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Transcript of Experian phone call

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(before the recording starts...)

ME: Is this call being recorded?

EX: Yes we routinely monitor calls for quality assurance.

ME: Then you won't mind if I turn my recorder on?

EX: No. What...

(recording starts...)

EX: ...is the first item you'd like to discuss?

ME: This is Experian, right?

EX: Yes of course. How can I help you?

ME: I'd like inquire as to why I cannot get an FCRA compliant response to the several procedural inquiries I've made pursuant to FCRA 605 6 B three.

EX: Which account are you inquiring about?

ME: Pick one. Any one of the accounts I'm currently disputing.

EX: And you haven't received a response from us?

ME: I've received your form letters, if that's what you mean. I'm talking about FCRA compliant responses, with the name, address and phone number of the company reporting the account. That's what I'm looking for.

EX: We don't send that information.

ME: You HAVE to send it. FCRA 605 B three...

EX: (cuts me off) You don't need to cite FCRA for me.

ME: Apparently I do. You are required to send me a compliant response, with all of the information listed for the company that is reporting the account.

EX: We do send that information. It's right in your report.

ME: What?

EX: The address in your report is all we have for each account.

ME: Then why don't you send it in an FCRA compliant response to my procedural inquiries.

EX: We fully comply with the law. The responses we sent you detail the procedure used to communicate with the companies that provide us information.

ME: OK. Let me quote from your form letter...

EX: (cuts me off) I am familiar with the responses we send.

ME: Fine. What does it say?

EX: Is there another item I can help you with?

ME: Why, are you backed into a corner on the issue we were discussing? Why don't you send the information mandated by the statute when you respond to procedural requests?

EX: As I said, we fully comply with the law.

ME: But you don't -- not even close. You send out form letters that simply say that you send the dispute information to the companies via mail or electronic means...

EX: (cuts me off) Again, I am familiar with our responses.

ME: Then you'd have to agree that what you send, and what FCRA says you have to send are very different things, correct?

EX: Is there another item I can help you with?

ME: Hold on, I'm not finished yet. Where in your response does it tell me WHAT company you contact, and at WHAT address and or telephone number.

EX: It's right there in your report. We only have the information that is listed in your report.

ME: But that's not what FCRA says you have to do. You have to give me the name and address, or the telephone number if you called them.

EX: We don't call anyone. That would be impossible.

ME: Then how do you contact them?

EX: Usually via an automated system.

ME: What about reporters who don't subscribe to your automated system, like courts?

EX: If they're not automated, they are contacted by mail.

ME: And what if they don't share information by mail.

EX: All companies that share data with us are either automated or mail.

ME: What about courts? What about the public record listed in my report?

EX: They would either use automated reporting or by mail.

ME: OK, so I've disputed the account information that you have listed for the court, and I've gone to the court to confirm the information, and they've told me that they do not share information with you or respond to requests to verify information. So how does your company claim they've verified the information that you list as coming from the court?

EX: The court is contacted by mail.

ME: But they told me they don't respond to such requests.

EX: Your account shows that the item was verified in October 2004.

ME: By the court?

EX: Correct?

ME: At what address?

EX: At the address listed in your report.

ME: By mail?

EX: Yes sir, I've already stated that.

ME: So the court listed in the public record on my report verified the information you have listed by mail sent to the address listed in my report?

EX: Yes. Is there another item I can help you with?

ME: Nope. You've said enough. I wonder if I can get a pastrami sandwich from that court?

EX: Excuse me?

ME: Maybe a tuna salad then. The address you have listed in my report for the court that has supposedly verified the information on more than five occasions is the sandwich shop in the lobby of the Schwartz federal building in San Diego.

EX: I don't understand.

ME: The address, the one you have listed in my report, is the address and suite number of a sandwich shop. I went there to confirm that the information you're reporting is incorrect, and the address you have listed in my report is a deli, a sandwich shop. Would you like their phone number?

EX: Mr. XXXXXX, the information has been sent to the court. We don't control who responds. We send the information as requested, and take action based on the reply.

ME: So sandwich shop told you the information is correct?

EX: Is there another item I can help you with?

ME: Nope. I'm all set.





At least I'll have a place to eat lunch when I file the lawsuit.

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Ok, I have nothing to add or even anything intelligent to say. But just had to tell you, I'm sitting here at work (stuck working a double shift) and while reading this, nearly spit Diet soda out my nose I laughed so hard :yahoo:

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Well wasn't that just too funny. Do you have any idea where that courthouse might be then?? Just asking out of curiosity.

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I'm loving that!!! You may want to consider contacting a news station and getting it on their investigative segment, I think that would put Experian in the hot seat! Great job!



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That is to funny, good for you.. you got them right were you want them. Experian is the worse.. I am getting ready to sue them also..Let me know how you make out, I think I am going to record them if I call them.

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Is there any chance the guy behind the counter at the sandwich shop will ask Experian to delete all of my negative info for a big tip? :yahoo:

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you have GOT to send that tape to 20/20 or Dateline...



that is TOOOOO Funny...

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Having dealt with them ... I know exactly what you mean!! They supposidly verified my public record with the court. Of course the court has ZERO record of anything of mine ... but they 'verified' you know!


LMAO at the Deli Shop!!!!



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That had to feel great to get all of that on tape!! Now what are you going to do with it?? Going to court? Contacting the news?

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