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PsychDoc's seminar transcript #1

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#1 breeze


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Posted 09 September 2005 - 03:09 PM

CREDIT 101: The Ethics of Credit Repair, 9/8/2005

PsychDoc> Well, we'll start in a couple of

PsychDoc> Thanks everybody for showing up!

crazyfor8s> thanks for doing this!

PsychDoc> I'm seeing some wizened experts
and some newcomers too.

johnm160> Thank you!

missbee> i couldn't wait..glad to be here

Gryffindor> Glad I didn't miss it! Almost forgot.

KickingMyself> Thank you for taking the time!

PsychDoc> I hope I don't bore the wizened
among us.

meowcat> got my animal crackers and koolaid, right here wiating for
class to start :grin:

PsychDoc> <-- self-conscious... now you see
why I became a shrink

KickingMyself> lol

missbee> oops better get a snack before we start

PsychDoc> Go grab a snack.

johnm160> just don't shrink my credit score

PsychDoc> Ha!

ismism> miss bee thats her

Gryffindor> Speaking of being a shrink - there's a couple of
threads in the General Forum you should check out Doc.

PsychDoc> Gryf... do tell

ismism> i hope i dont owe you any mony too doc

ismism> that hippa letter is in the mail

PsychDoc> heh

meowcat> I was reading threads about spiders and insects
earlier...OOOH..I had a close encounter with a wolf spider myself this morning...ACK



PsychDoc> :D

PsychDoc> (great tactic)

ismism> i dont know what that is tho im a newbee

missbee> k

meowcat> the HIPPA letter, or the crossing of the arms :)

PsychDoc> ha, well you've been paying
attention to something!

PsychDoc> Well, let's start

PsychDoc> I've got some stuff I've prepared
... i.e., good old cut and paste...

PsychDoc> and some I don't...

PsychDoc> er, didn't prepare in advance


PsychDoc> :)

PsychDoc> CREDIT 101: The Ethics of Credit
Repair, 9/8/2005

PsychDoc> I'm Randy Padawer (PsychDoc)...
I'm seeing some old friends and some new ones.

PsychDoc> Thanks to breeze, Pam, LKH, and
radi8 for inviting me to facilitate. This really takes me back five years
when I first met breeze on a Yahoo hosted discussion board about credit
repair. Little did I know that half a decade later both of us would actually
be working full-time at this.

PsychDoc> I'd first like to tell you how
this course will proceed. There will be 8 sessions every other Thursday
evening, including tonight's. Each session will begin at 9 p.m. Eastern Time
(or 8 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Pacific) and will last about an
hour. We may finish early, or we may finish late. Some may want to stay
longer even after the session's done to chat. We'll have a mix of lecture,
group discussion, and Q&A.

PsychDoc> The 8 sessions are:

PsychDoc> CREDIT 101: The Ethics of Credit
Repair, 9/8/2005 (tonight)

PsychDoc> CREDIT 102: A Consumer Law
Overview, 9/22/2005

PsychDoc> CREDIT 103: Credit Reports &
Credit Scores, 10/6/2005

PsychDoc> CREDIT 104: Triaging Your Reports,
10/20, 2005

PsychDoc> CREDIT 105: FCRA Street Fighting,

PsychDoc> CREDIT 106: FCBA Street Fighting,

PsychDoc> CREDIT 107: FDCPA Street Fighting,

PsychDoc> and last but not least

PsychDoc> (tired of cutting and pasting!...

PsychDoc> ...

PsychDoc> CREDIT 108: Small Claims Lawsuits,

PsychDoc> Well hold your judgment until the
end... remember the movie Airplane?

PsychDoc> where the guy was talking and
talking and the elderly woman finally hung herself

ohnm160> Great movie

PsychDoc> :D

PsychDoc> let's hope you're all alive in 30

PsychDoc> if so

crazyfor8s> Here's hopin!!

PsychDoc> yep

crazyfor8s> :)

ismism> your teasing me

PsychDoc> First, when we talk about credit

PsychDoc> we're talking about a number of
things really

PsychDoc> Is credit repair about making your
credit report more accurate?

PsychDoc> Is credit repair about "fixing"
your credit report?

Gryffindor> Not exactly.

PsychDoc> What do you think, Gryf?

PsychDoc> What's credit repair?

PsychDoc> Is credit repair about getting
better rates on loans? Getting credit cards? Buying a car?

PsychDoc> Is credit repair about debt
negotiation? Debt reduction? Debt elimination?

PsychDoc> Learning tricks to improve your
credit score?

PsychDoc> I'd like to open this up for a few
minutes of discussion... what's the best way to define credit repair?

crazyfor8s> For me it is about the rates, the number crunching...

ismism> all of the above

missbee> credit repair is different for different people
situations..i just wanna house

missbee> lol

Gryffindor> It's about getting as much derog info off of your
report while at the same time creating/acquiring good TL's.

PsychDoc> good goal!

QPI> The ability to have open potions

QPI> options

cadicae> I'm going with "fixing", debt negotiation, reduction and
elimination to make it "better" = getting better rates/cards/loans

crazyfor8s> Cleaning once, maintaining for life

PsychDoc> (QPI... I was about to ask what
open potions were, ha)

meowcat> Making the report more accurately correct, and in the
meantime making the reporters and furnishers of information do the reporting
correctly and not just in a way to get you to pay more by making it more
negative on purpose

missbee> i like that crazy

johnm160> minimizing the impact of negative items

cadicae> Grtffindor said it very well!

meowcat> in the mean time ....trying to make it better at the same

PsychDoc> I think I agree with everything
that's been said so far!

cadicae> and crazyfor8s said it well, too!

johnm160> Learning how credit works and how important it is to

ismism> i want to be credit worthy

BlueGhost> Removing incorrect information, as well as learning from
past mistakes so as you dont repeat the cycle:?

OLeon> getting your life back in order

cadicae> ITA, BlueGhost!!

PsychDoc> When you talk about getting your
life back in order, I'm guessing that (like me at one time) bad credit has
caused some heartache for you!?

crazyfor8s> I hear ya blue ghost

PsychDoc> I remember when I couldn't buy a

cadicae> Most definitely, PsychDoc!!!

johnm160> I paid 18% for my last car

PsychDoc> We'll touch on all of these during
the next few weeks, but the emphasis will be upon removing negatives from
your credit report. When negatives peel away, your credit score typically
improves. And when that happens, you'll get better rates on loans.
Moreover, as a happy consequence of confronting what's on your credit report, you
may find that alleged (I'll explain that adjective in Lesson 7) creditors
may forgive alleged debts.

ismism> i had to put 20% down for a home

anchorman> Credit repair = "rehabilitating one's financial
reputation (creditworthiness) among creditors/ future creditors".

meowcat> Yes, 20 plus years of always on time..then poof gone in an
instant when your health goes for a while...

PsychDoc> But debt forgiveness is a possible

PsychDoc> My emphasis is about your credit

OLeon> so is there gona b some good tips in this chat ?

astucco> if a collection has been paid is there anyway to have it

PsychDoc> Everyone has to define their own
emphasis though.

PsychDoc> I've done some writing and seminar
facilitation for The Motley Fool (Fool.com), and I got into a bit of
trouble as a result of that involvement one fine autumn day a couple of years
ago. Equifax was (and maybe continues to be) an advertiser with their web
site, and they didn't much like it when I wrote stuff like this... to
quote... "There are a few hardball tactics which you can use with the bureaus
and creditors that will compel them to remove negative tradelines,
irrespective of accuracy, from your credit reports." Basically, Equifax contended
that I was breaking the law when I made that statement, and my Foolish
colleagues agreed. So we watered down my statements a bit. We gave in. We
caved. We sold out. QUESTION for discussion... Does anybody know how my
statements may have constituted lawbreaking?

astucco> Deleted from my report?

PsychDoc> astucco... sure... I'd like to
table the question while we do the class and then do an open Q&A

PsychDoc> anybody know why Equifax thought
I'd broken the law?

ismism> no

PsychDoc> k

Liangjie> trade secrets

anchorman> Are you a CRO?lol

cadicae> They don't want it implied that they're doing anything

PsychDoc> anchorman... all of us who tell
another human being is defined as a CRO by federal law... crazy huh

KickingMyself> Because they'd paid for advertising?

PsychDoc> Section 404 ("Prohibited
Practices") of the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) reads, "No person may..."
Now before I say another word, note that CROA doesn't say, "No credit
repair organization may..." or even "No organization may..." Rather it says,
"No person may..." and continues "make any statement, or counsel or advise
any consumer to make any statement, which is untrue or misleading... with
respect to any consumer's credit worthiness, credit standing, or credit
capacity to... any [credit bureau]... or any [creditor]."

crazyfor8s> what candicae said

OLeon> cro ?????????????? ::tongue

PsychDoc> it almost seems to violate the
First Amendment!

anchorman> yep! thats why I laugh

PsychDoc> Nobody's ever challenged that in

PsychDoc> I think it would fall flat.

PsychDoc> But...

PsychDoc> As I sit here tonight

PsychDoc> I am a CRO of one person.

anchorman> They want us to be stupid, then they can do what they

PsychDoc> Equifax basically said that the
phrase "irrespective of accuracy" meant that I was advising people to
disregard the truth when making statements about themselves, that this violated
federal law, and that if I didn't revise my tune they might not be
interested in advertising with The Motley Fool anymore.

PsychDoc> Guess what? Equifax was wrong.

PsychDoc> There ARE some things which may
compel a credit bureau or creditor to remove items from a credit report
to happen. In fact, let me say it more plainly...

PsychDoc> I call these PSYCHDOC'S FIVE BASIC

PsychDoc> lol

PsychDoc> 1) You should always TELL THE
TRUTH when communicating with credit bureaus and those companies which report
to them.

PsychDoc> 2) Telling the truth is usually
more INTIMIDATING to those entities.

PsychDoc> 3) Telling the truth is almost
always more EFFECTIVE vis-a-vis your goals.

PsychDoc> 4) Credit repair involves
INTERVENTIONS which invoke one of three TRUTHFUL communication tactics: a) polite
requests, b} requests for information, and c) legal demands.

PsychDoc> Hi, breeze!

PsychDoc> and the last one...

PsychDoc> 5) breeze has entered the room.

PsychDoc> sorry

breeze> :)

PsychDoc> 5) Credit repair involves
leveraging your FEDERAL CIVIL RIGHTS in the service of improving your credit

PsychDoc> Another quick definition... I use
the word INTERVENTION a lot. Basically a credit repair intervention is
anything you do to intervene against the current credit status quo.
Interventions include credit bureau disputes, goodwill requests, escalated
information requests (which include creditor-directed communications like the
"Nutcase" series and other effective tactics), formal requests for validation,
and more. Such interventions usually take the form of things like
hard-copy letters [best], internet-based communications [sometimes ok, depending],
phone calls [iffy], smoke signals [forget it], etc.

crazyfor8s> hard-c?

PsychDoc> I've been asked... Well, gee whiz,
how can one dispute a negative that is accurate with a credit bureau
without telling a lie? As an aside right now, though, does anybody have any
ideas how one can dispute an accurate negative listing without lying?

PsychDoc> Discussion question...

PsychDoc> we'll definitely have a hard copy

PsychDoc> discussion

PsychDoc> ... how can one dispute an
accurate negative without lying?

PsychDoc> any old-timers care to chime in?

PsychDoc> well...

PsychDoc> :)

anchorman> not mine

PsychDoc> well, what if it's yours?

astucco> Is there such a thing as a b from your report?

crazyfor8s> accurate as negative,listed incorrectly

iH8cra> You can dispute account type, or DOLA,. etc.

PsychDoc> What if something is yours on your
report, and it is reported as late because it was truly late...

meowcat> If everything about the way the account is not listed
absolutely correctly, it is not correct and therefore cannot be yours

Liangjie> obsolete?

PsychDoc> We'll explore ETHICAL DISPUTING
examples more fully in the fifth lesson

PsychDoc> (CREDIT 105: FCRA Street Fighting)

BlueGhost> maybe it was late but only 28 days and reported as 30?

PsychDoc> For now, consider this:

meowcat> The furnishers are supposed to provide accurate
information...and if it isn't accurate it shouldn't be there

PsychDoc> In the case of credit bureau
disputes, it's the difference between saying, "The Sears tradeline (account
12345) is not mine" versus "Provide documentation that the Sears tradeline
(account 12345) belongs on my credit report and that my rights have not been
abrogated. Otherwise please delete this damaging data."

PsychDoc> When you say, "It's not mine" (and
it's yours), you're treading some really rough territory.

PsychDoc> The bureaus don't want to get a
letter from somebody who knows their rights

PsychDoc> and who can spell out what it is
they need to do.

crazyfor8s> so you don't say , not mine...but can you prove it is

PsychDoc> YES.

PsychDoc> Now, many people have achieved
great results saying, "not mine.

PsychDoc> "

PsychDoc> The problem comes later... if
indeed you wanted to take the bureau to court.

ismism> true that

BlueGhost> Just a few successes of the "low Laying fruit'

PsychDoc> You want your documentation with
them to be 100% honest and on the mark.

PsychDoc> I sued all three CRAs in small
claims court a few years ago.

Gryffindor> Doc: Would you recommend this tactic when disputing

PsychDoc> It wasn't as tough as that sounds,

PsychDoc> But that's not where this lesson
is heading.

PsychDoc> Gryf, DEFINITELY.

crazyfor8s> Sounds pretty tough to me...

astucco> Can you bump hard inquires

PsychDoc> We'll talk about small claims in
Lesson 8.

cadicae> Me, too!

badcredit_goodperson> exactly, that should always in the back of
your mind, what would a judge think?

PsychDoc> Will provide some letters,
templates, etc.

PsychDoc> With inquiries... I would say

SURFJ9009> good call ggodperson

PsychDoc> "Please show documentation that
the creditor gave evidence of their permissible purpose when

PsychDoc> requesting access to my report.
Otherwise you are bound by federal law to remove this inquiry now.

PsychDoc> "

astucco> Thank You

PsychDoc> I have ALWAYS contended that
truthful words are more intimidating than a simple lie.

PsychDoc> The CRAs read lies all the time.

PsychDoc> But a carefully written letter
that reveals the writer to be educated to their rights...

Gryffindor> They post them all the time too::biggrin

PsychDoc> is far worse for them potentially.

PsychDoc> The same logic applies to
creditors as with CRAs.

astucco> What about collections that have been paid/ can I get

PsychDoc> You're presenting yourself as
someone I like to term "a litigious nutcase"... but you're not shouting...
you're not being impolite... you're not making accusations... and you're not
telling lies.

ismism> huh?

SURFJ9009> be patient stuc

PsychDoc> In fact...

anchorman> So, your basically saying that the truth is in the
asking? Followed by legal demands if needed??

PsychDoc> YES YES YES, lol, anchorman

PsychDoc> The truth is in the asking

crazyfor8s> kill more flies with honey...

PsychDoc> If you look back over this
transcript in the chat window to where I talked about the types of interventions

PsychDoc> (my fourth basic law... :D )

PsychDoc> 4) Credit repair involves
INTERVENTIONS which invoke one of three TRUTHFUL communication tactics: a) polite
requests, b} requests for information, and c) legal demands.

BlueGhost> <save text buffer>

PsychDoc> Polite requests may be goodwill

PsychDoc> Or it may just be you begging
Lowe's credit to remove that 30 day late from 3 years ago (which they may do).

PsychDoc> b} "requests for information"

PsychDoc> ... those types of interventions

PsychDoc> original creditor "validation"
(so-called... we'll open that bag of worms in Lesson 7

PsychDoc> oops... Lesson 6

PsychDoc> or debt validation (Lesson 7)

PsychDoc> where basically you're asking the
CRA (in the case of the HONEST AND ETHICAL dispute I mentioned before) or
the creditor for more information

PsychDoc> that they simply don't want to
take the time to provide necessariliy

PsychDoc> necessarily

PsychDoc> They don't know where you're
coming from, and that's better.

PsychDoc> When you say, "This wasn't mine"
and they basically know different, the line is drawn in the sand.

OLeon> is there any way of saving this chat conversation.

OLeon> ?

johnm160> third icon from right on bottom

OLeon> i can use some of this info.

PsychDoc> When you say, "Pursuant to my
rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act, please provide documentation
regarding every transaction ever associated with this account."

PsychDoc> Then their heads spin (you hope,
and they often do, lol)

PsychDoc> Much more powerful.

badcredit_goodperson> they gotta do some digging lol

johnm160> You can ask that of the cra's?

OLeon> thnx John

johnm160> yw

PsychDoc> Some creditors in that situation
-- especially if the stakes are low -- will simply delete the negs rather
than fool with it.

BlueGhost> Hmm never thought of invoking the FCBA before

crazyfor8s> So this is good with CRA and OC/CA?

PsychDoc> That's the desired outcome for
FDCPA validation... and for FCBA escalated information requests...

PsychDoc> and for CRA disputes as well.

PsychDoc> crazyfor8s...

PsychDoc> yes

PsychDoc> CRAs don't provide account
information like that

PsychDoc> but they are compelled to provide
the information that federal law spells out in the FDCPA

PsychDoc> oops

PsychDoc> sorry

PsychDoc> in the FCRA

PsychDoc> FCRA compels credit bureaus.

PsychDoc> FCBA compels original creditors.

PsychDoc> FDCPA compels third party

PsychDoc> That's a very over-simplified way
to "map" it out in your mind.

anchorman> NIC!!

crazyfor8s> THANKS

Monika_Leila> thanks for that clarification

PsychDoc> I used to teach child psych at the
University of Tennessee, and I was famous for repeating myself... ha

PsychDoc> but

PsychDoc> I want to repeat one thing that
was a cut and paste from earlier...

PsychDoc> with respect to CRAs

PsychDoc> In the case of credit bureau
disputes, it's the difference between saying, "The Sears tradeline (account
12345) is not mine" versus "Provide documentation that the Sears tradeline
(account 12345) belongs on my credit report and that my rights have not been
abrogated. Otherwise please delete this damaging data."

PsychDoc> As you read the statute... and
interact with others on Creditboards...

PsychDoc> and become more familiar with the

PsychDoc> and become more comfortable with

PsychDoc> oops!

PsychDoc> :D

PsychDoc> Hi, LKH!

LKH> hiya funny guy lol

PsychDoc> Anyway, as you become more
comfortable with the material... :)

PsychDoc> You'll find yourself creating
variations on those kinds of interventions, and you'll

PsychDoc> likely share them with others!

PsychDoc> Then, a few years later, you'll
lead a class like this, LOL.

PsychDoc> (If you still find the material
interesting, ha.)

crazyfor8s> :blush:

PsychDoc> In other words... that sample CRA
dispute I just provided...

BlueGhost> may I interject a sec Doc?

PsychDoc> "Provide documentation that the
Sears tradeline (account 12345) belongs on my credit report and that my
rights have not been abrogated. Otherwise please delete this damaging data."

PsychDoc> would probably get OLD fast...
think of your own words

PsychDoc> but the point is the same

PsychDoc> ask them to prove it

PsychDoc> and don't you lie

crazyfor8s> got it

PsychDoc> Yes, BlueGhost, please do! :)

BlueGhost> Ok U said waht I was gonna mention :P

PsychDoc> uh-oh

PsychDoc> :D

ismism> good im a man of simple words

PsychDoc> To risk moving away from
psychology and entering the realm of the preacher... I just never understood those
consumer advocates who believed that they needed to advise others to tell

Gryffindor> But what if you have several disputes? Should you send
them separate then?

PsychDoc> The CROA notwithstanding... lies
just don't work as well.

BlueGhost> Plausable Deniability?

BlueGhost> LOL

PsychDoc> Gryf, you could send them
separate... you could group a couple together, etc.

PsychDoc> "Demonstrate that this material
appears correctly on my reports. Request ample documentation from these two
alleged creditors."

dan> holy crap

dan> hola

PsychDoc> "If these items appear in error, I
have a cause for action because my rights may have been abrogated in that

Gryffindor> Dan::biggrin

PsychDoc> See what you can do, ha?!

ismism> i like not lieing .this will not hinder my walk with GOD

PsychDoc> That's the truth!

BlueGhost> Last dispute I sent in was like 4 pages hand written
broken in sections for like 6 disputes..was that too many?

PsychDoc> Now, in real life...

PsychDoc> those words will have the same
impact as a "not mine" -- except more powerful because they don't know where

cadicae> Nice!

PsychDoc> hmm, Blue, having not read your
letter I don't know

PsychDoc> but... brevity is good

PsychDoc> Ok...

PsychDoc> So this brings us to the next item
on tonight's syllabus

PsychDoc> What are your credit repair goals?

PsychDoc> We did cover this a bit at the

PsychDoc> It's helpful in credit repair...

PsychDoc> as with just about any worthwhile
endeavor in life...

PsychDoc> to know your goals before you

ismism> 750 fico

PsychDoc> I think it was Missbee who said
she wanted a house.

PsychDoc> ismism.... 750 FICO

PsychDoc> exactly

PsychDoc> you just have to know what you

BlueGhost> <==House

BlueGhost> with good rate

crazyfor8s> I don't want to have to wonder if I'll be apporved...or
pay 27% int...

johnm160> New house, better mortgage terms

Monika_Leila> House at a good interest rate and all (3) major
scores over 670

PsychDoc> fantastic...

meowcat> To walk into a car dealer...like I used to do...and have
good enough credit to walk away with a brand new car...no money out of
hand at that moment

ismism> a card with rewards

cadicae> me, too crazyfor8s!

PsychDoc> Monica... I would typeset that in
a bold font and hang it above your desk until you're there

KickingMyself> <----Hybrid w/decent interest rate

PsychDoc> phenomenal, kicking, LOL!

PsychDoc> I love it.

Monika_Leila> :)

PsychDoc> Once you know...

PsychDoc> You'll be more focused.

PsychDoc> It's hard for me to get away from my background in psychology...

Monika_Leila> Doing just that with a sharpie and printer paper
right now.. thanks PsychDoc

johnm160> ability to finance a car with single digit intrest rates

PsychDoc> Finally, the last portion of
tonight's syllabus... A note about attitude.

PsychDoc> In this regard, a few suggestions
have worked for me...

PsychDoc> 1) Be serious.

PsychDoc> 2) Learn about the various laws
discussed on Creditboards.

PsychDoc> ... and I'll interject from my
prepared notes...

PsychDoc> those laws include... minimally...

PsychDoc> FCRA

PsychDoc> FCBA

PsychDoc> FDCPA

PsychDoc> and even the Truth in Lending Act
(which is a superset of the FCBA and a few other civil rights)

PsychDoc> HIPPA

PsychDoc> those are the ones you should get
to know if you can

BlueGhost> Adding FCBA to list to bookmark.......and suggest
looking closely at your States Credit Laws :P

PsychDoc> if reading law outright bores

PsychDoc> (I love it but I'm weird)

crazyfor8s> amen...

missbee> lol

PsychDoc> then there's a wonderful other way
to get it


crazyfor8s> do tell

Monika_Leila> lol

Monika_Leila> thanks

crazyfor8s> lol

PsychDoc> these people make it so

OLeon> lol

PsychDoc> "search" is good

crazyfor8s> that I can do, and have!!

KickingMyself> true that

PsychDoc> oops... getting back to my

PsychDoc> 3) Embrace your community. (In
this case, embrace your friends on Creditboards.com. They're your best

PsychDoc> 4) Retain all written
correspondence, credit reports, and any other written materials.


PsychDoc> 5) Make notes as if you're headed
to court, even though you probably aren't. Such documentation will likely
become very helpful during your journey.

PsychDoc> 6) Don't scream, yell, threaten,
or make an ass of yourself.

PsychDoc> and I thought there was only 6

PsychDoc> but

PsychDoc> 7) NEVER insult breeze.

OLeon> lol @ foshizzle

PsychDoc> and there ya go

breeze> LOL

PsychDoc> :)

BlueGhost> and know who pam is LOL

PsychDoc> Those six things will keep you in
good stead.

PsychDoc> (Ah yes, that, Blue)

PsychDoc> one bit of controversy

PsychDoc> kindly don't guess...

PsychDoc> I was browsing the internet last
week and listened to some recorded phone calls between a credit consultant
and a few alleged creditors. I'm not going to tell you whose calls these
were, because I have much respect for this particular person (even when
some others sometimes don't). I've learned much from this individual.
Regardless, I disagreed with the consultant's attitude... In every case, the
phone call descended into a crescendo of conflict. The consultant was

UNDERSTAND, YOU IDIOT!!!!!???????????" And on and on and ON AND ON AND ON.

PsychDoc> This ultimately gets you nothing
that couldn't have been achieved without risking an aneurysm.

PsychDoc> Similarly, threatening letters can
be shelved in favor of ones which -- through ethical but escalated
requests for information to which you are entitled -- simply irritate the other
party into submission.

Gryffindor> lol

PsychDoc> lol

PsychDoc> I once wrote an essay on another
discussion board which included this suggestion: "Don't be a sonofabitch."
I'd like to quote myself here...

PsychDoc> "Some people think that embracing
a litigious mindset requires acting like a sonofabitch. (Can we say that
on this board, lol?) Nothing is farther from the truth. Whatever you do,
DON'T act like a sonofabitch. Here's why."

PsychDoc> "Sonofabitches aren't satisfied
with the tradeline deletion. Sonofabitches REQUIRE the tradeline deletion
AND a monetary award of $10,000 AND a formal apology AND admission of
wrongdoing AND a brand new credit card AND self-mutilation, etc. You don't want
your adversary to believe that you are a "crank" who could NEVER be

PsychDoc> "Instead, you want your demands to
be VERY clear right from the start -- whatever those demands are. And you
should state those demands politely. Potential consequences should be
stated politely as well."

PsychDoc> "Picture the stance most often
drawn by lawyers in a courtroom. They are matter-of-fact to a deadly degree.
They don't beg. They don't threaten. They don't scream at adversaries
unless they want to be admonished by the judge. They simply state their case,
as strongly and as seriously as possible,

#2 breeze


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Posted 09 September 2005 - 03:14 PM

I have this in Paperport format, but have not had time to clean it up, so if there is a volunteer who would like that job, or someone who has a better idea, let me know.

#3 TeeSharice



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Posted 09 September 2005 - 05:57 PM

Ughh Im sick... cant wait til next time

#4 Q

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Posted 09 September 2005 - 11:25 PM

Me too ;)

#5 breeze


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Posted 11 September 2005 - 10:11 PM

Ut oh!! Y'all gotta learn to check the calendar and the birthdays.

#6 Clarkfan2

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 12:54 AM


Just a note to let you know...you never know who might be lurking.lol Your posting will prove helpful for many in the future I'm sure. Since I'm usually working at that time, I will always be able to read it post facto.


#7 TeeSharice



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Posted 12 September 2005 - 05:16 AM

Ut oh!! Y'all gotta learn to check the calendar and the birthdays.


whats worse is i DID click...
just forgot that night...

not sure how attendance went but...
maybe a reminder post in the afternoons will help?? If only for senile folks like me?

#8 breeze


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Posted 12 September 2005 - 09:44 PM

Tee, It hung right around 27 with people coming and going. When we did this before, it got a bigger crowd each time, til finally one night Doc couldn't get in there to present the seminar.

We have since upgraded chat to accommodate more people. :dntknw:

Clark, that's why we're loggin them all. When we're done, we'll put it all together (hopefully) and have it available to download.

As you can see, some of the principles of what we do can be clarified in a seminar - especially Doc's seminars - he's very articulate. Talks good too. :)

#9 blackberry74

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 10:39 AM

Thanks so much for this transcript, Breeze! I had an emergency family meeting that got called that night and I missed it.


#10 marsimms

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Posted 19 September 2005 - 06:36 PM

Just have to add - thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this! I can't attend Thursday nights, but the information is sooooo good, so right on.

Thanks, and I'll be waiting IMpatiently for the next transcripts!

Kudos to PsychDoc for the talking, and Breeze for the transcripts!


#11 Wcnut

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Posted 14 October 2005 - 12:20 PM

OMFG (Oh my freakin god!) what great info. I will set my alarm for next Thursday and catch up in the meantine!

Psychdoc: Do you have any template letters?

#12 breeze


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Posted 14 October 2005 - 12:39 PM

Several of the letters in our letter section were authored by Doc, or he was a contributor to the content.

#13 Gryffindor

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Posted 15 October 2005 - 09:22 AM

My Cliff Notes for this Seminar:

For CRA disputes:
"Provide documentation that the Sears tradeline (account 12345) belongs on my credit report and that my rights have not been abrogated. Otherwise please delete this damaging data."

For CRA disputes for multiple TLís:
"Demonstrate that this material appears correctly on my reports. Request ample documentation from these ____ (# of creditors) alleged creditors. If these items appear in error, I have a cause for action because my rights may have been abrogated in that case."

For disputes sent directly to an OC:
"Pursuant to my rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act, please provide documentation regarding every transaction ever associated with this account."

For disputing Inquiries with the CRAís:
"Please show documentation that the creditor gave evidence of their permissible purpose when requesting access to my report. Otherwise you are bound by federal law to remove this inquiry now.

Youíll of course want to put these disputes in your own words and definitely read this thread before disputing with the CRAís as a lot of good info is contained within:

Edited by Gryffindor, 15 October 2005 - 09:23 AM.

#14 Ocean

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Posted 17 October 2005 - 08:52 PM

Ok.....how can I print the transcript so I can read it a little better and I like the Cliffnotes GRY put up...hope that can be done again...

#15 breeze


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Posted 18 October 2005 - 05:35 PM

Use "print this topic" - upper right, in the red line.

#16 Ocean

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Posted 18 October 2005 - 10:35 PM

Thanks again Breeze....I see it now....

#17 mlounsbury

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Posted 03 November 2005 - 05:36 PM

Breeze if you need help cleaning it up still, let me know. I'll be willing to give you a hand with the transcripts.

#18 Cushie

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Posted 17 February 2006 - 03:14 PM

Just re-reading these transcripts because I've officially started my credit repair. I can't begin to thank Psych Doc and the board in a way that shows my true gratitude. This is powerful information.


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Posted 22 June 2006 - 12:22 AM

For those of you who thought someone would appreciate these transcripts. Thank You. They will help me begin the process.


#20 sabreena98

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Posted 21 August 2006 - 02:12 PM

Thank you Psych Doc and breeze for putting this information out there (initially and in the transcripts) I have been working on repairing my credit on my own and I am happy to see that there is help out there for people like me from people who have been there.


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Posted 21 August 2006 - 02:14 PM


#22 wonderm

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Posted 16 September 2006 - 07:36 PM

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been reading for hours...must confess my head is spinning with information. You guys are great! Did I say thank you? PsyDoc and Breeze THANK YOU for taking so much of your time to help others and for posting the transcripts. I can't wait to get through them and get started java script:emoticon(':(', 'smid_4') ok I need a reading break.

#23 Trina_TX

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Posted 21 September 2006 - 08:48 PM


#24 2JZGTE98

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Posted 04 January 2007 - 02:38 PM

Thank you for posting this! Very helpful info for a Newbie! This site is a GOD send!

#25 cuzoka

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Posted 23 January 2007 - 09:39 PM

Thank you for posting this! Very helpful info for a Newbie! This site is a GOD send!

I definitely have to agree on that comment... I'm just starting to fix my credit and just reading transcript #1 has given me a direction, what I want to do first...

DEFINITELY a God send.

Thank u to EVERYone.

:good: [font=Times New Roman]

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