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    • I want to stop and say thanks. Thanks to each and everyone of you who helped me, I thank you. 
      So TU just deleted my last chapter 13 (filed in 2013, 2014 due to errors.).
      Equifax, I’m have to call them to delete address tied to it. 
      Experian is in the process disputing it as well.
      My Lexis Nexis frozen.
      Again thanks creditboards, you all do make a difference with your knowledge.
      I am really humbled and learn my lesson about credit in general. Before I mess up I’ll be sure to ask here.  I hope everyone stays safe and I can’t thank you enough. You all the best people. 
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    • I received a collection letter from a law firm called "Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLC". It says they are attempting to collect a debt for the PA Office of Inspector General, and it says "Welfare Overpayment". I'm unsure of what this is about, nor do I know any details other than the amount due which is over $2k. 
      The letter also mentions "this is not a threat to file a lawsuit. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account," and it asks for me to call a certain person at the company and gives a phone number.
      1. Since this doesn't mention a 30 day notice, should I still send a DV letter? If not, what is my next step?
      2. Does anyone know what the SOL (if any) would be in PA for a collections concerning "welfare overpayments"? 
      Thank you much!
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    • I called Amex today to cancel my platinum card.
      I've decided to keep it for one more year. Retentions department gave me this offer. AF credit of $300 and 50,000 MR points. No spend threshold required. So my AF this year is $250.
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    • I opened a Wayfair credit card through Comenity Bank back in July to add in a retail card to my mix of credit.  Of course, they closed their credit card program in September.
      Prior to closing, I made a purchase in an effort to keep my tradeline open and reporting on-time payments until it was paid off. However, the last payment reported was in August. For October's and November's payments it states No Applicable Payment History. 
      Will they no longer report my monthly payments?
      • 6 replies
    • I sent Experian and Equifax the same exact letter.
      The letter provided here about deleting old address.
      Experian obeyed and deleted address tied to BK.
      Equifax sent me a letter saying they can’t locate me a file and they want 2 copies of ID to help find my file.
      What should I do, send them a copy of SS, and utilities bill.
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    • whether a secured card graduates or not is not a major concern when you are rebuilding.   the only "no credit check products' out there are turds and will not help you improve your credit in the long run.   interest rate should not matter if you use a credit card correctly.   secured cards through a CU or major issuer is a way to go. A lot of people like the secured card from SDFCU.   what did you do with the proceeds of the home sale?   what are you doing to clean the negative items from your reports? I suggest working on your credit for a few months before applying for more.    
    • [I ended up returning the one I got from Crate & Barrel]
    • I just ordered a Proform high back with diamond stitching, in black.   When purchased from a local retailer, these are usually custom-configured at the time of order, but Amazon and Wayfair each had pre-configured versions that I liked.   I have an Amazon offer on my Amex Platinum for +8x MRs/$ (up to 3,000 MRs), so I ordered from there and maxed the offer.  This also finished off the $2k in spending needed to get the 25,000-MR bonus for upgrading from the Greenie.   These are amazing chairs (3 year warranty on the upholstery and 12 on everything else).  I hope I love this one as much as the one I have in CA.    
    • I've been running through various credit card review sites but figured I'd hit up this board that I've been checking for over a decade now to see what you folks think instead of just getting my information from advertised and possibly biased reviews. Looking for guidance and options for choosing a 'no credit check' secured card, or even a 'soft pull' secured card that I can gradually CLIs through more deposits, doesn't have a crazy amount of fees, no more than a $50 annual in exchange for decent interest rates, reports to all 3 of the major bureaus, no fee for online payment and preferably one that will be eligible for graduation to an unsecured eventually, I expect that at this time they will perform a credit check which is fine. That last bit is probably over the top and I'll cross that road when I apply for a better card in 6 to 9 months when all this crap is paid off and I've got this new line established, but the lack of a hard inquiry will help establish those new 1 to 2 lines I'll be applying for over the next 9 to 24 months and so I stay within bounds of the 2 inquiries per 2 years standard. In 15 to 24 months I would like to borrow 15% of the 100% equity I have in my home so resolving the debt I have now and establishing 1 or 2 revolving accounts that I'll have in good standing by that time frame is my goal. The last time I posted on here it was regarding intitution options for a Home Equity Loan, but I sold that house and now I have 100% equity in this new home and once my credit is restablished I'll be trying my luck at a Equity Loan or HELOC with my new bank First Citizens Bank. Anyways, the gradual CLI upgrades are essential so I can eliminate being denied new lines due to "Too many accounts with low limits" when applying for legit lines down the road.  I am going to deposit roughly $250 to $300 to start this secured card.    A lil background on my situation, I had to let all my cards go and sell my house due to the forced shutdown of the pandemic. I have 1 judgement and 4 collections, one additional was just paid off and I am on a payment plan to pay off 3/4 of the aforementioned within the next 3 months. So, I am getting things taken care of but for now I need a new line to help reestablish credit as it's just sinking into oblivion with no accounts open. Before I sold my house I was at about 640 after all the collections hit my credit, but then within a month or two of selling the house, my score dropped 40 points and has been gradually getting worse. I had just paid off my student loans of 13 years last Sept. '19, things were actually going very well until the forced shutdown, I had two cards from Chase Freedom @ $1.5k and $3k limits, 3 from CapOne @ $1k, $1.5k and $3k and a CreditOne @ $4k. Which took me nearly 13 years to get. Now I am just below 600 on EXP, that's the only score I get free access regularly to see but the reports from TU and EQX look very similar so I would imagine they are in the same Poor/Bad scoring range. I am also going to open a Credit Union account and go with a self help secured card that I pay over time to build up so within a year i'll have $1500 line through that. I really want to avoid having a bunch of low limit cards because before I bought my first house ten years ago I was stuck in low limit hell for ages, receiving no CLIs and whenever I would apply for a good card even with 690-730 scores I would always get denied with a quoted reason being "Low Limits on Revolving accounts", so in hindsight I want to avoid being stuck there again. Anyways I won't be using these cards for much, just a periodic oil change (Walmart has best prices on oil), or little stuff around the house so my plan is to keep my utilization at 0% or at least below 15%.   I am I considering First Progress Platinum Prestige, was looking at Open Sky but saw they don't graduate to unsecured. There's a lot of junk out there and that's expected with not wanting a hard inquiry but I just want to be informed of options out there.

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