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  1. I moved to a place with more expensive housing, but that is probably lost on you. I'll add that you are pretty screwed-up in the head to decide to stalk me on this issue. I have not been whining about housing costs. You're the one telling people to move to shytehole places in the south if they want cheap homes.
  2. good stalking. Of course I moved from a place where real estate is dirt cheap to one where it has been boom/bust to boom. I was also in an industry where one has very little control of geography; but that is a whole different story.
  3. I'm sure fares will go down when only one airline services a town... :sarcasm:
  4. The original agreement for the bailout was airlines would not cut cities serviced. Compromise isn't a moving target of convenience.
  5. I've always assumed 50% traffic on the twitter is by bots anyway.
  6. IDK, they get a bailout but then are allowed to starve smaller cities of transportation and cargo services. Seems like an impediment to restarting local economies.
  7. recession weed SAD!@!!!!!
  8. Ford's Bronco 4x4 Spotted Testing: Here’s What Was Revealed In The Latest Spy Photos
  9. Your 401(k) won’t be enough for retirement also, remember that you might perceive your 401k, 403b, 457, etc. balance is high but even if the balance is $1,000,000 remember that you don't have $1,000,000. You only have T*$1,000,000 where T is your marginal tax rate (expressed in decimal) for state and federal income tax. Don't let the gross balance trick you into thinking you're wealthier than you are.
  10. Journalism only @cv91915 can appreciate...
  11. 😕I guess the golden rule doesn't apply to everyone.
  12. Surprise! Roughly half the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots
  13. Spam, biscuits and crawfish: These are most popular pandemic food delivery orders by state we still haven't gotten delivery or take out since the shut down. SAD!

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