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  1. Yes, scam. The are trying to scare you into paying something. If you have credit reports showing the date the debt was charged off, you're good. Get the mailing address and send the FOAD letter. If they won't give you an address, just tell them not to call you any more.
  2. I didn't judge you, but yes, you still have to pay the monthly payment, or more. There are some judgmental people here - it's the internet, after all. However, by and large, CBers are pretty understanding people. If you click your name, you'll see a place to ignore people. Just put in the names of the judgmental ones so you don't see their posts. If you have trouble getting that done, send me a PM and I'll help you.
  3. With the pay in full cards, you only have to pay before the statement cuts. They are not considered late if you do that. I've had AmEx cards for 20 years, and that has always been true.
  4. Wow! Just say no. I've refused tests before. After they shut their mouths (they usually drop open like "what??") they'll just say you refused to do the test, and the doctor will have to figure out something else.
  5. I noticed that. Not sure why. I tried editing one the other day to see if I could make it work, and I couldn't. 🤷‍♀️ re the plastic straws - has anyone told them that plastic can be recycled into things like knee guards for skateboarders or helmets for bicyclers and stuff. It does last forever, but you can keep making it into different things.
  6. breeze

    WeWork Goes Vegan Companywide

    Yayyyyyyy more for me! I love animals, they're delicious! And - I agree with Indy, they need to clean up the people poop and pee on the sidewalks before they worry about cow farts.
  7. That's what we do. Kind of crowdsourced advice from people who've been there before you. But you have to pay it forward.
  8. I responded to it back in June. Had to register etc, now I get emails saying my score dropped 30 points, better check it. Then I get one congratulating me because my score increased by 50 points, don't I want to see why. I never use their site with that kind of blatant dishonesty being used.
  9. breeze


    Fantastic! I'm so glad you got the help you need.
  10. breeze

    Way up, Way down, how to rebuild.

    I'm sorry for your misfortune. I've found that in situations like yours, if you tell them your real situation, and that there is nothing for them to get, they don't waste time and money suing you. They will, however, sell the debt, and you have to go through it all over again. Most likely you would get the same result - they stop any pursuit of you. They may sell it again, but by then it's likely past the SOL. It's mostly just an irritation. The alternative, filing bk, enables you to recover more quickly in some cases - depend on who you burn in the bk. And it costs you.
  11. breeze

    Execution via Fentanyl Overdose?

    I think torturing someone damages the torturer, but there are some times when it's necessary in order to prevent something worse, like a mass murder, etc. AFA death penalty, victim's families can request that the death penalty be taken off the table. Prosecutors usually defer to the family of the victim. In some cases, they'd be happy to flip the switch or push in the plunger, if they could. I guess it depends on the individual. I couldn't do it, but who knows - that could change.
  12. What a nasty thought. Poop. That parasite is spread via human poop.
  13. I enjoy the ritual of getting the coffee as fast as possible.
  14. I like Kirkland coffee. I tried the Colombian dark roast fine grind, and bought it again. AFA Maxwell House - MH tastes like crap. So far, every Kirkland brand I've tried of anything (like Pecan halves) it was excellent quality.

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