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Savings Bonds


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I have savings bonds from two countries. While not exciting investments, I do it. It's kind of part of a diversified portfolio.

In my TreasuryDirect account I have well into five figures worth of bonds, divided between EE and I bonds. I buy a bit more once in a while. Since I have no pressing need for the money, the bonds sit there and earn interest. I can redeem them any time I want to as long as the bond I'm redeeming I've held for at least a year.

Recently, compulsive me opened an Israel Bonds account (Computershare manages it in the U.S.). I buy one $36 eMazel Tov bond online. It pays about 5.7% interest. The downside is the bond has to be held for five years, with no way to sell it beforehand, or transfer it, except if I drop-dead. I have no plans on buying more. It's more of a novelty. If someone asks me if I own savings bonds, I can say "Yes! eMazel Tov bonds!" They either won't know what I'm talking about, or will think I'm out of my mind. The latter is OK, as they'll then leave me alone. 😉 

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23 hours ago, TheVig said:

Over the weekend I was digging through a box. I found some savings bonds that have about 30 years age on them. I need to see what they are worth. I can't remember why I have them or how I got them.


You can use this page to find out their approximate value:  https://treasurydirect.gov/BC/SBCPrice


After 30 years they stop earning interest so you might as well cash them at a bank. I have a couple old savings bonds in my safe deposit box, but all the rest I have in my TreasuryDirect account. In a previous job I had (decades ago) they had a savings bonds payroll savings plan that they promoted. I signed-up after going to the meeting suggesting employees buy them (patriotic, tax deferred savings, etc.). I remember filling out a form authorizing a $5 payroll deduction each two-week pay period. After every five pay periods I would get a savings bond in the mail. This isn't done anymore since there are no longer paper bonds. If you really want to buy savings bonds directly from your pay, you can direct deposit part of your pay into your TreasuryDirect account, and they buy bonds for you from there.  


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