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    • Theoretical question...  Lets say you have charged off accounts with a bank (Citi JPM BOA.....).  At the same time you have checking accounts with the same bank.  Is it possible that some large deposits in the checking account could trigger collection activity on the credit card debt?  In other words does anyone know if banks, utilizing some algorithm or process, have triggering events around such things?  I know that when you apply for a mortgage or a loan it seems to trigger some activity with collections - possibly a subscription or something that the CRAs offer?  Look they need credit...lets get em kind of thing.  It made me wonder if banks review or watch bank accounts of customers that have outstanding debts and if they see a large deposit they spin things up.  Thoughts?  TIA
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    • looking at two medical collection agency entries on a report, both are from July 2014. I was reading something by WhyChat that mentioned these dates could be six months late if its being reported by the collection agency.
      The state is Maine which I believe would be an SOL of 6 years. What are the odds of getting any information from the previous insurance company? We have no other records of what this was and the insurance company was changed a few months after that date. If we DV the CA, should we expect them to provide a l date for when the service was provided?
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    • We are currently accepting applications for Global Moderators for Creditboards.  If you are interested in helping new members feel welcome, paying forward the knowledge that you've gained here, and making sure that CB stays a welcoming, safe place, please complete the application.
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    • I've taken out a large portion of my available credit in the last month and I know some of them are going to reduce my limits or close my accounts. Originally I wanted to take everything out but I've decided to keep some on the cards and take more out later if I need to. From experience I know BOA, Chase and Amex balance chase when your usage goes up. But is there a list of all the banks that do that? Other than those 3 banks I have PNC, Citi, and US Bank. 
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    • That is a good idea! Also, it shows my payment as only $106/month.. hmm..
    • $12 a month isn't that bad.     I'd follow Hegemony's advice and use the cash to get a couple of secured cards.  Those will help you far more in the long run.  
    • Hey @PotO, it’s actually an installment loan through my local credit union. They offered it with no credit check, $1,200/12 month/12% APY. I did end up getting it.    it sounds like at best it won’t hurt me to have it (save for spending a little extra in interest) I’m hoping that perhaps this will put me in good graces with my CU and might help me get a credit card with them in the future
    • okay I'll play,   i'm objectively bad at this, I tend to pay with ... whatever is handy or whatever brand card I have for the hotel, and I almost always book through the hotel website (but sometimes hotel.com and sometimes I remember to activate ebates/Rakuten) but here goes:    Next two weeks: Best Western, Woodbury NY - probably will pay with one of the AA cards.  Nights 1-2 are $103, night 3 is $94.   MC Hotel, Autograph Collection, montclair, NJ - using points.     Best Western Plus, Brooklyn NY - chosen because of its proximity to MIL's house.  Probably will pay with one of the AA cards.  Rates are $135, $140, $144.     Sheraton Nigara Falls - will pay with the Marriott card.  $98/night.  I am most excited about free parking for the car that I will not have.   Renaissance Westchester Hotel - AAA rate.  Will pay with the Marriott card.  $135/night.   Early December, I have a room booked at the Four Points by Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport where I will pay with the Marriott card.  $107 corp rate.  Moving to another hotel for the 2 nights after that, booked through hotels.com but not by me.    There's more coming up, but I'm tired and have a meeting 😂
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