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  1. shifter

    shifter's Rebuilding Thread

    Just logged into my NFCU account and see they bumped me up to 35k. I would not bother with NFCU until you can get the EQ BK removed.
  2. shifter

    Oldest Card - I screwed up...

    Pretty much. You can try contacting the EO but it's very unlikely.
  3. It's also referred to as an app spree in many threads.
  4. shifter

    tracking credit scores

    In general, at the early stages your score is the least important factor. However if you look at the free FICO thread, it's a good idea to work on establishing sources of free FICO scores so that you can keep track of your score as you go forward. But regularly paying for scores is not advised.
  5. shifter

    What mix of credit line will get you to 700+?

    The question didn't reference a derogatory profile, it was simply talking about a mix of accounts. If you have a profile with heavy derogatories, you should be focused on cleaning those up, not the nuances of a mix of accounts that might eek out a few extra points.
  6. shifter

    What mix of credit line will get you to 700+?

    700 is a pretty low bar. You just need 3 credit cards and a little bit of history. Getting to 800 can be helped through an installment loan, but not necessary. And not store/gas cards. They're always meaningless.
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/want-a-higher-credit-score-soon-your-cash-could-help-1540123200
  8. FYI, loan modification refers to a fixed term loan like a mortgage. what you are seeking is either a settlement or a forbearance plan. settlement is going to close the cards and ruin your credit. only a few creditors will work with you on a reduced interest/payment plan temporarily to help you get back on your feet. Amex is known for offer a very generous plan. Chase is known not to work with you at all until you're at least 2 payments behind. The others might work with you if you call them and ask.
  9. shifter

    Dispute oldest account with late payments?

    How old is your next oldest open line?
  10. shifter

    Interest Rates on CC how it works?

    What a useful response. 🙄 If someone doesn't understand how interest works, reading a legal contract is the last thing that's going to clear it up for them.
  11. shifter

    shifter's Rebuilding Thread

    Also did a CLI request for NFCU from 25k to 50k. Got a notice they pulled a hard on EQ. Not completely unexpected for that amount I don't think although some people have said they have always gotten soft CLIs. Will see what they say.
  12. Don't dispute the inquiries. They are completely meaningless anyway.
  13. shifter

    Interest Rates on CC how it works?

    The short answer to your question is yes. Never make charges on an account that you are revolving a balance on.
  14. shifter

    Is Cerulean Card THAT bad?

    I got that but so did I and a lot of other people who got unsecured cards from them shortly after discharge. How does your credit look? Is everything reporting correctly? What are your scores?

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