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  1. Centex told you what the service was, It is called Experian Boost. I use it sort of like an experiment. Since my spouse was also affected by the Equifax breach, he is also eligible. He has not signed up for it. I just wanted to see what difference it makes as an experiment in scores and if any creditor uses the information, since one of us is the control subject.
  2. That apartment complex is full of 💩! I use a service through Experian where they can pull the information from the bank account that I use to pay bills with. The monthly recurring bills such as my cell phone, water, electricity and even including rent. It takes three (3) payments for Experian to use it in their system. And it costs nothing! I have this since I was one of the consumers who was affected by the Equifax data theft problems as part of the settlement. I have no idea if lenders use this extra information from when they pull a credit file, so it may not matter, but all the reported trade lines state "Exceptional Payment History". Personally, I'd be damned if I were to pay someone $7.95 per month to report a Tradeline.
  3. Read back through this topic. The solution is within this topic. You just need to reach member status. And Welcome to CreditBoards.
  4. A well paid Affirm account will not reflect unfavorably on a credit file.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  6. Can you explain this statement? If you were at the end of the lease, had you made all the scheduled payments when you turned in the vehicle to the dealership? What was left for them to assess charges on?
  7. Have you read the FCRA? The FCRA defines how long a derogatory item may stay on your credit file(s).
  8. ImBack: If you will send me the photos will add them to your signature if that is what you wish. Use my email address on file. Or if you cannot see it Just email me the pics at marvbear at gmail dot com.
  9. That's not good enough. You need YOUR own copies that YOU obtain directly from each of the four major credit reporting agencies.
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