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  1. think of the limit as a commodity and ask which bank you'd rather have hold it? keep the limit with chase and move it to another chase card. If the AARP card is really a card you can use, then wait for a SUB from barclays for the AARP card (assuming the bennies are as good or better than the sucky ones now). I say this as someone who closed ~80k in barclayscard limits in the past couple years while getting to well over 100k with chase.
  2. Bank of America eyes loan growth after first decline in six years
  3. I had never heard about the fastest Citroën. I always thought they were the turtle of the car world. These Cars Might Be Ugly, But They’re Still a Blast to Drive
  4. X1, the smartest credit card ever made, raises $12 million $12 million?? doesn't sound like much??
  5. Second place goes to Alliant Credit Union (1/14/2021 1:14 PM)
  6. you should ask the mods to edit your post if that is your real MD and reference codes (the BCZ...) (and even the amount). have you spoken with a mortgage broker? Some may not require small collections to be paid depending on the mortgage program you are applying for. Also, IIRC small medical collections are not scored for most versions of FICO (my memory is not 100% on this so double check). The four major CRAs won't care about a letter provided by the consumer from a CA. The CRAs will go by what the data furnisher provides them . I would not trust a line in an email.
  7. I'll just add that Penfed sent an email a few days ago informing me my tax forms will be ready "soon"
  8. Siegfried Fischbacher, illusionist of Siegfried & Roy, dead at 81
  9. I'd be less worried about walmart screwing it up and more worried about robinhood THEFTING
  10. so they mailed you a check for your remaining balance? I think this is a great idea (writing a letter) to avoid the frustrations of dealing with CSRs that are paid read me a script about the wonderful 1% cashback Visa card.
  11. sounds like a smart move. On JPMR I've already gotten $60 (doordoosh) and $300 travel credit and I am getting the pusaton credit ($120 total) and my global entry needs renewing this year ($100) so I'll be at $580 before the value of UR, chase offers, and the (not very highly valued) United Club. Spouse has C$R and will max the doordoosh, travel, and pusaton credit but will need to hunt for additional bennies to offset the AF this year.
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