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  1. They start reporting at 30DL not when charged off. As I indicated, if they haven't reported yet, there's no reason to believe they will start now.
  2. Memberlicious! If you have someone on the phone you can ask them what the max available is and then ask for that. The problem with some CUs is you ask for $50k when they max out at $30k or whatever and they just decline you because they can't provide the limit you want.
  3. I forgot I was also eligible for a CLI request on the Costco. $27k -> $33.5k
  4. CLI day with Citi DC: $28k -> $33k Wife DC: $26.5k -> $31.5k
  5. They admitted they don't report to any CRAs. There are many CAs like this. It doesn't matter what the OP does, they won't ever report. Or course if the OP ignores it, that doesn't mean they won't transfer the debt to someone else who may report.
  6. They use EQ for CCs and TU for auto loans IME.
  7. Who is this? This is your quickest way to eliminate the problem. You need to escalate this to their highest office.
  8. Well, typically they report once a card goes delinquent. But if you are at 180 days it's been delinquent for months. Have they not reported yet?
  9. 3x I believe is still the max. If you request over something like $50k they might require a 4506-T for a look at your tax transcripts.
  10. Just realized that the Cash+ 5% is limited to $2k per QUARTER. I spend way more than that on cell phone/TV/internet/streaming and I can't take advantage. That's ridiculously low. That's only $20 bonus cash back per month compared to my standard 2% card. Almost not even worth the hassle to have the extra card...
  11. No need to bother with that bottom feeder for 6%. Flourish and Primis have the same with $1M cap or no cap respectively.
  12. They can continue to update monthly.
  13. What did your insurance say about how much they paid out? How much was owed on the loan originally? Sounds like maybe a case of something like $25k coverage limit not enough to cover a $70k SUV? What state are you in?
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