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Ineligible entries - Gourmet food contest

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11 replies to this topic

#1 Lighthouse84

  • Former Mods and Forum Leads
  • 2,766 posts

Posted 13 June 2008 - 09:27 AM

The Cat.

Monkey Meat.

Cuz that is what he/she/it likes.

#2 Snork Maiden

Snork Maiden

    Mouthy Russian

  • Members
  • 838 posts

Posted 13 June 2008 - 06:04 PM

I would like to have dinner with Orangecrush.


Because I want to see, in real life, a grown woman who sicks her cat on other, farts clouds, and maintains a human, heterosexual relationship.. I also want to see the human face variation of the :lol: :) that I see so often. I wonder - if you say something, does she actually have a windowlicker facial expression for a while? I'm dying to know. I'd also like to meet the cat who has lived through the fart clouds and the boyfriend who made through the mason jars.

What would I feed her?

We're having borsch for the first course. I may wear poms poms while I serve. It's cabbage soup and that should appeal to her gassy side. I'll even add beans.

For seconds we're having "herring in fur coat". This (shuba in russian) consists of layers of pickled herring, potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, and a layer of mayonnaise on top. (How else am I gonna get a reaction equivalent to :) :) .... I'll attach below a picture, lest you underestimate the true horror. Yep, that purple stuff is beet infused mayo. Lots of it. What is she gonna say no?! - I'm making her dinner..

This will likely also clear out her digestive tract the most natural way possible, (I don't want to sit through clouds of gas ALL through dinner) and from there we'll move onto desert. I'm thinking Napoleon cake. It's thin pastry layers filled with a mixture of cream and cognac. I'm gonna double the cognac for her side, to help her get over the herring and help seal the deal on that wedding dress that I'm gonna inherit, cut off, dye red and party in.

Thank you.. Academy, God, and you all for letting me do this.

Posted Image

Edited by SnorkMaiden, 13 June 2008 - 06:07 PM.

#3 Chendo

  • Members
  • 1,455 posts

Posted 13 June 2008 - 06:53 PM

This person is part of the CB family. Her screen name is Neen and she has helped me through so many personal issues that I can not begin to describe how much she has helped me. Most of my 'issues' and questions were through PM'ing and not brought into GF (General Forums). Neen is a very, very special person to me and has given me a lot of insight and a lot of advice in which I used and it has gotten me to where I am today.
Neen did not judge me, she did not look down on me, she did not get tired of ALL of my questions; she was there for everything. There were times when I did not know who I should/could turn to but when I PM'd her, she always answered me and gave me an answer in which helped me get past the issue I was facing. Sometimes the answer in which she gave me was not the one I wanted to hear, but after I gave it thought, it was quite obvious that she was trying to help me and keep me on the right track.

I can not name a certain dinner that I would serve her because she deserves nothing but the best. If she wanted caviar it would be there for her, if she wanted a burger and fries, it would be there for her... but if I know Neen, she would go for the simplest of things and not want anything extravagant and that is how she is; of course she would like to have a good dinner, but in her eyes, as long as everybody is happy, so is she.

Thank you Neen for everything you have helped me with!


#4 Cushie

  • Members
  • 1,866 posts

Posted 14 June 2008 - 06:23 PM

My guest would be Hlburi. We'd recount her stories of mustard mishaps, unsuccessfully aborting the car wash, how to make a sombrero look good, and how to use VooDoo dolls to their highest potential. I'm inviting Hlburi because dinner is sure to be a laugh a minute. Not that we'll be laughing together but I'll be laughing at her. That's cheap entertainment right there.

As she's one of the best cooks on the board I'd lay out ingredients for her to cook. For an appetizer we'd have Smoked Salmon with Peppercorn Crust and Tarragon Mustard. Tarragon would be, of course, fresh from my garden. Mustard will be from Hlburi's shirt.

For the main course we'd have Tequila Lime Chicken. Hlburi would wear her sombrero as she cooked and I'd not let her have the rest of the bottle of Tequila until the chicken is cooked. I am not afraid to use force and I think she knows that.

As a dessert she'd make a VooDoo dessert Fondue. We'll dip things like strawberries and bananas in chocolate. Wait, I'll do that and Hlburi will dip hers in mustard. VooDoo Lou will oversee the festivites.

Hlburi will, of course, be in charge of wine selections. She will bring all the wine as she has copious amounts at her house so shopping isn't an issue.

After we're done we'll take a quick trip through the car wash.

#5 fmlynrs

  • Members
  • 139 posts

Posted 14 June 2008 - 08:59 PM

I would have dinner with my Paternal Grandfather as I was never able to meet him, hug him, sit on his lap as a child, ect. My Grandfather was killed by a drunk driver before I was even a twinkle in my parents eyes. My father was 15 when my Grandfather was killed and took over as the man of the family caring for his mom who was hospitalized for over a month as a result of the accident that took my Grandpa Leo's life. All I have is pictures and stories as told by family members to go by. I would love one night to get to know my Grandpa. I would serve him tears. smiles, hugs and the company of my two daughters, my sister, my brother, my two nieces, and my mother and father.

Please everyone Do Not Drink and Drive. It is not worth it. I am 35 years old and very often wonder what my Grandfather was like and who he would have become had he not been robbed of his life at such a young age.

#6 Marty716

  • Members
  • 2,099 posts

Posted 14 June 2008 - 09:32 PM

If The Cat is ineligible that meams The Cat doesn't exist and OC is a fraud! :) <_< :)

#7 deluxmary2000

  • Members
  • 373 posts

Posted 16 June 2008 - 03:43 PM

I would like to cook dinner for OC's boyfriend, to make up for the fact that I feel he is under-appreciated and scorned by the members of CB. As we dined on Blackened Salmon with Chipotle Squash Puree and Mango Rice, I would ask him the answers to the many questions that have plagued me these past few years:
1 - Is he secretly scared of "The Cat"?
2 - Is he secretly scared of OC?
3 - Is he jealous of The Cat's bunghole-licking abilities?
4 - How many pairs of shoes does OC really have?

#8 joey1

  • Members
  • 126 posts

Posted 16 June 2008 - 11:28 PM

I would pick Jf Kennedy.
Reason: I admire him so much.
Dinner: I would serve Prime Rib, and Lobster. (as he is so refined)-used to the finer side of life!
Champagne, and then, Baked Alaska for dessert.
The dinner would come in severla courses, so I would have a couple hours to
ask him questions/ I guess mainly who he thought was after him? Why he was shot?

#9 pennypoor

  • Members
  • 1,006 posts

Posted 16 June 2008 - 11:37 PM

I would like to have one last dinner with my father. He was/is my guiding light. He was my pal and most of all he was a great father.

I would serve him some nice t-bone steaks with rice and red beans. I would also give him some tostones. He loved this meal. During all this I would tell him about his new grandson. I would tell him all about the smile he gives me and how it reminds me of him all the time.

That's all i have to say for now....

#10 sirrowan

  • Members
  • 1,400 posts

Posted 16 June 2008 - 11:56 PM

Hmmmm, I really didn't plan on entering this. BUT after reading some other's posts,

I'd have to say my grandmother, Geneva (my oldest DD is named after her). She was the kindest person that I've ever known in my life. She never had a negative word to say about anyone. Don't get me wrong, she totally stood up for herself.

She came from an educated family when that wasn't the norm. They comfortably (to put it mildly) survived the Great Depression. Very smart family.....

She married for love. My grandfather's family is HEAVILY Native American. His mother smoked a pipe, lol.

My grandmother NEVER said a bad word about anyone. She'd just state, "He/She is real nice (sounds like reeeeeel nass).

I'd serve her chocolate cake with peanutbutter frosting or homemade (baked with merange(sp) bannana pudding. She'd have fresh green beans from the garden cooked down with ham. I'd cook a beef dish of her choosing because beef for her was special (because they always ate chicken!). OMG...I'd ask for her recipe for her corn. NOBODY on the face of this planet can prepare corn like my grandmother. It's been so many years since I've had her corn..... Oh! And the best garden tomatoes I could find. Sweet yellow corn bread warm from the oven with melted butter.

I would demand that since she was dead and nothing could come back to haunt her that she give the low-down on everyone and what she really thought of them. I'd get an earful! :unsure:

And I'd ask her how she felt when my grandfather died. She had 5 kids of her own, the youngest being 5 years old and even a nephew to feed on her own. She'd never worked outside the home in her life. She went to beauty school so that she could support my dad and his brothers and sisters and their one cousin. There were women in this town (VERY small town) who wouldn't allow my grandmother to shampoo their hair. I'd bet if I asked her what she thought of these women she'd give her respones of, "She's real nice." lol She had her own beauty salon and supported my dad and his brothers and sisters and their cousin this way.

My grandmother was a phenomenal(sp) woman before that catch phrase caught on.

#11 yellorose

  • Members
  • 868 posts

Posted 20 June 2008 - 12:22 PM

If it could be anyone, then I would have dinner with my mom, who passed away 5 years ago.

She would love to hear about all the crazy things that have happened to me since she's been gone; and I would love to tell her how many times in those years I have thought, "Mom! you were so right"! I never told her that enough.

I could cook a gourmet meal, but she wouldnt appreciate that. She'd rather have her favorites: yellow squash soup and maybe a grilled cheese (or as she called it "cheese grill). A nice cup of hot tea with two sugars, just the way she always asked for it. "Honey, I'm gonna let you make me a cup of tea."

We'd sit and talk about every flower and tree and plant in her garden. I'd tell her how I love birds, the same way she always did.

#12 yellorose

  • Members
  • 868 posts

Posted 20 June 2008 - 12:34 PM

If it could be anyone, then I would have dinner with my mom, who passed away five years ago.

She would love to hear all the crazy things that have happened to me in the past 5 years, and I would like to tell her how many times my hand has reached for the phone to call her and say: Mom! Your were so right!
I never told her that enough.

I could cook her a gourmet meal, but she wouldnt appreciate that. She'd rather have her favorites: yellow squash soup and maybe a grilled cheese (or as she called it "cheese grill"). A nice cup of hot tea with two sugars, exactly the way she asked for it so many times, "Honey, I'm going to let you make me a cup of tea."

We would sit and talk about every flower, plant, and tree in her garden. I would tell her how I love birds now, just the way she always did.

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