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  1. trying goodwill letter(s) with PNC is worth a shot. I understand not wanting charges against a relative but he needs to know how serious the situation is (hopefully to learn a lesson and not try to commit fraud against a relative (or anyone else for that matter)). You might just need to find the right contact at the bank's exec. office. good luck. FWIW, if one of my split personalities used on of my cards without permission I'd file a police report on myself.
  2. the cost is a lot higher than a few dollars... do you want to live with 7 years of a late payment for his criminal behavior?
  3. local rules vary a lot but in most there is a timeframe during which you can appeal the assessed value but generally the appeal is based on how other, comparable, properties in your area are assessed and has nothing to do with the appraised market value (but of course check into your particular rules). On what basis do you think your assessed value should be lower? from your original post it was unclear to me whether your main goal is to get a loan to improve the home and thus potentially increase its market value or take steps to lower your assessed value. it will be difficult to accomplish both simultaneously.
  4. are you conflating a market appraisal with the assessed value for tax purposes? how do you expect to have the home valued more on the market yet lower the assessed valued for taxes?
  5. Citigroup’s Mistaken-Transfer Trial at Risk With 11th-Hour Query venue mistake lol
  6. Data on biz welfare loan programs shows how unevenly the money was given to businesses.
  7. is your nephew an authorized user? if not, you can file a police report and deal with this as a fraud issue.
  8. All the Happiness Money Can Buy in the Winter of Covid-19
  9. If a sudden expense hits and you need subprime cash fast, you’ll suffer a lot less financial and psychological stress if you know where to turn.
  10. ‘I thought, You’re kicking my dog out, too?’ The legally messy eviction of a North Carolina single mother
  11. an hour in a walmart parking lot is more dangerous than an hour outside the green zone in bagdad.
  12. Patterns of missing credit card and loan payments could be an early indicator of dementia years before diagnosis
  13. Only trained dogs qualify as service animals on U.S. airlines, as regulators rejected requests to extend legal protections to miniature horses, monkeys and other species, under final U.S. Transportation Department rules
  14. stopping them? embrace the violations and get to work... ...and now comes @Chris90, Proper Person...

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