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    • I am in New York.  Two days ago I discovered a hold on a portion on funds in my Chase Business Checking account.  That same day I received a letter from Chase
      advising me that they received a judgement filed/dated July 2018.  I called the agency and it was from anesthesiologist charge from 2013.  
      I was never served, even though there is an accompanying affidavit of service (I was able to get both docs from the court via email).  That affidavit is a joke, as
      has a description of me that is hideously off -- even my skin and hair color although I like that they also made me twenty years younger lol. I am not trying to get out of paying but I would like to work out a payment plan. A few questions :
      1) Are they allowed to freeze my Business Account for non business related debt?  
      2)I am in private practice (psychologist).  My bank, Chase, will not allow me to  deposit credit card payments (they are actually virtual credit card payments received from one of the insurance companies until switch to direct deposit is completed) .  I was under the impression that deposits are permitted and only withdrawals (beyond the amount available)would be a problem.  A bit confusing.  (Also, virtual credit card payments are really more like debit/cash card payments , so there would be no issue regarding enough  funds available in the acct to cover, for example, if the "card" or deposit was  "bad" or could not be collected for some reason.  I have deposited many virtual card payments in the past.
      3) I  retained a lawyer -- only to vacate judgement and perhaps see if a payment plan could be worked out.
      I would appreciate thoughts re questions above, if possible, and any other advice , recommendations anyone can share.
      Many thanks in advance!
      P.S.  My credit has been good for some time now.  I really hope this does not show up.!  Haven't checked yet..
      • 7 replies
    • I see a fantastic way to finance a new computer on Amazon for a ridiculously low rate, but I am worried that Affirm would make my credit profile look bad. I have scores around 760 on all 3 major bureaus. I have 3 cards, Cap One Quicksilver $4800 (Rebuilder, started at $500), Navy Federal Cash Rewards $25,000, and Navy Federal More Rewards $25,000.  I also have a new mortgage $144,000 from a few months ago plus $7900 in Student Loans. I just don't want to hurt my credit long term trying to get a great short term deal.  Thank you for your insight!
      • 18 replies
    • I didn’t think it would happen for a couple more years. Have a late from 2020 on a BMW card when it became an Elan card. Did the pay off most of an unsecured loan hack. Real FICOs popped up.  experian 794, equifax 809, and trans union 811. 
      Couldn’t have happened without the advice from here (mostly lurching and reading, some under an old forgotten account).
      • 21 replies
    • A while back a few people were spouting the drivel that even though they were not Premier customers that HSBC informed them they were keeping their non-Premier credit cards.
      Well, that myth can be laid to rest.
      HSBC just converted all non-Premier credit cards to their Premier credit card. If you are not a Premier customer and managed to slip through the cracks, your card now has a cute not-so-little annual fee. Virtually nobody has slipped through the crack though and instead had their account transferred to the new bank.
      Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
      • 83 replies
    • I have a Continental Finance card that I have had since January 2021 when I started my credit rebuilding journey.  I started with a $400 limit and it is now $1300.  I am contemplating closing it since it is no longer used and has an annual fee and a monthly fee.  Plus I have moved onto better no fee cards since.  It makes sense (to me anyway) to close it so Im not paying money on a card not used but how bad is this going to hurt my credit by shortening my credit history?  Utilization isn't a worry just the credit history.  Thanks!
      • 11 replies
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