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Historic bank buildings


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The list of historic buildings in which I, Sidewinder, have conducted banking business reads as follows:


52 Main Street, Concord, Mass.  It was a BayBank - Harvard Trust at the time; is now a Bank of America.  It's where Dad took me & sis to open our first bank accounts when we was kids.


460 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.  Opened a checking account at Coast Federal Bank.  The building now holds the officess of a law firm.


715 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California.  At the time it was a branch of Wells Fargo.  Gross.


213 Chestnut Street East, Stillwater, Minnesota.  US Bank.  USed to be some other bank.  Meh.


One Powell Street, San Francisco.  Opened my second (2nd) BofA checking account.  The free checks, picturing an eagle in flight, were actually ugly.


The Granite Trust Company Building,1400 Hancock St, Quincy, Massachusetts.  Is now Bank of America. Walking distance from the Red Line station.


The Field Building, Chicago.  Also is Bank of America.


When I visited Seattle in 1995, I encountered an ATM belonging to First Interstate Bank of Washington.  Not sure if the building was an historic one or not.  As a Californian I was excited to see a bank called "First Interstate Bank of [something other than California]."


Have also been to a Chevron station in Seward, Alaska.











You heard me.




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I agree San Francisco has a collection of historic bank buildings. In my part of the world (L.A. area) not much historic. 


First Interstate Bank in California was originally United California Bank. A bank holding company that owned a bunch of differently named banks in the west renamed them all First Interstate Bank of (State Name). Wells Fargo Bank eventually swallowed up the whole bunch. The First Interstate name still exists for a group of bank branches but it's not the same bank. 

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