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  1. It's basically just an advance from your Citi CC CL. I get those offers twice a week it seems.
  2. Citi has been the best creditor to both me and my wife after we IIB'd them collectively for 6 figures. We each have two cards from them, received within 1-2 years post BK and they have slowly, but steadily increased the CLs over the years. Total CL is now around 70k. One data point is both of us had clean EQ reports, which is what they pulled because the others were on ice. It's possible that contributed to us getting around any blacklist. I would focus on getting the BK removed and cleaning up your reports while you season other secured cards like Disco.
  3. PenFed up to their tricks again... 715 (-70) Wife 701 (-104)
  4. The pinned thread is here. You really have to read through it all because stuff has changed over the years with what used to work and doesn't work anymore. The TLDR that worked for me is: Ensure your new address is reporting as your current address on all current creditors If you didn't move, get a PO Box or something and switch all your open accounts over to that Dispute and remove all the old addresses, especially the one tied to the BK (on the phone or online is fine) Dispute the BK (always in writing, by mail, CMRR)
  5. It seems nobody has been starting this thread since December. 785 (-1) wife - 805 (+21)
  6. Just noticed today that her CLI was increased to $12.5k. Not sure when that happened, but I think fairly recently. I think she requested a CLI since December, but I don't remember receiving any notifications and I didn't make a post here about it, which is what I do to keep track of these things.
  7. I think Citi is definitely desperate. They've been blowing me up with letters every other day with BT checks and alerts about Flex Pay. It makes sense as their stock is tanking - I lost 25% and just sold recently. Now they gave me an auto-CLI on my DC after they just declined my request on 3/9 for "too many recently opened accounts". $18k -> $23k
  8. Double decline on Disco CLIs. Will call later about combining the two cards.
  9. I emailed their oversight committee again last week and it appears it's been fixed at least this month. We'll see if it breaks again next month.
  10. Wow, so for the last 2 years everything has been fine and as of this month.... PenFed is back reporting CO for the past 25 months. Oh, joy.
  11. Don't think you add to the deposit on Disco. It's always recommended to open it with the $2500 max if possible.
  12. Citi must be desperate. They auto-CLI'd my wife's Simplicity. $7,800 to $10,500
  13. DCU finally sent me a prescreened approval for the Visa, so I picked that up today at $10k.
  14. Finally managed to get another CLI on my Citi Costco Visa. 12k -> 15k
  15. Wife got an auto CLI on Citi DC out of the blue. $13,700 to $18,500.
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