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    • Got a call today from a business who claims they are a law office, K&N Associates. Said they are representing a credit card company to collect an unpaid credit card from 2016. They called it a civil complaint. I did have a credit card back in 2005 that I couldn't pay due to medical expenses and death in the family. I NEVER received anything from them after 2007. This company says I owe $1400.00 but all they can tell me is the name of the credit card. They do have my SS#, address and phone number. They said I can do payments in the amount of $117,00 for 12 months if I can't pay the entire amount now. If I don't set up payments or pay the entire amount today it will go to court and it will cost me $4000.00. I said to them why haven't you sent me something in the mail regarding this and they claim they did. Never received anything from the them. They want me to give them a credit card today to take out $117.00 each month. What do you guys think about this? My wife is very ill and this is the last thing we need.  Thanks
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    • Insurers score a win in new rule to protect patients from ‘surprise’ medical bills (msn.com)
      "While all eyes were on Congress, the current administration handed insurers a victory in a much-anticipated rule detailing how to shield patients from pricey, unexpected medical bills. When they unknowingly get care from a doctor out of their coverage network or in emergency situations, where they can be sent to out-of-network hospitals."
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    • A couple of years ago I experimented with the installment loan hack and verified that it does work. I took out a 5-year loan for $30k from my favorite bank and, as soon as it posted, I paid it all off except for $100. My next payment was somewhere in 2024. The effects on my FICO were virtually instant -- from 820 to 850.
      A couple of months ago I got tired of seeing it on my spreadsheet and just paid it off. This week it just hit my credit reports as closed. And my FICO dropped around 27 fooking points on all three CRAs.
      EX, which was always my weakest, went to 797.
      I suppose I need to unfreeze EQ and take the hit for another installment loan.
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    • This question may sound a bit strange but I am wanting to know how I can dispute a charge that I paid via cash. Can you do that? 
      I took money out to pay a guy, let's call him scammer. And scammer did not fulfill my service and now will not give me refund. Mind you, scammer works by himself and he did not mention any refund policy or anything like that. I am assuming scammer wanted this to happen so I would not dispute the charge.    This is the main question I need answered: How can I dispute a charge that I took out via cash? 
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    • So I sold my house in 2017. Made $2500 profit.  Since then, I had a few hiccups on my credit (car repo that I need to start a payment plan on the settled offer, few late payments) with 549, 529, and 472 scores, I'm back in the Education field with $63k as my salary. April 5th, the lender for the Teacher Next door program said lets rescore after you pay your credit cards off.  I did that by April 30th.  Now, after resubmitting zero balance letters, I get this information back:
      "This borrower is not going to qualify regardless of credit scores because debt to income is to high.  She has 44 open tradelines most of which are deferred student loans.  FHA will be her only option with the credit scores  On an FHA Loan with a Purchase Price of $100,000 with a 3.5% Down Payment the DTI’s are 15.71 / 131.03% (what is this and where did these numbers come from?) so WAY too high to qualify for any loan amount.   She would have to pay debt on credit or consolidate some debt into one loan in order to qualify for anything.  Work on consolidating all the student loans. Also start closing out accounts that are not active. (I have none) Then overtime your credit will start building back up.  Having that many open tradlines can hurt your score. If you consolidate debt it may be a little higher payment but overall it will lower you monthly payments. For instance If I have a 3 $100 dollar monthly payments. I consolidate those 3 and now I have a $200 dollar payment it saves me $100 a month. You can still make those same payments but as far as your debt to income it will help.  Conventional allows you to use .5% but you need a 620 credit and DTI will still have to 45%. I would work on consolidating your loans into one loan and do an income based repayment plan."
      What do I do? What options?  Yes, I have $435k in student loans, with all deferred, as I am completing my Ph.D.  If I submit the consoladation loan, yes, it would go down to a MUCH smaller number of loans, but still $435k, not to include the new loans for the last year of school.  As an educator, my payments are only for 120 months, then the rest is forgiven.  Can that help me?  I was an entrepreneur last year, so my AGI is $4350, which means I have to use my current salary to get an actual payment plan based on real income that might be $400/month- worth getting into a home.  I could also wait until January 2020 for NACA, as it wants me to wait for twelve months with no late payments. I have my current car note $500 and practically no credit card debt.  The house I want to buy is rentable starting June 1 for 1195/month.  I may ask the owner to consider holding a note, as refi may be easier.
      Thanks for the help and suggestions.
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    • You should get a secured credit card. Discover secured credit card https://www.discover.com/products/secured-card.html?sc=KXNU&iq_id=r43700048627768488&cmpgnid=ps-dca-sc-google-brand-securedcardHV&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9szI74fS8QIVywiICR151Qg8EAAYASAAEgLpTPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds Unless you can get CA Tomas Agency to come off your negatives will not be removed until 7/24. This is not a good time to be buying a house. Prices are sky high and I think we will have at lease three .25 interest rate hikes this year. I would work on adding revolving accounts. Get your lowest score over 780.  
    • I think the max on that secured card is $500. If you can get your security money back and keep the card than you should do that.
    • what are you trying to upload? does snail mail not work?
    • Same here. I was told the pdf file might be too large, to submit a tiff file. I submitted a tiff file, rejected bc it was a color image Converted to grayscale in Photoshop, verified grayscale, did 4 times. Experian rejects tiff file, saying it's a color image. Changed file name, still rejected   6 hours I've spent on this task
    • I'm thinking they can't advertise for regular customers until after these deals close, as obviously Citizens and Cathay purchased the branches for their customers, and not just to get the real estate. After the deal closes, HSBC is basically an online bank in the U.S. with a handful of "wealth centers." Maybe sometime after, they'll be after peasants like me, with cheapo, non-Premier, accounts. I'm just guessing here, but online banks do attract small customers and are still profitable.
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