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    • I would appreciate any help you folks can give me.  I had some lab work done and when the lab filed it with BCBS it got kicked back and I received a bill for it.  I emailed the lab to dispute the charges, and was told it had been filed with the wrong billing codes and that it would be refiled. I never heard another thing about it.
      Almost 2 years later, the bill showed up on my credit reports as a collection.  After about a month of sending emails back and forth, I was told by the lab that the bill was submitted to the insurance company under the wrong BCBS policy number, so insurance refused to pay it.  This, of course, is contrary to them telling me it was initially filed with incorrect billing codes.  The lab never contacted me to try to get a correct policy number, never sent me a bill, never sent me a warning that it would go to collections.  Nothing.  Just two years later it's on my credit reports.  
      Can someone please tell me the appropriate steps to take to get this collections removed?  The fact that they waited two years to drop this on me just boggles my mind.  BCBS has a 90-day timely filing requirement, so there's no way they can try to re-file it now.   Thanks!  
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    • I have a medical bill between $100-$110 that that has been picked up by a debt collector. Original creditor wouldn't reverse despite offer to pay in full, read online to send to pay for delete. I sent a certified pay for delete which they received. The offer was to pay in full. I asked for them to respond within 15 days which would be the end of this week. So far I have not received any response via mail, just two phone calls asking me to call them.
      According to credit karma (I used for the credit report/monitoring  info, not for the scores), it has not been reported to credit bureaus as of yet. I have no late/collections of any kind on my credit report. I understand that they don't have to respond but is there anything that I can do more on my end? Do people ever offer to pay more than the full amount for them to agree? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    • A collection agency from whom I received no dunning letter whatsoever just poisoned my EX report with an old medical collection that was removed roughly 3 years ago from all of my reports - plunging my EX score 57 points .  Nothing has hit my EQ or TU reports yet.
      Thankfully, having been down this route before, and with the help this this forum, I know what to do.  I was tempted to click on the dispute button on the Experian site, but I remembered that doing everything via snail-mail is highly recommended.
      WhyChat, if there is anything else, other than reviewing your site with all of the directions, that I need to do, let me have it.
      First step, opt out.
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    • I came up with a goodwill letter to send for late payment removal. I found the cooperate office, please read and tell me if I should send or revise?
      if revise give me some thoughts?
      Purpose of letter? Customer  courtesy  late payment removal for account # 376XXXX
      Would like accomplished? Get late payment removed 
      Late payment reporting where? Experian, Transunion, Equifax
      Late date? December 2019 (30 days late)
      Why late? Online double payment applied toward balance instead of covering extra month 
      Have you tried customer service? Yes, they are not helping.
      Dear CEO Raul Vasquez,
      I am reaching out to you because you’re the CEO of Oportun, and your customer service reps aren’t providing good customer service.
      I had an account with you and I unintentionally messed up a payment online/making me the following month. It was a small error and I never missed a payment. 
      I made a double payment and I didn’t understand that it would go towards balance and not towards next month. 
      I ended up getting a late payment for December 2019.
      I made all my payments on time- and paid my account in full.
      I am asking a good will as a customer courtesy to remove late payment for December 2019, that is showing on all 3 credit bearus.
      I am looking to getting more loans with you but would appreciate if you can help me out with this issue I’m having.
      Thank you for your attention to this letter.
      You can reach me at email:
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    • What exactly does this mean?
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    • I'm getting so many PMs with deer pee questions... hopefully this update will help.       Academy Sports & Outdoors Visa (US Bank) Academy Sports & Outdoors Store Card (Comenity) Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Rewards MasterCard (Bank of America) Blain's Farm & Fleet MasterCard (First Bankcard/FNBO)  Cabela's CLUB Mastercard (Capital One) Conkey's Outdoors Financing (Synchrony) <------ NEW Díck's Sporting Goods Credit Cards (Synchrony) Ducks Unlimited Visa (First Bankcard/FNBO) Fleet Farm Fleet Rewards Visa and Store Cards (Synchrony)  Gander Mountain MasterCard (Comenity)  Menards Big Card (Capital One) Orscheln Farm & Home Visa (UMB Bank)  Overton's MasterCard (Comenity) Rural King Harvest Card (Redstone FCU) <------ NEW SCHEELS Visa (First Bankcard/FNBO) Sportsman's Guide Visa (Comenity) Sportsman's Warehouse Visa (US Bank) Tractor Supply Company Credit Cards (Citi)
    • US Bank Altitude Reserve:  10,000 points (worth $150 in travel)    
    • I stopped reading at page 9.  Did these people overdraw their accounts or not?
    • I still don't know what a Rack-U-10 is.   Important Information About Your Account   Effective February 1, 2021, your Rakuten Visa Signature credit card will no longer provide: Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver and Extended Warranty Protection All other card benefits will remain in place. To receive a copy of your card benefits, please call the number on the back of your card to request a copy by mail. Stay tuned for new Visa benefits to be announced in early 2021.
    • I had the virgin cumenTiity card and other one of its visa that escapes me now. but had okay limits >30k IIRC.   I only *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity* slap those who bumrush SCM and get 17 500$ limit turd store cards to save 1% at the laundry mat.

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