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  2. I'm 38 Years old and am a bit behind on my retirement savings. I would like to ask for advice on what I should do different to maximize returns. Current 401k balance is around 65k. It is in a "target 2050 fund". I'm currently putting in $550 per 2 weeks , so around $1100 per month in my 401k pre tax. Employer match is 50% through the first 8%, and that is an additional 350 per month. So total 401k is almost $1500. I do have a mortgage, but by the time I'm 65, I should have my home paid off, so that should be 1 less expense to deal with. With regards to my 401k set up, is th
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  4. But, they do do their own underwriting, yes? I used a Regions ATM in West Palm Beach in 2010 and I still have the receipt. Mind my asking, how nice are the CL's? (It's academic as the likelihood of me trying to app them is fading, but still...) Don't know, I was once able to open a savings account at the Bank of Guam's office in San Francisco using a Massachusetts driver's license. They asked a couple of questions but they were OK with it. (This was long before 9/11 and its engendered paranoia...) Mmmmmmmmm, chips...
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  6. Got an offer to upgrade from Amex BCE TO BCP. Trying to decide if I should do it. First year free, 95 annual after that.
  7. DFW has a lounge so that’s good
  8. I can’t find where Amex lists a $200 travel credit as a benefit. Are you sure that’s not just chase?
  9. My broker told me I needed the 720 to get the jumbo. I will have the 20% down payment once my current house sales.
  10. There are also monthly credits on cell and streaming...that makes for another few hundred a year. And, for those who still fly, there is $200 annually in certain additional fees on your airline of choice... I've also made good use of the status upgrade with National. If you travel in the slightest, the card pays YOU when all is said and done. 100K points and 10x on grocery, even for a limited time is just icing on the cake...
  11. I can't get the screen on my laptop bright enough to not be washed out by the sun when I work outside.
  12. I believe you also get access to the AmEx lounges in airports, although there isn't one in every airport, so you might want to check your local one. 100k is the best SUB I have seen on the card. You can also downgrade to a gold after year 1 to save some of the AF but not close the account...and may get an offer to upgrade back to platinum at some point for bonus MRs.
  13. Hmm.. 🤔 That's a good question. I think part of it is being able to qualify for cards I never thought I'd be able to get. Which, I realize, is a silly motivation to open a card. lol I'll try to be more logical about it, because having the cards work for me is ultimately more important than prestige.
  14. Is there a thread aimed at maximizing the Platinum card? I have an offer for 100k points plus 10x points at grocery stores and I am not sure if I want to apply or not. From what I can find here are some highlights to consider. Annual fee is $550 points are worth approximately $.02 a point when redeemed for travel. get $15 a month for Uber or Uber eats plus an extra $20 in December= $200 annual $100 in Saks credits $100 for Global Entry I would probably get the card and cancel it before the second annual fee came due. Is there anything els
  15. Fuel shortages. Caused by crap policies, fear induced by media, and moron sheep in general.
  16. Precisely. Normally, first recourse would be to notify Amazon of non-receipt and request a substitute shipment. If Amazon's response wasn't satisfactory, next step is to advise the card issuer for the charge that a chargeback for non-receipt of merchandise is requested. If Amazon is able to submit proof of delivery, then theft from your home is presumed, the responsibility for which would fall on the purchaser. If there's no proof of delivery, then the card issuer most likely would honor the chargeback request. Amazon would still be free to pursue a claim, but would be out the
  17. Thank you so much for your input, I actually just received my Experian report and you are right it does show my address Id's.
  18. This is the PETTIEST thing I have ever seen.... and I love you for it!!
  19. Discover did me a favor and closed my account. They've been on my cutting block anyway, but I just never got around to going through the motions. I got an email from them saying they closed my account due to lack of activity. I'm not sure how long it has been, but my best guess is about a year. They weren't keeping up w/ my other cards in terms of CLIs, etc. so no great loss as far as I'm concerned...
  20. I think CVs point/question was that did your mortgage broker tell you there was a benefit to being over 700 in terms of pricing? 720? Not all companies use the same score breakpoints for their pricing tiers (for example theirs may be 680 and 720). Honestly, given that your COs will drop next year (and likely give you a nice score boost), and that you can probably dispute them towards the end of this year and get them removed I would wait until those have cleared up. This will also give you a chance to save more for a down payment and avoid either PMI/LPMI or a pricey second mort
  21. You're definitely making progress!! May I suggest redefining this goal? I almost never use my highest limit card (Amex Hilton) because it doesn't do much for me. If it wasn't my highest-limit card, I'd close it. It's mostly a burden to have, since I have to put occasional use on it to keep it active, and I have to check on it every month. SUBs aside, I'm always looking for opportunities to maximize the rewards and benefits I get from my cards. Is the Freedom really going to fill a meaningful void?
  22. https://www.dansdeals.com/credit-cards/us-bank-altitude-connect-visa-signature-intro-bonus-50000-points-waived-annual-fee-plus-global-entry-streaming-credit/ Current SUB is worth $500. $95 AF is waived the first year. Click the link to see the reward structure and card benefits.
  23. I'm happy to comment if you post what concerns you (or PM it to me). Most often the surprises are with prepaids (if the new mortgage requires an escrow account to pay taxes and insurance, plus there's prepaid interest in there. If you are in New York, the government fees will eat you alive, even on a refi.
  24. All of the bureaus use proprietary report formats and information architecture. TU shows the entire payment history graphically. Just find the month with the first 30 DL that was never followed by a month where the account was current. That's DOFD. I believe Experian is the only one that puts address IDs on the report. That doesn't mean you can't dispute old addresses on the others.
  25. If it's a small amount, pay it and be done with it. This could still be within SOL depending on where you're hiding.
  26. Amazon is a host site like eBay. They operate on a commission and as a broker more or less. I'm sure they have lots of disclaimers in their agreement. You have to deal with the seller; I would not consider Amazon to be a third party debt collector since they are a party to the transaction. They always send me a picture of the goods in front of my door after delivery.... where's yours? Tracking info, etc.? Small items also come via USPS, some stuff they use UPS.
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