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  1. HUCA. You'll definitely get some hard-asses at EX that have heard all the tricks and won't budge for anything, but there are some softies that will work with you.
  2. if you have no installment loans on your credit, this can give you a score boost. however, it's temporary, only as long as the loan is mostly paid off, but still open. in the long run this will not help you (re)build your credit. it's much more important to focus on removing derogs and establishing quality credit card accounts for long term score stability.
  3. You have nothing to worry about when your balance is high. You only have to worry when you actually start paying down your balance. Good luck with that.
  4. Thanks Marv. That's what I did this last time. Included the DL, SS card, original dispute letter and the response letter they sent me. What's to stop them from continuing to delay and not process the dispute even if I resubmit the same info yet again?
  5. WTF, this is ridiculous. after submitting the SS card and DL they sent back the same letter requesting the SS card and DL. what recourse do I have to prevent them from continuing to do this?
  6. Maybe if they actually checked anything! But you know they assume everything is valid unless you ITS them.
  7. With those cards you have bigger fish to fry than how much to spend and when to pay. Focus on what matters like getting some decent major credit cards.
  8. Ignore this bad advice ^^^^^^ preemptively sending your DL and SS card is a good idea.
  9. I've been debating getting this card since I'm maxed out at 50k on my other NFCU card. but not sure there's any value at this point since the 50k is a good enough pry bar for now with my other cards sub-15k. do they combine?
  10. no, if they can't find you, they can still get a default judgment. your general line of questioning indicate that you are looking for a way to beat them at their own game. that is very risky even for experienced individuals and is unlikely to be successful.
  11. a general update on my journey. my wife's BK was discharged a few weeks ago and the case closed as of yesterday. we filed separately almost 3 years apart because of concerns over equity in our house in order to take advantage of various laws and look back time periods. my attorney has been extremely helpful in working through this whole process over the past 3.5 years and it's really satisfying to be very close to the end. I've been in the initial stages of starting the process to clean up her credit for the past few weeks. the good news is that I used my business mailing address on her filing in combination with freezing LN/ARS/etc which resulted in the BK never showing up on EX or EQ. TU on the other hand got the BK right away and has already verified my dispute and responded to my MOV with a typical form letter even though the address on the BK was never on her file and with LN frozen they couldn't have verified from there. they did the same thing to her that they did to me. the days of getting BKs removed from TU by simply breathing on them are over. based on my conversation with a VP when I was dealing with them on my BK, they manually research using PACER when LN is frozen. once they do that, it seems they lock in your BK forever and it will never be removed. my theory is that it would be better to keep LN open and work to get the BK removed from LN and then dispute so they can "verify" it doesn't exist.
  12. I sent a dispute to EQ CMRRR. I got the green card that they received it on 9/25. It included a copy of the DL showing current address and included the SS# and report number in the letter. They responded a couple of weeks later saying they couldn't validate identify and wanted a copy of the DL and a copy of the SS card. Seems kind of sketchy since I already included the DL (but not the SS card because I didn't have it handy at the time.) So I dug up the SS card and added a copy to the existing packet and mailed it back to them. I didn't have time to send it CMRRR, which I probably should have. The question is does the request for more information extend their time to process? Do they get 30 days from the receipt of the second letter? Or can I leverage the fact that it's been 5 weeks from the receipt of the original dispute to get everything deleted?
  13. Or see if the next communication you get from them is a knock at your door from the process server. That's a risky game.
  14. DVing a sue happy CA within SOL is a good way to get yourself insta-sued. I know from experience. They won't even bother to respond to your DV until after you're served.

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