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  1. No. Focus on things that matter like creditor diversity, rewards and SUBs, and limit growth.
  2. Be prepared for them to freeze your accounts at some point in the future until you provide proof. Usually best to get ahead of that by applying in branch and bringing the papers.
  3. Well first, you need at least 5 cards for optimal FICO scoring. Second, it's always recommended to have a backup card for each of your regular drivers in case it gets shut down for fraud or a weird bank glitch or any number of reasons. It can and does happen and if you only have the exact cards you need, you'll likely be in a bind. Third, Chase is a prime lender whose accounts will grow over time. They are a good relationship to have in your credit portfolio. It makes sense to start building with them as early as possible and also take advantage of some of their SUBs when you can and are under 5/24. Fourth, your AAoA will always increase linearly with time. Biting the bullet early and opening more cards initially is the recommended strategy to allow those accounts to season together and actually result in a larger and more stable AAoA in the long run.
  4. What reason would you have for not wanting a Chase CC? As Hege said, opting out only means no pre-approved offers.
  5. Yes it's a cap. So you drop $1k into each account and leave it. No transfers necessary contrary to some posters opinions.
  6. The phone number is dead. You have to have a direct extension to an individual in the office to get through. The email still works.
  7. Most people don't know what they spend on anything. It would simply be impossible for them to come up with anything remotely useful.
  8. How's that? You either have both maxed out every month or you don't. And if you do, transfers are meaningless.
  9. Sounds good on theory, but correlation is not causation. It's only "predictive" with the benefit of hindsight. I'll still stick with patios on the rare stop at a restaurant.
  10. It's mostly related to the Fed handcuffs where they can't grow their balance sheet.
  11. 5% capped at $100 means it would only be 1% at 10k. The question is can you get a CL above $500 with this oddball bank?
  12. Like I said your numbers don't make sense. You can't have paid more than the minimum every 3 weeks as you state and end up with 2 30DL. Simply impossible.
  13. You got lucky with the CC company because DV is strictly for CAs. OCs don't have to do any validation. Yes you need to DV the CA now.

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