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    • Hello, I've been playing with my cc debt for a while now. I've opened new 0% accounts as suggested on these threads. When the 0% is over I transfer it to another one with 0%, accounts that I already have open. Now with the situation that we are all in, it's going to be a little tougher to pay more than close to the minimums. We owe a total of $25k, I've also worked with my DH's available credit for the 0% cards. 
      I am so tired of this debt! Our credit is good over 700's. I've thought about a personal loan since we receive lots of promotions on these, are these loans personally guaranteed? 
      Years ago they weren't but so much has changed. 
      Thank you for all the suggestions. 
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    • First thank you for all the knowledge posted here, I have followed CB off and on for over 10 years. 
      So here is me current credit Pic and I don't know what approach to take... except getting credit one and the AT&T charge offs removed.
      Once I receive me new unsecured Cap 1 I'm hoping that gives me a score bump because I really don't have any open accounts as you can see. Discover said no to their secured card 😢 I have been a member of NFCU since 97 but my account is dormant just need to deposit money in savings to make active. But I was thinking I need to wait until I clean up my TU and bring scores up before trying for their secured card.
      I'm assuming the student loans are hurting me but didn't want to contact them until I got better guidance from you all. 
      I could desperately use some guidance from you all
      Fico 8 eports & scores as of March 10 
      Experian 558
      Citibank AU $6500 limit $4977 =76% usage  - 9 years old never late - I disputed this account due to usage being high and it was removed- no change to my score 
      Belk AU $9000 limit $1666 balance = 20% usage- 20 years old never late
      Care Credit AU$4000 limit $0 -no usage - 8 years old never late 
      Sears - closed AU no negatives 
      CarMax paid closed $19,117 -opened 4/14 closed 7/15
      Acendium student loan 44 lates CO $2872 updated 8/16
      EDSOUTH student loan 10 lates CO $1750 account transferred to another office last update 8/16
      EDU SERV OF AMER student loan CO $1984 account transferred to another office last update 12/14
      FED LOAN SERV- closed exceptional payment history 5/15
      GLESI/ Bank of America -closed exceptional payment history 2/12
       US DEPT ED/ GSLI closed CO $1017 seriously past due last updated 2/20
      US DEP OF EDU/ GSLI closed CO $2701 seriously past due updaye2/2020
      Cap1 3/20 - unsecured card $300 limit in mail 
      Discover 3/20 - declined secured card 
      TU 509
      Belk - same 
      Care credit - same 
      CreditOne -paid- closed unkown payment history -CO bad debt updated 1/17 
      Discover -same
      NFCU AU- closed updated 5/23 $20k limit exceptional payment history 
      All the same student loan info 
      AT&T  Mobility $1206  collection opened 9/18 updated 2/20
      Inquiries Cap 1
      EQ 535 
      Citibank same 
      Belk- same 
      Care credit same 
      Creditone same 
      Discover same 
      NFCU SAME 
      CarMax same 
      Credit union atl $3803 CO auto- opened 4/11 CO 12/14 - consumer disputes 
      EDUC SERV AMER same 
      FED LOAN SERV same 
      FED LOAN SERV same 
      US DEPT EDUC same 
      US DEPT EDUC same
      Cap1 same  
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    • Well as most of us know, BofA if nothing else, is at least fairly generous with their soft pull CLI requests on a regular six month basis. It has also been well established that BofA has a de facto MAX aggregate unsecured credit card limit of $99.9K for most mortals, however IIRC both Hege and PotO have exceeded this.
      So my question pertains to MAX aggregate BofA unsecured credit card limits in relation to total income so that we can set better/more realistic goals and expectations with BofA and not waste our efforts in pursuing limits beyond the BofA underwriting paradigm.
      My aggregate limits are just a fraction below 50% of total income, so how far should we push this?
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    • So my ob office just called me back because I had a health question. The nurse told me I was due for an ultrasound but that they can’t schedule it because I’m in collections for $234. First, I had no idea we were past due but I’m not happy my nurse and probably my ob have access to my financial info. I feel like this could impact my care. I get being deactivated and not being able to schedule because of being past due. But the billing office should be the only one who has that info. If I called in, the receptionist should be the one to say they can’t schedule me until I talk to billing. It feels like a violation of privacy for the nurse to know bc it could impact how they see me and thus, how they care for me. Are drs and nurses allowed to know the billing info? 
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    • Hello, I filed bankruptcy in 2016. Since then I haven't really done much to take care of my credit. Stupid, I know. The main issue I've had is running high balances but I recently pulled my credit reports to see if there was anything else going on. I found two medical collections on my report from after bankruptcy. However, I'm almost positive the services are from before my bankruptcy. For one of the accounts it reports on Experian as IIB with no balance but on Transunion it reports as active with a balance. I tried disputing it via credit karma but transunion came back saying it was accurate and now there's a note on it saying it meets FCRA (see attached image). 
      For the other account I'm almost positive it was also a service from before bankruptcy. What's the best process to go about confirming this info? Should I send a debt validation or dispute it with the CRAs? I worry that won't do anything because it didn't help with the other case. 
      • 38 replies
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    • Yes Elan is still owned by U.S. Bank...   However U.S. Bank did sell certain Elan assets that were NOT related to their credit card portfolio:   U.S. Bancorp announced today that it has agreed to sell its third-party ATM and Debit Servicing business, which is part of the company’s Elan Financial Services unit, to Fiserv, Inc., for approximately $690 million.
    • Hertz announced its bankruptcy filing on the evening of Friday, May 22.    Shares opened lower on the news on May 26 at 41 cents, hitting a low of 40 cents.   Since then, shares surged as much as 825% to a high of $3.70 on Friday.   One investor who missed out on the massive rally is billionaire Carl Icahn, who has been invested in Hertz since 2014.  In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Icahn detailed why he sold his Hertz position at an average price of 72 cents, representing a loss of more than $1.8 billion.
    • Navy Flagship still sailing strong at $80K
    • I know the very elderly get cold very easily but are you able to open up windows to allow fresh outdoor air circulating throughout the room with your dad while giving him a blanket to stay comfortable? Since it's been recently reported that Covid-19 spread occurs more often in households as opposed to the outdoors this may be beneficial.     
    • I am also fighting PenFed right now. They have an account of mine that used to be Toby Hanna (then Valor, then PenFed). They have screwed up the reporting and the accounting so badly that they left me no choice. I had to sue after disputing and doing CFPB complaints for a year with zero results. Apparently, my lawyer got in touch with their general counsel this week. She has been described as "scatter brained" and as "pushing back hard." We are going to stack quite a few different statutes beyond the FCRA against them (and Experian, the only bureau that refuses to fix it). We started with a simple lawsuit, but now the stacking and amending begins. I am also bringing on an expert FCRA lawyer to help my lawyer. In the end, they will be writing me a nice check.   As far as Equifax goes, I say just keep disputing. Your dispute receives so little time and attention that there really is no downside. I tried writing mine by hand on blue paper recently, and bam, every single account I was disputing (all for quite a while) was removed in the same month (5 charge offs). The only thing I changed was the stationary and started using handwriting. It really is that arbitrary, TBH. Just keep trying different dispute reasons. On an account like this, there are bound to be endless dispute possibilities. But I would keep copies every time it happens and continue to build you evidence. Too many FCRA cases are thrown out based on technicalities, so it's best to just stack up as much evidence as possible so that your case is irrefutable.   Experian, on the other hand, doesn't like to even delete old a** addresses. They cling to any and all information as if their lives depend on it. They haven't even responded to my lawsuit after being served nearly 3 weeks ago. There is lawsuit "tolling" going on here, so they technically don't have to respond until July 15th. But I have continued to dispute while all this is going on the hopes they will comes to their senses. Unfortunately, Experian is calculating and stubborn wench.

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