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  1. bored... looked at some of the mouse print from PNC and had to LOL at
  2. You might want to suggest she speak to her CPA if she plans to sell it at below market price to you as there may be gift tax implications.
  3. I hear you. My CPA asked me for a documentation of my losses when I included a w-2g... only that was my only gambling session of the year.
  4. Could it be that this is a situation where the creditor defaults you to a lesser card if you don't qualify for the better, prime card? Read the fine print on the application you completed. and welcome to CB!
  5. U.S. consumer watchdog to review 'excessive' credit card late payment fees
  6. anyone else a member? nice blog too https://www.creditcollectibles.com/blog/
  7. nothing to fear with amex. There was a time I tried about once a month and simply got the 4506-t request which I ignored. rinse. repeat.
  8. no worse, and maybe even better, than people day trading and bitcoining. 4506-t is just the transcript not the entire return anyway.
  9. CarLotz to lay off a third of its workforce, close some stores
  10. Credit card debt drowning pockets
  11. limit is lower than my mean credit limit; I just wanted another oddball issuer
  12. Unlikely it will get removed and remember for FICO purposes a paid CO is just as bad of a tradeline as an unpaid CO. Assuming it is within SOL and given the balance is so small I would PIF and once it updates try some modified Jack-attack method... knowing that it will probably not be removed until 7.5 years from the DOFD. In or out of SOL? What is the DOFD? In or out of SOL? What is the DOFD? read @dixiedrifter's thread.
  13. Buy now, pay later is not a cure for credit building
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