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is this even legal

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Hospital A sent 3 different bills to there factoring partner(collection company A) and now mba law shows up on my credit report for over $14xx.xx but hospital A unpaid bills are a totaol of 3 from 3 different visits  1 bill is for $12xx.xx another for $75.00 and another for like 130.00 where total of all 3 come up to almost 1500.00   but mba law only shows 1 collection for almost 1500.00 


isnt this skirting the law  is it even legal to combine 3 different bills from 3 different times like 2 years apart from 1st bill to 3rd billr


if it is illegal what do i do?

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If the dates of service were over 2 years ago then it is not the hospital reporting but a Collection Agency that obtained the accounts from a data miner and NOT from the hospital.


follow the guides;




https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


If you need help with the program post on THIS thread and I will give you all the help you need to get them completely off your reports.


Meanwhile-- if you had insurance at the times of service get your EOMBs (explanation of medical benefits) from your insurance Co. If you were not insured look in your records for any applications you made for assistance.


P.S. Advertising is not permitted on this website please delete your links to your businesses

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We have a website which for these last 20+ years has been funded by advertising revenue.  We make every effort to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible.  We rely on this advertising to keep our site online. We have also given each member a private space in their personal profile where members can express their personal thoughts with extraordinarily little limitations.  We tend to allow those signature items without restrictions so long as they do not violate our Terms of Service.    How do I politely remind a member that it is in poor taste to deliberately use this space for their personal aggrandizement?  If such members feel the need to advertise their for-profit websites, then we would endorse an ad partnership with Google.  Our resources are not meant to be used in this way, and we find it puzzling that this common courtesy should have to be addressed.  


The above commentary is addressed to @crtt

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