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  1. Hey, sorry if this question seems stupid...but I've been reading & it seems that people are having more success doing disputes by phone (sometimes trying & then retrying, weekly) than by mail. I have a few tradelines that are nearly the reporting SOL & I'd been kind of hoping for early deletions...and was curious, are people calling in disputes from just their 'normal' credit reports (the ones we get mailed to us), or are these usually done w/reports generated as part of a monthly subscription service w/each agency? If I need to sign up for monthly monitorin
  2. Hi all, please provide some guidance to a newby. I have 4 baddies, all cc charge offs that passed the SOL to sue me 2-4 months ago (I live in WA & our SOL is 6 years for litigation). So the reports are now all reporting around 6 yrs, 4 months since the date of last payment. I'd just presumed they'd fall off in 7 years from the date of last 'payment'...although I'm not sure where, on any of the reports, I can't find the 'DOFD' to be listed. I've never called & asked for any type of deletion, and honestly don't know how. Do I order my reports from each
  3. I was recently (within 30 days) denied credit & the letter states they used Experian to make the determination. Ok...so this leads to a 2 part question. 1. I can obviously now pull my Experian report for free...BUT...can I also pull the others (EQ & TU) or does a denial only allow you to have a report from the specific CRA they used? 2. When ordering copies of my report(s), what mechanism should I use? Is pulling my report(s) via their website(s) an ok idea (there may end up being disputes via the reports I obtain), or do I need to go the telephone r
  4. Hoping this is the right forum for this, sorry in advance if it’s not. Ok, I signed up for the gold Skymiles card where the promotion was spend 1k & get 30,000 skymiles. I spent the 1k & got the 30k. Now...they’re offering, to sign up, spend 2k & get 60k skymiles, essentially doubling the promo I got. Any hope that I might get them to let me in on the new offer? Essentially if I spend another 1k I’d get another 30k? Any tips are appreciated!
  5. Ok, there seem to be 2 time frames that often get discussed regarding the time frames on charged off accounts. The first we always hear is that something starts the date the account first becomes delinquent...AND/OR...the other thing that gets discussed, is the date of the last payment on the account. Ok, so my question is what applies to each scenario? I understand that the date the last payment was made begins, starts that date of the SOL an account can be sued upon....WHEREAS....the date the account first went delinquent (missed the 1st in a series of payments) is the beginn
  6. "She told me that there's record that I had a BOA account closed with a negative balance (I did in 2009) and that any balance owed will be deducted from my account." This intrigues me a bit. I realize a 'statute of limitations' is something we usually associate with most types of credit accounts, but you'd think there'd be something similar w/bank accts...maybe, maybe not? Is there any type of 'statute' in situations like this...OR...will BofA (or any bank in a similar situation) essentially have first dibs on any deposits that you make...I don't know, let's say, forever???
  7. It's common knowledge that items/accounts reported to Chexsystems stick around on your reports for 5 years, does anyone know if Certegy and/or EWS also go by a 5 year timeframe before they 'age-off' negative tradelines? If not, any idea how long they report...and/or are the timeframes they use (like the 5 years Chex uses) FCRA regulated, or simply company policies?
  8. and, FWIW, none of these old addresses are tied to any tradelines
  9. Hi all, So I ordered my LexisNexis full file disclosure & am disputing 4-5 old ADDRESSES. Most of them are 20+ years old. The 'source of information' for each of them is listed as Equifax. Ok...so, none of these addresses are attached to my current EQ credit report, although I'm not sure if Lexis gets old addresses from the 'credit report' arm of Equifax, or a different part of the company. Either way, my Equifax file is currently frozen. Considering my EQ is frozen, and LN lists them as the source...is it likely the dispute I'm mailing off today will net me deletions of said o
  10. To anyone following...a quick phone call to Navient yielded a 3 mo economic forebearance w/o much hassle. It isn't a long term solution, but definitely helps out a bit, was glad I called & admittedly surprised how good they were w/the situation. There is, occasionally, some help out there
  11. I want to order my Big 3(4) reports online...BUT...I don't want the CR & Credit 'Score' combo, I just want my report. I've already had a FACTA report earlier in the year...AND...I'd like it online from the CRA's, I really don't want an over the phone one order mailed to me. None of their sites seem to have this as an option anymore (just a CR only, w/o the score), any tips? FWIW, I've already ordered my FACTA reports this year but that was a while ago, and want to send in a few disputes, but need current reports. Ideas...
  12. Just like the title states, I have a Sallie Mae 'Smart Option Loan' from a period of grad school that has now become due. Ok...it was like from 6 years ago. I've used up the 48 months that can be 'deferred' for being in school...AND...I think I may have used up all the forebearances (although not exactly sure). Problem is, I'm still in school...w/2 years left & having a rather hard time making the payments ($700 plus). Any tips on how to get deferments BEYOND 48 months w/these type of loans??? Any suggested strategies are appreciated
  13. Thanks for the response...but, out of curiosity, 'NO' to which question?
  14. I have a Target card that was charged off around 5.5 yrs ago & still lists a balance (somewhere in the $200 range). Target still owns the account & hasn't really ever pursued any collection efforts...but reports it every month, which continues to poison my report(s). I'm trying to figure out ways to get it deleted (before the 7 yr mark) without poking the sleeping bear. It's reporting mostly correct (aside from 1 CRA where the date of acct opening differs a couple days vs the others)...but there IS one thing. It lists the account as being associated w/an address that I clearly
  15. The title speaks for itself...after I order paper copies of my CR's, how long can i send in a dispute? Are they only 'good' for 30 days after I order them & I must have a 'fresh' report to dispute from, or do I have a longer time to dispute? For what it's worth, these are Sagestream & Lexis reports
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