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    • Cautionary Tale.
      My wife has a Cap One card and so she got the 2 years free monitoring offer from the CRA hack. I've long been encouraging her to monitor her credit. Her response has been usually "what's that?" and why should I?.
      I get it. I was like that once too.
      So she finally got her letter out and signed up for the two year deal.
      All her accounts were current but one was newly opened and she had no idea what it was. Had a $700 balance opened in Sept. and not yet due or reported late.
      She called the number on the account: It was from Wayfair furniture which goes through Fortiva. She has never done business with Wayfair let alone opened an account.
      Account closed and fraud investigation initiated.
      Pure luck she didn't find out from getting dunning notices or places closing her accounts. I've been telling her forever that she should be monitoring her credit. Now she's a believer.
      Update: the CSR and Fraud Dept. of Fortiva (the company that finances Wayfair)  was quite professional. Always good to deal with competent peeps. Sending out a fraud affidavit and closed the account. Exactly what they should do.
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    • So I'll ask the question first and then fill in the background info.  Has anyone heard of a credit card account be closed and then 3 years later that same account, same account number suddenly has 30 day late, then 90 days, 120 days, etc.  Then that same account goes to Charge Off? 
      So here's the background.  I got into trouble in 2012 with a USAA CC, I can't remember exactly what happened but I did call them and have a record of paying them $3191.74 which is the amount they told me.  The limit of the card was 3K.  According to my credit report the account was closed in Oct of 2012 and it reported as closed all the way until Feb of 2015 when it started reporting as a late pay.  I have no statements from them, didn't even live at the same address.  5 months or so after the account was charged off for about 6 dollars.  I have disputed this at least twice with the results always coming back as verified.  This time though I really have time to dig into this though and called USAA directly.  Who I talked to said it didn't make a bunch of sense and told me they would investigate and to call back in 9 days.  Today was day 9 and I called.  Spoke to the same lady who was very nice and remembered me.  Bottom line she said her research dept had verified again but had no answers to my questions.  Why did the account go from closed to charged off after 3 years and what was the balance of the card the day before I made that last payment.  I explained that it made no sense for me to short a final payment by $6.00, and its not about me paying the money.  Its about me  resurrecting a zombie account that would be brand new and stay on my report for 7 years.  
      I believe the $6.00 is from interest and if that's the case it should have been reported in 2012 and falling off the account last month or maybe this month but not stay on my report until 2022 based on the 3 year gap when it started  reporting as a charge off.  The problem is USAA hasn't even been able to tell me where this 6 dollar balance is coming from. Am I crazy? 
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    • So I received an e-mail from my bank offering me a $1,200/12 month/12% APY unsecured personal loan, what's kinda crazy is that I only have a $200 secured credit card through them (as well as direct deposit into checking and savings as well)
      It's stated that there is NO credit check, and NO early payoff penalty (I verified this as well)
      I don't need the money, but I'd like to get a good account on my credit. The $1,200 posted to my checking account today, my thought is to immediately pay off $1,100 and make equal monthly payments on the remaining $100 (although I just made those numbers up, but ultimately pay very little in interest)
      Any thoughts?
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    • What is going on here? Can I get this removed because the DOFD is before the date opened? Or does it mean something else?
      Thank you for looking.
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    • Theoretical question...  Lets say you have charged off accounts with a bank (Citi JPM BOA.....).  At the same time you have checking accounts with the same bank.  Is it possible that some large deposits in the checking account could trigger collection activity on the credit card debt?  In other words does anyone know if banks, utilizing some algorithm or process, have triggering events around such things?  I know that when you apply for a mortgage or a loan it seems to trigger some activity with collections - possibly a subscription or something that the CRAs offer?  Look they need credit...lets get em kind of thing.  It made me wonder if banks review or watch bank accounts of customers that have outstanding debts and if they see a large deposit they spin things up.  Thoughts?  TIA
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