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Med Collection trying to avoid going on credit reports

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Medical collection

My husband has a medical collection for $1900. This was for an E/R visit, prior to having insurance. It went to collections because I wasn't able to negotiate on his behalf due to hospital not uploading the HIPAA form with my name on it while he was out of the country.

He is a lawful permanent resident (Greencard holder) now. He has a SS and is working to build credit.

This collection item doesn't show up on his credit reports yet. We want to pay it, however don't want it to affect his credit.

What is the best way to handle this with the Collection agency (Revco Solutions)?

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Follow the guides:



(I suggest you do this for yourself also)


If the account is over 2 years old (from the date of the ER  visit then it is very unlikely it will affect his credit.


Although he had no insurance at the time of his ER visit he may have been covered under some other program, Federal or State. If the ER visit was due to a car accident he may have had coverage under  auto insurance, if he was working at the time he may have had coverage under workman's compensation. Check to see if any other medical bills relating to his ER visit were paid by any other party.

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12 minutes ago, miumedical said:

 Hello. How to handle the medical collection with Revco Solutions:

  1. Validate the debt, negotiate a settlement, and request a "pay for delete" agreement.

  2. Make payments contingent upon the collection's removal from your husband's credit report.

  3. Obtain and monitor your husband's credit report to ensure the collection is removed.


Is that how they do it in Pakistan?

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