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  1. We are a website that concentrates on helping people resolve problems related to their credit files based in the USA. We are not competent to address credit reporting problems based on other country's laws. Witness our Canadian Forum which gets extraordinarily little traffic. Homelessness tends to turn to political commentary, especially when discussing other countries. That is a big NO-NO on this site. You will not even get one warning prior to being banned if that happens.
  2. So, you have people who are homeless in the Ukraine also?
  3. Post them publicly. Don't hide useful information behind the scenes. And more importantly, do not promote any CRO.
  4. Welcome to CreditBoards. As a precursor to your first post where you appear to be promoting a type of Credit Repair Organization, do not use our website to promote business for this company. We hope your stay with us is long an prosperous.
  5. Your credit report will get pulled based on the information you supply. Credit reporting agencies get furnished information in many ways. They do not solely depend on your creditors as the only source of information. Another valuable source comes from inquiry mode, which is supplied by those that placed the inquiry onto your credit file.
  6. I use roboform and lastpass. . My preferences are no spreadsheets. I use biometric security to secure the use of these two programs. But that's just me.
  7. I believe that one of the reasons some lenders tend to gravitate towards Experian, is simply for pricing reasons. Since I been pulling credit, Experian has always been the cheapest pull, with Equifax being the most expensive.
  8. Welcome to CreditBoards. To be sure: hard inquiries show up instantly the moment they are pulled to any subsequent puller of that same credit file.
  9. It is also a matter of Equifax being incompetent. I had the same problem over a decade ago with Equifax.
  10. Why dispute online? I do not know about the Equifax site. It's been many many years since I disputed anything online.
  11. Welcome to CreditBoards
  12. Did you bring in your credit union's draft to pay for your purchase?

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