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    • I've never taken Spirit, although there is usually one of their urine-colored planes parked at a gate that's in plain sight from the Airspace Lounge in San Diego.     I took Frontier exactly ONCE when I had to go from here to Denver and none of the United non-stops were convenient.  There won't be a second time.     If Spirit is even worse, I'd rather drive.  Or get fired for not showing up for a critical meeting I was supposed to run.  
    • Guess there's a distinct downside to the online advice I read re Spirit:  Buy up to a "Big Front Seat" and bring earplugs to be oblivious to the Greyhound drama in the back ...   btw, are those seats no longer "Comfy"??  Why the downgrade to "Front"?  (It's been awhile since I last resorted to Spirit ... Frontier is heads and shoulders superior when in need of a discounter.   I spent over an hour trying to work out January travel for Bev to ACY the night before a free junket to LV.  Unfortunately, Spirit, with a cx in FLL, is the best I came up with.  Hope I'm not kicking myself later for not considering PHL with train or shuttle to AC ... I'm sometimes far too frugal for our own good!
    • Agree. Being approved doesn't mean they won't shut down an account a few days later. It does happen.  (: If your Capital One account sticks, one benefit is when you use a Capital One debit or credit card at a Capital One Cafe, drinks are half price. I've got a few $2 frappacino type drinks at their cafes in Los Angeles and Boston.
    • Glad you picked up that I "head to" PVR Sunday, not "headed"   So, I gotta share (on a loosely related note to the subject) ... received an email from WalletHub this afternoon propclaiming:    Hey Harry, great news! We’ve identified a way to increase your credit score by 40 points.   So I click on the link (merely out of curiosity ... who gives a "f" about VantageScore).  The system pauses to "update" my credit and then returns with essentially an "Oops ... never mind" message.    Wow, guess I screwed that pooch ....   I intend to email a suggested slogan to WalletHub:   "WalletHub ... for shits and giggles!"  

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