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archived success stories

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39 replies to this topic

#26 DiamondEye

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Posted 02 August 2004 - 11:25 PM

Though I've just joined CB I have been waging the credit repair war for almost a year. I've focused in on Equifax since it seems to be the most commonly used one in my area. In that time, I've managed to get 8 "negative history" accounts removed, 2 tax liens, and 1 duplicate. I still have 14 baddies to go, so I'm not done by any stretch, but with the great people of CB advising and encouraging me, 800 is just a matter of time.

Thanks to you all!

DiamondEye :8)

PS - BTW this site is very addictive as I'm sure you all know.
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#27 VibrantEcho


    Officially Jealous

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Posted 05 August 2004 - 02:33 PM

I'm going to go back and read everyone else's success stories in just a minute, but I wanted to get mine on here before I lost my train of thought:

It is just amazing how much easier it is to be successful at the credit game when you know some of the rules. B) Sometime around May, I realized that in addition to killing off the negatives on our reports, we really needed to start building some new positive credit as well. I've gotten my fair share of denials - but mostly because I was jumping the gun for cards we really didn't qualify for. Since May, though, DH and/or I have been approved for a second Target Guest ($300) (had one already @$200), Fleet Secured ($500 deposit), GECCC ($300), Orchard ($300) and apparently, as of Tuesday a Chase Platinum MC ($1,500!) from a cold call application that DH did over the phone! (You know, I think we got the same "preapproved" offer in the mail and I tossed it because I figured there's no way we'd get Chase - but when DH did the phone app they pulled TU which is DH's best score by far - 665.) The interest rate sucks (20.9%) but Chase is Chase and $1,500 is not a toy limit in our home, so hopefully this will open the door to bigger and better things! I'm also getting ready to beg for reconsideration from Patelco since our scores are way up from a month ago.

The Fleet, Orchard and Chase cards aren't reporting yet, so I'm expecting to take a bit of a FICO hit on age once they do, but it just might be balanced out by bringing our utilization way down, as it's currently around 74% with those silly toy limits, and the trip out of town I just took. B)

As an added bonus: DH and I plan to buy our first home next spring. Six months ago, I was sure that purchasing a home without a cosigner was a pipe dream, and by next spring I expect us to be offered the BEST rates!

THANKS A MILLION, CB, we couldn't have done ANY of this without you!

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#28 RatRay

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Posted 11 August 2004 - 11:43 AM

I got fired when I got a new manager who wanted his own guy in my job, and was unemployed for 6 months in 1994. We lived in an expensive part of Texas at the time. When I finally found a job in my field it was at 2/3 of my old salary. 6 months later I got a good offer in Oklahoma, so we moved, but then my wife took a large pay cut. Living off credit cards, especially when I didn't have a job, started our credit on a downhill slide.

In 1998, my wife got a much better job and things were looking up...we actually bought our house then, but the interest rate sucked because of the previous credit card problems, just lates - no charge-offs. Then in 1999 I got suckered twice because I did not have the knowledge these forums provide. First was when a CA threatened to sue because of lates on a Providian account. Second was finding a BK atty who was all too eager to just take my fees and dump me into a BK13 plan. I could have avoided all of that if I had known how to.

In early 2002 we were discharged from the BK13, and that spring we needed a new car to replace the one that was 10 years old with 186K miles on it. Our income was no problem, but we barely found financing at 18.99%. The car salesman spoke briefly to me about having their finance guy work with me to make our credit better - I didn't know what he really meant, and never got a chance to follow up, but that planted the seed in my head. A year later - summer 2003 - we needed to do some things to the house, had to settle for another crappy interest rate, and that's when I got serious about fixing my credit. I found CreditNet first, then came here, and spend most of my time here.

I still have some work to do, especially on our Experian reports, but things are much better now because I have applied what I have learned on this board. Between all 6 reports for my wife and me, I have had deletions of 5 of the BK13 notations. Almost all of the baddies are gone, only 3 left for me and 2 for her, both on EX. The house and the car loans with the sky-high rates are both gone, re-fi'd this spring, saving us over $400 a month. I am adding credit cards so as to avoid the utilization trap, National City, 2 B of A, and Amex Blue so far, with Bank One pending.

Today I pulled my wife's TU FICO report, and the score was 764. That's a long way from the 580-ish it was when I started.

I just want to say thanks to everyone, and encourage the newbies to read, learn, and work, because it will pay off.
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#29 Carold53

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Posted 05 October 2004 - 10:54 PM

Some positive change since becoming aware of impact of low credit scores.Eq is better fico at 699.Cannot get prime cc due state tax lien.
Tu fico is 636 and EX 633. Tax lien is 31 months of age, amount paid 244.
It's silly to wait so long for this to be deleted from cr.
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#30 Carold53

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Posted 09 October 2004 - 02:24 PM

Transunion is very silly. I have been trying to get then to update my auto loan. Ex and Eq update monthly.Tu has not updated my auto loan since april 04. Myfico stated scores will improve as loan balances decrease.

Tu does not get the picture.Have filed a complaint with the FTC. Even if scores don't increase,Tu should report and update accounts. I don't like Tu.
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#31 Dlewis78

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Posted 09 October 2004 - 03:47 PM

Hey I'm thinking of applying with Paletco. Does anyone know what the criteria is? My EQ score is a 665. But I'm only trying to go with places I have a sure chance of getting.

I read that they require income verification, in what form? I can't find my W-2's to save my life, but I have some check stubs.

Also, how long before they let you know. Is it instant online? Or do they have that 10-15 day thing like Bank Orchard?

Thanks guys,

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#32 lakergirl24

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Posted 21 October 2004 - 11:33 AM

Well since joining CB approx two months ago, I have went from scores in the 490's on all three CRA's to Eq score of 674, EX 626, and TU 731.

I have
(Did not have any of these before CB except Plains Commerce and even they gave me a CLI to a whopping $400.)
US BANK $1500
State Farm $700
(was a reserve at $4000 they upgraded without me asking)
US BANK Financing for a 2004 Lincoln Aviator at 3.9% $2000 down
Orchard Bank $300
Plains Commerce $400
Capital One $500
Robinsons May $500
Union Plus $3500
Walmart $320
Circuit City $1500
Old Navy $200
Target $200
Gap $200

THANKYOU CB for all of your help, I am telling you when I went to get a car in March/April they literally laughed me off the lot, now well I have the vehicle I want and didn't have to settle, and I have CREDIT....
Thanks alot

JCPenney $200
BofA $600 (it's a start)
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#33 IHateSherman

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Posted 16 November 2004 - 07:35 AM

Still working on it but so far since joining CB

# of negs deleted: 4

Before CB, all my scores were in the mid to high 500's and I had only subprime credit credit cards. New credit and CL since 9/2004:

Lowes: $400
Target: $200
Old Navy: $200
Patelco: $5000
DCU: $5000
Chase: $4000
HH: $250 (told them to keep it)

I would have never known to apply for these cards (and get approved) if I had not joined CB. This is just the beginning...
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#34 sri005

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Posted 19 November 2004 - 12:32 AM

Ok here it is:) Not much as of yet. I started this process not even 2 months ago. I started with all low FAKO 500's. Fako's as of today are like this: EX=597 EQ=569 TU=553. I do pull PG on a daily basis, just to look at what they are saying and see what is happening with my disputes. I read alot of the boards and look at what my Better half points out to me also. I read all I can that Sassy has to say and I do pm her for advise if I don't want to say it up here for all to read I also read LKH written things. I send everything CMRRR, and I follow the advise and what has worked for others. I do have a BK7 2002 discharge. I have sent Sassy a couple of links and a letter I obtained from my atty that got some Judgements taken care of. She posted it for me since I was a chicken to do it myself. I have a very good record and papertail I am keeping. I print a copy of everything for myself as well as whoever I am sending it to. I have done 2 online disputes and printed everything I did with it and put it in my folder. I have pulled my true FIKO 2 times. I am going to wait just a bit longer to pull it again. I have opted out also. I do not talk to anyone on the phone at all. I had a CA call me after I sent in a dispute to CRA and I refused to talked to them and shot out letters to BBB, AG and FTC along with a CD nad DV letter to them. Also telling them they were in violation because it was the very 1st time they had EVER contacted me. I was real hot about it and stewed at work all day long over it too. SO her are my results as of today.

EX= 9 judgements reporting $0 owed now. 3 bad TL gone. Still have a BK7 to get rid of and also want to get the Judgements removed completely removed. 4 BTL to get rid of yet. 4 BTL marked as paid, don't know if I am going to go for delete on them or not yet. They say paid now. 1 BTL changed to current I am still unsure if I am going to go for a delete on it or not because it looks like they have changed it to a PTL. 2 BTL that are marked as disputed by me, I want them off too.1 BTL marked IIBK I am in the process of writting the PR letters for what they verrified tonight to send out in the am. 2 actual PTL reporting. Still fighting some old addys & name varriations.

EQ=2 Tax Liens GONE, 5 Judgements reporting as $0 owed. BK 7 still there. 3 BTL removed. 2BTL reporting in dispute. 2 marked IIBK. 2 marked as paid. 1 marked as $0. 2 others that are just BTL. 3 PTL reporting. Have only the correct name as of now, but still fighting old addys.

TU= All old addys are gone, still fighting 1 name. 4 BTL GONE. Still to go BK7. 5 Judgements with balances showing. 9 BTL to go + 1 marked IIBK + 3 marked pd after CO + 1 marked in dispute. 4 PTL reporting.

What was easiest to come off was 1st Priemeir. FBN Brookings, and Fingerhut. 99% of my trade lines should be marked IIBK. I am only going thru CRA's at this point. I do not want them as IIBK I want them all gone or if I can get a PTL out of them, hahaha that would be a joke and a miracle. Although not impossible. I did have 1 of them update from a dispute to current with a $0 balance and it shows open but it is not open at all and it is pd and past due on other 2 reports. It came back verrified that way in the dispute. It was all pat 120 days late and CO on all 3 before dispute.

! of PTL is an actual Repo that reports as pays as agreed and a $0 balance. Not a day late shows. I have decided to leave it alone, only because it is + and has some age to it. Another TL I am leaving alone has age to it and it reports as never late,,closed Card lost or stolen. 1 PTL is a loan I had my local bank help me get and it is PD off. took the whole yr to pay it. And the last is my new Sears card. Used it 1 time and it off as soon as I got home online. I am still trying to get local bank to report my CC but it has not happened yet.

In 19 months I have INQ:
EX=5, 1 is my cell phone, all others are denied.
EQ=3, 1 is my new Sears CC, all others are denied.
TU=11, 1 is my loan, 1 is CC from local bank that is not reporting, 1 is BOA secured card I waiting to get in the mail, All others are denied.

Current FIKO's as of 11/07/04 are:

There is hope out here and I will not be happy until I have a better Fiko than my better half does and his is you might as well say perfect.
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#35 rebldcredit05

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Posted 13 May 2005 - 08:50 PM

Hi everyone,

I just joined credit boards 5/05 and my story is not that successful but her it goes:
I pulled my credit report from all 3 bureau's on 4/16/05, and I have gotten the following info removed:

American Agencies collection account: duplicate (DELETED)

American General: 120 days from 2002 (ACCOUNT COMPLETELY DELETED)

Cmre collection acct: DELETED

Revcare collection acct: DELETED

California business bureau collection acct: DELETED

California business bureau collection acct: DELETED(YES THERE WAS 2 ACCTS)

Macy's chargeoff: DELETED

County of San Bernardino Collection Acct: DELETED

County of San Bernardino Collection Acct: DELETED

County of San Bernardino Collection Acct: DELETED (yes there was 3 maybe even 4)

I still have a ways to go, but to newbies like myself starting out, it's hard
work, but it can be done. It's a long process, but don't give up, I still have the following items to work on

American Agencies collection account/Pac Bell-this is bogus never ever used Pac Bell Service. Already filed a complaint with ftc.

American Agencies collection account/Pac Bell-same situation as above, imagine that they let me open 3 accounts at the same time, how can that be when I never had 1 account!!!

Arrow Financial Services/First Premier-anybody have advice on this one. I sent a pay for delete letter today. We'll see what happens

A F N I/ Anderson Financial Network/Sprint Pcs- any advice??? I sent pay for delete letter today. I'll update u.

I C Systems/Verizon-don't know how this will turn out

Midland Credit-HSBC/Household/Orchard-does anyone have any experience with them???

Midland Credit-HSBC/Household/Orchard-any advice???

Intercol Collections-due to fall of 12/05 (sol)won't even bother

Rma-Pur1/Sears-due to fall off 12/05 (sol)won't even bother

9 more to go, will it ever end???
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#36 lorcan

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Posted 14 May 2005 - 03:55 PM

I have only been with creditboards about two months. I started disputing before I found creditboards through advice from a couple of books I bought. But I didn't have a real understanding of the whole process until I joined creditboards. I am so grateful to creditboards for all the help I have gotton here. The results of my first dispute with all three CRAs which I began through a phone call(I have since learned to write letters), was 3 deletes on EX (two from American Agencies), then with TU I had 4 deletes (the same two from American Agencies and - second mistake- two that were Macy's accts that were under Satisfactory accts but said "closed by credit grantor" on them - had I found creditboards before my first dispute that would not have happened), and with EQ, the worst, nothing was deleted although there was only two collection accounts on it (one of which is not mine at all and is also appearing on TU and verified there too. After that I opted out, went back and deleted old addresses and old married name with all three CRAs. EX deleted right away (that was a result of a post on this board giving the ph. # to call for that) as did TU, EQ (the worst) is making a big dispute over one address and name. I was also able to reinstate my Macy's acct as a direct result of a posting on this board related to that topic.

Though I feel good about the progress I have made I still have a Federal tax lien on all three CRAs which should be removed soon accoring to my tax attorney, 5 collection accounts on EX (four of which are with the same CA for the same OC with different amounts) and one NCO account, 3 TU coll. accts. one of which is the one completely not mine with Superior Asset Management, and 2 coll accts on EQ one with NCO and the other the one not mine only they are calling themselves Superior Credit Services on EQ.

To deal with these items that are left I am taking the advice of creditboards completely and I have DVed the CAs involved, sent them CMRRR, and sent letters to all three CRAs to reinvestigate. I will be reporting the results on the board in about a month.I have not looked into my Fico scores yet. I need to do that next and then apply for a CC or get a secured CC.

Edited by lorcan, 14 May 2005 - 03:58 PM.

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#37 stilmill

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Posted 19 May 2005 - 01:36 AM

Before I found this board I believe that I had a better than average understanding of how credit and credit repair worked. I had read a few books, been to a few seminars and lots of internet research. I also used Bradley Ross Law for a year. I am doing my own credit repair now.

After I found this board about a month ago, it was like turning on a light in a dark room. Now that I have found this board(addictive board), I feel like Super Man. I believe that I can reach many goals with the knowledge that is available here.

CH 13 filed 1999 Disch 01/02.
Cap 1 400 CL (Toy)
Cap 1 3K CL (I am about to close both my cap ones, because of CL not being reported, just tired of shady folks and companies if you know what I mean)
Providian 12K CL
Mobil 500 CL
Mobil 150 CL
Ford Motor Credit (6k Bal)
Credit Union Car Loan(Pink Slip by end of year)

Now here is why I say this board is so great. After pigging out on the info here, I went online to apply for a Patelco Visa Gold with 5000 CL. I got cold feet and hit the cancel button. I checked my rpts the next day and he hard inquiry was already on EX. So I said what the heck and called Patelco and finished the app over the phone. In about 5 mins or less I was appvd for 5000. There were a few hiccups with the income verification and membersip. While I was waiting for my $25.00 deposit ck to post, because of what I learned here, I called back and asked for a CLI. I pointed out to the rep that I already had a CL with Providian of 12,000.00. He said oh yes I see that, and in about 5 mins I was approved for a CLI from 5K to 10K.

The above only happened because of what I learned from you great people on this board.

After more time on the board, I got a little ambitious to say the least. I applied over the phone for an Amex green card. Now mind you, my CH 13 included an Amex Green card that was uncermoniously cancelled by AMEX after my BK was filed in 99. The Amex Rewards Green Card was understandibly denied instantly. Prior to coming to this board, I would have stopped right there. But I sent a CMRRR reconsideration letter to Amex 2 days ago. I appealed primarily on the basis that my CH 13 was a 100% Plan. All creditors that filed a claim, including Amex, were paid 100% of their claim. It's a long story of why I had to do a 100% plan, so i will spare you.

I am eagerly awaiting there response to my reconsideration letter. :)

05/05 TU 690
EQ 692
EX 622 (I mistakenly disputed a CL that was reported as CH 13/Never Late and it was updated to CH 13/CO. I had a cow and raised hell with the creditor, even though it was my fault, it should be corrected this month.

This board is FANtastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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#38 Allie

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Posted 03 June 2005 - 06:39 PM

I started out in 3/04 with scores in the high 500ís. I had around 20 baddies per report. My DH had scores in the mid 500ís, with a BK7 and tons of TLís reporting wrong. (Including 2 FUSA TLís) My goal at that time was simply to get a mortgage. I had no desire for credit cards as anything other than a tool to improve my credit to get the mortgage I wanted. (Little did I know...) I worked from March until May, then we got Orchard, Cap 1, Walmart, Chevron, DCU and Patelco, which gave us 9K in available credit. We also refi'ed our car with DCU- from 10.75% to 4.99%. I stopped applying in 8/04 so that we wouldnít have too many new accounts for the mortgage, let those accounts age and continued working on repair, and then in 11/04, we were approved for a mortgage!!! Our best option was FHA because one of my baddies was 2 mortgage lates and that combined with my DHís FUSA TL that is still reporting horribly wrong meant we couldnít go conventional, and we were getting higher rates on sub-prime than FHA. We had to sell our current home before we could move, and after 7 months, we still had gotten nowhere, so we decided to take a few months off trying to sell the house and go ahead with trying for some new credit. My scores were all between 665-680 and DH's were 650-660. We were approved for:

Patelco Visa Increase 1K to 4K EX
Patelco MC 2K EX (Same pull)
Local CU 3K EQ

Circuit City Rewards 1500 EQ
Citibank 3K EQ
AMEX Delta 1K EQ (Same pull)
BofA 6K TU

Target Store 200 EQ
Lowes 300 EQ

My DH also got the 7-10 message for Providian (EX) and the walmart Discover 7-10 (EQ). He still has FUSA reporting wrong, so I donít really have a lot of hope for approvals. We were both declined for cap 1 CLIís. Orchard happened to give me a CLI a few days ago of $200. I was approved for 3K from Citi, but I have an issue with having 2 legal mailing addresses and I am still trying to prove who I am to them. These approvals gave us 20K in additional credit, for a total of 29K. I cannot BELIEVE I now have citi, amex & bofa, a pre-approved mortgage and a car at 4.99%! 18 months ago scores in the 500ís and a debit card.

My remaining baddies are-
EQ: paid med collection from 99, discover paid CO from 98 (wrong DOLA), 2 30 day mortgage lates from 02.
EX: Providian paid CO from 00
TU: paid med collection from 99, discover paid CO from 00, 1 60 day SL late from 00

DHís remaining baddies are-
5 IIB TLís

CB- I don't post much, but I'm forever reading. You have provided me the tools and support I needed to change our lives! Thank you!
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#39 tragikomik

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Posted 26 December 2005 - 02:00 PM

I hope to be a success story in the making. I couldn't find an introductions board, so I'll start here. I used Lexington for about a year, and was relatively pleased. My credit problems were all commercial, though, and as of 1998, I had about 50K$ worth. This included a mobile home and a VW Jetta that we leased in 1997. We meaning myself and my ex-wife. Long story short, our jobs went overseas, we divorced, I couldn't find steady work for 5 years, and I lost everything I had built up over 8 years. Now everything I have fits into three or four boxes. I have a car which doesn't run, and I cannot afford to have repaired(85 Mercedes). I am a part-time tudor at the community college where I attend as a full-time nursing student. I am 35, male, divorced, and I moved back home when my father had a heart attack in 2002. I am only NOW beginning to get back on my feet again. I have no assets save for a blended 401K which has about 800$ in it.
I have heard that a good way to raise your credit score is to utilize many bank and credit acconts, For example, use a credit card with a small balance to pay each individual monthly bill, and have a separate checking account to pay each of those each month before the interest accrues. Is this a good idea? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks folks!

#40 radi8

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Posted 29 May 2006 - 01:51 AM

from the newbies section

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