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  1. I see it as something more useful for biz owners to link biz accounts. when you link, you are asked to denote if the account is personal or biz.
  2. Get a one-time $150 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a minimum of $800 in one or more transactions on a prepaid hotel booking with Fine Hotels + Resorts® properties online
  3. stop it with self-lender type accounts. a lot of people have had good luck with State Dept FCU's secured card.
  4. I have no fear of my creditors. but I don't see any need to link accounts unless you're trying to get a CLI or demonstrate to amex you are solvent. I can see where this option is useful for retirees that have assets but perhaps not a lot of income.
  5. welcome to CB! first of all, since this is a crap1 problem I would stop disputing with the four major CRAs and contact the executive office at crap1. I hope you have documentation of the skip payment. Were there certain terms you needed to satisfy for the skip payment? In sum, a goodwill letter to the exec office will probably solve this. also, in the future, never dispute online.
  6. what was the transaction? online or in a store?
  7. this might be a solution... https://www.etsy.com/listing/854815470/vintage-old-gold-filtered-cigarettes-in
  8. RIP Bill English son of a gun gave me carpal tunnel
  9. Exposing Your Face Isn't More Hygienic Way to Pay
  10. why would you want to under-report income when trying to qualify for a mortgage? I'm trying to understand the logic here; prima facie it makes no sense.
  11. are they FICO or some fake score like Vantage?
  12. @centex has a good point. WAS this tradeline delinquent when you paid it off IN FULL? while it should be reporting as closed, the negative information can remain even if you paid it off. In short, get PAPER copies of your reports and review your record of payments of the tradeline.
  13. you need to upload it to a webhosting site such as imgur.com and then use the "insert image from URL" option in the post window
  14. from what I gather Exeter is a hyper-subprime lender. You need to immediately stop communicated with them via phone and get everything in writing. If you have been communicated via phone, make a diary as best to your recollection of ever interaction by date and content. DO NOT dispute online for something this serious Also, get paper copies of all four of your major consumer credit reports: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/590506-ordering-paper-credit-reports-information-inside/&tab=comments#comment-5623246 IDS: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport Without further information, it sounds like a data furnisher issue. Is Exeter reporting correctly to each of the four CRAs? Welcome to CB. you are in the right place to get the help you need; please take everyone's comments seriously.

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