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Where in the world is JessicaRabbit?

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just curious if anyone knew.



She's been around. Don't know about yesterday, but she was here on Sunday. She may be out of town as well.

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Ahhh the love :yahoo: you guys are too sweet!


Really I have just been SO busy lately, and haven't been able to spend the time I use on the boards :yahoo: .


In a nutshell I am going to school full time, Mom full time, working full time, just had my 13 yr old cousin move in with me to go to school here (better schools) and then I have started dating someone really great who takes up any remaining free time I might have :yahoo:


I try to stop by every now and then -- hope to keep in touch with you guys.


Oh wish me luck, this summer I am taking 17 credits and studying for the LSAT exam so I can get into Law School in Fall of '06.


Huggers and Smoochies,


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I know I don't really know you Jessica, but...good luck on that LSAT. I hated everything to do with that test. Studying for it sucked, taking it sucked, waiting for the results sucked, and getting my results kinda sucked.


I spent $800 on the princeton review class and got a lousy 1 point improvement on my real test. I still did okay, but not as well as I did on the practice exams I was taking at the end of the class. I still got a t-shirt from the princeton people, though, I call it my $800 t-shirt. :D


I was really busy when I studied for it too and I don't think I did all that I should have to prepare. But I still got into school (on a scholarship) and I still did really well there. I don't really think that the LSAT is that meaningful of a predictor of law school success once someone can score a 150 or so (of course the law schools will probably "officially" disagree with me).


I've read a lot of your posts here and I'm sure you're going to do great in law school. You certainly have a head start after parsing through the FDCPA and the FCRA and winning lawsuits and all. :dntknw:

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