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  1. The specifics are in that thread, but usually calling is a good place to start. Or online. Not sure what the recommendation is anymore really.
  2. Dispute as obsolete with TU now, and EQ and EX at the end of the year. There's a good chance you can ring in the New Year with clean reports!
  3. Yeah the backdoor was closed several years ago and then they even started purging people who used it. Another CB effect.
  4. Myfico.com gives you many different score versions for one price. It's a steep price but it's the quick and dirty method to get a benchmark asap.
  5. They don't have to provide all of that no matter how much you want to demand it. The requirements for validation are extremely low. Focus your attention on a different method.
  6. The difference is between profiles with 5 credit cards, 2-4 or 1. You need at least 5 CCs for max FICO boost, but 2 is a boost over 1.
  7. 05 is a long time ago. Most people find their way off the BL after 10 years. So at 14+ years it would not be surprising if you were off.
  8. At 1 year it's affecting you much less than before. But still 50-70+ points depending on your profile. You won't be able to hit 740 for another 3+ years. You should work on a GW or other method to get that 30DL removed.
  9. Even if the DOLA was Nov '12, that means it should drop off in the next month or so. But you need to stop working from online reports and get your paper copies and send dispute letters.
  10. Nope, she's here. Mom always felt she was just misunderstood. Personally I just don't have much patience for the woe is me mentality.
  11. the boys came to play these days! my high pre-BK was only BofA 60k CSP 57k UNFCU 50k

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