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  1. you should start a new thread with your questions. It sounds like you're struggling to manage your debt load. What specific reasons did NFCU give you for the loan denial? I would focus on those reasons.
  2. curious, did this increase your FICO scores by thousands of points? How much interest has this cost you over the past year? I'd PIF and never pay interest hoping it would help FICO
  3. then get your own biz card :)
  4. Tennessee woman gets coronavirus after bragging about not social distancing
  5. there are too many smokers in LAS for me to buy used (only exception is if the car is over 30 years old). My last new purchase prior to my current daily driver I drove for 9 years. My current daily driver I've had 2.5 years and it has less than 10k miles on it. Yesterday I drove my Reagan-era 4x4 out to the desert to self isolate.
  6. Video shows cell phones on Florida beach during spring break, and where they've travelled during coronavirus outbreak
  7. Krebs: Russians Shut Down Huge Card Fraud Ring
  8. that comment field has been available for decades and has been used for hurricane impacted areas, etc. I have yet to see clear evidence of how or whether it impacts FICO scoring.
  9. NASA Data Shows Something Leaking Out of Uranus
  10. Coronavirus Slowdown Prompts Visa to Delay New Fee Structure
  11. Well IMHO Penfed's cards are mostly ho-hum these days both in terms of the earning rewards and the redemption rate. There is also a disappointing 50k max across card products (although for years I was over this until last year when they fixed the glitch). The whole Penfed turns people down for "pyramiding debt" that was something that happened to CW's back in the day but it has been years since I've seen such a claim. Of the three issuers you list, amex has the best options unless your spending patterns would favor a product from wells or penfed. Last time I look at wells products I was underwhelmed. My point about penfed above is merely it should not necessarily be listed with FNBO, us Skank, and the others since we have not seen many (any?) reports of Egyptian adverse action in the past decade.
  12. be a good friend and REFUSE your friend's kindness.

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