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    • Well, I just got one of the better scam emails. An email direct from Paypal for an invoice I never authorized. And yet, it had my actual name and the originating address was paypal.com
      Don't be fooled. Like the guy in this article, I called the number on the email after first logging in and verifying the phony invoice was pending. It became obvious the guy I was talking to was feeding a line of crap designed to scare me while he had little info other than the ph. no. I used to call him. Hung up.
      So, a little searching and guess what. Found this:
      This PayPal invoice scam almost got me. Here's how to spot it - Elliott Report
      Pretty much an exact match! Annoying pieces of excrement.
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    • Tried again for a CLI with Apple.  Here’s the Dear Jane email I received:
      Goldman Sachs Bank USA could not approve your request for a credit limit increase because:
      You have not used and paid enough of your Apple Card credit limit since your last credit limit increase  
      Goldman Sachs Bank USA received your credit score from TransUnion Consumer Solutions.
      Your credit score is a number that reflects the information in your consumer report. Your credit score can change, depending on how the information in your consumer report changes.
      Your credit score (TransUnion FICO® Score 9) as of December 19, 2022:
      Credit scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 850.
      ‘Have a decent line in excess of 20K, pay down every month before balance posts. It would seem odd if the algorithms think I’m not running anything through the card. Usual monthly spend is $1,200 or so. 
      As an aside, TU FICO 8 is 817. 
      Can’t figure out why I keep getting rejected. 
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    • Long story short
      I have $200,000+ in personal Loans and Credit Card Debt. I am about to stop paying and let them default in March. 
      All the personal loans are new debt and are 6 months old. The credit card I have had for awhile. 
      I got screwed trying to start a new business, and can't afford to pay these back. I make $78k a year. 

      I have access to $150k cash
      I don't own a home
      Here are my debts
      Wells Fargo Credit Card $15k
      Wells Fargo Personal Loan $40k
      Sofi Personal Loan $70k
      Amex Personal Loan $9,500
      Laurel Road Personal Loan $30k
      Lightstream Personal Loan $20k
      Discover Personal Loan $35k

      I am trying to avoid chapter 13 bankruptcy. 
      So my questions are..., based on your experiences, do you think I'll be able to settle all these debts with my $150,000? Or will they not budge since the debt is so new?
      Will they just sue me right away and only take the full amount? 
      Will they consider this fraud because the debt is only 6 months old? 
      Please let me know what y'all think. Thanks!  
      PS. Please don't judge, my life is ruined for awhile so I am looking for serious help. 
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    • Happy Credit New Year!
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    • Is there a way to get such alerts apart from signing up for paid services?
      I'd love to get a text if any of the "big three" are thawed but haven't been able to figure out a way.  There's no such options at their websites and I don't think push notifications (from email) is available either.
      Any ideas appreciated!
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