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  1. pay walled version: https://www.americanbanker.com/payments/news/up-or-down-issuers-adjust-fees-to-compete-for-luxury-spending
  2. Citigroup Cuts Off Its $495-a-Year Rival to AmEx’s Platinum Card rival
  3. Three New Jersey brothers will pay $1.6 million to settle charges of instigating more than 45 million illegal robocalls nationwide
  4. hegemony


    calling one of the four major CRAs is hardly even in the consumer's best interest.
  5. A measure of how much of Americans’ income goes toward debt hit a 40-year low during the pandemic.
  6. Apple, Goldman Plan ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Service to Rival Affirm
  7. hegemony

    Charge Off

    this reminds me that somewhere I have a letter regarding one of my IIB that was sold to an outfit called "b line"
  8. Hilton hotel adds surcharge for using a credit card — Will this become a trend? too bad the appropriate sub-forum is closed.
  9. if you have a thick file, don't expect an increase and if this is your only installment loan your score may decrease as you'll be in a different score segment.
  10. finally something to challenge subprime discover's airport lounge system!!
  11. what kind of timewarp did I just step through!!!????!! https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/582640-usb-recovery-dept-anyone-ever-hear-of-them/&tab=comments#comment-5577244
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