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    • I've been here off and on for 12 years. I've been working on my credit the past 6. I began with a secured card and loan and now have a little over 30k in unsecured  cls. 
      I'm here to ask for the list of the good credit unions. The ones with ccs that begin with higher limits than usual, get bigger (automatic) CLIs, etc. I know nfcu and Alliant were mentioned years ago (both included in my bk, so they're not options for me, unfortunately) and penfed (my best ccs are with them now). Who else?
      (I did try to search, but couldn't find this specific info, sorry)
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    • My latest chapter 7 discharge hit the bureaus yesterday. I figured I'd apply for Cap1 and get offered their secured card (which, by the way, I had for a couple years and closed 2 weeks prior to filing to BK in Aug so it wouldn't be IIB).
      Nope, was approved for Quicksilver unsecured with CL of $7k, it was the high interest rate 26.99% I think. I'm not complaining, but it seems to me that an approval like this is a big difference from the last time I went through BK in 2011/12.
      Does anyone know if this is typical, in 2022, of just discharged BKs or if perhaps I hit some sort of a good glitch lol.
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    • I guess my search skills are lacking, because I know we had a thread about the PayPal and other Suckrony product line slicing...but I cannot find it now.
      Anyhow, to add a datapoint, I got a notice this AM that my line got chopped by 85%.  This comes after having been stuck at $10K for some time now (since pre-rona).  Logged in to the account and tried for a CLI and got an insta-denial. 
      As of this AM, their Vantage 4.0 sKore is still showing me well North of 800, dinging me for a lack of real estate information (I have no mortgage) and the 'too high proportion of balances,' never mind that two accounts are reporting and make use of less than 1% of the total available lines.  One of the accounts has a balance of about $3K which represented less than 15% of that card.  I'm more inclined to believe Suckrony wants to cull the prime customers who don't have an absolute need to pay inflated interest rates and who only used the card for the occasional 0% offers.  
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    • Hi Yall,
      Years ago this forum helped me completely clear my CR's and I swore I would have perfect credit forever. Then COVID.
      That said, I have been thru many many posts to try and refresh my memory on best steps but there are so.many.posts. It looks like since last I was here (2007 or so) not much has really changed but I'm getting confused on what my best approach is with PRA.
      I am in California. Debt is outside of SOL. I disputed the tradelines (they have like 5 accounts of mine) with the CBs hoping for a lucky break. Yes that was a mistake.
      Is my best approach the FOAD letter? Or is there another approach I might be missing?
      Any help is much appreciated, thank you!
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    • This Saturday morning, I applied for a $1000 loan from some site that I believe we could call subprime. I was just denied payments on a new phone device from my service provider in their application last night. I filled out the app and.. IF I sign it, I have not yet signed..
      $200 loan to be Monday morning and I will have to pay back a grand total of $534.99 - in interest.
      I'll post some of the information below but the part of me I'm thinking that I should take this just for the sole purpose of building up my credit report to show positive installments because I can afford to make the payments that they're talking about.
      I have never encountered a loan that was issued by a financial institution in Canada and as far as I know all of this is in US dollars.
      Here is some more of the info.
      Would you sign and therefore accept the loan, or would you not sign and leave it be?
      Your payment schedule will be:
      Number Date Amount Due 1 10/07/2022 $30.62 2 10/14/2022 $30.62 3 10/21/2022 $30.62 4 10/28/2022 $30.62 5 11/04/2022 $30.62 6 11/10/2022 $30.62 7 11/18/2022 $30.62 8 11/25/2022 $30.62 9 12/02/2022 $30.62 10 12/09/2022 $30.62 11 12/16/2022 $30.62 12 12/23/2022 $30.62 13 12/30/2022 $30.62 14 01/06/2023 $30.62 15 01/13/2023 $30.62 16 01/20/2023 $30.62 17 01/27/2023 $30.62 18 02/03/2023 $30.62 19 02/10/2023 $30.62 20 02/17/2023 $30.62 21 02/24/2023 $30.62 22 03/03/2023 $30.62 23 03/10/2023 $30.62 24 03/17/2023 $30.03 Total Payments: $734.29  
      Green Funds Group DBA GFX, 12 Simon Road, Kanesatake, QC, J0N-1E0
      12 Simon Road, Kanesatake, QC, J0N-1E0
      Customer Service: 1-833-381-1202
      Email: clientservices@greenfundsexpress.com
      Website: www.GreenFundsExpress.com
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    • Do we suddenly care about gas prices when they're dropping? I don't even know what I pay for gas. I get it at Costco. My car requires premium. I usually fill it 2x a month. 
    • Hello WhyChat, I need a bit more of your guidance,  After I sent your Debt Validation letter, I received an itemized bill for the Hospital Chargers / Services Froedtert performed, which was dated October 2021.  AmeriCollect letter with the above itemized bill was dated 12/22/2021.  I responded to AmeriCollect that Illinois Medicaid paid according to their schedule and that Medicaid also informed me that the matter should be closed since as a Medicaid patient at the time of the accident, I can't be billed / held responsible for anything extra. Medicaid also told me that it wouldn't send me an explanation of benefits. Why I don't know, and I tried several times. My last communication with AmeriCollect afterwards was 02/08/2022 - the sent me the letter stating that their insurance team reviewed my situation and concluded that  1. Froedtert doesn't submit to Out-of-state insurance carriers 2. Patient / Insured health ID number and name does not match. That was the last time I heard from AmeriCollect.   Friday, 12/02, I received the collection letter from OptimumOutcomes, Inc of Dallas that is trying to collect.   My question is, do I follow the same steps - start by sending the Debt Validation letter first or is there another course? It has been a quite a while, nothing has shown on my credit report, not from Froederdt, not from AmeriCollect.   Thank You
    • The family has grown, and we can no longer fit inside the SUV. Suppose you were to have a vehicle financed through Toyota and have a stellar payment history with them. Does that help when you purchase another Toyota/Lexus through Toyota Financial Services? I was at the dealer the other day looking and got instant approval and payoff sight unseen since they have access to all my car records through TFS. My FICO is still 705-710, 2.8 years post Chapter 11, and my concern is that chapter 11 will scare away my credit union and some potential lenders as there is a rash of repossessions right now. I have low utilization on all credit cards and have paid more than the minimum ($715) for the past two years. Just curious if it's a good idea to test the waters by continuing to finance a Toyota/Lexus through TFS. I got a pretty good rate (less than 4.0%, less than banks are offering now) through Toyota/Lexus in April 2021. I will be trading in the Lexus for a mid-size Toyota SUV. The cost of the new SUV is around $50k, which I financed when we got the Lexus last year, and I will not lose anything on the trade and will get the pre-paid maintenance and GAP refunded. Or would I be better off spending the time shopping around? I was looking at Chevy Suvs, but the dealer markup and rates are not worth it at this now
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