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How do I do this? delete old addresses, name etc?

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This is very, very, easy to fix. Addresses and personal information are the one thing which is MUCH easier to do over the telephone than with any other method. I have been extremely successful with both trade line deletions and personal information deletions. I NEVER dispute trade lines over the telephone, and I NEVER dispute personal information via US Mail.


Tomorrow morning, take your EQ report and call the toll free number. When you get to a CSR, let them go through the verification process, and give them the report number listed on your hard copy report. When they ask " how can I help you today ?", tell them are a couple of little things that " look wrong ". They will ask " which ones ". Tell them, "just some of the personal information. Some of those addresses or name spellings look wrong."


Have them delete no more than 4 items. If that is all you want, tell them thanks, I appreciate your help. If you have more you want deleted, tell them thanks and call right back. You will get another CSR. Do the same thing, exactly as you did on the first call, but mention the items which you did not mention on the first call. If anyone mentions the first call, tell them " Well, I was looking at the page after we got off the phone, and I noticed some other things that did not look right." Don't mention any other calls unless they know you already called.


I have had more old addresses, name misspellings, incorrect old employer spellings, etc, than any one might have thought possible. My name is Eastern European with an odd spelling, I spent a full five years on a driving tour of North America with countless addresses and small accounts, and now my three credit reports have exactly one address on them: My current address. I did 100% of this on the telephone. I would NEVER attempt an address or personal information deletion via the US Mails. It is way too much work.


Just try it, and let us know the results, eh?

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:blush: Thank you so much! I hae asked this question many, many times and no one responded. Thanks again.


I am new at this and it is very hard to understand everything that is going on; also, I noticed that I am not the only one. Most of the newbies are in the same boat.





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Can you successfully dispute previous addresses as "old, outdated, etc" or do you have to claim "never lived there" to get them off?





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I just disputed all my old addresses, employers, and phone numbers listed with EQ and EX on 4/1/05. I did this for both me and my wife. I checked this AM and they were all deleted already.

I went to TU and did the same thing today... Still waiting for the results of that.


Looks to me like the personal info online dispute process is pretty efficient. :swoon:


Baby steps...

That's what I'm doing... Just small incremental disputes, that will have a better chance of flying under the radar...


After I made sure the personal info had been removed, I disputed some of the obvious "not mine" mistakes on my report...

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