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  1. How much paperwork did you actually sign?
  2. Traditionally leases have more stringent credit qualifications.
  3. Here are all 3 phones and addresses. cra address.pdf
  4. I don't know. Probably FICO will take a small hit with the loan pay off but shouldn't last long or be too bad.
  5. Who does this person sending the email work for? The dealer or the lender?
  6. I going to try and move this to the main credit forum.
  7. I get the impression from reading your post the account is most likely too old to be reported per FCRA. You should determine if the account is obsolete.
  8. Well, go to a dealership and strike a deal on the numbers, and then go to as many credit unions as you deem appropriate with a copy of the bill of sale along with a copy of the window sticker. That way you oversee your destiny. You can accept or decline their terms/conditions as you wish.
  9. Why do you care now with all the inquiries you have?
  10. nonsense: You payment schedule is clearly stated in the REG Z box on the contract. If SE Toyota would put it in writing to you, then that might make a difference. If you pay online, their website may accommodate extra principal payments, I'm not sure, but my Honda loan had that ability. Still didn't change my monthly payment.
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