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Calling All Illinois Approved Lenders

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I'm in the process of purchasing a $91,000 property in Urbana IL. I have signed the sales contract as "myself and/or assignee". I need to cosign on the loan with my father. My income(proveable) is $24,000 and my father's income(proveable) surpasses $200,000. He has $15,000 left on his 1st mortgage that is on his ~$700,000 house. His scores are in the mid 700's and mine are(were ~640, but just paid of credit cards so it should be ~700). Due to the purchase document, I must be on the mortgage application, or otherwise I am in default(People have recommended having my father be the sole morgagee). I will post more exact scores as soon as I order my scores again. Please post or email me if you are a lender in IL (Champaign county preferably) and have the ability to do a rapid rescore(My CC 0 balances won't update with the bureau's till the 1st, so I need a rapid rescore - I MUST APPLY BY THE 19th). Also, please post/email me rates/points/origionation fees/closing costs etc. (I was mtg. appointed with a company before, so I'd like to see a truth in lending statement as well as a good faith estimate after you run the credit checks and determine what we qualify for). Please send me your contact information. Please, Broker's need not apply.


Thank you,

Sam Bernstein


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DOH! I didn't read the FAQ. Sorry guys! The seller had a person overbid me by leaps and bounds, so I am off of the hook. However, are there any good resources out there on where to find some place that can do Rapid Rescoring? Or am I back to making a list of lenders and calling on down the list? I'm making offers on properties, so I need to get the process started...


Sam B.

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No, I had an offer that I thought would be accepted. The only thing I have against brokers is extra fees and massive numbers of credit pulls.


Sorry for not being really clear. Agent thought my offer would be accepted too. But, some big cat who loved the property put in a huge bid.



Sam B

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The last post in this topic was posted 5814 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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