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CB's Biz Owners Yahoo Group (merged thread)

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Hello. I'm a super newbie & still trying to figure out how all the info is organized in here. Thousands of members & maybe over a million posts? Whew!


Well, here's my progress so far:

Discovered CB in 10/07

EQ 600 CMRRR my disputes

XP 605 to be disputed this week

TU 575, emailed my disputes today


Biz #1 Inc. 8/06


Biz #2 LLC 8/06 Got my DUNS 10/07 & applied online for Staples but they said "CALL US" Don't know if I want to yet!


Just trying to figure out which Biz credit to apply for next since I'm small & still new.




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is here http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/CB_BizCreditGroup/


Moderators will zap you if you try to network on CB, or appear to be "soliciting" at all - even slightly. CB has to maintain our no soliciting, no advertising rule across the entire board. That's why we created the yahoo group.


It is specifically for networking member to member. It's private - not listed and members have to be approved. If you join because you offer a business or credit product, expect to answer questions. :)


If you want to just advertise your business product or service on CB, contact admin.

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I also just discovered this board. I am already hooked! Well, let's see, I just formed my LLC (actually it is still in process but with rush filing it should be completed in a few days or so -- state of TX). I am a full time teacher who is looking to work at home doing internet marketing. So far things are looking pretty good! :D However, I am still scratching my head about building biz credit over here :good:

I could sure use a support group!


ANYHOO.... all this to say.... I just applied for membership to the yahoo group. I hope I can get in!

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Do not attempt to network in this thread, your posts will be deleted. You may only network with each other (solicit for business) by joining and posting to the yahoo group. The people in that group are willing to receive your solicitations, and are allowed to post their own.


The entire point of the yahoo group is to get these networking activities off creditboards.

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