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  1. I apologize, but I cannot help with this question. I am totally unfamiliar with NFCU other than what our search engine might reveal.
  2. One of my bear relatives has returned to say hello!!!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you are doing well, and thank you for the words of encouragement to all.
  3. Tigz: You are very strong. You will win. I will be thinking of you with prayers.
  4. My mom will be missed. She is now reunited with my dad.
  5. We are sorry for your loss, and we would like to welcome you to CreditBoards.
  6. And today, my mother was entered into hospice care.
  7. You should tell your insurance company there is no lienholder. Normally people do not have a physical automotive title in their possession and the former lienholder can electronically release the lien.
  8. Is the State where you have the vehicle registered an ELT State?
  9. Who was the lender? How did he manage to lease an automobile without a credit file/score?
  10. If their system were down, I'd have every automotive dealership screaming to the high heavens. They have been experiencing no outages from the data subscriber side. I stay in close touch, and this has not been reported. Now their internal investigative systems..................I dunno................. I just don't believe their system is always down.
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