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  3. OMG!!! I wonder if @hegemony has bought one for @Kat58 yet???
  4. My wife and I have been trying to teach him to be a financial OCD for decades, but sometimes he just doesn't get it. Seems equitation is the difficult way to solve the issue. But then there is the illustrious Teddy Roosevelt Trick -- "Talk softly, but carry a big fooking stick." I slashed his budget 5%. 3% was for the possible 3% some Apple Card transactions earn and 2% was a penalty reduction. PharmaHo got him into a summer internship program so then my son thought he was on cloud 9. Since he is earning money, he can be at least partially financially self sufficient. I take 60%. 25% is to repay part of his budget and 25% goes into a mandatory long-term savings. 10% goes into an investment program that I let him manage. The only other problem I had to solve is his extreme tipping. He goes out to eat a lot with his friends and they think nothing of 30% tips. I told him 15% is good and maybe even less if the service isn't that good. But noooooo. Good thing about Apple Card and using it with Apple Pay is that you see the original authorized amount and then when the charge actually posts you see the increased amount due to the tip. So I averaged his tips for a month and they were about 27% -- an excess of 12%. 12% x 2 = 24%. I reduced his budget across the board 24%. Voila! Now he realizes that there's a limit to how much of my money I will let him throw away.
  5. I tried a few times and each time it says no record found followed by system maintenance message. I will try again on Monday, then call them up.
  6. I have a WF debit card that says "Customer since 1977" which is when I closed my BA account and opened WF after moving to San Diego. The reasons I closed BA were: 1. a BA teller suggested I'd initialialed a deposit entry for a check I deposited when they had lost track of the check and started bouncing checks I wrote. I found it after complaining when they said I could look through a drawer full of vairous checks from who knows where. One of them was the check I'd deposited. 2. WF had and has a huge number of ATMs all over the place so super convenient for getting spending cash. I've never had any issue with WF. Even had an arrangement with them where I could wire money with just a phone call back when I was doing that with some frequency.
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  8. My cards all have the right date, which is 2013. The one that surprised me recently was my new Wells Fargo debit card. They claim I have been a customer since 2008, which I do not recall.
  9. I got a new paper shredder today. I invested in a heavy duty Fellowes Powershred one this time, so hopefully it can handle what I'm throwing at it. My last one only made it 7 months.... I also got a check from my lawyer in the mail today. Shitty bank settled my DH's FCRA case against them. Still waiting on a second check from Experian.
  10. While that would make sense if I went directly from corporate to personal, there was a gap of several years. And, the corporate card was not my first dalliance with AXP...having originally gotten in the door in the 80's. What made THIS card odd is that the BC that it replaced showed the same Member Since date as my other two cards currently held.
  11. FWIW, Bev's "member since 86" reflects her first corporate Amex (actually, her employer was a university). Her first personal Amex was issued sometime after 2000.
  12. I do have a potential one-off quirk...my BCP card came back with a 99 instead of the date which was on BC as well as my other Amices. I have no idea where it came from unless their computer found an old government account that was closed in good standing when I left the agency. The next round of replacement cards could get interesting...to the extent such things are 'interesting.'
  13. centex

    My Third TL

    Other threads indicate the PRIME card is Chase. The Amazon ONLY card *store card is suckrony.
  14. That was what I found humorous about my NM increase a while back...it had the x05 CLD line and the increase kept the 05 even though there was a decent increase...
  15. Then WHY is there reference made to suckrony in the thread title? And it matters not one whit how something appears online...the ONLY thing that matters is what a paper report shows...
  16. Stands to reason nothing would come up on a Superior Court website since older records often times have not made it to the website. Additionally, some agencies take their systems down on the weekends...many reasons for it, and it sucks when I run into one of them while trying to get stuff done outside of normal business hours Since you indicate you have copies of relevant records from the payment, I would draft a tailored letter and fax it to them, following up with a phone call early tomorrow afternoon. There are also a number of links at https://www.riverside.courts.ca.gov/Divisions/Traffic/pay-traffic-ticket.php
  17. Back in the days before appliances were disposable and the manufacturer was selling REPUTATION and RELIABILITY. And on that old stuff, if something DOES break, you can usually get the part for not much with a quick online search...
  18. In other words, voters are being asked whether they want to continue the destruction of their tourism industry...
  19. Gone forever are the days of the giant toy warehouses that a kid could spend days wandering and STILL not see everything in stock...first one I was ever in was in an area that got sketchier and sketchier, closed for a while and then was repurposed as a furniture clearance center that still saw more than half of the building walled off. Even the original entrance was retained though, but they walled off one of the two doors (you would enter to the right with the exit from the floor having been to the left as you looked walking in the front foyer). The one I knew of in Austin was rebranded as a Babies 'R Us and then closed again and then opened one xmas as a Toys 'R Us and has sat vacant for several years now.
  20. Balenciaga introduces a nearly $1,800 trash bag
  21. Macy's partnership. Toys R Us reopens in 9 states, more locations 'coming soon'
  22. Los Angeles voters to decide if hotels will be forced to house the homeless despite safety concerns Will breakfast vouchers be included?
  23. MultiQuote fail, wanted to quote the two posts above this one, too. Based on what I know of Fingerhut, they should be avoided. I did open an Extra credit card for some credit building finesse myself.. That way, I can choose what and where I buy, not overpriced junk I don't need.. Respectfully, OP, you can do better than Fingerhut.
  24. My parents still have a deep freezer from the old Montgomery Ward. Still going strong. They got it when I was in diapers. I'm pushing the big five O.
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