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  1. not restocking... received an email that the product was no longer available to they were cancelling that part of the order. @TheVig it was stuffing, a pie, or gravy or something for turkey day.
  2. hegemony

    DCU CC

    I'll try to buy a pack of gum this weekend with my DCU visa to test.
  3. item was not available... but I got the shaft!
  4. hegemony

    DCU CC

    it's a turd. I opened one when I was rebuilding and I just checked. I haven't used it in almost 5 years.
  5. Capital One profits plunged in Q4 amid rise in credit card chargeoffs, delinquencies
  6. Goldman Sachs signals partial retreat from consumer banking
  7. VZ has been a dog. so much for a dividend strategy.
  8. who cares about inquiries? if your credit sucks so bad one inquiry will make a difference then don't apply for new credit as the new tradeline may hurt worse. what are you trying to accomplish?
  9. hang in there and take good care of yourself!!!
  10. Mrs. H decided to cost them a little more hassle instead of paypal insisted then mail a check, which arrived yesterday for $5.28.
  11. just when I think myfako has a monopoly on *Admin prohibits insults that reference an individual's intelligence.* ideas I find this type of nugget elsewhere...
  12. the most common reason for court to appear is for child support. Is there any address attached to the inquiry? I wouldn't dispute it with the CRA as the law makes no difference between "soft" and "hard" but rather the difference is between inquiries that can be disclosed to third parties and those that can't. In other words, the non-PP penalty applies to both what we call soft and hard inquiries. I would pursue this as a case of non-PP until the instigator can prove otherwise. If there isn't an address listed on the report you obtained, this may be a good instance to actually call the CRA.
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