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    • Thanks so much for your reply and I'll read up on that. I'm in OH.
    • Welcome to CB. This is one of the craziest things I've heard! For starters, it's illegal for a CA to refuse to give out their address. Read up on the FDCPA for your rights. My best guess is this is the Sorority faking you out, try ing to get some money out of you- They figure you won't know any better.    There might be some state laws to help, if you want to tell use what state you're in.
    • Oh I've been around those who like their Portillo's with "some gravy" and "dunked in gravy" - the "dunked in gravy" is the one that looks like the hot dog buns at Coney Island on July 4th.
    • It used to be in Marion County (Indianapolis) the paper you would get from traffic court if you filed a contest on a traffic ticket would read "PROPER COURTROOM ATTIRE IS REQUIRED" and would list the items that were prohibited to be worn in the courtroom. At the bottom of the paper would read in bold letters "FAILURE TO ABIDE BY THIS RULE WILL LEAD TO YOU BEING EJECTED FROM THE COURTROOM AND A WARRANT FILED AGAINST YOU FOR FAILURE TO APPEAR IN COURT!"
    • I have a handful of latest two auto and 4 credit card from back in November and December 2017.    I am sure time will fix it. Just seems weird that removing a baddie would make my score go down.

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