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Please Help Medical debt MBA law wrong name on account and reported to CRA ALREADY

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Dear friends,

My ex husband took our son to the Emergency Room and our son had to have surgery without my knowledge.  My son did not have health insurance since were were in the middle of our divorce.  I found out after the fact in 1/2021. My ex husband had signed the consent for surgery and financial responsibility since he brought him to the surgery.    I found out from the non for profit hospital that he has listed me as the account holder.  The hospital sent me a bill for $19,736.16.  I then called the hospital legal department and they verified that it was father's bill.  They did not send me proof of this but I have the proof that he is responsible.  Per hospital rules, the parent that brings him in is responsible.  We live in Florida.

The hospital sold the debt to CF Medical LLC charge off on 4/2023.  I received a letter from MBA Law offices on May 31, 2023.  I did not see the letter until now and the due date to dispute is 07/15/2023.  Is this too late to correct and dispute? What can I do?  I can't sleep and very scared.  I can't afford this.  My ex husband drives a Lamborghini and makes over $2million a year refuses to fix this basically wants me to suffer.  


I have been getting calls and VM from MBA law offices demanding payment. It's been reported to the CB.   I am scared. 


This is my ex-husband's debt not mine, .  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance from 1 hardworking single parent, any help greatly appreciated.




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Ordinarily I would give you some standard steps to take but your case requires good legal help. Contact your lawyer who handled your divorce, or if you do not have confidence in him/her get a good lawyer to help you with this issue and any other issues regarding your divorce settlement.

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6 hours ago, tinklebroke956cb said:

Is this too late to correct and dispute? What can I do?


Send a letter to the debt buyer and the law firm outlining that the father took him to the ER and incorrectly listed you as the financially responsible paret and enclose COPIES of the proof that he is financially responsible.  If that doesn't point them in his direction and they sue you then you have to enjoin him in the suit or sue him yourself.  You also need to go back to your divorce attorney and haul him back into court to try and keep him from doing this again.

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Posted (edited)

Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for the help.  He won't do this again I have insurance for my son.  

The Hospital has the record of the ER visit in 2021 that shows is my ex husband, but has told me that they sold the debt to CF Medical LLC (a debt collector I guess) and the hospital charged it off.  

When I spoke to the hospital billing dept, they say they will call me back because they have a note the father is requesting to be removed as guarantor and place me as the responsible party.  How can the hospital listen to my ex husband?  Anyway, I documented this. 


Correct me if I am wrong, but The Law offices of MBA is the debt collector also like CF Medical LLC and "will use any information you give us".  The Debt collector/MBA wrote a letter that "at this time, no attorney with this firm has personally reviewed your accounts."

I am trying to find which Credit bureau the Law offices of MBA has reported to against me.  This will take time.


 In the meantime, what about writing a  CA DV/dispute/cease & desist letter to MBA for request of guarantor signature of original debt since they have reporting it now to CRA?  


What is the best way to get it off the credit reports? I am desperate for any help on my part.  I thought debt was corrected, now it's back again.  My Credit score went down 100 points and I had great credit. 


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I suggest you get your credit reports:



Once you KNOW what is going on you can dispute the issue properly(although you REALLY should have a lawyer help you with your X husband's illegal actions).


IF it is actually reporting, you can start by disputing with the CRAs see the guide:

https://whychat.me/GUIDE HIPAA PROGRAM.html


Because the date of medical service is over 2 years ago it is possible that the CA does NOT have the ability to sue you or even to report or try to collect. The CA may have obtained the account information from a data miner and NOT from the OC hospital. as you claim "The hospital sold the debt to CF Medical LLC charge off on 4/2023"


If it is NOT reporting then you are in a much better position. Have you received anything in writing from the CA?? They are required by law to send you a written request for payment within 5 days of any phone collection call. If you have NOT received anything in writing from the CA then the next time they call ask for the name of the caller and the address of the CA as you are reporting them to the proper authorities for violations of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act)

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