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  1. EQ is typically awful about removing AU accounts. But EQ is also useless for calling. The CSRs can't do anything. Have you tried filing a dispute on their website? Not recommended for most disputes, but that's worked for me in the past. Another option is by mail. CFPB is not necessarily going to help you anymore.
  2. 763 (-10) Wife: 797 (+30)
  3. CLI day with NFCU for the wife. Got another small boost $7.5k -> $11.5k. That's two $4k increases in a row. At least things are finally moving forward after they kept her capped so low for the first 18 months.
  4. Crazy difference in EX FICO2 and 08 with balances. Had a card report at 87% yesterday. FICO08 drops 1 point. FICO2 drops 23 points.
  5. Nice, a useful card and Citi actually likes me.
  6. With interest rates continuing to be low, I've been looking to refi and in a few days it will be 4 years from discharge. EX is going to be my middle score, so I checked my FICO 2 available on my CCT subscription. I've checked it a few times in the past year and as recently as last month it's been 680-700 depending on my CC balances at the time. Well, I check it for this first time this month and it's at 719! Certainly wasn't expecting a random 40 point bump. It looks like I just hit a threshold. Some things I can think of: 4 years from discharge Not sure if that
  7. 04 is extremely sensitive to reported balances. 757 (-13) wife: 767 (-35)
  8. Wife with CLI request on Citi Simplicity finally got a small bump 5.8k -> 7.8k.
  9. 770 (-3) Wife: 802 (+11)
  10. TU has been frozen for ages. They are using their monthly AR pull for the review.
  11. Waited 6 months after this decline to try again with NFCU. Requested $25k and got the same message "you have reached the maximum unsecured credit limit", but at least they increased it to $7500. So, making progress.
  12. Tried again today and same decline since they pulled TU again. I don't know how this card got "stuck" on the TU track, but it seems it's going to be a roadblock to further CLIs.
  13. Porter is talking about rebucketing. While that's real and certainly possible, you will want to make sure something else didn't change.
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