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The Ugly Truth Behind “We Buy Ugly Houses”


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The Ugly Truth Behind “We Buy Ugly Houses”




Treat every customer like they’re your 85-year-old grandma who’s never done a real estate deal, HomeVestors trainers tell franchise owners at annual conferences.




HomeVestors’ franchisees are taught ways to find people moving into a nursing home.

Up to half of a franchise’s prospects must be generated by its own legwork, what HomeVestors refers to as “dig leads.” The company’s training manual teaches franchisees to build relationships with those who interact with people in difficult situations: nursing home administrators, probate officers, divorce lawyers. It also instructs them to comb neighborhoods for clues of distress — water shutoff notices, police tape, boarded-up windows, burn scars — and pounce on signs of desperation. If a family’s belongings are on the curb, for example, the directive is clear: “Quickly pursue the property where the trash pile indicates eviction.”


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3 hours ago, Knight said:

They are bottom feeders. Scavengers. 


Yes. Driving around L.A. I've seen signs attached to light and telephone poles saying "we buy houses." A word of advice: Don't start a real estate transaction from a telephone number attached to a pole. 

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What's crazy to me is I've helped a couple of my rehabbers buy properties from wholesalers. When I see, at closing, what the seller is being paid vs the money the wholesaler is putting in their pocket I shake my head. Why didn't they just list the property and let the market determine them the value.

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