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Success is soooo sweet!! My story

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After being denied for a home loan due to low credit scores and having too many "credit" issues, I started my credit repair journey on April 24, 2004. I know the exact date because I kept a journal of the whole process titled "Home buying Process Journal"


At this point I had a 2001 BK7 on all three credit reports, 4 TLs reporting IIB, 3 judgments that were IIB, FCNB Visa CO, Sterling Bank MC CO, 4 collection TLs, Student loan default (obsolete). I think thats it. As you can see I had a mess going on. I was so frustrated and disappointed when it hit me that I may not be able to enjoy home ownership if i didn't do something. I knew I had a long ride ahead of me and I knew it would all start with my credit reports. I made some major mistakes in the past financially and believe it or not I was still messing after my BK7.


I became inspired to change my situation by any means necessary (within the law of course). One of the first things I did aside from buying a nice journal was to surf the Internet looking for any information I could find that would help me to turn my financial situation around. While surfing the Internet for credit repair tips, I found CB. What a blessing!!. I started reading the forums and was instantly hooked. I mean I would stay up all day reading and read all night while I was at work. I was so excited to get started but I couldn't stop reading long enough to start. After spending about a week just reading and reading and reading some more. I finally came up with a game plan and was read to start. I loved all the step by step instructions and the resources on CB are invaluable. I mean you even get the letters drafted for you. How sweet is that!!! I was really shy about battling the CRA and CA but hearing other members stories and successes I felt so empowered. I realize now, I felt that way because I was educated and I felt confident that I could handle any scenario they (CRA,CA,OC) threw at me, and I did!!


The support and answers I got from this board made all the difference in my results. My original FICOs were all in the low 500s. After a few months of disputing like crazy, I got an Orchard Card and continued to clean my reports. I used every process mentioned on here from PFD to VOD. I managed to get all 3 CRA to delete the BK7, all judgments were deleted, student loan GONE! FCNB deleted. Sterling deleted from all except TU which the TL is noted "consumer disputes". 2 IIB TL deleted, still have 2 that will fall off 6/06. I have also acquired not only the Orchard card but a Patelco LOC, and drumrollll I got preapproved for a mortgage on 1/6/05, put an offer on a townhouse on 1/14/05, offer was accepted on 1/18/05 and closed on 2/7/05, been on a high every since then......AND I'm loving my new place, no more renting for me ever again!!!


If the advice on this board is followed it works like a charm in most cases. I am a prime example of that. You have to be organized and consistent. The most important is to follow up!! When my scores started climbing it motivated me even more so I soldiered on. Heck, I felt like a expert at doing this so naturally I am not going to stop until I hit the 700+ club.


Originally I thought if I could only get my scores up enough to buy a house I would be satisfied but Ive learned so much from CB that there is no way I'm gonna stop now. When you know better in most cases you'll do better. I am definitely doing better because of the information here. I can even come here to get 401K advice and money management tips. CB is one stop shopping, better then a super Walmart LOL!!!



To all the beginners and those who have been at it and come across obstacles, keep at it. It wont happen over night but it will happen if you stay at it. It took me from 4/24/04 to 1/6/05 to turn my scores around and qualify for a mortgage. Ive set another goal to get my scores to 700 and in 2 years I am going to refinance.


A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!! :aggressive:

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Great job ebonie!


Not to hijack your great story, but that story hits so close to home (like I'm sure it does for many).


Both me and my wife were in the low 600's when I started on 5/24/03. My goal was to refinance my home when the 2 year refi penalty expired on 10/1/03, and to get my credit as high as possible. When I initially bought my home, our rate was 30 year fixed at 7.99%. Talk about a gun to your head. My broker treated us like he was doing US a favor by getting us this "GREAT RATE BASED ON YOUR CREDIT SITUATION". Don't ever get a mortgage with sub-sub-sub prime Option One Mortgage. That's a separate story though :-)


I was sending letters left and right, validations, CMRRR's, tons of Post Office visits (thank GOD I'm not doing that any more). Then right around labor day (9/3/03) I pulled me and my wife's first clean as a whilstle FICO's for all three bureau's. Our scores were between 710-720 and I qualified for the best rate at a Prime lender (E*Trade Financial).


I owe it all to Al Gore's internet :-) and Credit Boards. YOU GUYS ARE DA BOMB.


I'm still a maniac when it comes to my credit, and I'm a huge advocate of education and understanding when it comes to getting to know your credit scores. Both our scores are in the high 700's and I have this lofty goal to get into the 800 club by year end. It's really tough, basically big AGE and ZERO UTILIZATION are key.

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Congrats to both of you.


I am looking forward to having a clean record soon.


I have been pre qualified for a house(before starting credit repair)but I want a better rate, so that is what started my journey.


I can't wait to be able to post my success story.

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Thats great for both of you. I really truly want to feel the same way, I think I'd be the happiest man alive. I know it takes a lot of time and energy, so I don't want to take the easy way out, but do either one of you feel like helping a guy out like me who plans on getting married in a year and has to pay for a wedding and buy a house.

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wow...this story was inspiring.


I'm in the low 500's right now *sigh*...i found this board about two weeks ago and am gathering as much information as I can so I can make my plan of attack. My dream is to be in my own home in the next year and half, and hearing your story makes me think its not too far-fetched.

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I am finding myself becomming addited to these boards. I just filed and my numbers are lower than I thought they could ever go. After reading the boads this morning and getting the 20% off coupon I ran both my wifes and my FICO scores to start the long trip back to being credit worthy. You guys are really aan inspiration and make me fell like I can do it. It is hard to get modivated when I only have one score over 500. Wish me luck and I am really happy for all of you.

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CONGRATULATIONS! That is an amazing accomplishment. I am new to the board and just like you said I can't quit reading. Kinda like that move Short Circuit...more input...more input. Thanks for sharing your success, I know it made me feel so good today when I was able to get my old addys taken off EX and last week it worked for TU. Way to go girl. :(

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