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Need advice on equipment lease


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Hi all, so I’m new here and haven’t really been sure where to turn for advice and questions on this topic so sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong spot. I work as a mechanic right now and I bought a toolbox and some tools for about 4k through the leasing option that was offered. I didn’t ask much questions since I didn’t know what I know now about credit and lease/loan options, and the seller didn’t explain them to me just told me to sign. But I’m stuck paying 230$ a month for another 3 years (been paying for about a year before I started getting info on the lease) the early buyout amount is the same as if I kept paying monthly (about 9k). There is no interest according the the company but they have a fixed price and term length. 

Basically what I want to know is can I get out of this? If I were to do like a voluntary repossession since it’s an equipment lease that I don’t see on my credit report while the repo hurt my credit? If I do have them repossess it and they sell it to cover the amount I still owe, will it come off the original 4k that I financed or my 9k buyout? Should I get a lawyer to look over the contract and see if there is a way out? 

Clicklease is an absolute scam of a company. They have refused to cooperate with me. For the first 5 months of my lease (when they offer an early buyout at the purchase cost) they never answered any of my calls or emails. And even as of late they give me no options to help me and minimal information unless I ask for very specific things. Clicklease has already had several lawsuits filed against them and 100s of bad reviews. But they still have a 4/5 rating with the BBB because of 100s of fake reviews. 

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2 hours ago, hegemony said:

what does the paperwork say about canceling?


has the company done anything that violates the contract?

unfortunately as far as I can tell from reading the contract no. But they have done scummy things that border on illegal in my opinion. They offer an early buyout within the first 5 months. But for the first 5 months of my contract they would not answer any calls or emails. I sat on hold for hours trying to contact them about the equipment. Technically I have broken the contract, but not of my own fault. The seller put the equipment address as my home/billing address. It’s stored at my work. Which means technically I have broken the lease by not asking permission from the lease company before changing the storage location. My biggest issue is not being told any of these terms by the seller. He filled in all my information handed me and I pad with just a signature screen up and told me to sign. No option to look through the contract

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it seems like this is a good (albeit unfortunate) lesson in why reading contracts before signing is important. it does seem to be a scummy company but unless they have violated terms you;re only options may be to go consumer affairs route with BBB, AG, etc. If you can document they inability to contact them during the 5 month vesting period that might help.

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This sounds like an excellent reason to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who should be able to do a cursory review of the contract and advise you if you have any legit ways of cancelling the contract without putting yourself at jeopardy of credit collection efforts to enforce the contract.  I would imagine a 30 min consult that can give you a good "lay of the land" might run $150, which I would deem money well spent in your shoes given the payments that you're on the hook for.


For more thorough advice, I'm uncertain what fees might be involved, but just an initial consultation might yield sufficient knowledge on which to proceed with greater confidence and comfort.

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