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  1. The only thing I know about Colorado, is that is where Denver is located. When I do an out of the state finance deal, I have an outside agency hired to complete the paperwork and pass the costs to the purchaser.
  2. Welcome to CreditBoards. Would you more closely follow our terms of service regarding language?
  3. Information obtained via an inquiry regarding some of your personal information is retained and annotated via an asterisk. *
  4. We have a Sample Letter Forum; you might try looking there.
  5. All of the leases I have ever done..............GAP is included in the contract language of the lease. Couldn't sell it if I wanted to and the consumer agreed.
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    Welcome to CreditBoards.
  7. God bless you and yours. I am glad she will be home soon.
  8. Thats fine, as long as you don't advertise fir them. Wekcome to CCB..
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