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    • Sounds like the "kids" are adults, which would make all of that not your problem.
    • The guy is simply ignorant*. The FCRA forbids this. I personally paid off a CA that was 6 years old. It was a small amount from a phone service I forgot about and didn't discontinue when I moved. It showed paid and fell off my report promptly the next year.   By saying he's ignorant, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. A worst case is that he is fully aware that paying a CA doesn't affect the drop off date and uses this to promote fear and drive his business. It isn't just some CAs that are scummy.
    • Concur that AXP offers EXP8.      BofA and Barclays have been offering TU8 (as noted, Barclays does not specify but it marches lockstep with BofA which DOES specify).    FNBO is offering EXP Bankcard9   Have not seen anyone in my current portfolio offering EFX/CSC scores
    • Ha!  Y'all got me to finally cancel my Score Watch subscription from MyFico.  I've had it since 2013, and they don't even offer this product anymore.  $14.95 a month - guess I could add it to my Mortgage payment. 

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