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    • https://www.savannahnow.com/business/20190418/cfpb-may-allow-debt-collectors-to-send-you-texts-emails
      seems anti-consumer... especially given how many phone numbers JDBs call by "mistake"
      • 8 replies
    • How very.
      Hat tip to a quiet but astute member who conveyed the info to me in a PM.
      • 24 replies
    • My wife and I are trying to push our credit score above 760 to make sure we get the best mortgage rates possible. She is currently at 751 and I am at 738. Thankfully we are planning to close on the construction loan in January 2020.
      Is myFICO monitoring ($30/month) my best option to keep an eye on our scores so we can achieve our goal?
      We will be about $25,000 lighter on our debts at that point from the current estimated balance of about $32,000 (at an overall usage of 26% currently for our credit limits). We are hoping the payoffs, with only one loan to be closed that’s 3 years old, will improve ours scores, but we don’t want to go into closing without “knowing” what our credit scores are.
      Thanks for any advice in advance. This is my first post and I couldn’t find relevant answers in the search function.
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      • 5 replies
    • Good afternoon everyone, 
      I am currently trying to help my brother with a Bankruptcy that's being reported on Experian and TransUnion. Equifax in fact did deleted and is no longer reporting it. My brother was going to file for Bankruptcy but in the end he actually didn't. The confirmation of the proposed order was denied. Such documentation was give to him for the record. Document reads "Order Denying Confirmation 
      Why is it still reporting? He went ahead and disputed the reporting to all credit bureaus and Equifax did delete it but not Experian or Transunion. Is it possible for a bankruptcy to show even if such never went through? 
      What other steps can he take to have it removed? Thanking you all in advance for your input to this matter. 
      • 4 replies
    • https://creditcards.usnews.com/articles/does-a-higher-income-mean-a-higher-fico-score
      • 14 replies
  • Posts

    • The Lexus sport utility coffin has a maintenance appointment in mid-May.     This will be the one-year anniversary of its last service, and it won't even be halfway to the 5,000-mile service interval since last time.    
    • I'm going to use some creative license here, and double dip on this one thanks to the comma.     As a bonus, area code nerds (is there such a thing?) will see suburban San Diego and Killeen, Texas.
    • Our $25.00 state tax refund just posted to checking, just in time to be queued up with $26.00 in Bank of America spending rewards (2 Lowe's offers x $13.00) that recently hit our checking account.   The rest that's ready to go with our regular 5/1 payment includes:   The fixed extra sum we add to the payment every month (other retired mortgage/auto loan payments, permanently eliminated recurring expenses, and recurring net pay increases from every raise in salary we have both received since we started this accelerated repayment process);   Maid service fee for April for the Mud Hut.  Since this place is continuously inhabited I don't like it when it goes without being cleaned for this long, but this is not my domain.  TAD's lack of organizational skills resulted in the service being skipped this month, so I'm using the current hygiene deficit for our financial benefit (though the need for cleaning service is approaching crisis status, so it needs to be done STAT).   Maid service fee for April for our place in San Diego, which I intentionally skipped since I was barely there this month;   Interest that's been accumulating in our liquid savings accounts;   Tens of dollars that pile up in our Lending Club investment account every month. There are still a few days left this month, so there may still be an opportunity to squeeze in a few more dollars.    
    • Every lender I have talked to, said they 100% will include AU accounts in DTI calculation.    From my experience, the AU account will stay on the report for at least a month after being terminated, and will show as “terminated”. So they would have to exclude that from DTI calculation but for a while at least, you won’t lose the account age. 

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