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  1. Nope. I couldn't even reading from the original thread. It was split from an 11 year old thread with the exact same title. Good luck.
  2. Although I hope it never happens to you, I do hope you never brick an EV. And that does happen and also happens on ICE vehicles. You in a world of hurt if that happens in an EV.
  3. Perhaps because the scores to which you refer are not real FICO scores.
  4. That account can report 7 years plus 180 days from the time the last payment was made which never again brought the account current.
  5. https://www.hud.gov/sites/documents/88-8ML.TXT
  6. The type of report that is pulled is an RMCR. Residential Mortgage Credit Report.
  7. Can they show you the message Experian returned when they tried to access your file?
  8. What is the error message the creditor received from Experian upon attempting to access your file?
  9. Credit Karma is worth as much as heavily used toilet paper.
  10. I have analyzed credit files since the credit bureaus were nothing more than a local organization in the applicant's county seat. Then they went regional, and then national. As a credit analyst, we were taught that consumer credit counseling was the next step on the way to declaring a bankruptcy. So, in my opinion, Consumer Credit Counseling has a negative impact on a consumer credit file.
  11. SIC U.S. Government. Standard Industrial Classification: a system used by the federal government to classify business activities for analytical and reporting purposes.
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