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  1. RIP. FWIW, I paid off student loans in 2007 that are still reporting to EX but not TU, IDS, or EQ. The trades show no activities since last payment. I'm not complaining
  2. This is my type of co-brand: http://www.bumwine.com/
  3. I've never understood why Penfed is willing to allow a large transfer for a CD but not for regular or premium savings. Also, why a penny from a million$? Makes no sense unless there is some regulatory issue with 7 figures.
  4. I found something even more sad than the auto finance posts... I never looked at the mortgage approval posts... holy cow... I had to hunt high and low for anyone putting 20% down...
  5. I wonder who the KC Chiefs will hire to replace him as coach.
  6. get a jet card. Since March, however, prices have increased where "medium" jets are now running 8k per hour or more.
  7. Social Security: There may be no cost-of-living increase in 2021
  8. welcome to CB! were these accounts out of SOL? Did you pay the OC or a CA? There isn't a generic letter that will best serve your specific situation. How are the account currently reporting on PAPER copies of your four major consumer reports? If you don't have direct reports from each CRA, ORDER THEM ASAP: https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/590506-ordering-paper-credit-reports-information-inside/&tab=comments#comment-5623246 IDS: https://www.innovis.com/personal/creditReport
  9. Do you have a paypal account? It might not be clear-cut non-PP is you do.
  10. myfuko site is full of posts about 4506-t from subprime discovery but I don't recall seeing it for a secured card. I'd tell them to pound sand. At least with Amex you can expect to be rewarded with a sweet CLI.
  11. she isn't into aspirational brands although we'd save money is she was.
  12. OMGOMGOMG!!!! Loophole Exploited - 50% off $10K Vera Wang Engagement Ring

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