiries are really about something else they don't like.
  3. A free FICO 5 score (aka Mortgage score), more specifically. You can get EQ 08 scores all over the place.
  4. Possibly. Some creditors have hard limits like another inquiry within 48 hours or 7 days means an auto decline. Citi does that. I haven't heard of Amex being that inquiry sensitive in the past, but lending criteria is ever changing.
  5. Actually the Platinum is no harder to obtain than the Green. And all of their charge cards are easier to obtain than their revolving products.
  6. That one card with a very low limit accounts for probably 60% of his score. No wonder it may go up or down 100 points depending on the balance. Let it post with $2250 or more and he'll probably lose 150 points or more.
  7. CLI day today. Last one. Been excited for the last few weeks to finally reach $80k! Alas, no instant approval, said under review. Not sure what that's about as I waited the full 6 months...
  8. CLI day again. Citi seems to be feeling extra generous with Costco right now. DC: $33k -> $38k Costco: $33.5k -> $41.5k Wife DC: $31.5k -> $36.5k
  9. Tried again with C1 and got the "too much util" message. Haters.
  10. Got a bee in my bonnet tonight to CLI with Disco. Chrome 6.8k -> 8.8k it 27.5k -> 29.5k Then since they seemed generous, we hit the luv button on my wife's account also hoping for 2k also. Nope, 3k! 25.5k -> 28.5k
  11. Logged into Citi this morning and they congratulated me on my CLI. I was excited to look and see what kind of auto they gave me, but nothing. Still about 7 weeks until my next CLI spree with them.
  12. Alternatively if you have an EX subscription, they give you your FICO 2 score daily, which gives you a good place to start. It definitely can be quite different and is often lower because the max score is 844/818/839 instead of 850.
  13. Mortgages still use FICO 2/3/5 aka FICO 04. You don't really need 760 to get the best rates. I got the best rates with a BK and 715 middle score.
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