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  1. MarvBear

    How will a Garnishment affect getting a Mortgage

    Not all garnishments get reported to credit bureaus. But when you have to prove your income, an analyst will always find out, because there will be a deduction on your paycheck stub. It in the past has been a common stipulation when I had to prove income for a customer's auto loan that I present a proof of income free from garnishment or levy.
  2. MarvBear

    The Balance Transfer and loan

    How would that then make your utilization look? That might cause you a scoring problem that an installment account would not. There could be potential effects during a 5 year period to think of also.
  3. MarvBear

    How will a Garnishment affect getting a Mortgage

    Welcome to CreditBoards. Just be a bit patient and someone will be along to help.
  4. MarvBear

    Mortgage with 555 credit score

    Welcome to CB Someone should be along shortly to give you some help.
  5. IMO you have a thin file. Based on what you posted on those two particular tradelines it would not appear that a credit limit increase is in order. You aren't using a fraction of what you have That's just my opinion. OH, and by the way welcome to CreditBoards, it is a pleasure to have you join us.
  6. CW! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk on a beach far far away.
  7. There are names for people like you. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk on a beach far far away.
  8. https://www.fi-magazine.com/353861/happy-holidays-highest-vehicle-theft-days-ranked No Paywall.
  9. https://www.fi-magazine.com/353919/kbb-lists-2019-best-buy-award-winners No paywall.
  10. MarvBear

    Jumpstart: Car Buyers Want to Negotiate

    Just an FYI.......... Dealer/dealer groups don't purchase dealership for the car sales. The do heavy research into service/warranty work and retention prior to decisions.
  11. MarvBear

    Credit Card issue effecting Credit Score

    Welcome to CreditBoards. We are glad you found us Just be patient for someone with some input for your help.
  12. MarvBear

    Auto Refinance Advice Needed

    I would do it now then, based on what you said about your credit union.
  13. MarvBear

    Auto Refinance Advice Needed

    Do you know what LTV you will need to pull off the refinance?

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