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  1. Joe has had ample opportunity to learn the ropes here. But I don't believe he ever really did.
  2. That figure relates to what in relation to a bookout.
  3. Isn't PNC closing down some branches? Maybe they don't have enough staff to handle applications quickly.
  4. Almost all the F&I peeps I know have a variety of lenders that can submit elevated risk vehicles for an applicant. Those APR's are not going to be pretty.
  5. How does the potential vehicle book out? If it books out for say 18K then there isn't a snowball's chance in Hades.
  6. I would think a good F&I Manager could get you a loan approved, you might want to try your own hand IN PERSON at a LOCAL CREDIT UNION close to you to get a feel. I know I could get your approval were I not retired. The best way to do that is pick out a vehicle and use real numbers so a credit analyst at the CU can rigorously evaluate your request. If they say no, then just have the dealer try his hand via his F&I Dept.
  7. What is the highest installment account you have ever had on a credit file? How many months did it report? And is it reporting as a well-paid account?
  8. Please tell me why ANYONE will bump an almost 14 year old thread.
  9. I need a completed application. You did not answer some parts of the application. In particular, please tell me your age. Please never offer extraneous information on an application for a question that is not asked. Now I want more information on this old Discover Card and how it is reporting to your credit file(s).
  10. HD......................................Both of ya, hope for the best and y'all will be better soon.
  11. And I did another google search. And found the below. Wells Fargo is having a little bit of trouble.
  12. Here is the link I found via google search and the information contained.
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