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  1. There is not. Credit repair and rebuild is a long term game. It will take years of dedicated work to repair and rebuild your credit. 30 days is not a long time.
  2. PayPal is awful. They just don't care about scams and fraud. They clearly have a backdoor in their system and don't do anything to fix it. I added my Citi DC to PP and 2 days later, it was compromised and a bunch of fraudulent charges showed up. I got a new card and added it back into PP a few months later and 2 days later, more fraudulent charges. I've stopped adding cards into PP now. And these fake invoices are sent by the millions and they don't do anything to try to shut down the accounts or prevent this type of abuse. They just put it back on the user and say, meh, don't pay the invoice if you don't recognize it. They are the worst.
  3. Your score is so low because you have no open credit cards. You need to get a secured card or 2 and your score will increase substantially. Then you can start figuring out the best way to tackle the eviction.
  4. I've never seen an open, positive account deleted. I would dispute online and check the box that says "balance incorrect". Typically works fine. However, unfortunately you're going to have to dispute with all 3 CRAs to get them all to update. That said, on an auto loan, updating the balance will likely change nothing. It's not like a maxed out CC that hasn't updated for 3 months after PIF. So I wouldn't really worry about it.
  5. Legal, yes. Smart, no. Unless you like fraud alerts, AA and the like. Plan your app sprees properly and the inquiries don't matter.
  6. I would not and do not. But you can end up with identity verification issues that require you to send your ID before they will process your application. Also if I recall there's the rare issuer that will deny you if they can't pull ARS.
  7. Maybe? I'd call them and ask. Never heard of a Chase biz card reporting.
  8. I don't think they do that any more? Or maybe never. Trying to remember that far back. They used to remove AF through the EO, but I don't remember a PC option.
  9. See if you get in with Disco. I don't recall if SDFCU or DCU graduates. If you have no open credit, your FICO should see a decent bump once an open account shows. C1 is very forgiving in most cases. If you can get in with Disco, maybe give it 6 months of reporting and then try for a C1 unsecured card like QS1.
  10. Neither. You want to get a secured card that will graduate like Discover or Capital One. It sounds like you have no open cards right now so you'll likely have to start secured.
  11. Not recommended for disputes as that gives them 45 days to respond.
  12. You provide the mailing address. You're the one receiving the envelope after all. Cost is variable but minimal.
  13. You have to call to order your paper reports to be mailed to you. I don't have the link handy with the latest phone numbers, but I've had success lately using numbers I've found on Google.
  14. The problem with just about any company that you hear about on the radio is they are just a referral company / middleman. You'll never talk to an actual attorney. I prefer to go straight to the source and hire a competent local attorney right out of the gate for any important legal issues.
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