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9 replies to this topic

#1 mca


    Lead - Chexsystems Help Forum

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Posted 08 November 2017 - 03:58 PM

Over the years I have helped with removal from Chexsystems, Telecheck, and EWS. I am no longer able to do this because my time will not allow. I do not recommend paying companies for removal. There is no guarantee for removal. It is your right to dispute any report, even those that are accurate. I do however continue to research for non-chexsystems banks and keep my lists as current as possible. I do NOT suggest that you pay any company online for help with finding a bank. The same information that they will provide you can be found here for FREE. Many times the information they will provide you is not as accurate or as good. 
Very important facts to remember: 
1. Applying for lots of accounts that deny you can cause a fraud alert too your account and then you might be denied an account that you would have been approved for otherwise. Be sure to do your research before applying for an account to make sure you are applying for the one that is best for you in your individual circumstances. To get a free copy of your report go to www.chexsystems.com
2.If you apply for a Credit Union listed on my lists, be certain that you meed the membership eligibility requirements first. All Credit Unions require that you become a member before you can apply for a checking. 
Opening an account with a ChexSystems report
When you apply to open a checking or savings account,most financial institutions will run your name in the ChexSystems database to see if you have a report. Some financial institutions may deny everyone who has a ChexSystems report, while others may only deny people with certain types of activity. ChexSystems itself does not approve or deny applications - it merely provides reports to financial institutions.
If you are denied an account due to having a ChexSystems report, that does not necessarily mean that there are no options available to you.  
As far as finding a bank that does not use Chexsystems, the options vary from state to state. While some states have many that do not, other states have only a few. But regardless of where you live, there are options to help everyone.
Many times paying off the reporting bank can cause you to be reported for a longer period of time than you would have been if you had not paid the debt owed. This is why I sometimes suggest NOT to pay the debt owed to the reporting bank(s) especially on accounts that are older ones. 
Certain actions can restart the debt statute of limitations on a dormant account.

This includes:
acknowledging that you owe the debt 

making a payment

entering a payment plan

making an agreement to pay

making a charge on the account

If the clock on the statute of limitations restarts, it starts back at zero. This gives the creditor or collector more time to use the court to force you to pay the debt. 
What is Chexsystems?

Chexsystems is a credit reporting agency where banks and credit unions report negative activity from checking and savings accounts. Types of activity that may be reported  to ChexSystems include:
  • Having your account closed involuntarily by the financial institution.
  • Bouncing checks. Financial institutions will typically only report people who fail to pay the non-sufficient fund fees and/or bounce checks habitually, not those that do it once by mistake but some banks do 
  • Overdrawing your account. Being in the red a day or two before depositing funds will not generally get you reported to ChexSystems, but if you fail to add money after a reasonable period of time or you repeatedly overdraw, the chances are good that you will be reported.Some banks report every NSF
  • Committing an act of fraud, such as altering checks or providing false information about your identity.
  • Applying for a checking account, ordering checks, or reporting a check or debit card lost or stolen. Most of the time, these activities are perfectly legitimate and will not be held against you, but they can be a sign of fraudulent activity, which is why financial institutions may report them to ChexSystems. Some check ordering companies will report every check order.. it is important that once you open an account that you keep your information private and only order checks from a safe company 
Information can stay on your ChexSystems report for five years. If you owe an outstanding debt, paying it does not get it removed from your report early (unless the financial institution voluntarily deletes it), Although your report will show that it was paid. if money was owed to the reporting bank(s) there is a chance that this will also be turned over to a collection agency and may show up on your credit reports as well.
Positive information is generally not reported to ChexSystems. If you have never had any incidents of mismanagement, you probably do not have a ChexSystems report. 
 Many have objected to ChexSystems reporting practices.  
 -They state the system does not report fairly, and unlike credit bureaus which have both positive and negative information on your credit report;  

-Chexsystems only contains negative information.  This jeopardizes your reputation as a consumer, when you would otherwise be qualified to open checking accounts. 


Many people believe if they pay any debt owed to a reporting bank, that they will then be removed from chexsystems but this is not true. 


Below are the best options for those reported to chexsystems! I call this list the best due to the fact it has worked for most people. If you live in an area where the following accounts are available to you, they would be my first suggestion for you to try. If not then I would then suggest you check out the Nationwide list or the listings by states (also below) REMEMBER: A SECOND CHANCE ACCOUNT MAY NOT ALWAYS APPROVE YOU.. MANY TIMES IT WILL DEPEND ON THE SEVERITY OR THE REPORT, IF FRAUD IS INDICATED OR NOT AND SOMETIMES A CREDIT REPORT AND OR SCORE. 


If you find a bank or credit union listed below that you feel should be removed from the list or know of one that can be ADDED to the list, feel free to email me personally at chexvictims.net@gmail.com 


Thanks and good Luck, 



WoodForest Bank

Locations in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia 

You must apply in person and they are very friendly to those reported to Chexsystems and Telecheck. They do not run EWS. No one is turned down for a second chance account at WoodForest. They also offer a second chance business account. 
2nd Chance account is $7.95 if you have direct deposit $9.95 if you do not.
$25.00 one time debit card processing fee There is a 15.00 monthly fee FOR A BUSINESS ACCOUNT
However, in 6 months or less, the branch determines if you can move to a regular account or open a savings in addition to the second chance account, regular accounts, you can open immediately!(complimentary overdraft) requiring no credit will kick in after 30 days. It is $500 for direct deposit or $300 without it.

All deposits are available immediately
ALSO! Phone and Online banking are immediate overnight and they're open 7 days!


Renasant Bank

Locations in the states of: Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia 
You MUST apply online .. they will approve those reported to Chexsystems, Telecheck or EWS for personal and business accounts as long as there is no money owed to Renasant Bank. This has been a GREAT bank to those that live locally to them in the states listed above. Some have reported that they have went to a branch and opened an account even though they live out of state but close enough.



1st Convenience Bank 

Locations in the states of: New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona

They do not run Chexsystems, Telecheck, or EWS.  This bank has been a favorite of those local to it. No one is turned down.


Bank With United 

Locations in the states of: Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C.

I have called many many locations in several different states and they are indicating to me that they do NOT use chexsystems and they do not run a credit report at all. I was not buying it at first so I kept calling more and more locations and I finally talked to a manager that told me how they were using chexsystems in the past but they no longer do. All you need is:

-2 IDs
-SS card
-something that reflect a current address if ID is not correct


U.S. Bank 

Most US banks “in store” branches are giving accounts to most people on chexsystems. These are regular accounts,  not 2nd chance checking...as long as you do NOT owe US Bank money and you are not reported on your chexsystems report for any kind of fraudulent activity. 

There are some branches that are still not using this policy so it might be a good idea to call a branch local to you and ask about their policy first before going in. This account is especially popular for people who live in California where options are so limited. 


TCF Bank 

I actually called the 1800 number and they told me that as long as you don't owe TCF any money, anybody can open an account. DO NOT APPLY FOR THIS ACCOUNT IF YOU HAVE BEEN REPORTED TO EWS, THE ACCOUNT MAY BE OPENED BUT WILL LATER BE CLOSED



Compass Bank 

Second chance checking account called Easy Checking. $25 minimum opening deposit required



There is a monthly Service Charge of $13.95

Do not apply for this account if you have a report on EWS



With the “Foundation Checking” account, you have to pay $7 per month and an extra $2 per month if you want paper statements. If you stick with their new account for six months without overdrawing or misbehaving. 


I hope the above information helps. These are the best options if they are available to you. Below are the lists by states.  Remember, a second chance account does not always mean you can for sure get an account. Sometimes they will look at the severity of the report, if fraud is indicated and sometimes they will also run a credit and look at your report and or score. 


Nationwide Banks -regardless of where you live


The following banks are considered Nationwide Banks because those that have been reported to Chexsystems, Early Warning Services, or Telecheck can still get an account at these banks regardless of where you live. 

GoBank - anyone can get an account regardless of where you live or chexsystems. 

People's Cash Solutions 
Have you ever been denied a checking or savings account due to bad credit or past problems with ChexSystems and TeleCheck? The Peoples Cash Solutions Second Chance Checking Account is the answer for you! Peoples Cash Solutions and Peoples Bank will open a real FDIC insured Second Chance Checking Account for you even if you have bad credit or have been reported to ChexSystems or TeleCheck in the past (except where fraudulent activity has been reported). A Second Chance Checking Account erases the inconvenience of not having a checking account and/or being forced to use fee-intensive alternatives. Anyone can get an account regardless of where you live. 

Washington Savings Bank   -anyone can get an account here regardless of where you live. 



  • Direct Deposit from payroll or government benefit is required for this account.
  • NO overdraft fees!
  • NO harsh CheckSystems® requirements! (Less stringent requirements)
  • NO ATM fees, free nationwide ATM access through the Allpoint® 55,000 ATMs Network!
  • NO minimum balance!
  • NO deposit fees!
  • NO withdrawal fees!
  • Deposit Money through direct deposit, mobile check deposit or mail!
  • FREE Mastercard® debit card! Even order a Designer debit card!
  • FREE direct deposit!
  • FREE online banking & bill pay with online budget tools!
  • FREE mobile banking!
  • FREE mobile deposit! (only available with direct deposit and after 3 months, see FAQs tab)
  • FREE estatements! (required for this account)
  • FREE Popmoney® service that allows person to person payments!
  • FREE customer support via email
  • One low flat monthly fee of only $9.95 with direct deposit of government benefit or payroll. Direct Deposit is required.
  • Unlimited debit card cash rewards paid monthly to help you offset or eliminate your monthly fee!
  • Free email support and 1st month real time support. Real-time support (branch or call center) plan available for an additional $4.95 per month.
  • Discount order of starter checks (if desired)

go to  Banks A-L https://creditboards...04675&p=5694047


go to Banks M-W https://creditboards...04676&p=5694048

Edited by mca, 17 November 2017 - 09:09 PM.

#2 hegemony


    Area Man

  • Members
  • 81,534 posts

Posted 08 November 2017 - 04:03 PM

sticky worthy!

#3 newrebuilder

  • Members
  • 15 posts

Posted 17 November 2017 - 11:52 AM

NFCU does use EWS.  I was approved for a membership, checking, savings, then when I went to log into my account online it was frozen, when I called the CSR told me it was due to EWS.

#4 mca


    Lead - Chexsystems Help Forum

  • Members
  • 1,824 posts

Posted 17 November 2017 - 09:09 PM


NFCU does use EWS.  I was approved for a membership, checking, savings, then when I went to log into my account online it was frozen, when I called the CSR told me it was due to EWS.


thank you, they have been removed. 

#5 Burgerwars

  • Members
  • 3,845 posts

Posted 19 November 2017 - 06:53 PM

Good tips. To add, it was a learning experience for me nearly three years ago when I applied for a checking account and was literally thrown out of the bank. There was nothing wrong with my Chex other than opening up recent accounts elsewhere.

One can get a checking account most anywhere, if their credit/Chex/EWS/etc., are OK. You just can't get them all.

Edited by Burgerwars, 19 November 2017 - 06:53 PM.

#6 credit_help

  • Members
  • 1,843 posts

Posted 19 November 2017 - 07:10 PM

Good tips. To add, it was a learning experience for me nearly three years ago when I applied for a checking account and was literally thrown out of the bank. There was nothing wrong with my Chex other than opening up recent accounts elsewhere.

One can get a checking account most anywhere, if their credit/Chex/EWS/etc., are OK. You just can't get them all.

Which bank or CU was that at and how many accounts were on Chex?

#7 Burgerwars

  • Members
  • 3,845 posts

Posted 19 November 2017 - 08:06 PM

Good tips. To add, it was a learning experience for me nearly three years ago when I applied for a checking account and was literally thrown out of the bank. There was nothing wrong with my Chex other than opening up recent accounts elsewhere.

One can get a checking account most anywhere, if their credit/Chex/EWS/etc., are OK. You just can't get them all.

Which bank or CU was that at and how many accounts were on Chex?
I'm still keeping the bank name to myself, but it isn't a major bank. All their U.S. branches are in California.

At the time I applied, I might have had 9 or 10 Chex inquiries in the past three years, but none in the past four months. I opened a few accounts before then, like with Discover Bank, to get some bonuses. They didn't like me at all. The branch manager had a bit of an attitude. As far as my FICO, I've actually hit 850 on FICO 8 and 9 on and off over the past few years. I might be the first 850 ever to be thrown out of a bank.

Edited by Burgerwars, 19 November 2017 - 08:17 PM.

#8 tmcgill

  • Members
  • 3,167 posts

Posted 21 November 2017 - 10:34 AM

Important to know your negatives before you submit applications.

Pull reports to see what they are and how long they'll stay on the reports.


1.  Although Chexsystems is widely used, some banks or credit unions will also pull your FICO, run Telecheck or EWS. As I mentioned in a different post, Clarity CRA sells its services to banks and credit unions. They generally report and verify personal data and subprime accounts, but data sales brings in the $$$. Call and confirm what the bank or credit union uses.


2. If you have negatives, investigate the terms and fees associated with second chance accounts. Some of the fees and restrictions are ridiculous.


3. Treat second change accounts like Gold. Responsibility is key. MCA use to research and find fresh start accounts - only to have them discontinued. Too many individuals would apply and then abuse the accounts with monies owed.


4.  Have a plan for bank account usage. I have a primary account for household bills, a Chime debit for point-of-sale and internet purchases, and Ally and Merrill Lynch Money Market accounts for short and long-term savings.


5.  Unlike the big three CRAs, inquiries matter. Multiple inquiries in a short period of time can result in denials. 

Edited by tmcgill, 21 November 2017 - 10:36 AM.

#9 Zazamcclain

  • Newbies
  • 1 posts

Posted 10 December 2017 - 10:23 AM


I bank with PNC which is a bank listed on the Non Chex-Syarems bank list ( I have the Smart Access Account ) I was told by the branch manager to take The Foundations of Money Management Class ( which is a 90 minute course online) to apply for the Foundation Checking Account I did that and passed ( I have my certificate) I went into the branch to open the account and was still turned down as they check EWS and there is no way to bypass that, sat with a rep Robert McGraw for about 2 hours while he called everyone he could think of to get around the denial. So if you arent reported in EWS then youre fine but if you are the Foundation Account is a waste of time. This JUST happened this week, I live in Philadelphia, PA applied at the Hamilton Street location. Hope this helps!


#10 tmcgill

  • Members
  • 3,167 posts

Posted 10 December 2017 - 02:58 PM

Yes, it does. Thanks.


Note: Important to pull your Chexsystems, EWS and Telecheck free annual reports to see what you are working with.

EWS is the kiss of instant denial or closure. Review the reports for errors, and decide if there is leverage for disputing, or if you should find a non-Chex, non-EWS bank until the reports are clean.



Edited by tmcgill, 10 December 2017 - 02:59 PM.

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