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    • https://www.republicreport.org/2018/for-profit-college-chain-claims-financial-distress-sues-devos/   ...Education Corporation of America...
    • This is awesome! I've been following. Nice work!   I've opened Secured Discover It with max deposit, and got a Wayfair 1k Unsecured since Discharge 2 months ago. Considering NFCU Secured now (2 mos. since Discharge), or removing BK from EQ(via methods in these forums) and going for unsecured.  Advice?   I guess I'm wondering if I do secured now, and they see the BK. Will they be "blind" to it if I get it removed in a few months and apply for the Unsecured for a nice 20k credit line?   Thanks!
    • Prices look reasonable. 
    • Could be a bluff or not be a bluff with those amounts.   I'm in NC and SOL is 3 years. I escaped judgement. First year when things went delinquent, the phone was constantly ringing and a few letters here and there. Second year.....dead silence. Third year with just a few months to go before SOL was up, endless barrage of phone calls, and a few letters with payment type coupons. It was their attempt to get me to pay at least 1 cent to reset the debt clock on the SOL. I rolled the dice and ignored all. Came out with no judgments, ect.   YMMV!!!!!! The stories of fuqery from Midland on this board are endless.
    • Yes..you are absolutely right.. APR is decreased from 9.99 to 5.25....mainly due to my credit improving and newer car.  

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