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  1. Apple Card is just ‘another credit card with a few innovative features,’
  2. Sexist and biased? How credit firms make decisions
  3. Houston racks up spot among worst cities for credit card debt
  4. FINTECH offering free cash advance loans of up to $100... do they sell receivables to third parties that hope some people default thereby creating an asset? do enough myfuco types pay the $1 a month membership fee to cover losses and expenses? is the free advance merely a potential loss leader to front a marketing campaign?
  5. even if you sell the house that has equity you're no where near paying off your credit card debt. put all liabilities on one side of a ledger, assets on the other... without a real income you are BK already. and the this rate of "save about $1k a month to use towards settlements later" will take years for you to accumulate enough to settle the debts. BK protects you from creditors in a very specific way regarding the unsecured debts. For the secured liabilities, talk to a BK atty from your state. Do you really want to keep these three properties? if so, why?
  6. "family reasons" is not a reason. you have too much house and too much debt. and please don't touch your retirement accounts to deal with overspending. have you checked out the money management forum? there are a lot of threads on how to cut spending.
  7. Here’s the No. 1 reason why military veterans are denied a VA mortgage
  8. you have to remember that 99% of the aspirational buyers who think such a bag is real have never left their backward county in arkansas
  9. for those reading this thread... I wouldn't even co-sign for myself. AS A GENERAL RULE: NEVER CO-SIGN!!! EVER!!!!
  10. in less than 10 months it won't matter and it doesn't even matter now.
  11. no reply informing the new member that it doesn't work that way...
  12. why not pursue BK and not deal with collectors and judgements for the next 419 years?
  13. welcome to CB! why didn't you respond when they send you a final bill and before it went to collections?
  14. have you seen the cnbc reports on all the fakes sold on therealreal?

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