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  1. Matt: as soon as you reach member status all you must do is click on the BIG M under your name. You will get an option(s) to make changes to what is displayed there. Just be aware that there are size limitations. Easy to do. Posts in this forum do not count towards incrementing your post count.
  2. Welcome to CreditBoards Until you quit using credit karma as a source of scores. (since no lender does because they are totally worthless.)
  3. Welcome to Creditboards! We hope that you find what you're looking for here. Some helpful tips: Your post may not get a reply right away. Don't be discouraged, this is a very busy board. If it falls off of the first page, feel free to reply to your post yourself, with the word *bump* in the text. This will *bump* your post back up to the top of the board. If you haven't yet, take a peek at out Newbies Section. Everything that you need to know is in that forum, for the most part. It's a lot of reading, we know, but this credit stuff can have a steep learning curve. In no time, you'll be posting like the pros! If you find that someone is discourteous to you, use the REPORT button at the top right of every post - that will ensure that a moderator or admin looks at the post and decides if it is against the TOS. Off -topic posts should go in the General Forum. Again, welcome to the CreditBoards family! CB Admin: Pam, MarvBear, radi8, LKH & 😇breeze😇
  4. We appreciate your condemnation of our site. What I appreciate most of all is that a thread OVER 1 YEAR OLD GOT BUMPED.
  5. I'm confused. Are you asking about a refinance in your personal name or a new finance in your corporate name?
  6. They're called a "murder". Maybe they don't taste good to hawks and eagles etc.
  7. welcome to CreditBoards I'll move this to the main credit forum for more views and responses.
  8. MarvBear


    I'm not clear about something. To the Original Poster the way I read your post was that your notice was from the utility company, is that the case?
  9. MarvBear


    Pay it before it goes to collections. Utility companies usually do not report directly to a credit repository. My opinion. And welcome to CB.
  10. Here is a link to a thread that has backdoor numbers that you may find helpful. It is updated as our member base provides to me.
  11. Wait. It will be to your benefit. Haste makes waste.
  12. I haven't seen such a to the point rude, offensive, and uncalled for comment in a long time. You owe the Original Poster an apology.
  13. I will bow out of this thread now. I drew no assumptions about your alleged debt with Verizon. It does appear that I cannot offer you guidance you find acceptable. Good luck on your endeavors.
  14. PS2020: if anyone on this board offends you, you have the ability with your board controls to place that person on ignore. You will no longer see their posts. I would suggest that you read a lot more on our site. One of the main things we try to make new people aware of is that online report, whether directly from the credit repository or a third-party credit report provider are useless. Most particularly so if you are using these as a basis of determination. Only ever use a snail mailed copy of the report mailed directly from the disputed repository. Best of luck in your efforts.

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