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  1. Not really. But when you have other derogs, removing one old one usually doesn't have any positive effect.
  2. Sadly once you pay the CA you're SOL. A paid CA account is just as bad as unpaid for FICO. The correct move is to pay the OC, but you've passed that point.
  3. $0 across the board has never been a good thing. You need one card at at least $1-2.
  4. I caution you about your level of perpetual revolving debt. It's fine at 0% when times are good, but it's a ticking time bomb when you can't roll it over or something happens like COVID. I was running the same game for a couple of years before it bit me in the ass. You can't dodge the piper forever.
  5. Not that unbelievable. I did it and then some in around the same time. 1M between business and personal isn't that hard with high income and good credit.
  6. Get ahold of the BofA EO. I still don't understand how you didn't receive any letters or emails or phone calls about the past due balance? I missed a payment recently because I thought it was on autopay and they called me and sent a letter after 5 days. 4 months is a long time to be past due and not figure it out one way or another.
  7. If you have paper copies of your credit reports, why are you looking at Credit Karma...
  8. Discover is one of the only ones that will do that. Chase however will automatically update off cycle when paid to $0. And then there are others who seem to not report when you let the statement cut at $0 until the second month. Those are annoying.
  9. None of the above. However I have dealt with all three of them very recently. I also paid a lot of money for the best attorney who has been involved in hundreds of complex BK cases. So I feel pretty confident in what I've learned and what I've been told. What this guy's espousing sounds like it came from nolo.com.
  10. This is all theoretical. In reality it's very unlikely. Depends on the time frame and amount, but big credit card companies have little to no interest in spending good money chasing after bad in BK cases. Most of the time they write it off instantly without a second look. No one is talking about intentional bust out. Most BK situations people are trying their best to make it out and don't file until they reach the end of their rope. That usually means they ran out of available credit before their financial situation improved. Your advice is bad not because it's patently incorrect, but because it's theoretical and generic and not applied to this individual situation the way that an actual creditor, trustee or judge would look at it in real life.
  11. shifter

    FICO Formula?

    Maybe but that doesn't mean the algorithm hasn't changed. Not to mention the score board they present at the end goes up to 850. I highly doubt they are still stuck on FICO 2/4/5.
  12. Not at all, so many problems here. Terrible advice. No trustee or judge would look at a 0% BT with even remote curiosity. Especially considering it's likely the individual would max out whatever cards they have before filing. Even if they didn't, the look back period for new debt is 90 days. Not to mention any claw back would be the creditor's problem, not the individual's.
  13. shifter

    FICO Formula?

    The estimator changed over the years. It wasn't just FICO 04.

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