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  1. Porter is talking about rebucketing. While that's real and certainly possible, you will want to make sure something else didn't change.
  2. Sounds like a split file. You need to order a paper copy of your report directly from EQ.
  3. You should be excited they want to see your transcripts. That should pave the way to higher CLIs in the future. And as far as them seeing your itemized deductions, I'm not sure why that matters, but either way that's not how transcripts work. Have you seen an IRS transcript? It's not a copy of your tax returns. Beggars can't be choosers and 2 years post BK is not the time to close your best card out of spite. FYI, you would have been better served by having the CU send you the check and you pay off the balance from your regular account.
  4. Running your card through your merchant account is a very expensive way to accomplish nothing other than getting your merchant account shut down. You need at least 5 major credit cards for max FICO scoring. Also getting to 800 is pretty much meaningless. You can get everything you want at 760-780.
  5. No this was back in 2008 during my first rebuild. We're both on the Amex BL now for the long haul.
  6. Don't believe I ever got the card. It was pretty much immediate shutdown.
  7. FYI many years ago when I was on the blacklist the first time, my wife added me as an AU and a week later they reviewed her account and closed it.
  8. Pulled down my CCT to review. Citi hasn't updated my DC account since August when it was maxed out at 91% util even though it's been much lower the past 3 months. They updated my Costco Visa. Thanks, Citi!
  9. Yes. The law of unintended consequences when people do ill advised things.
  10. Are you looking at your paper credit reports from each of the major credit bureaus?
  11. Not really enough information to advise. It really depends on the specific creditors, CLs and balances and how long they've been maxed out. While the general sentiment to PIF immediately and figure the rest out later is a good place to start, it's a little Dave Ramsey-esque in its one size fits all approach. You've paid enough interest already, a few more bucks if it helps avoid hassles can be worth the cost.
  12. Sounds like you've got a real gem for an HOA. Our HOA which I'm on the board, assesses a 10% late fee for the first year and rarely employs an attorney unless you are severely delinquent.
  13. First I would run spell check and proofread the copy.
  14. There's lots of threads about this. Whether it's even a useful strategy anymore is up for debate.

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