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The never ending thread

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see how they run


Where the @#%^ are they go'n.




Hey diddle, diddle the cat and the fiddle,


The cow jumped over the moon,


That’s more than my pet monkey does that fat lazy smell baboon.


Doe a dear a female dear... NM. :)


I heard a good song today on the radio I haven't heard in a while, 3rd eye blind, *jumper*


Fleetwood Mac, is an awesome band.


Favorite songs/bands:



Creed ~ ONE

Billy Idol ~ Everything

Train ~ she’s on fire

Pearl Jam ~ Even flow

Um actually I could go on for hours, anyone heard of Junkyard?

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I lost my heart in San Francisco!


I sat on the runway for a half hour while it was determined there was a problem. Then we taxied back to the terminal for the "fix." Eventually we took off. I got into Chicago in time to see my flight depart without me. I couldn't get another flight to my airport for another eight hours as the earlier ones were all booked solid. Couldn't fly standby because I had checked my luggage.


I lost my sanity in Chicago!

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If trees could scream, would people still cut them down??


Probably.  Especially if they screamed all the time, and for no apparent reason.


(Any other "Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy" fans out there?)


OMG, I love Jack Handy! Geez, I'm wiping away tears from laughing so hard. Gimme more!


Ok, so I have a weird sense of humor...when I saw Bruce Almighty I laughed so hard when he was messing up the reporter that I had a stomach ache. DH thought I was nuts. Sooo glad I didn't see that one in the movie theater, he probably would have left...

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my room is extremely messy


i must clean it tonight



HAHAH, my ENTIRE HOUSE, is extremely messy (well, other than the living room--that got cleaned today). Having a VERY active 7 month old baby can do that too ya.



UGH, I have two finals on THE SAME DAY! One is Fri. from 2-5, the other is from 7pm-10 pm!!!! HELLO??? Do you people not understand that *some* people have families? How the HECK am I supposed to make my fi WAKE her (our seven month old)up just to come pick me up? I guess I'll have to take the car and pay friggin' lots of money to park on campus. I swear Univ. of Texas thinks everyone must BOW DOWN TO THEM or something. They are *not* "family" friendly at all (friendly to parents or even full time workers going to school). But the good thing is I don't have to drag my finals out for an entire week. I've had it happen before where I only had two finals, one was the FIRST day of finals, the other was the LAST day of finals (trust me, it sucks)!

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