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17 replies to this topic

#1 Pam


    Site Owner

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Posted 17 August 2011 - 05:58 PM

The Contest:
Tell us the biggest, worst vacation SNAFU you've ever experienced. Bonus points if you can laugh about it now.

The Prize:
The two top entries will receive a $50 visa gift card.

The Rules:
  • The snafu must have happened to you. Not a family member, not a friend, but to you.
  • You must have a minimum of 10 posts, and a joined date of August 1, 2011.
  • Entries must be received by midnight, August 26, 2011.
  • Entries must be posted to this thread - it won't be judged if it's not in this topic.
  • Commentary on entries WILL be removed from this thread. If you need to comment, feel free to use the multi-quote feature.
  • Voting will take place from August 27 - September 1. Voting will be done by the members.



    Forum Leads - State Laws

  • Forum Leads
  • 23,792 posts

Posted 18 August 2011 - 09:00 PM

The Contest:
Tell us the biggest, worst vacation SNAFU you've ever experienced. Bonus points if you can laugh about it now.

The Prize:
The two top entries will receive a $50 visa gift card.

The Rules:

  • The snafu must have happened to you. Not a family member, not a friend, but to you.
  • You must have a minimum of 10 posts, and a joined date of August 1, 2011.
  • Entries must be received by midnight, August 26, 2011.
  • Entries must be posted to this thread - it won't be judged if it's not in this topic.
  • Commentary on entries WILL be removed from this thread. If you need to comment, feel free to use the multi-quote feature.
  • Voting will take place from August 27 - September 1. Voting will be done by the members.

I have ever so many..... LOL

will have think about which one actually stands out as a single snafu.

#3 messybutterfly

  • Members
  • 42 posts

Posted 22 August 2011 - 09:18 AM

I hope I'm posting right...lol.. okay so a couple years ago we went to San Antonio, Sea world.. First we didn't realize there was a hurricane or tropical storm hitting Texas, so we got rainy weather, but that wasn't too bad, ofcourse the humidity and heat was awful, but it was pleasant enough to have a good day.. so good a day we stayed at sea world all day from when they opened til about 9 or 10 I think... I was pregnant and didn't get on the water rides, but made a point to stand where I could get wet... bad idea... wet, humid, sweaty.... bg thigh rubbing up against each other... yea you get the point... I got a bad rash, between my thighs..blood and peeling and OUCH! not a good thing at all! I couldn't wear any shorts the rest of our vacation, and even showering hurt! and to top it all off, the water shoes that I wore also rubbed against the sides of my ankles and rubbed a big sore on there too... I was in pain the rest of the "vacation" and well couldn't wait to get home! needless to say, I don't think I want to go back to Sea world again.. too many bad memories...

Edited by messybutterfly, 22 August 2011 - 09:18 AM.

#4 Ladybug

  • Members
  • 201 posts

Posted 23 August 2011 - 04:27 PM

Oh, Pam. Now I have to tell my crab story.

In June of 2007, DH, the girls and I flew from SFO to HNL for a long awaited vacation. I was seated on the aisle (next to the window seat)and was relatively comfortable until a few minutes prior to takeoff.

One of the last people to board the plane was the man who was assigned the seat behind me. As he came down the aisle, I noticed that he had a large styrofoam cooler in his hands. This container was wrapped with some masking tape that had been cut open so that the lid could be removed.

After attempting to put the cooler under my seat and realizing that it was too large to fit, the man attempted to put it into the overhead compartment. When he could not put it in upright, he attempted to put it in sideways. This all happened without my knowledge, as I was facing forward and not paying attention to his actions. It wasn't until later that one of the other passengers told me exactly what happened that I was aware of what had taken place.

As he placed the cooler on its side and attempted to shove it into the overhead compartment, I was soaked with the liquid contents of the cooler, which happened to be crabs! There was little the flight attendants could offer me to deal with the stench or the wetness of my clothes and seat. I spent the next six hours soaked with and stinking of crab liquid and water from the cooler. I spent most of the flight gagging from the stench, as did many of the passengers around me. Making the situation worse, I am almost 9 months pregnant and prone to vomiting when faced with a strong odor. I barfed most of the way to Honolulu. It took us another two hours to get from the airport to the hotel where I could shower before we ate for the first time in almost 10 hours. The whole day was miserable.

Edited by Ladybug, 23 August 2011 - 04:29 PM.

#5 theknowerofstuff

  • Members
  • 90 posts

Posted 23 August 2011 - 04:53 PM

I dont think I can compete with crabs, but here goes.

I won a trip for 4 to CT to see a WNBA finals game. I took my son and my best friend along with her grandson.

Our flight was delayed for 3 hours on a layover. We arrived well past midnight, and the car company that had reserved us a car didnt have any available. It was storming beyond belief, after arguing with the rental car company they gave us a ride to the hotel where we were to pick up the tickets for the event the next day. In the morning upon observing the tickets we find that the location was a 4 hour drive - and we had no way to get there.

I guess you get what you pay for, LOL

#6 Labyrinthine

  • Members
  • 274 posts

Posted 25 August 2011 - 10:57 AM

Last October we took a roadtrip from LA to Eastern Arizona and back to LA. The whole trip with fraught with "adventure" but by far the worst was right at the end. I had been looking forward to a river rafting trip the whole way and couldn't wait. We were taking off at the base of the Hoover Dam and would paddle, unguided, 11 miles to the pick up.

It started out well enough. We stopped at some hot springs. Having never been in a canoe before I wasn't accustomed to how much it rocks in the wind. The whole way we paddled alongside pretty beaches surrounded by dense brush and cliffs until we got to a stretch of canyons and it was right after we were about halfway into the canyons that everything went horribly wrong.

A gust of wind hit the side of our canoe and I instantly knew we were going into the water. I remember looking down and knowing I had to grab my paddle and grab the canoe. The water was a brisk 55 degrees according to the driver that picked us up. We were in the shade of the cavern. The walls went straight up out of the water for about a 1/2 mile on each side. I remember being so cold I couldn't think straight. After swimming (and my babbling about losing my shoe and Amber yelling to just hold on to the damn canoe and paddle!) about 1/4 mile we found a rock we could climb up on.

As we sat, perched on that rock, trying to tip the canoe back over this guy comes by in his kayak and smiles and asks (seriously) if we were having a good time. I could have killed him. We finally got (some) of the water out of the canoe and were able to go another 1/4 mile to the nearest beach to dry out. We had no choice but to continue on. I was terrified but there was no way out. Oh and the phones we took in case there was an emergency? They were in our Dry Bag. The same Dry Bag that snagged a rock on the bottom of the river and flooded.

We made it (slowly) the to pickup point and met our driver. When we told him our story he looked surprised and said he was amazed we made it. Turns out not only were we early (we hauled butt!) but they just got done calling an emergency boat out to pick up some other canoers that got hit by heavy winds and couldn't continue.

It is funny and awesome looking back now but it was scary and effed up at the moment.

#7 Dale1123

  • Members
  • 210 posts

Posted 25 August 2011 - 02:00 PM

Just some advise when traveling overseas....when a tour guide states "Don't go outside, the natives are dangerous at night," he means it....Posted Image

#8 travelgrl

  • Members
  • 551 posts

Posted 25 August 2011 - 03:38 PM

Almost 13 years ago my family and I were flying out to Arizona to visit my parents during the Christmas holiday....We were flying from South Carolina to Tucson via Houston. We sat on the plane in SC at the gate for about 15 minutes waiting to take off when an announcement came over the loudspeaker "This is the captain, it appears that we are overloaded and we need a couple of volunteers to give up their seats so that we can take off. The main runway is under construction and we have to take off on a shorter runway and the plane is too heavy" UM Yeah- first clue....
About an hour later we are finally on our way- land in Houston and MISS our connection. Remember it is Dec 23 so it is not like there are 4 empty seats on any given flight to bump us too...And I am with an 18 month old and 4 yr old. The diaper bag has 3 diapers in it- enough to get us to our destination. So we trek to the service desk and wait in line...Finally speak to an agent with an attitude..It is about 10am and she tells me that the next flight she can get me on is not until 10pm that night..Um WTH are we going to do with these 2 kids for 12 hours??? I say can you check another airline? Sure! Oh look I can put you on America via Dallas then to Tucson at 2pm. FINE- Book it...
Off we go to Dallas...Land in Dallas and there is a FREAKING ICE STORM!! In Dallas, Texas! Airport is closing for the night! I scramble to a pay phone (Cause not everyone had cell phones back then) Book one of the last rooms in the city- seriously...
So we take a taxi with our now ONE diaper left in the diaper bag and NO LUGGAGE (b/c they would not release luggage) to the hotel. Get to the hotel, buy a couple of T-shirts in the gift shop to sleep in, get the comp toothpaste and toiletries and head to the room. I realize that we only have ONE diaper left and there are no convenience stores or grocery stores nearby and did I mention there is an ICE STORM going on?? Ok- so DH calls a taxi to take him to the store to get some diapers...he gets to the store and picks up the diapers and looks for some beer...Guess what- dry county- no beer sales...so he directs the taxi driver to take him to the next county so he can get some beer...an hour later he gets back to the hotel.
So now the news stations are in the lobby of the hotel with cameras..they are interviewing stranded passengers. It is now 11pm and asking me "What will you do if you don't make it to your destination before Christmas?" I'm like- they are 18 months and 4 yrs old, Christmas will be when I say it is! LOL

The next day we finally get out and make it to Tucson late that night- We got to my parents house at 11pm on Christmas Eve...I remember the kids looking out the window at the beautiful clear night with all of the stars and swearing they saw Santa flying across the sky.

I have yet to fly via Houston or Dallas since then!

#9 Cindyg

  • Members
  • 53 posts

Posted 25 August 2011 - 04:28 PM

Christmas will be when I say it is! LOL


#10 angeleyeskkhr

  • Members
  • 2,865 posts

Posted 25 August 2011 - 06:33 PM

So. December 2002, I went to visit my then boyfriend (now husband) at his military base in Ft Riley, Kansas. Getting there was no problem. One day, we headed out on a road trip. DH had a flat and put the donut on.

Well the next day, Dec. 23rd, we head out to get to the airport at Kansas City Missouri. We get about an hour from Kansas City and feel a Thump. Thump. Thump.

We pull over. And find that THREE of the of the four tires are flat. Not only are they flat, but they have roofing nails sticking out of them. So then. We call a tow and get to the walmart. That cost $45. Then walmart said they don't have the super special tires. So we walk about two-three blocks down to a tire store. Spend $300 in tires (me cuz DH didn't have the money). Roll the tires all the way to the store.

So an hour and $345 late, we get to the airport. I still have 25 minutes before take off. But they refused to check me in. So. Then I had to spend $100 to change flight time. I arrived in Austin at 10 pm. (be aware my brand new car is in Dallas still needed to get a new transmission). None of my cousins can come pick me up and all my friend's are back at home. Luckily just before my phone dies, a friend calls sayin her boyfriend can pick me up and let me stay there until the morning to get a greyhound bus.

The next morning, Dec 24, I think everything is going to get better. I pay my $100 (maybe less) for my ticket to Corpus Christi). We are set to leave a 11 am and get in at 4 pm. 11 comes and no bus. 11:15, a bus to Houston comes. By 11:30 I am told they are going to, at no charge aren't they sweet, re-route to Houston then to Corpus. I get to Houston and wait for the next bus.

I end up getting into corpus at 11:30 pm, missing our big Christmas Eve family get together and squeezing a lemon my parents off. By this time I've also lost track of how much money I've spent.

#11 baby duck

baby duck
  • Members
  • 21 posts

Posted 26 August 2011 - 04:33 PM

I have 4 nephews and nieces very close in age (one is a set of twins). DH and I often would take them on vacation with us when they were on summer break. The last trip, we stayed in a timeshare near Tyler, Texas. Tyler has a nice zoo, and the timeshare has a pool, basketball court, miniature golf, etc. At this time, we had DD - so our group consisted of DH and I, the 4 pre-teens and a one year old. (We managed to attract some weird looks). The trip was actually going pretty well, though we did discover that the oldest nephew had a previous unknown allergy causing a trip to town for Benadryl. The oldest niece woke up in the middle of the night mid-week throwing up. Poor DH drove all over looking for an open emergency clinic, which led to the thrill of dealing with divorced parents and insurance issues. Gah.

The highlight of the trip was when were playing miniature golf. The oldest nephew was waiting his turn and entertaining himself by using his club to beat the bushes. My first warning that he had struck a hornet's nest was when DD started screaming. A whole swarm of the little insects were circling her stroller. I snatched her up, stroller and all and ran down the hill yelling at the top of my lungs, the rest of the crew screaming behind me. We made quite a picture, I'm sure.

And then after we had returned the pre-teens to their various parental units and were driving home, DD started running a fever, necessitating frequent stops to check on her. Turns out she had fifth disease, which I had never heard of - and it had me pretty concerned for a bit.

Honestly though, we had a great time on this trip, and I have some good memories from it. And the wasp thing makes me laugh whenever I think of it.

#12 giraffy



  • Members
  • 26 posts

Posted 26 August 2011 - 10:29 PM

When #1 was... 6, and #2 was 4, The h and I decided to take a cruise. It was super convenient, his parents would watch the girls, and they live in Miami, and we found a great rate kind of last minute (ie, too late to cancel anything). 

I was incredibly excited, because it was sort of our first Weekend away without the kids. 

Two weeks before Cruise Day, I realize.... I'm nauseous. And Late. 

Sure enough. Pregnant. <_<

Which irritated me, because I *don't* like being pregnant, and I was really stoked to be done with babies. <_<

And, remember, we can't freaking cancel without losing our money. So we go anyway. How bad could it be, right?

Apparently I completely forgot that I'm a psychotic, unreasonable, unpleasant pregnant chick. 

Who was stuck on a giant boat, that sailed out in a cold front with giant waves rocking the damn boat so badly the stewards were holding handrails for dear life. 

I was pizazzing, because for weeks I'd been looking forward to a weekend of nothing but drinking fruity things, and.... I couldnt even eat. All that free food? I spent the weekend eating bread. 

The highlight for the H, truly, was probably when we tried to go sea kayaking. 

I had been canoeing a few times, and thought kayaking would be fun. I mean, I know it's in the ocean, but it's the Bahamas. How bad could it be?

So we meet the group, and sit through the lecture about how to use the paddles, safety, blah blah. I'm sure this doesn't pertain to me, because hello, I'm practically an expert canoeist. 

Meanwhile, I'm busy being pissy because I wanted a coke, and forgot to get one, and H wouldn't walk out of the lecture to find one. Rude. 

We set off, and I'm already not speaking to H. I was really thirsty. 

We start kayaking as a group, and theres two older women in a kayak together, but they're dumb. They're kayaking in circles. I'm temporarily appeased by knowing how awesome I am compared to them. 

Then we head out into open water. 

And mother of god, sea kayaking? Not really the same as canoeing down a gentle river. 

We're heading over to some other island, and we get about half way, and I quit. The H was trying to tell me - the Expert - how to kayak, and I was not having it. I told him since HE was the expert, he could just do it himself. So I sat there, paddle across my lap, in the kayak, while this guy who has canoed ONCE has to paddle my pregnant, crazy azz to some random island in the Atlantic ocean. 

We made it, last in our group. Circling old ladies? They beat us. 

I refused to paddle back as well. I was pissed at how poorly he was kayaking. 

We FINALLY make it back - last - and find out that while I was pouting and H was dying, other people saw sharks and eels and all types of fun things. That really set me off again.

We decided to head back to the ship (also pissed me off, I still forgot my coke, AND I missed lunch), and call it a day (at 1pm). 

That's just about when I realized I forgot to use sunscreen on my very, very white legs. 

The next day, in Nassau, I was on a mission to hunt down some conch fritters. But not just ANY conch fritters. Ones that I read about in some random review on Trip Advisor. We have to wall, because I forgot to bring the name of the restaurant, or the directions. 

So we walk. Except, my legs are SO sunburnt, it literally hurts to move them. But I'm really committed to these conch fritters - it's the only food in two days that's sounded good. I wasn't walking off Nassau without them. 

All I recall from the directions, is go right, and it's a bit of a walk, you'll pass this hotel, and that beach, and it'll be on the right. 

I have no idea if it was the right place, but I found some conch fritters and they were delicious. 

The end. I was pleasant the rest of the trip (all 12 hours). 

#13 dawniedawn67

  • Members
  • 217 posts

Posted 26 August 2011 - 11:02 PM

In mid-August 2006, my future MIL called DH, whining because my SIL, into whose bank account MIL's Social Security check is deposited each month, had just told her that she had NOT been putting away money each month as promised, so MIL wasn't going to be able to go to her 50-year reunion, which she'd been looking forward to all year.

She whined and whined until DH agreed that we would drive her from Jacksonville to Pittsburgh and back, and all we'd charge her was 1/2 the gas. She had a friend to stay with and we were able to stay with my parents, so we were pretty much set. DS went along too, and because MIL has bad legs, she "has" to sit up front, leaving DH and I to alternate sitting in the backseat with DS. We are both big people, so it was pretty uncomfortable for us both.

We left Jacksonville at 9:30pm on a Thursday night, before Labor Day. At 7:00 am the next morning, when we were in, I think, Virginia, she insisted that we stop - at a SHONEYS - for breakfast, where she proceeds to make a pig out of herself at the buffet. Of course she has to top breakfast off with a big cup of coffee, then okays to hit the road again.

DH was driving, and I was in the back with DS, who promptly fell asleep. About 25 minutes into our trip, I hear her say to DH "Chrisss...I need to go to the rest room!" Of course it was something like 85 miles to the next rest stop, so DH tells her he'll get off at the next exit and we'll find someplace to stop.

It wasn't 5 minutes after that that she starts frantically pulling on DH's sleeve - while he's driving - and says:

"Chriiiissss!! I'm having an accident RIGHT NOW!"

Sounds and smells confirmed that she was telling the truth. <_<

We couldn't do anything except wait until we came to the next exit, where we stopped at a gas station. DS wakes up, confused, and says "What's going on??" He then peers over the seat in front of him and.....vomits.

DH and I were ready to leave both of them there.

And it's close to midnight so I won't get into how MIL got mad at us for making her go BACK into the ladies room because she still had some "muddy buddies" on her legs.

Haven't taken her anywhere since. :lol:

#14 giraffy



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Posted 27 August 2011 - 12:04 AM

Holy hell.

Dawnie and LB ftw. :rofl:

#15 baby duck

baby duck
  • Members
  • 21 posts

Posted 28 August 2011 - 08:51 PM

Holy hell.

Dawnie and LB ftw. :rofl:


#16 VibrantEcho


    Officially Jealous

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 06:33 PM

Holy hell.

Dawnie and LB ftw. :rofl:


No kidding. I thought LB had it locked up until I came back and read Dawnie's story. :swoon:

#17 beli

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 07:24 PM

Holy hell.

Dawnie and LB ftw. :rofl:


No kidding. I thought LB had it locked up until I came back and read Dawnie's story. :swoon:

Really.. but I'm gonna try.

Back when we were kids (probably 8 or 9), we'd always go up north to Rheilander (SP) Wi. We had a cabin that my dad always rented for a week. Fun times usually. Well one year our next door neighbors decided to surprise us and come up for the weekend/week or what have you. One night the parents were in the neighbors cabin and the kids were in my parents. I think we were making sandwiches or something can't remember what.. hey we were at least 9 at the time.. couldn't make much of anything.

Well about half way into the sandwich making process I look outside the window and thought I saw a bear. I mentioned something to the neighbor kid that was with me in the kitchen at the time. Well you know where this is going right?????? Well not having the brightest minds a nine we decided to hightail it next door to where are parents were staying. When our parents heard what happened they started laughing and we were like what.. there was a bear outside, really no there was.

Of course there was no bear... lol.

#18 Pam


    Site Owner

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 07:51 PM

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