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  1. RESPA has provisions for what happens when mortgage servicers changes. at the least it might give you leverage to get *Admin and our Terms of Service prohibit profanity* corrected.
  2. You might want to see if there is a RESPA violation here too.
  3. navy's cards are ho-hum at best. why bother when there are so many better options out there?
  4. FNBO fordpiss card closed. "available" reduced: $41,000 subprime cash "repatriated:" $1,204.20 1099 reduction for 2024 tax year: 0 Apps deleted from phone: 4 URLs deleted from bookmarks: 5
  5. Order paper reports from the big four https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/590506-ordering-paper-credit-reports-information-inside/&tab=comments#comment-5623246 IDS: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport
  6. ho hum credit cards and second class citizenship. I closed my card years ago and never looked back.
  7. I have it, well we as it is a rare bird as a joint credit card account. 50k initial approval and one auto CLI a couple years after that to 55k. Never requested a CLI. I mostly keep the membership for CD specials.
  8. Patelco savings/membership closure complete. Closed crap12 savings (old ING Orange account) Running tally: "available" reduced: $26,000 subprime cash "repatriated:" $1,204.20 1099 reduction for 2024 tax year: 0 Apps deleted from phone: 3 URLs deleted from bookmarks: 4
  9. Opinion: Why Apple could be the big winner in its rocky partnership with Goldman Sachs
  10. yawn. As long as the man with veto power is from a state where credit card companies are king we don't even need to care about what ruminations take place in congressional cesspools.
  11. I was at this dealer this morning and perhaps my complaints worked as now they only charge a 1% fee for using credit. (yes I am filing another complaint with VIsa LOL )
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