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  1. You want a nice tidy total pkg presented to you where you like everything without doing any work. These F&I mgrs may not want to spin a deal to a bank for a look-see and kill their look to book ratio. I wouldn't at all. I can't spend ifcome. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
  2. I would recommend that you snail mail your documents. No way to prove they ever got a fax.
  3. How do I send a document to Experian? If you have a document that you would like to submit to substantiate a dispute regarding the information on your personal credit report, you can mail it to Experian's National Consumer Assistance Center at P.O. Box 4500, Allen, TX 75013, or upload your document at experian.com/upload to submit it online.
  4. (610)546-4771 Can I fax documents to TransUnion for dispute? Yes. Fax these documents at (610)546-4771, but note that it is for a dispute at the top by writing “Attention: CCD).
  5. If you have good enough credit to be prime, then your loan pricing is usually based on one or two factors. #1 purely your FICO score. #2 combination of your FICO score and the LTV request. Therefore, based on nothing more than the scant personal information you provided, you should pay all the sales tax, dealer doc fee (if any), and any other state mandated fees as your down payment at a minimum.
  6. Just remember this one thing, that I am from the automotive industry, so I never can really respond on a consumer basis, but rather, biased toward my employment history. I see no reason for you not to be approved. If F&I can't get you approved, they make no money, so in your best interests to let the Mgr. Steer the application where the feel the best chance lies.
  7. If you lock one credit file, you might as well lock all 4 of them. Then you can choose to unfreeze on a piecemeal basis and totally control the inquiries, since I assume the concern is relative to your inquiry amount on Equifax. You freeze a bureau, then you disembowel a F&I Managers assistance.
  8. And here is what I look like coming to drag you into FAndI
  9. Oh and just in case the Badger has backup. Beware if he calls the Trunk Monkey.!
  10. In the interests of being faire there be an element truth in the things I've heard happen in the industry. And you tube can even get their plug l. Don't get badgered.
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