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  1. Celsius’ Top Execs Cashed Out $17M in Crypto Before Bankruptcy
  2. isn't the penfed fico quarterly? mine updated 6/30 so expect a 9/30 posting soon?
  3. Afterpay’s New Monthly Payment Solution Gives Consumers More Ways to Pay
  4. makes me glad I went with the monitoring service.
  5. N.J. psychotherapist who used client’s credit cards to pay for psychics avoids jail
  6. Macy’s mined credit card data to avoid taking on excess inventory
  7. FWIW, over on the junior varsity forums there is a thread that some folks have a CLI option on the app and online.
  8. Paying by credit card? Most businesses in Canada can soon add surcharges for that
  9. Visa ‘stands to lose the most’ from Fed’s new debit-card rules
  10. I once had students organize and "demand" that I grade on a curve since none of them were getting As. They STFU once I pointed out I would use a standard normal distribution... which would mean many of them see a decline in the letter grade associated with their percentage in the class.
  11. what is the time horizon for when you need these funds? and I am serious about real real estate.
  12. have you checked out the steps people in the money management subforum have taken to cut back spending and get on a budget? What are your FICO scores? You're in the right place for help but you need to give more details on the debt and financial situation.
  13. welcome to CB! There is no reason for you or your wife to call a CA "back" What is the name of the company?
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